Mel B Gets Honest About Abuse

Mel B Gets Honest About Abuse

– Please welcome my buddy Mel B. [Audience Cheers] – Hi! – Mel let’s talk about this book because – Yeah! – You didn’t hold
anything on this book and you highlighted the theme of abuse? – Yeah. – Why did you feel important
to revealing everything so brutally honest? – I just wanted to highlight that. Abuse is unacceptable and
I lived it for 10 years with my abuser, my then husband. And it’s something that
I felt very ashamed about and I didn’t think that
anybody was actually going to believe me, so
this book was a real– – Really? – Revelation for me, yeah. – So one of the reasons you
really don’t come forward is because they won’t believe you. So.. – Yeah – You feel you get put on trial. – Yeah – You have to prove it. – Yeah – Is that what it is? – And when you are in
an abusive relationship you don’t want anybody to know that. It is very embarrassing and
you feel very riddle with shame and guilt and when I left my abuser I was, I wanted to speak
about it loud and proud like this is now okay and
I am one of the lucky ones I got out and it took me 10
years to find the courage to actually leave that behind. [ audience cheers and applauds] – That’s really good, now, you are a mom and you got three daughters. – Yeah. – 19, 11 and 7. – [Mel B] Yeah. – [Host] How do you prepare the girls for the stories that
you reveal on your book? – I mean, mainly my 19 year
old cause she was the one that I guess witnessed a lot of the verbal abuse and just
the chip chip and away that he would do to my
confidence and integrity. And she said to me: “mom you are going to
have to speak about this” because it didn’t just affect
you, it affects your kids, your friends, your family. Cause one thing that an abuser
does is that they isolate from your immediate friends
and family, so you have no way to turn. – Right – It just gets.. they
chip away you day by day, hour by hour, week by week, year by year. – [host] Let me ask you this, before you got married, did
you see any warning signs as you look back on it? – Looking back now yes,
there was every kind of warning sign, yeah. – [Host] Yeah. – But you know? The abuser finds you, you don’t go looking for that. They find you when you are most vulnerable and they show up like prince charming. – Oh, yeah. – And you think that they
are loving and caring and respectful and they couldn’t been further from the truth. This isn’t just my story, I’ve been… I’ve met lots of women that
have experience exactly the same abuse I experienced. – [Host] Yeah – And that’s why in the
back of my book I do the 15 warning signs,
so that you know what the red flags are because we
don’t talk about it enough. You know? I want to make
sure that my daughters know what an abusive relationship looks like– – [Host] Right! – What it feels like
before they get into it–so – Right, because like you said, if you saw some warning flags looking
back on it, but you know you wanted your heart to be fixed, – Yeah – And then you know? When women don’t trust their intuition, you pay for that every single time. You all’s intuition is very real. Yeah, that little thing,
y’all got is real. [audience Applause] [Giggles] – But let’s talk about a
little bit more about the book because one of the hot
points in the book was you talk about your
relationship with Eddy Murphy. You even call him “The love of your life”. – Yeah – What’s one of your favorite
memories you can share? – [Mel B] One of the
things that was really like touched me is he’s such
a loving caring and respectful person that when
I came to write this book I had to remind myself: “Look, I have had a loving relationship”. And that was with Eddy Murphy! And we have a beautiful
daughter to show it. [Audience Applause] It took a while to get that
because we broke up, no? In the happiest of circumstances but– – Why did you think the
relationship didn’t work out? – It’s kind of like two
ships passing in the night that didn’t quite find each other. It’s like a sad ending
to a beautiful love story but we were madly in love, we got our gorgeous daughter to prove it, and now every thing is all good. [Laughs] – [Steve Harvey] That’s good! [Audience applause] – Well, let’s talk about a
little piece of big news. There’s a rumor going around
that Spice Girls are reuniting and you are hitting the road. [Adience Cheers} – When our tickets went on
sale we only released six days so we are like waiting by the
phone with each other going “are these tickets going to
sell? We really hope they do.” And the support and love
was just overwhelming, so we added another six
days and they all sold out! That was quite amazing! – [Steve Harvey] Yeah, because
they sell out in a day. – So it’s going to be
a lot of fun next year. One chapter of my life
is closing, and then a beautiful other chapter is
opening up with my fall latest. [Audience cheers] – You are now thinking about
bringing the tour to America? – I would love to bring
the tour to America. I would love to but.. [Audience cheers] – We all have to agree. That’s the thing right here. – That is the thing, getting
every ones life resorted – Listen, thank you so
much for stopping by, this book right here, her book
is called “Brutally Honest” everybody, and it’s available right now. Make sure you get a copy. Ladies and gentlemen, Mel B! [Audience Cheers] – [Steve Harvey] We’ll be right back!

