Moddi – A Matter of Habit

Moddi – A Matter of Habit

Learning to kill is a matter of habit,
the more you have done it the better you’re at it. It starts in the alleys of Sechem at night. The borderlines blur in the evening light. A rifle butt bangs on an old, rusty door, ‘Where
is your father? Get down on the floor!’ Soon it gets serious. A curfew’s declared. The city falls silent, there’s death in
the air. Cocking his weapon with shaking fingers, grits
his teeth as he’s hugging the trigger. Young blood rushes, his heart pounds. He knows it gets easier the next time around. They’re but objects and shadows, not women
and men. Learning to kill is a natural thing. Learning to fear is a matter of habit, the
more you have done it the better you’re at it. News from above reaches the street. There’s no hope of living,
the end is so near. Tidings of terror, a raven’s crow: Shutter
your windows, lock up your homes! We’re just a handful, a tiny country surrounded
by evil. They won’t let us be. They have hate in their hearts and in all
that they bring. Learning to fear is a natural thing. Cruelty is a matter of habit, the more you
have seen it the better you’re at it. Every boy has a tyrant’s desire. Hands behind the head,
legs spread wide! These are times of danger, times of despair. No room for compassion, a soldier can’t
care! Our neighbours are vermin;
they’re used to the blood; how can they feel pain
when they live in the mud! Through cruel routine a soldier is born. Ignorance soon turns to evil in war. Israel’s land is for Israel’s kin. Cruelty comes as a natural thing. Learning to love is a natural thing, it will
find a way if you just let it in. It’ll be strange at first,
but then you will see it, that learning to love is a matter of being, being human, is a matter of habit, a few baby steps, then you get better at it. To be for one minute, just now, just recall
the opposite side of the towering walls. But our hearts have hardened
along with our skin. We’ve built a bubble
and let no one else in. We’ll be staring in wonder as the angel
falls, then being human
will be a matter of course.

46 thoughts on “Moddi – A Matter of Habit”

  1. This project is mind-blowing and also so precious! I'm so grateful for this album, so far it's magnificent!

    -Love from Italy^^

  2. Me and my friends love Moddi, everything that he sings is so powerful and breathtaking, if he ever does a concert in the U.S I'll be first in line to buy a ticket.

  3. Well done, Moddi! Music is political, OF COURSE!!! But not all musicians will put their cards on the table…so this is very refreshing – and restores one's faith in human nature…to some degree!

  4. Beautiful cover! much better then the original in which the singer sings it with some anger it makes you feel uncomfortable.
    I'm very pro Israel and I don't agree with the writer's political views but I respect them. I'm waiting for the day that an Arab singer will sing a protest song maybe then we will have peace.

  5. "…our neighbours are vermin. they're used to the blood.
    how can they feel pain when they live in the mud…"

    this is how dehumanization works. in every war.

  6. iTutorialTV - Tutorials und mehr

    This is a great song, I would love to learn to play it, but I can't find the right chords… Does anyone know the chords and how to play it on guitar?

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