Hello Friends and Patients! In one of our most important episodes on,
the stage-wise treatment of hair loss in men, we discussed about the two FDA approved medications:
The tablet Finasteride commonly known as Propecia and minoxidil topical application on the scalp. We also discussed almost everything on hair
loss in our previous episodes, starting from what causes hair loss both in men and women,
the stages of hair loss in men and women, the medical treatments of hair loss, important
facts and misconceptions on hair loss, some bad habits that can cause hair loss, foods
that can reverse hair loss and many more. You can checkout that playlist from the description
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we add another useful episode. Now, Lets first quickly recap some important
points on Finasteride and then we will discuss the side effects and real facts on the long
term use of finasteride – like, does it really have those side effects? Well, Finasteride is a 5-Alpha-Reductase inhibitor
which blocks the formation or conversion of testosterone to Di-Hydroxy-Testosterone (in
short DHT). DHT is the hormone responsible for male pattern
baldness or androgenetic alopecia. It acts on the hair follicles and gradually
miniaturises the follicles and completely kills them as discussed in our previous episodes. Please watch my detailed episodes on these
topics like DHT and hair loss and stage-wise treatment of male pattern baldness from links
in the description below. Well! Now lets jump to our topic and start listing
out some important myths, facts and figures on the medication Finasteride for hair loss. #1. Finasteride is used to treat male pattern
baldness. And, its action is only at the crown and in
the middle of the scalp. It is not helpful in treating receding hair
line, except when started very early when the hair follicles are still in the miniaturized
state. #2. Finasteride must be used by adult men only
over the age of 18. I suggest over the age of 20 years. Because this is the hormone responsible for
the development of secondary male characters like beard growth, chest hair and so on. But once these male characteristics are developed,
blocking DHT does not alter beard growth or body hair. #3. Women and children must never use this drug. It is not FDA approved for women because it
can cause some serious birth defects if taken by pregnant women. #4. How to use Finasteride? 1 milligram tablet has to be taken by mouth,
And, with or without food does not matter! Preferably early morning is the best time,
when testosterone levels are higher and avoid at night to reduce most of its side effects
like loss of libido and other similar effects which we will discuss shortly. You ingest 1 mg daily or 1mg on alternate
days depending on your hair loss intensity and balancing the benefits versus the side
effects. #5. How Long to use Finasteride to see the results? Use this medication regularly in order to
get the most benefit from it. Remember to use it at the same time each day
like early morning as already discussed. It may take from 3 to 6 months to notice some
beneficial effect. #6. Can I discontinue the medication once I achieve
the desired results? No, Never! You must continue to take this medication
to maintain your hair growth. When you stop taking finasteride, any benefit
you achieved in hair growth is generally lost within 12 months. #7. What are the Side effects of Finasteride? Well! this topic is controversial. Many studies have been conducted on this. The incidence of side effects like erectile
dysfunction, ejaculation impairment, and decreased libido has been confirmed. But the incidence is very low, like 1 in 1000
patients and even less in most studies. Some studies reveal that most of these side
effects men experience are psychological. While some other studies indicate long term
use of this drug can cause irreversible side effects like erectile dysfunction, ejaculation
impairment, and decreased libido. But this is true for 5 milligram daily dose!,
which is used for the treatment of prostate enlargement. However if you experience these effects, try
your best to avoid it psychologically, diverting your mind into daily exercise for atleast
30 minutes in evenings and taking finasteride 1 mg in early mornings. If you still experience these side effects,
discuss with your doctor and stop this medication. You can make a decision whether the benefit
to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have
serious side effects. #8. Other side effects: Other rare side effects
like allergic reaction to the drug is extremely unlikely. You might experience allergic rash or something
like that but extremely rare. Another rare side effect is occurrence of
man boobs, medically called gynaecomastia. But its very rare. You might even feel tenderness in the part
and sometimes even some pain or tenderness in your testicles. #9. Risk of Prostate Cancer: Finasteride is not
approved for prevention of prostate cancer. There is a lot of controversy on this topic. Some research studies show it prevents the
occurence of prostate cancer, while some other studies say it may slightly increase the risk
of developing a very serious form of prostate cancer. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and
risks. #10 Do I need to use finasteride tablet in
combination with topical Minoxidil ? Yes! this combination if one of the most effective
treatments for hair loss and hair thinning since many many years. Minoxidil acts by increasing the local scalp
vascularity and finasteride acts by blocking DHT in male pattern baldness. This deadly combination can even reverse hair
loss by bringing miniaturised or thinned out hair follicles back to life! So, there you have it folks! If you found the video helpful, please hit
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  2. Great video doctor, I have a question I am using minoxidil solution four about three month, not seeing any visible changes till now, my question is I am using different brand of minoxidil does this decreases the efficiency of minoxidil or is it the reason that minoxidil is not working , using different brand minoxidil 5% solution affect the efficiency of medicine? , please reply

