My Addiction Story – How Alcohol Affects the Body Long Term

My Addiction Story – How Alcohol Affects the Body Long Term

what’s up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but we focus on the solution
today I have a special treat for you because as you know I do multiple series
and playlist on my channel and this one is going to be combining two of them one
of them is my ask an addict series where I talk about my addiction my recovery
give you some helpful tips to help you in your recovery but I’m also going to
talk about my losing weight mindfully series where I am on a journey to shed
some pounds so hopefully you looked at the thumbnail
my amazing thumbnail my thumbnail game just stepping up but I want to discuss
what addiction actually did to my body so just let you know I had meant always
had this physique I actually used to have a pretty decent body and I need to
do some videos just talking about self-love self-image and all that kind
of stuff because as you’ll see pretty soon in some pictures growing up I was a
bigger kid but I will always thought that I was fat like super fat and if
you’re somebody like me who’s put on a lot of weight you wish you could just go
back in time find your old self and you were looking in the mirror thinking
about how fat you are and just slap the living daylights out
of yourself like I literally want to go shake myself in the past and say look at
me look at me this is fat you are fine like that’s what I want to do but they
don’t have the technology for time machines yet but I was a triathlete in
high school I did football I did wrestling I did track although I was a
little bit bigger I I’ve always just had the worst metabolism on earth um
if any of you would like to know my eating habits like they aren’t that bad
like I I hate how there’s like this stereotype
fact of fat people like we just like sit around eating Twinkies all day I haven’t
even had a Twinkie in like decades but the other day I was watching a video of
this guy’s weight loss transformation and he was talking about how when he was
overweight he used to fill up a cup with maple syrup and drink it now on one hand
this dude has lost like 300 pounds good job but on the other hand I’m sitting
there like oh man people are watching this video thinking that as fat people
drink glasses filled with maple syrup oh this is not a good look but that’s a
whole nother topic but anyways if you want to know about my eating habits I
might make a video about it because I think there’s a lot of misconceptions
about people who are overweight anyways back to my story I I used to be a really
good shade I was always very strong too when I was a sophomore I had the highest
benchpress max for my weight so I was very strong I loved going to the gym and
working out but after high school and you hear a lot of people talk about it
they’re like 1q leave high school it’s gonna be hard to keep that weight off
and I’m like yeah yeah whatever and after high school was actually
pretty good about staying in shape even though I wasn’t playing sports anymore I
would go to the track I would run around there and I would go to the the gym and
lift weights I was trying to maintain and still be kind of healthy around that
time to is when my addiction really took off and this weight gain what you’re
seeing right here if you watch my other video which I will link up in the info
cards above my head my other video I talk about how I’ve lost 15 pounds and
I’m at 371 I you just to give you kind of a reference of how much I weighed in
high school I weighed 225 pounds and I wrestled heavyweight and heavyweight was
I believe 220 pounds to 270 pounds so I was actually one of the
smallest guys in the heavyweight class for wrestling so if you do the math real
quick quick I have put on Jesus I can’t even do back a hundred and eighty pounds
and just so you know when I got sober my weight was actually up to four hundred
and sixty pounds okay I had a lot of medical issues that I’m
gonna dive into in a little bit but I they used to have to transfer me hot
to hospitals because I was so overweight that certain machines would not hold me
so they could do an MRI or an x-ray or whatever it is some of that stuff where
you lay down and I was just too fat for it but anyways when I started to be
consumed by my addiction it wasn’t just the drugs and alcohol it was that you
know like most of us when you become an addict you completely neglect your
personal health your mental health obviously and your physical health as
well like not many of us are these like fitness freaks when we’re full-blown
alcoholics and drug addicts and I just threw a lot of you know my good
practices just right out the window um when you’re somebody like me who drank
insanely I used to just go to fast food places all the time when you’re getting
really blackout drunk you’re not really in the mood to cook so like fast food
places like del Taco jack-in-the-box Burger King eating out all the time I
made decent money so we can go to restaurants all the time and I just did
