Man Claims He’s Witnessed Mom’s Boyfriend Abusing Her – They Both Deny It

Man Claims He’s Witnessed Mom’s Boyfriend Abusing Her – They Both Deny  It

Danielle’s 20 year old son says he witnessed Nick hit Danielle let’s hear what he had to say I’m very worried about my boss I’ve seen fight myself hurt place I’ve seen him grab her inside of her room shut the door and I started like trying to shake her I’ve seen him throw stuff at her he asked him shoved her and that she like take her head off the fridge those situations where he pulled on a knife and cut his own wrists to try and my scaring my mommy for like staying with him those situations where you know I had to put my head back on him there was a lot of progression a lot of assault going on there it’s like there’s a serious argument they’re most likely gonna be fighting all night long there’s most likely going to be physical contact I’m definitely worried about her safety I feel like she picked her boyfriend over me and my sister it’s like nothing happened and she feels like she did nothing wrong okay what do you think about what it sounds saying there everything he’s the thing is that people don’t know is I would do it for my mom for years with my son my mom is a very controlling person this everything he’s saying is my mother totally every single sentence I came out of his mouth is something that my mother has drilled into him I understand he’s 20 my son have seen a lot of course I’m not a perfect person I I’m saying he didn’t see what he said he saw some of those things I’m not saying we’ve it’s all been roses and candy between me and him because it hasn’t he’s never been suicidal in his life he’s never had any suicidal tendencies well he’s not saying you’re suicidal in fact it was an Egyptian controlling thing that goes to my main concern this is an online ad allegedly posted by Nick couple needs host slash place to crash we are traveling and need a host and somewhere to crash for some adult late night early morning fun this would be a threesome scenario we would like a safe cool saying down to earth guy who’s cool and okay with us staying the night and then there were pictures that we’ve had to edit that she already showed me this stuff before my sister okay so who posted this we have lost our phones those are my pictures obviously pictures that I have I don’t know how those got up I have no idea we don’t do things like this at all so I have no idea where that has come from you didn’t play synopsis absolutely not absolutely not but that’s your picture yeah that is my picture yes I mean if you leave your phone somewhere there’s pictures on that anybody can do whatever they want to do and this is when you were on the run where’s this on the run may have 17 Mayer 17 is limit we weren’t at your house obviously actually bedrooms yeah so you were on the run to stuff okay and that’s my bedroom and I was not there so that’s I’m trying to say those are old pictures Yeah right really different city at that time that’s my yeah yeah I’m not saying they were current yes but they were pictures that were put up while you were on the run right but who knew you were on the run and someone stole your phone yeah well I don’t know someone someone else we never got a car yeah like not good people

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