Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 – Announcement Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 – Announcement Trailer | PS4”

  1. This👋🏾of mind glows with an AWESOME POWER,It’s🔥grip tells me to defeat THE MAN WHO MADE THESE GRAPHICS!

  2. Really wish this wasn't just all UC mobile suits and added other mobile suits from other timelines. Also let's all hope for new and better Gundam Breaker, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and Gundam Versus in the future.

  3. SEA Server please? I forced my way to played on JP server,,and the consequences I got disconnects issue often..

  4. Now we need a new DWG game. Bring most of what made 2 great with suits from 3 and Reborn and make it for current or next gen. It's only a pipe dream at this point. But I'm looking forward to this one.

  5. Never played a Gundam game. I was planning on buying Versus, but that game looks like it would be fun for multiplayer.

    I might buy Gundam breaker 3 and new breaker. I'm just curious is this game like Universal century only?

  6. Range viper Cobra

    They should put not actual gameplay because actual gameplay everyone shoot at each other for 50 feet away than flanked a gun cannon white dango hi zack or efreet

  7. Dragonhunter Humphrey

    I know this game is free but I feel I would have a better time playing it on the ps4 so I'm look forward to it coming out whenever it does

  8. Can we get a release date all ready!!! Really pumped to play, so much so I have a vacation I want to set for this release. The votes over so whats with the wait.

  9. Anyone know the actual date this is coming to the west? The official website says you can already download it on PS4, but I can't find it in the library. All other sources say coming sometime 2019, but I'd like a better idea.

  10. Sooo where is it?Could you at least give us a date….its kinda hard to be excited cuz wasint this supposed to drop last year.

  11. As someone who's never played any of the Gundam battle games, I initially thought this was going to be an open world type of game with your mobile suit.

  12. Got to be honest I’ve love the Gundam franchise since I was little. That said, I’m not seeing anything graphically or performance wise that would compel me to purchase this game.

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