Mother Verbally Abuses Caregiver | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Mother Verbally Abuses Caregiver | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Okay.. Traci is the caregiver for her elderly mother Mary Mom you have to take your seatbelt off. No I was waiting for you.. Here take my bags..! And mom has not mellowed with age Will you get the door for heavens sake? It’s not gonna open itself. She’s ornery Oh! Look what you made me do! My nerves are shot all because of you! And downright disrespectful Why are you so stupid? Traci is reaching her breaking point. You’re suppose to be helping me..! You have to do better…! Are you even listening?! If you heard a mother.. Berating her daughter.. Hello..?! What Would You Do? You forgot my medicine.. Did you water the plants?! No.. No? You forgot that too! When he hears this.. You’re just a dummy! A forgetful dummy! Is what you are. He just can’t remain silent. Yeah.. Don’t be talking to somebody else when we are suppose to be eating! What’s your problem?! I’m rude? And now he got’s some advice for Mary that may be.. hard to swallow. But, you don’t know her. She doesn’t do anything right! She amounted to nothing. Her brother’s a doctor. Her sister’s a lawyer. And, look it What does she do? Nothing. When Mary steps away we find out there’s a reason Why Ryan is so direct. Oh, I’m sorry… He’s been in Traci’s shoes.. Was your mom like this? He gives Traci some.. practical advice. How are you sir? Ha! How’s it going? Hey John, how are you? Hahaha, I’m good how are you? Well, shoot! You jumped right in! No one asked you for your advice, right? I get in a lot of trouble for not being asked for my advice! This reminded you of your own mother? Yeah, and unfortunately being the son or the daughter. You can’t disconnect from your mom.. What ever your mom picks to pick on you for.. You already have the history so you can’t get away from it. Your advice to sons and daughters who are overwhelmed like this? Get professional help Get somebody to come in and help you. Don’t try to do it by yourself? There- you can’t.. So, you need help unfortunately..

100 thoughts on “Mother Verbally Abuses Caregiver | What Would You Do? | WWYD”

  1. Ooh look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do, look what you just made me do🔥🔥🔥

  2. Caregiver rude to patient’s family. Happened to me. My great grandma’s caregiver always made my family feel unwelcome. We felt we were rushed out. I want to know what people would think.

    Another one is Christian tells woman to take of her hijab.

  3. I don’t think that Traci made you waste your drink because you’re just saying that so you can yell at her more, but at least Traci is the victim this time

  4. Elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer's can not help themselves. They cannot control themselves. They are literally losing their minds and can not be as normal as they would like. It is the disease that makes them like that. They are literally losing their minds.
    It's like blaming a 3 month old baby for not being able to walk yet, or giving a diabetic candy and then getting mad at them because their blood sugar skyrockets, without giving them insulin or other meds to help them…no one would do that!
    So do not blame the elderly person just because they're being a dumb donkey and are hard to deal with. For the caregivers, I commend them deeply, they understand this.

  5. Mister Greg’s Art and animation

    Look what you made me do 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😘

  6. Indian moms are unbiased, they beat every child equally with their slippers irrespective of their achievements 😝 my scientist brother gets same treatment as my engineer brother☺️ and yeah Indian moms love their kids the most and love their neighbour’s kids even more🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  7. It's funny how lots of people say oh wow I've seen the show but they don't recognise the characters from that show like hhhmmmnnnn sketchey much

  8. 『 s ʜ ᴀ ᴅ ᴏ ᴡ 』


    Oh! Look what you made me do, Look what you made me do.. look what you just made me do look what you just made me do!

  9. ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice

    Mother: Your brother’s a doctor, your sister’s a lawyer and what does she do?
    Guy: taking you out to lunch

  10. Eaglefeather21 #saveyoutube

    I don’t think I have ever met a rude elder. My grandmother is just strict. She WAS a teacher and a vet. And she raised 4 kids while her husband was away at sea for the navy

  11. Poor girl. I just list my mom 4 months ago but she had to rely on me because her speech was gone due to the respirator.

  12. My grandma is like this to my mom sometimes 😂 but tbh they are like this to each others so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Honestly…. I wish there were more videos like this.. Abuse is abuse… Weather it's your grandparents, parents , weather there elderly or not … When it gets this bad, talk to the parents doctor… Ask for other options, assisted living, nursing home, adult day care, home healthcare. . no one can bare hearing comments like that, 24/7, while at the same time, trying to care for the person abusing them .

  14. Watching this one and the other one with the father instead of the mother just reminds me that people should treat their kids with respect because they're the ones that I have to choose if they're going to put you in a nursing home or not.

  15. I’ve got a wwyd idea a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormon) girl peer pressured into wearing a tank top

  16. Put the old Bitch in a nursing home and keep it movin'. Then treat yourself to a cruise with her money.

    Problem solved! 🤓👍

  17. I deal with people like this all the time but I’m still kind to my elders even if they are verbally abrasive !

    Retail isn’t an easy job!

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