Narcissists Are Slaves to Their Addiction – Narcissistic Abuse Rehab – #Narcissist

Narcissists Are Slaves to Their Addiction – Narcissistic Abuse Rehab – #Narcissist

Hello and welcome! Our topic for today is
‘Narcissists are Slaves to Their Addiction’. If you understand this simple
fact you’ll understand everything about the narcissist. This is key because
their main addiction – the one that drives all the other secondary addictions – is
also their greatest vulnerability. Guys please support this channel by hitting
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addiction in the comments below. Now let’s cut into our topic “Narcissists are
Slaves to their Addiction” and this is true of all narcissists. Without
exception they’re ALL addicted to the same drug and that drug is Supply. Many
narcissists have other addictions like substance abuse, gambling, sex, drugs and
shopping but all of these are driven by the narcissist’s primary addiction to
Grade-A Supply. You see, by virtue of being counterfeit, the False Self has no
soul. It’s just an empty void with nothing to radiate. Therefore, in order to
exist, the narcissist must have fresh Grade-A Supply or the whole house of
cards will come crashing down. Supply is the essence, the energy, the soul that the
narcissist consumes from their targets. It’s divided into different classes but
Grade-A Supply is the most supremely potent and all the other classes of
supply pale by comparison. In order to siphon supply from their targets, the
narcissist engages people through a variety of manipulative tactics.
Once they’ve infiltrated the Target’s defenses, they use deception and power and control strategies to keep the Target in a submissive state
while the narcissist drains them of their precious Supply.
These psychological vampires are subtle parasites. As they greedily consume the
essence of their Target, the Target becomes drained and exhausted. As the
narcissist depletes their energy Grade-A supply is demoted to Grade-B and Grade-C and then discarded for fresh new potent Supply. A lot of times, survivors wonder
why narcissists are so cruel and callous. To understand the narcissist’s mindset,
you must accept that they trust no one and love no one. They may imitate these
qualities but that’s only to pull the wool over your eyes. The truth of the
matter is that narcissists operate like any other addict. In the narcissist
delusion, you’re just a means to an end. The only thing they care about is that
next hit of Grade-A Supply. All narcissists are slaves to their
addiction. Their addiction dictates every move they make. All of their instincts
are geared toward obtaining Supply and satisfying the endless cravings that
drive the narcissist. Narcissists feel no more attached to you as a person than
someone who pours cocaine out of a dime bag. When the dime bag is empty the user
throws it away and won’t give it a second thought.
Unless, by chance, they find it filled with more white powder. Once you
understand the narcissists core addiction you’ll understand their
compulsive behavior, no matter how warped it may seem. The only response to the
narcissists antics is detachment. They’re vicious time wasters who are best
forgotten as you move toward your own goals for healing and growth. If you
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  1. Narcissists always display Addictive-Phobic personality traits…

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