not even put one single thought into what I was putting in my body and it
took a little bit of time for it to catch up to me but I gradually just
started gaining more and gaining more weight and you know we get depressed in
our addiction and I was getting depressed that I started to put on all
this way too so like I have a million addictions and one of the addictions I
had was to food so you know to cover up my feelings I would use drugs I would
use alcohol and I would use food I would just eat like a maniac just the most
unhealthy stuff and I I would get into modes where
I was like I’m gonna go back to the gym I’m gonna do this and just when you’re
in your active addiction it’s just like who cares so it really sucked and what’s
quite easy about my addiction too is is that I started to not eat as much so
some of the things that we do some of the craziness of our addiction I would
often drink my dinner so rather than having dinner I would drink my dinner I
remember like one of the symptoms of us addicts or even some people is that we
will take the most ridiculous information and lock on to it if it
serves our purpose what do I mean by this I remember I worked with a guy and
he was talking about how he drinks rum and coke or no excuse me rum and Diet
Coke because it’s basically no calories and I’m like that’s a good idea
I love wrong I love Diet Coke so sometimes I just wouldn’t even eat and I
would just drink an entire bottle of rum with some diet coke now clearly that is
not correct there is a bunch of empty calories in alcohol in liquor so I was
actually gaming away from that but like I said you hear this piece of
information you latch onto it the other thing is is that when I started getting
into prescription pain pills so one of the things that I don’t know if any of
you other pill addicts do this or did this I used to not eat because if I ate
then it might not you know the food that I ate would soak up the pill rather than
in getting me high so there was a lot of times when I just wouldn’t eat or I
would starve myself just so I could take pills now I was somebody who liked to
snort pills but sometimes and I don’t even remember the craziness of why I
would switch back and forth sometimes I would just swallow the pill so it was
off and on with me starving myself a joke that I always say that’s funny like
Athene you’re feeling recovery you got a laugh about this stuff but something
else I say is like towards the end of my addiction I actually got into cocaine
and like I was I would try to justify my cocaine use because like from a young
age you learn people who do cocaine don’t eat they
lose weight that was like well this’ll be my weight loss plan do a lot of
cocaine and I always tell people that I think that I am the only cocaine addict
who kept eating like a maniac and didn’t lose anyway and it was true I would I
would do a bunch of cocaine at the bar with my friends and then I would go and
go to Jack in the Box and just stuff my face and then I would puke cuz I would
get sick and it was just a hot mess next that is not the only thing that
happened to me I had wrecked my body I had completely destroyed my body I could
barely walk without getting winded like I’m talking about 10 to 15 feet walking
there I would start wheezing I’d be short of breath I’d be sweating
profusely like it was bad now the other issue I was having was I was swelling I
was swelling in my legs a lot fun story when my son was being born
my girlfriend was in labor like most the day and I was swelling up and my mom’s
like you need to go down to the emergency room like we’ll take care of
this she’s not having the baby yet go downstairs to the emergency room so I
was like okay my mom’s worried their mom’s swelling up what’s going on so
they asked me a bunch of questions and I told them the truth like a good person
going to the doctor and the guy comes back and he’s like yeah you’re swelling
up like this because you drink so much so rather than quitting drinking I
learned a very valuable lesson don’t tell doctors how much you’re
drinking or using or they’re gonna tell you not to do that so fast forward a few
years to when I was being very short of breath and sweaty and just dying pretty
much I was swelling up I’ll swelling up from my feet and it just kept going
higher and higher up into my body and I just kind of like brushed it off and my
there’s something weird going on with me my legs were also very sore and they
were just they were the size of tree trunks like it was hard for me to even
put on my socks like because they were so swollen and I just neglected it
as part of the insanity of our disease and I finally decided to go to a doctor
but I didn’t tell him how much I was drinking or using and one of the doctors
they you know they knew I was seeking pills I’m like oh no my legs are in pain
and he wouldn’t give me pills and he tells me like just drink less water and
I’m like bra it is Las Vegas summer I need to drink water but he was really
just trying to get out get me out of there I need to do a whole video about
