Nunes reacts to IG investigation into potential FISA abuses

Nunes reacts to IG investigation into potential FISA abuses

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  1. They should ALREADY have cited them for Contempt and be in an Impeachment process now. They've been saying they're gonna do this for months. Then Weaselstien dribbles another 2 or 3 heavily redacted docs and they talk progress and the Circle-Jerk starts all over. The time to do this has long since passed. To quote a famous comedian "Git 'Er Done"!!!!!

  2. I'm getting the impression that there's some parallel construction going on on the Trump side. I suspect that, by whatever means, they've known who did what pretty much since the beginning, and the JW FOIA requests and Congressional investigations are guided by that.

    I think the angst over the foot-dragging/slow-walking vital evidence by DOJ and FBI may be a bit of theater, because they already know what's there, and they're just letting the cover-uppers hang themselves. After 8-plus years of doing whatever the hell they please, with the backing of the media, they've developed habits of thought and deed that leave them bloodied by their own hand.

  3. We the pesky peasant public will always be the last to know anything. It's enough that we humbly pay everyone's salary in Govt. Mustn't be uppity before our superiors.

  4. The Democrat's minions are delaying it so they can clean it up that is why the few pages they sent you were heavily redacted. Can't Congress just indict them for dereliction of duty because they ignored the Congress' subpoena, then send the military to get all the files of the DOJ and the FBI…..simple.

  5. elizabethtailor111

    The Senior Executive Services is a repository of highly placed and powerful officials in the gov't, Originally created to ensure top quality service, it has morphed into a big boys club, where they all cover one another. Horowitz is a member, and so we have a big nothing-burger of a report. Decades of infestation of our gov't by lib/fascist/socialist/ObamaClintonites, has been topped off by the SES, and until the SES is broken, NOTHING will happen.


  7. Devin….be careful. You know you had your ASS reamed off by your fellow Repubs and the DOJ after the wiretap, memo and that last pile of rubbish, Liegate you championed. The text messages MEAN nothing. The FBI destroyed the Clinton campaign and HELPED Trump WIN!!! Stop the bullshit!!!

  8. Everyone that signed and submitted a FISA warrant request based on the DNC Russian dossier committed a crime and need to be prosecuted, including Rosenstein.

  9. Congress needs to subpoena Strzok and have him testify before congress. He was directly involved in investigating both Clinton and candidate and President Trump. Rosenstein needs to be charged with contempt for stonewalling the release of pertinent documents and impeached.

  10. Rosenstein is a part of Deep State. We know Deep State is a group of Federal Employees who hate President Trump amount other things.

    Deep State are not the only group who hates Trump. There is the Democrats, Socialist, leftist, and Republican Establishment.

    Jeff Sessions appears to be part of this Republican Establishment. Sessions has really hurt President Trump by hiring Rosenstein, and then removing himself from involvement.

    There is no doubt Rosenstein is an agent of Deep State. He hired the current Trump hit team and he continues to cover for Muller.

    The Deep State must be dismantled and the members of the Republican Establishment must be identified.

    ? ? Was Sessions the spy on Trump’s campaign? ? ( wild ass guess)

  11. Corrupt FBI and DOJ at the very top. Obstruction, collusion and sedetion. Congress and Americans should serve warrants immediately or impeach them

  12. The only way all the documents will be turned over un redacted is trump to appoint a military tribunal to handle the coup.

  13. In regards to FISA… since when does any external foreign court have any athority to issue warrants on any one inside the USA ? Answer that one.

  14. You say watergate was just a cheap break in.. how do you know that it wasn't the DOJ at that time to hire non important news people to break in and do their dirty work..

  15. Don't impeach, Create a whole new DOJ .. fire the ones we have now.. put that up to a People vote.. then allow that new DOJ with all new members to investigate the DOJ and all of it's members we have right now , and PROSECUTE THEM ! isn't it obvious ? there has been a coup.. at least tell trump to order a military tribunal that's not afraid to kick open their doors and get un -redacted documents and memo's.. put people in Jail.. otherwise, just like Hillary, i can foresee courts across the nation being clogged up from people who are sitting in jail right now because they obstructed the law and were thought of as destroying evidence.. this will be known as the hillary clause of 2018 .. wouldn't that pretty much be the same as re-citing Roe Vs Way ?

  16. Huber is investigating this entire Coup. Let’s hope he does his job and we see arrests…Mueller can “recommend” but Huber can Indict directly…Sessions just may be doing his job behind the scenes…

  17. Stop believing in the system. It's dead. The deepstate isn't going to bring charges against its self. Nor well they prosecute themselves. Come on get a grip on reality.

  18. All of this just shows me how common it is for the FBI to abused their power….. especially during the Obama Administration

  19. Inspector General is Robert Mueller's buddy plus he cannot do anything to anybody even if he finds something wrong that's why they wanted the IG instead of a special prosecutor

  20. Kathleen Henderson

    Of course, Sean Hannity, has been talking about the OIG Horowitz’ report for months. Sara Carter has been reporting on all the illegal behavior of the DOJ and FBI for over a year. Plus, Attorney Greg Jarrett has been giving his legal opinion on all the criminal behavior of various DOJ & FBI officials.

  21. I love hannity but its getting to the point that I just cant watch him anymore , he interupts the most important information in HUNDREDS of years and its infuriating.