81 thoughts on “Mel B Gets Honest About Abuse”

  1. This woman is still gorgeous after having three kids…glad she opened up about her story to encourage another young lady out there. Abuse is serious and needs to cease.

  2. I’m glad she’s talking about abuse. Side note: not all abuse is only physical! Having been there myself and escaped, I’m glad someone with such a public platform is getting the word out.

  3. Isaiah 40:31 New International Version (NIV)

    31 but those who hope in the Lord
        will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles;
        they will run and not grow weary,
        they will walk and not be faint.

  4. I was victim shamed by someone I should have been able to go to. It was a very hurtful feeling but to be honesty I should not have been shocked by this persons behavior. I felt abused all over again. But I will never keep my mouth shut though. I will actually speak about this one day very soon so I can help many other men, women, boys and girls who have been through abuse.

  5. She needs to stop with drug use. She is still on drugs. One of those who just doesn’t want to grow up. Wasn’t it proven that she was never abused in court,

  6. i am glad she is talking about the abuse but i feel she needs to stop talking about how eddie was the love of her life especially since he is a married man now

  7. Hello Melanie b, I believe in due season we may meet. A family member of ours who lives here in the US shared alot about you, in 2013 with me. Trust me I did not believe her, but she connected the dots. I am extremely private, been the US for a long time. I am now Stepping out in Faith. We come from a beautiful family, oh yes nothing is perfect.
    I happy to hear Spice Girls are having a reunite in England, I know you ladies will ROCK the HOUSE. I pray that God's blessings will continuously flow in you & through. Bless those young girls you have, for they have your gift too. Surround them with LOVE. May you always be blessed marcia brown 😍🙏❤

  8. A woman used never be a shamed for being abused by somebody that you should always speak out run 🏃🏽‍♀️ tell any and everybody you can help is there for you

  9. The amount of times this women got married surley should would try to pick the right person dont know why a women would read about this women who had numrous failed marriages

  10. Mel B! Why did you uplift Eddie after publicly and privately being humiliated by him when he didn't claim nor care for your child ? I wanna read the book but are you genuine?

  11. ".. the abuser finds you, you don't find them. And they find you when you're at your most vulnerable and they show up to you like Prince Charming.. "

  12. She is nothing but a liar. Playing victim and getting sympathy is a thing for western women now. She can’t own her own fuckery, so she had to find some scapegoat.

  13. I am not buying this "I am an innocent victim" act she is playing. I like her but we are not really hearing the other side of the story cos he isn't a celebrity like she is. She is just using her celebrity friends to curry favor with the public, sell her book, make millions, while also cleaning up her public image. Mel B is no saint and she did her own share of abusing. I have read enough of her story from other parties to know how sleazy she truly is. Let's get that straight!

  14. eddie murphy's a ho. 9 kids by different women? but i guess you take full advantage of that when you're rich and famous which is what he did.

  15. Official Keona Jordan Music

    Abuse is never okay 🙂 Don’t ever stay with someone who abuses you mentally and physically. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

  16. Yay! Glad the Spice Girls are coming back! Girl power! Glad she shared her story. There are many women who went through abuse and would need to hear this. I'm definitely going to tell a few of my friends also. Good for you Mel B! Let's keep spreading the love!

  17. Like the bible says, God always gives each and everyone of us signs that the person you're smitten by, isn't who he has for you. After my mum left my dad, I asked her, did you see signs and she thought all the way back to her teen years and said yes, but when it's happening, you don't realize it.
    Women speak up about these things, never let anyone silence you, especially your boyfriend/husband. Abuse does happen to men as well, so men if your girlfriend or wife is always bringing you down, placing their hands on you and its not in a loving way, it's time to leave. Besos!!!

  18. I wish with that top she wore a wide high waisted white pant like bell bottom ish. Mel is so beautiful but u can tell she needs her stylist she clearly dressed herself here

  19. Abuse comes in emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, forms. Plz, do not stay in a relationship if you sense unhappiness. Don't be afraid to leave if you have nothing. It may take time for most to walk away bc it is not easy to just leave when you're vulnerable and feeling so down. I understand that. But, know where you're at, and work on where you want to go. But do not think you are trapped and stuck. It is never love when you're abused. And the abuser will use love as a tool, which is a source of manipulation to manipulate the situation. Abuse is not Love! Love heals!!!!! It does not make you feel low, or unhappy, ever. Keep in kind, abuse is not love. Love heals.

  20. Priscilla Owusu Pankyee

    I'm happy she found the courage to speak up.You see out of bad things good things can come out now she's written a book that will be a sucess a book that will help many.

  21. Mel B is smashing it.. she’s the real spice girl who’s actually shown girl power – utilising her suffering to create strength in other women experiencing DV Gowan Mel x

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