Man Who Crossed US In Balloon Only Talks About Horse Abuse

Man Who Crossed US In Balloon Only Talks About Horse Abuse

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . – Oh this is so exciting. – Yeah it is. – Adventure of Trent Montaug just returned from an amazing 6 month cross country hot air balloon trip Mr. Montaug, thanks for joining us. – I don’t mind admitting to you right up top, sir, I have always fantasized about riding in a hot air balloon I haven’t done it yet, but it seems like so much fun. – Dreamy. – In my case I did it for a very good cause, to raise the awareness for people of horse abuse in America. – Really, I have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon. – Me too. – Tell us about it. – It’s very interesting. 4 years ago, I read an article about race horses being slaughtered because they’re past their prime. These horses are shoved into trucks, and carried long distances, so they actually suffocate from lack of oxygen. Slowly and painfully. – Oh that’s… That is just terrible. But how does the balloon aspect of this come into it. Did you always want to be a balloonist? – Yeah, the balloon really wasn’t the point. It was something to draw attention to the cause I knew… The media needed to pay attention to me, and I thought a balloon was a good idea. – Yeah. Well you know, a balloon journey is not a bad way to go. – Riding a balloon is terrifying. – I understand you brought some video along right? – Yeah. – Should we take a look at the video? – Let’s look at the video now. Yeah. Oh look at that. – That’s the Badlands over South Dakota. – Yeah. – The balloon provided me a way to let people know what the face of horse abuse was like. – Oh. – Oh my god. – Tell us about the day to day life in a balloon for 6 months. I mean like, what did you eat? – Right! – I ate very little, and even then I was so much better off than these horses you see in Central Park pulling people… – Protein bars… – I eat very little. – Suddenly drop dead from exhaustion after years.. – Now didn’t you say you have some photos that you took along your journey? – Yeah, why don’t we take a look at those. Now these are not of your balloon, right? – No. – Ok. – I found mistreated horses all across the country, wherever I… – Now you say the journey took 6 months, that’s a real long time to be by yourself. At what point do you start talking to yourself… – I spent a lot of time alone with my thoughts obviously, and my thoughts were about pregnant mayors, tethered into tiny stalls.. You see this tube? This tube is shoved up their urethras to collect their urine. – Ok good enough. – I brought you some gifts. – We’re just about out of time. – This is for you, features my website – Perhaps we’ll invite you back to talk about that, in the meantime… –, please please educate.. – Coming up we’re going to have some recipes – Yourself to what’s going on. Please. – It will make your tacos, taste more American than ever before. – In the kitchen! I’m famished. – Stay tuned. . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. is currently a free IP…if anyone with phenomenal photoshopping skills and possibly some naked pics of Jessica Alba are interested…

  2. Pretty much any conversation with a vegan, how was your day? Cows are raped, beaten, and killed. Then they go into graphic detail, like all i wanted was smalltalk,

  3. Plans for the Creative Commons

    LOL the moment when they both start improv singing about balloons to drown him out! I could watch that over and over.

  4. These guys are the best the guy hosting the show is hilarious and up next how to make your tacos taste more american lmfao

  5. This man is a hero, usurping the domination of vapidity and distraction in the media with things of importance and difficulty. He's a real wake up slap to society. Thank you for braving that horrifying balloon trip, sir!

  6. I was just listening to The War in the Air by H. G. Wells. In one part in it, a Scottish man named Mr. Butteridge invents a flying machine that like a wasp can go up, down, side to side, or stationary. He uses it to fly to city to city, loudly announcing the spelling of his name, then flies home, dismantles it, and when the press tries to press him on the secrets to his amazing aircraft, he ignores them and spurns all cash offers to buy it, and just goes on and on at length about the problems he and his lover have had. I can imagine it would be very similar to this: an interview were both people really want to talk about something that neither party has any interest at all in hearing about.

  7. Pretty sad how many people here think the joke is the guest and his cause. This is a pardody of shows like Good Morning America, The View, etc, who are always trying to keep things happy. No downers allowed. It's a good cause, it's a real thing, and these hosts are doing everything they can to steer clear of it. It's not the funniest Onion, but, as always, it makes its point.

  8. Tracy Gill always makes me think that she plays the wholesome mom & good American on tv. But at the weekends, she gets together with the neighbours & becomes a willing male dna receptacle, know what I mean?? 😉 Ok, Im saying she loves to go to orgies & loads of guys shoot their jizz all over her squirming naked body.

  9. I was a little kid when I saw the balloon fly high in the sky. It was my first hot air balloon sighting. It's a moment I'd never forget

  10. That One Guy In The Comment Section

    This guy talking about horses, it's pretty obvious that the guy who did it only did it for the hot air balloon, the horse guy wouldn't know his cause, he wasn't there

  11. Horse and donkeys have served the humanity very well over their entire life first with their very hard work and finally with their life and meat.
    They have been very very loyal friends first to die for their owners in wars etc.
    But humanity have continually abused them so harshly!
    If only one animal to be choose over their abuse by humanity that would be horses and donkeys.
    Really shame on us .

  12. I'm in awe at the creativeness. Who comes up with the idea of combining a hot air balloon journey and horse abuse LOL! Superb acting. Glad to be discovering old The Onion, even if I'm 9+ years late.

  13. we have news channels like this, actually most of our news channels are like these, I am not even exaggerating, our real news will make The Onion look like real news.

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