  22. Yes Nunes is correct. If you don't indict the criminals, the future abuses and corruption will be magnitudes worse. Eventually the damages will be irreversible and America will be like south America

  23. if trip even believe this shit must be going to fly into next anything on his wings tone it back a lot just embarrassing need now

  24. ASUSUAL GREAT JOB HANNITY!You are absolutely one of the most well informed news shows on tv, not just because you work for Fox , but because you do your research. The questions you ask are exactly what the public wants to know. Your guests are people who are high enough to be involved and know what they speaking about on fact based basis vs an emotional basis. I NEVER EVER MISS A SHOW, MY DVR IS RECORDING IT EVEN IF I AM AVAILABLE TO WATCH IT AS A BACK UP. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!

  25. This makes me anger that if Hillary had won, no one would have known all this and we Americans would have been so deceived by people who hold themselves out to be a select group of people. And more, they are sleezy egomanias.

  26. WHERES THE impeachment ?????? IMPEACH NOW IMPEACH OR SHUT UP YOU LIED YOU DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO IMPEACH . GO Away NUNES your threats mean nothing . you having getting our hopes up but only waisted our time . WE WHO ARE TeRMINALLY ILL GO TO OUR GRAVE KNOWING THAT AMERICA HAS FALLEN .

  27. The Congress Democrats are members of Socialist Communist supporters of Terrorist Group HAMAS Obama & others of the Democrat Party sent 147 Million to HAMAS Obama's brother is a Member

  28. Carter Page was a informant for the FBI a few years earlier. Comey and page were friends. An interview last year page called Comey to ask him what was happening about him being surveiled.

  29. What really pisses me off you have President Donald Trump Definitely trying to run an I open government so the people can see what is going on good or bad
    Then you got the people who have a lot to lose because of there dishonesty not releasing the information or stone walling the people
    I can understand why President Donald Trump says he wants to stand clear
    He has enough shit thrown at him with out them shouting he is interfering with the law
    I’m so sorry President Donald Trump the buck does stop 🛑 with you
    Tell the FBI CIA and any other government spy groups to release all documents
    So you’re country can move forward with a clean sheet
    All the bad folk will be found out and released from the government
    It’s the only way forward

  30. Fire Mueller & Rosenstein, abolishing the Mueller – Rosrnstein partnnership. Cancel that immediately.

    eller is grossly misusing the supposed power. Divest every power illegally given to him.

    If that is not done every Americsn can be abusrd by these two brutes, Judges, Senators, Policemen, Anyone. Arrest the two. bastards + Sessions, if he does not end the Illegal probe Immediately

    Arrest them immediately & Swing them High – Hang em High.

  31. Guys get this well before the midterms. We all must vote and vote early. You +4. Me plus 4. Take the day off and fill your car with good Americas who are like-minded…

  32. Yes yes yes it is time for the Military to get involved and go in and take the specified documents and get this Investigation Rolling . The Midterms aren't that far away but there is also A Great Deal of Time to Get All of This Information Exposed .

  33. Who the hell is overseeing who? Is it up to them who gets what and when? Someone needs to get a set of balls and put people in their place and get what the tax paying American citizens need to know!!!This bullshit of saying you can have this,on this day,after what we want to remove from them needs to come to an abrupt halt!!!They let Hillary get away with the same damn thing!! There are laws being broken and no one has reprocutions!!! Total f**king ridiculous!!!!

  34. Nothing will come of this no one will be charged, wait and see this is fox and nunes and republicans to take attention off what there doing to all of you, wait and see, wait and see !

  35. How is it legal for MSM to withhold what's really happening?
    I don't understand why there isn't something the President can do.
    To me, it's time for our military to step in.
    Mutiny, treason, espionage, we got it all.
    It's been like a snowball that's gotten bigger and bigger.

  36. Nunes job like Q and Congress is to run out the clock on statute of limitations, DOJ will not prosecute the Clinton crime family, FISA judges are very afraid to speak up about being such stupid fools.

  37. Devin has no interest in bringing Hillary down, no one in Congress wants to be blamed for bringing Hillary down. The game is the people of power taking a great nation away from a scared stoned sleeping citizens.

  38. Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    The government's top dept. Heads needs to be removed and replaced by Unbiased people! The disgrace is just so unbelievably deep We need to learn from this.

  39. They should all be Charged with Treason , And The Clinton Foundation Private Slush Funds , Should Be Held by the President And Paid Back to the Taxpayers, Hold the Clinton Foundation Foundation Slush Funds, And Pay Back the Tax Payer A’s all the Money Made bythis Crooked Foundation, Can be held as profits from Crimes Act

  40. Hold The Clinton Foundation Slush Funds , And take all of the Clinton’s Money, And Hold it as a profits from crime Acts, And this way the President Can Get Back all the Money wasted of Tax Payers money Spent on these Treasonous Acts against the President

  41. Mr. Nunez with respect you totally keep up the good work they need to take it down for treason the American people stay strong


  43. This should be a simple process. If not we need to make some changes in government. Getting rid of corruption should simple. Why is it so difficult? Why do these people think they can snub their noses to this. They have no fear of punishment.

  44. Yes, President Donald Trump will still be in office throughout the next term. And we will still support this man. He's been through enough!!! *Elaine *

  45. So Mueller turned his back on the country and to make up for it he turns traitor and trys to go after Trump through his investigation for democrats.

  46. The key word sometime in future this process is unforgiving the Republicans needs to get of their backsides and start doing what the people want them to do. End

  47. Nevermind what u think about the media coverage if u think that u are going to run an investigation in the media is enough your wrong. U need to do whatever u need to do whatever u have to do. The other thing these people that are using this for profit writing books all of us as Americans should not buy them to make these people rich.

  48. Mueller should have already investigated this 30 million dollars for what he was looking to Russian collusion which Hillary was smack dad I the middle but he didn't find that

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