NAMM 2019 Behringer Crave Synthesizer

NAMM 2019 Behringer Crave Synthesizer

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  1. I hope they have ramped up production at the factory…this is going to be a proverbial hot cake. Any news on when they will be on sale in UK ?

  2. Daaaaaaamn… been thinking about getting into modular, but don’t know jack about it. $200 seems like a really easy starting point.

  3. Is it true??……is it true??……
    Someone said behringer is cloning the "moog One" for $199 !!!!
    Seriously this "crave" synth seems very cool & priced very nice. The sound & features are nice. I like this better than the "uno synth" But comparing this to the korg volca modular IMO is NOT in the same vein. This seems east coast synthesis where the volca is definitely west coast style & has a completely different sound.
    Hey, I wouldn't choose 1, for $400 you can get both & have fun. Or buy the pocket operator modular for $500 which also looks/sounds cool. 💰🎵🎶🎧💊💊💊💊👽

  4. The Faceless Mule Surgeon

    Original? WTF? This is an almost exact clone of the Mother 32 in orange. Same switches, same mini-keyboard, exactly the same octave up/down buttons. It's difficult to see how this differs at all! Ripping off other people's designs is one thing but claiming them as original really is taking the piss. It's a shame because it looks and sounds great, especially at that price point, and I'm sorely tempted even though I'd feel more than slightly uncomfortable participating in such an unashamed shafting of Moog (I own a M32).

  5. This is a great time to make good quality music on a budget. Behringer are giving us what we want. Well engineered modules at affordable prices that sound unique and classic at the same time. I'm so excited about the ub xa. This is going to be a game changer. If the price is right they will sell like hot cakes. An analogue poly synth cheaper than a rev2.

  6. Behringer is killing it, for real. Punch to the stomach for Korg. Volca Modular does not have midi sync whatsoever, and I was already on the edge (Volca Drum is cool though).

  7. It looks great, has a good set of features to price point and I'm sure it sounds really nice but the demo really lets it down.

  8. The clones are super impressive. But I just got a deep mind and it is amazing. I had my heart set on a neutron next – also innovative and amazing sounding. But now this!
    I actually think the behringer original designs are some of the best and most interesting synths out there at the moment.
    Of all the sentences I could type….I would NEVER have guessed I would be typing that a few years ago.

  9. Unfortunately, unlike the Neutron, THIS one is NOT in the Eurorack format. So you can't (say) make a rack of three stacked ones, as you can with the Neutron. And possibly still have space for extra Eurorack modules in the same case.

  10. At last, something to fit the nagging gap in your software set up, but not give you night sweat’s over the price. Hope they are available before Brexit.

  11. Love it! Nowdays seems like all the popular brands are only in the market to make money and not to contribute to music anymore. looking at you teenage engineering
    This looks and sound like a good product, plus it appears to be extra sturdy and premium! Looking forward to know more about it

  12. ME! GIVE! I can barely articulate my feelings about this piece of hardware. I know that it is going to be the synth that justifies ignoring Monologue after Minibrute after Volca after Reface after… etc. How do I get my hands on one, I would BLEED that review in exchange.

  13. Seriously thinking of changing my ROLAND JDXI for the Behringer for a single oscillator analog synth the behringer sounds like sturdy competition the price is so tempting 🙂

  14. OK…enough Behringer… why don't we just get to the point here…I want one of all the synths you make…where do I start the direct deposit?

  15. Would this be a good first synth? and what controller would go well with it. No i cant afford the deep mind, even if i sell my kids.

  16. it would be cool to have this unit with a touch strip and xy pad controller surface, as an integrated unit to create a cheap version of the Continuum

  17. Greek and English ASMR

    Uli Behringer totally took his company on new paths of glory.
    extremely impressed with all their synths.for such prices i find them just perfect.
    and i hear the deep mind 12 has 3 years warranty?
    i hope this company survives for a lot of years to come.who knows what these engineers will put out next.

  18. A "CRAVE 3" ( -with 3 VCO's and 3 LFO's )? Would you like to see Behringer make one? CAST your VOTE below! Scroll down the page to the "CRAVE 3 Poll" ( ).

  19. Please DO RELEASE that damn thing to the market NOW!!
    Can't stand waiting over 6 months to be able to buy it!!!!!!!!

  20. If this thing doesnt come out soon, im just going to put it out of my mind and forget it. I mean come on!!! I feel like pulling my eyes out. No updates since April?

  21. Behringer is really changing the game with their affordable devices. It's nice to be able to get equipment that can rival the big dogs without having to spend a fortune to acquire it.

  22. When are u gonna start building them for sale? I've seen your pre-production pictures but nothing that suggests mass production. Kinda disappointing as you tease products that you can never bring to market. What's next, a Delorean time machine?

  23. Hopefully they will make A SERIES OF THESE using this formfactor !!!
    Just drop the sequencer part and put some extra knobs on there…most people own some kind of sequencer already.

  24. Hey behringer thanks for the vid! Do you know what the CV amount is for gate out, and what if the keyboard CV is for controlling other instruments? Asking for minitaur control 🙂 thanks!!

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