Mental Health & Therapy : What Is Drug & Alcohol Abuse?

Mental Health & Therapy : What Is Drug & Alcohol Abuse?

There’s a difference between recreationally
using alcohol and abusing alcohol. Hi, I’m Virginia Intelisano, mental health therapist
registered intern with the state of Florida and I’m here to talk to you today about what
is drug and alcohol abuse. A person who abuses drugs or alcohol might find themselves continually
using the substance despite getting into legal or social situations. Legal problems such
as getting a DUI or getting into a car accident. Also as a drug and alcohol abuser it might
affect your work at home or at school. Your friends people who you get along with usually
might get into arguments with you. You could find yourself getting on to peoples nerves
or loosing close relationships because of your drug and alcohol abuse. If you think
you have a problem or this sounds like you please contact someone in your area to help
you with this. The first step is stating that you have a problem and becoming aware of it
and wanting to seek help. I’m Virginia Intelisano, if you have any questions, contact your local
mental health professional. Be safe and be sane because it is imperative. Thank you.

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  1. About a year ago approximately 4 hours before the midnight of the 4th of July I had my 1st D.u.i And The following week after I was hospitalize for a renal failure. I tried seeking some counseling but it turn out to be from the wrong type of counselor she was more of a social worker and ended up calling the cops on me. I have no choice but to handle it myself I started meditating like a monk and took a long as jog like Forest Gump… so far it's helping

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