the medical industry and addiction because it really sucks but anyways so I
started going to the emergency room and mind you I did not have health insurance
so I would go to the emergency room swollen up I would go in there I
wouldn’t tell him about my drinking or using they would give me diuretics to
flush my system and they would give me painkillers and the swelling would go
down I would end up going back home the swelling would go down and I would start
drinking again then I’d swell up again I’d go back to
the emergency room they would give me the same pills I would lose my swelling
I’d block home well maybe I’ll just drink 3/4 of a bottle rather than the
full bottle I swell up like a balloon again and I would go back to the
emergency room I just kept doing this sick crazy style cycle and and just
experimenting with alcohol and finally I went to the hospital I go we need to
admit you because you’ve become a regular at the ER so let’s see what’s up
so they end up admitting me and at that time I started going through alcohol
withdrawal which is a whole nother video and of itself but I started acting like
a crazy person I started trying to fight nurses if any of you have been through
alcohol withdrawal you know what I’m talking about I was hallucinating and
miserable but anyways they called my mom and told my mom to come down to Las
Vegas because she was my emergency contact and I said yo your son might not
live through the night so I was 26 years old and I had a 10% chance of living
because of congestive heart failure okay what that means is that my heart
was only operating at about 20% maybe 25%
the reason I was swelling was because my heart was not strong enough to pump
fluids that were going to the bottom of my body so just let you know there’s
gravity you know Thank You mr. Isaac Newton you the man but gravity pulls
these fluids down your heart pumps these fluids and it circulates through your
system all these fluids were resting and the lower part of my body and filling up
because my heart wasn’t pumping and to give you kind of a visual of what I did
to my body my heart was the size of my love okay they did an x-ray and they’re
like look at how big your heart is I remember just seeing that overlay like
one heart behind it and my heart was almost the size of my lung and I’m like
I’m not a doctor but that’s not right now that still wasn’t a wake-up call for
me to get clean I ended up getting forced into getting sober by my mom but
what ended up happening was I got clean on my birthday June 23rd 2012 which was
my 27th birthday they put me back on the diuretics now here’s a thing
my insanity told me that the drugs and alcohol were not the problem
okay it told me that something else is wrong with me there’s no way drugs and
alcohol are doing this to me well fun fact when I got clean and I stopped
doing drugs I got a lot better a lot better ah now what happened was remember
I told you I was 460 pounds within four weeks I lost 60 pounds it was about a
month it was purely water weight all of the fluid that was in my body it
completely drained I lost 60 pounds like that my legs started going to this
normal size I still had some swelling in my legs so I had to stay on the
diuretics for a while but what I’m gonna show you right now this short little
video clip that you’re saying this is a reminder to me of what happened so it’s
kind of hard to notice but hopefully you see my veins
actually blown out there dead veins in my legs I was very embarrassed and
insecure about it for a while now it’s just for me it’s a reminder to me it’s a
reminder every single day every time I get dressed every time I put on my socks
every time I look at my legs it’s a reminder of what addiction did to me and
we need to remember this because it’s something that I’m not cured of I can’t
go out and just have one so I need to remember what happens to me when I drink
and use when the swelling went back down I ended up getting a cyst and infection
on the back of my leg and I had to go to the my mom’s doctor she works at a rehab
and he had to slice it open with a scalpel scoop his finger in there to
drain it out it was excruciating especially because I couldn’t take pain
meds because they were my drug of choice basically he gave me like a few
milligrams of suboxone and I had to bite down on gauze while I screamed now I
will let you know there is a video of this and I didn’t show anybody when this
happened five years ago and a bunch of my friends asked to see it so I posted
it on my Facebook and I still have it so in the comments below I don’t know why
I’m saying this in the comments below if you would like to see that if it’s a
good reminder to you not to do drugs leave a comment down below and maybe
I’ll email it to you but I don’t think it is safe for YouTube like even if
you’re into that crazy like doctors it popper and stuff like that like this is
pretty freaking gross but that – I have a scar on the back of my calf where they
had to do that I say to go to a cardiologist I was following up with
doctors a few things now that I’m sober I have to learn to love myself again and
