Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes : Caroling Cup Drink Recipe

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes : Caroling Cup Drink Recipe

Hi, I?m Kelly with Expert Village and I would
like to show you fifteen quick and easy non-alcoholic beverages that you and your family will be
able to enjoy this holiday season. Now, the next non-alcoholic holiday beverage I have
for you, is the Caroling Cup. And after you take a sip of this, trust me you’re going
to be singing for joy. What you will need is one peel of a whole orange, eight ounces
of apple cider, three cloves and one cinnamon stick. Now, this is a warm and hot drink.
So, you will need a mug or a teacup. Doesn’t matter. And, as you can see I have already
adorned it with my little festive Clementine stirrer. What I have is a slice of Clementine,
a cranberry, a cinnamon stick and a candy cane. You can garnish it with whatever you’d
like. If you’d like to use apples or grapes instead, then that’s ok. Now, I?m going to
use my extra measuring cup to add in the orange peels. That’s just not half an orange, it’s
the entire peel of a whole orange. Three cloves and one cinnamon stick. Now, we’re going to
take this over to the stove where the stove is already getting ready. It’s already on
medium. Medium or low will be fine. Because, you’re going to take this to an almost boil.
You don’t want it to boil completely. So, we’re going to mix this in and a few seconds
later we’re going to mix it in with the apple cider. Let’s go over there. Now, we will add
the ingredients to the sauce pan. The whole peel of the orange, the one cinnamon stick
and the three cloves. And, last but not least eight ounces of apple cider. Heat these ingredients
to an almost boil. So, we’re going to let it just sit there for a few. Now, we’re going
to remove the cinnamon stick, the cloves and any excess orange peel by using a strainer.
We’re just going to add it back into our measuring cup. Wish you could smell that, smells delicious.
Now, we’re going to
take it back over. Now, we have our finished product and we’re going to pour it into our
heat proof mug. Smells absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to try it. Surely after you take
a sip of this Caroling Cup, you will be in the holiday cheer. Ready to sing some carols.

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  1. @ReyMysterio1254 Not all apple cider does. You can buy sparkling cider for really cheap. It tastes delicious and there's no alcohol in it at all. My family buys it for the kids at New Years (I just drink it because I love it). ๐Ÿ™‚

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