  3. Jabir M ഇവിടെ വരും പക്ഷേ അഭിനയം

    ഇതിൻറെ മലയാള തർജ്ജമ കിട്ടോ

  4. It really work guys! I've been taling Finasteride since I was 18 (I'm 25 now and I still have hair and no side effects). Here in Argentina it costs $400 pesos (which is almost us$10). I even bleached and dyed my hair recently! Lmao

  5. Sir i have used finax of dr reddy brand but did not take minoxidil but result is not good. Because minoxidil create irritation to my scalp thats why i am not using. Sir which brand finerstteride is best accord or dr reddy

  6. Kevin Delos Reyes

    Will my hair will regrow if i use only minoxidil,without finasteride?Im scared to the side effects of finasteride. I have aga.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for video, I'm using topical 5% Minoxidil + 0.1 % Finasteride from last 5 moths, got good results. But facing Gynecomastia, how can I overcome it without stoping topical solution..?
    Plz advice.

  8. Well ur vidoes contradicts with each other….in ur last video u told about the some myths regarding finastride…1) u told that it is a myth that after getting the results if we stop Taking finastride then it will stop working and the person will lose all the new hairs

    2) u told that it is a myth that finastride helps in getting results only in the crown area

    In this viedo u told the opposite so tell me which video is correct???

  9. I think taking for medicine for a hair growth only is very danger, it can result danger to your kidney all you have to do is to accept of what you have, or else do it under hair transplant!

  10. So finasteride will block beard growth?? And I does not help to grow hair in front ? Br what's the scientific reason…. Hair is same whether it's in crown area or front area na

  11. Plz tell 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏it will clear my doubt about years we can delay baldness..

  12. what when we drink those tablets the baldness will disappear and the hair will grow again after the dht destroyed the roots ???? anybody can explain me please

  13. Привет кто-нибудь может объяснить о чём идёт речь я не понимаю по-английски

  14. بيتر الاطالي

    اي مرض وراثي ليس له حاليا علاج أما الصلع غير الزراعه هي. الحل أما هذا العلاج قديم وليس جديد وله مشاكل خطيره جدا

  15. King Elvis Presley

    very very risky ….. its not worth the risk…. just find another solution maybe an undetectable Sensigraft…..

  16. what about dht blocking shampoos and lipogaine, which supposedly are supposed to block dht only in the scalp. Are these a better alternative than using finasteride?

  17. What if all you had to do was switch out your shampoo? No drugs, no treatments, no machines. The shampoo i use has red clover and does the same thing Propecia does: blocks the DHT hormone. But there are no side effects, and you don't have to take a pharma drug–just switch out your shampoo.

    also, it's not only libido that it affects: did you know finasteride is also a drug that is given for gender reassignment–male-to-female? So it's doing a little bit more internally than just decreasing libido.

    I'm happy to share more info about the shampoo–clinically proven to regrow hair without any harmful side effects or dangerous ingredients–it's naturally based.

    leah at freedomandcoffee dot com

  18. اٴ̍ڕٽــڔ Arthur

    Hi Dr . Is there any problem if i translat your videos in arabic and re upload in my channal .pls

  19. Sir my hair loss decreasd at high extent but my hairs from top area are very thin. Pls suggest something to thik those hairs and density of same.

  20. I do not have any hair on my head, so I do not want to take it, so how much is it worth doing and it does not really do it, where will I get the medicine?

  21. ChandraKrishna K

    Hallo friends I am Suresh babu no 1 fharmula in my jast 100 days complete com to hair ayurvedic no said eafcts jast only 12000 my address andrapradash rajamandry my no. 9000150051

  22. I started using minoxidil on may 2019 as mx-f with 5% minoxidil and using morr-f from intas pharmaceutical and also using the dutesteride 0.5 mg on morning and night I am seeing very small hair on me frontal lobe but I am loosing hair on top of head because of minoxidil. When can I get good density of hair how much time it will take.
    And is it good to take dutasteride through orally and finasteride with minoxidil.

  23. I am taking it for 4 months , my hair it's getting worse and worse and I was thinking it's not working with me when I meet a couple of guys who are taking it for a six months and they have the same experience as I do. So I have high doubts about this medication. I tried minoxidil for 7 months before and still no results .

  24. باران باران

    خواهشا يه نفر ترجمه کنه این کسکش چی ميگه؟؟باتشکر از انجمن

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