loving myself means taking care of my body
the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was going to the doctor I hated doctors I
hated hated hated doctors I felt like they never listened I felt like they
just threw medications at you and stuff I had to learn to trust them because I
was going to die if I didn’t they thought that even if I stayed clean I
was probably gonna die it within a year five years sober still alive what’s up
that anyway I followed up with him and one of the
amazing things that happened was when I moved back to Vegas a little over a year
later and I followed up with a cardiologist again and they did the echo
and everything they were blown away like because I told him my history I have to
tell doctors like I’m a drug addict in recovery
don’t give me any drugs and they were blown away they’re like brah
they’re like for being an overweight smoker who had congestive heart failure
a year ago your heart looks amazing and I’m sitting there like dang and now that
was kind of motivation for me just to stay clean at that point but now I’m on
this weight-loss journey because it’s something that I’ve been kind of pushing
off for the last five years since I’ve been clean I started it last year but I
fell off but hopefully making these videos keeps me accountable and I hope
you guys like watching it and seeing how I’m doing and stuff like I said I’m down
15 pounds but you know part of the reason I got sober is so I could be a
father to my son and if I don’t shed this weight I’m not gonna be around for
him that long you know and he’s getting active he plays sports I want to be the
dad who can run around and play sports with him and stuff and that’s why I’m
really working on this stuff now aside from that I longingly look at these old
pictures of me when I used to be a lot smaller and I just kind of sit and I
just kind of stare at them and I’m like that used to be you Chris
I used to be you but it gives me motivation it gives me motivation when I
see these pictures of the potential that I have to become that person again to
lose this weight so it’s been six weeks since I’ve been back in the gym it’s
been almost a week and a half that I’ve gone vegetarian things are going good
I’m down 15 pounds last October I was at 400 pounds so I’m now down to 371 so
about 30 pounds over the last year and I’m gonna keep going like my goal weight
I want to be back down to the low 200s that’s what I want to do so help keep me
accountable but I wanted to share my story with you about what addiction did
to my body it almost killed me in a way that a lot of people of like don’t think
about we think of overdoses that’s what we think about like I was killing myself
in another way most people who die from addiction it is because of their long
term drug and alcohol abuse it is not always they overdose so I also wanted to
show you the after-effects again I’ll show you this quick clip of my beautiful
legs to remind you like this is what can happen in addiction but one of the
things that it was part of the wreckage of my past when it comes to my legs when
I got sober and I was broke and I was on welfare and food stamps and stuff like I
needed to pay rent and I remember going down to the plasma place and like a
dummy when I went to go donate plasma I wore shorts they took one look at my
legs and they said nope we’re not gonna do it even though my blood pressure was
good it was too much of a risk for them something else I only have one no wait I
have two tattoos at this time one of them’s on my right leg I’ve had this
dream of getting this like sleeve on my left leg for a very long time it’s a
really cool idea I’ve had it in my head for like ten years
all I gotta say is Marvel Star Wars crossover comic books it’s gonna be sick
but I don’t know if I can get that sleep on my leg anymore because my leg is so
jet up now but anyways those are reminders
to me of what I’ve been through and why I need to push forward so anyways I hope
you like this video I hope you learned a little bit of what happens to your body
when you become a drug addict and alcoholic if you’re watching this and
you’ve had medical issues if you’ve had medical issues from your addiction
please post them in the comments below I want to hear about them I want to learn
more about them I want to hear how you’re doing now because we can get
better and it should be motivation we need to stick by each other’s side and
motivate each other so leave comments down below let me know if you’ve had any
medical issues and if I can be of any help with my wealth of knowledge from
working at a rehab and with doctors and all that kind of stuff so leave comments
down below if you like this video as always give it a thumbs up if you
haven’t yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for
right below this little box there’s a little round subscribe button with my
face in it hit that button always doing videos about mental health addiction and
all that good stuff but thanks for watching this is Chris from the rewired
soul and I’ll see you next time

27 thoughts on “My Addiction Story – How Alcohol Affects the Body Long Term”

  1. Denise fitness & recovery

    You can lose weight in recovery I did. You can do this. I had big stomach once. Not too late. Low carb. Protein with vegetable. Cut out sodas. Fast food meat has additives to preserve it and will increase faster weight gain. Give up taco bell and McDonald's. Swelling is caused by heart failure problems by alcohol usage. Yes I had weak heart also. Way better now lots energy and sober.

  2. long term? come on…. as soon as we swallow it, dude… alcohol causes inflammation… the first precursor of cancer. real simple. or, a little less simple but just as obvious….. the Cancer Society says one drink a day is okay.. after age 50… and if that's their best concession to industry…. well, it is the ***American*** Cancer Society??? yes???

  3. Congratulations, man!! Keep up the good work, you are a good talker and I love your honest. Sorry if I made some mistake. English is not my first language. Good luck with your journey to lose weight!!

  4. well, i actually got my leg torn off in an accident so i guess you've still got one up on me my friend! 😛 (which is the reason for my opiate issue)

  5. Great video-feel for you-I went down a similar path😖😖it was terrible times-better now GOD BLESS-my edema was rediculous

  6. Kyrie Wolfi Diantonio

    I definitely want to see that video bro. Btw congratulations. Most of my family have bad addictions I'm the only one. I feel like I don't like much anyway because of the depression. Its a gift and a curse you know? Lol again congratulations!!

  7. I lost 75 pounds before i started drinking. I gained it all back super quickly…. goin thru with drawal right now i know im going to lose so much weight by not drinking

  8. I used alcohol to just numb my anxiety and depression until I got so lost in addiction it stopped working I was so sick and still drinking around the clock
    Sober 41 days today and lost 17lbs just by not drinking
    But the anxiety is still so high , I’m scared of relapse
    I do meetings , I was in the icu
    I see a counselor and take celexa and nothing is helping the anxiety
    I’m afraid of relapse as I relapsed 2x already in the past
    My doc doesn’t understand addiction … I feel like he views me in a bad way since he knows the truth of my addiction to alcohol
    Ps I nearly died of cardiac arrest with a heartrate nearly 200

  9. Psychedelic Feline

    [email protected], it sounds like he did a blunt dissection (using his finger to make sure there weren't any pockets of pus in the cyst). I can't imagine how that would feel like with only suboxone.

    I feel you on the weight gain. I was so beautiful, but body dysmorphic. I am twice the weight I was now, mostly because of my hypothyroidism and bipolar medication side effects, but looking back some of that weight gain happened after my addiction.

    This is a great video, Chris.

  10. There’s a comedian Joey Diaz who did cocaine for 25 years and he was like 400 pounds also Artie Lange another overweight comedian his dealer would say your a coke head what the hell do you do sprinkle that shit on cheeseburgers

  11. Thank you for sharing your story! I love your channel. Your honesty and spirit are amazing. You can shed the weight! 🙂

  12. Holy shit you were a wrestler too? So am i and im still training it, the thing is i had a crazy body i was big strong and lean and then after my addiction i gained so much weight like how the hell? I didnt fall off that bad but its highly noticeable i am not the athlete i once was and still under construction but your so right! I am training hard and still trying to pick up where i left off but its not the same after the addiction it sucks but im willing , 2 years strong baby

  13. Ive been sober 3 years now! The problem is I justify my unhealthy eating and overeating. I tell myself that I might be fat but at least im not drunk…

  14. I called it the "Killer" because it would eat my buzz!!!!!lol

    YES!!! To the video on Addiction, perhaps take a look at most of the more "norm" Treatment Options.

    And another idea I have, as if you needed ANYMORE? ? ?


    If it would be something others want, I know my Health Groups are full of unhappy patients. A lot of them complain too much for me. Pain is varying and hurts everyone differently. Everyone neads to find what kind of Comfort Care Supplies Epsom Salt & a bath, Ice, Heat, Exercise Works, hurts 1st, then helps., meditation, relaxation, I craft and write in my Expressive Art Journal to calm myself. I took a lot of Steroids for pain, (but not like everyday ever, it confused me) other than a warning sheet Dr.s should tell you what steroids DO TO YOUR BODY!
    I have severe pain in my knees since the age of 12
    Lupus, SLE, DLE, Lupus Nephritis & most recently Avascular Necrosis. I am so sorry you deal with medical issues, but it sounds like you are on the right track 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ Take care of you my Mom has an enlarged ❤, so take care of that thing!
    Identify with justifying use because of any ole thing! I may hurt after I clean the house, I hurt.

  15. Thank you Chris, just one week off codeine addiction for over twenty years. Horrendous withdrawal on holiday with my daughter and her family in Holland ( I didn’t take enough with me and I thank God that I didn’t) I am also one year one month (today) sober from alcohol! My family never knew that I had a pain pill problem so I can never tell them. The codeine was 30 mg but I am a very small woman.
    As an aside, I have recently lost 30 lbs and reversed type two diabetes with a LC HF diet! ( in just 4 months)I’m never hungry!
    Thank you for being you! By doing what you’re doing, you’re paying it forward 👌, greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪, anna

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