Madonna, Swae Lee – Crave (Audio)

Madonna, Swae Lee – Crave (Audio)

100 thoughts on “Madonna, Swae Lee – Crave (Audio)”

  1. this is the best song from the album so long… but I´ll say the same thing every single other songs… lol

  2. Actually quite disappointing. It seems like she's trying too hard. Her voice is exaggerated and not genuine, either. Honestly, I'm a huge fan. But I just can't groove to this. It's kinda like… she's selling out to keep a youthful appearance. I liked her better when she was truly secure. Not afraid of herself changing…

  3. I think this song is her most beautiful of the last decado/decade. She needs to lean less on production, and just let it go back to her. She needs to trust herself more. We are her fans, verdad? We aren't going anywhere. Love yourself, trust your own flow, that is extremely why I have been a fan since before birth (my mom admits to dancing to "Borderline" and "Holiday" while she was pregnant with me. I could easily tell when you gave up productive control on this. Madonna, you are Madonna!!! Be you. Don't be William Orbit, Mirwais or even Nile Rodgers. You have solidly earned your spot, this album proves it more with Dark Ballet and God Control.

  4. Some laughed at me when I said MX was inspired by Afro Continental Pop Music… Who's feeling ridiculous now 😁

  5. Madonna earned a #1 album, Madame X, in Billboard 200 chart and a #1 song, Medellin, in Billboard Dance Club chart. She extends her record as the artist with most #1's at every Billboard chart combined – at 163 – fact! Congratulations to the Queen and to all her fans around the world!❤️

  6. Leander van Vliet

    What a strange videoclip? I just see the same over and over again. What is that on the ground? Perhaps it’s craving? Interesting now it becomes art. Modest and gutsy.

  7. Víctor Colón García

    Vulnerable and nostalgic. I love Madonna when she does this style. Swag Lee’s vocal style also fits the song perfectly.

  8. sorry madonna. at first i didnt like this song but now i have it on my cell fone, too and i listen toit everyday!!! 🙂 🙂 it has..something 😉

  9. Hay que pedir la en las radios y hacer streaming spotify amazon youtube tidal y comprar la canción o el video

  10. Catarina Barrocas

    FUCKIN LEGEND Madonna you are in our hearts forever we proud of u queen 👑💕🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🙏🏻😍😍

  11. Lenny Boling, Jr.

    Yes i love madonna she one of the few icons that really took care of her self she stay away from drugs unlike whitney houston and micheal jackson and prince she still can do what she loves making music unlike them i hope when i get 60 i can do the same thing

  12. Esse album foi feito horrorasamente de próposito, pra no próximo todos dizerem o quanto ela evoluiu. Nunca na história um album foi tão ruim a ponto das pessoas falarem dele justamente pela péssima qualidade de tudo. Melodia ruim, batida ruim, as synths são terriveis, parece trabalho caseiro, fruit loops faz melhor, qualquer DJ vagabundo faz um trabalho desse tão horroroso, não acreito que isso não tenha sido de propósito, ela é marketeira..

  13. I crave full FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY … and that is not being here. I can no longer BE here … I never could; it wasn't allowed to me. I will NOT WAIT another moment. My Mission to God is complete here. Period. Extraction of ONE ~ ME ~ Commanded . IAMCC/IYA 💫

  14. M, this is probably only going to be worth it if you're 100% Madonna in the new stuff. If you haven't already thought about it, you should reach out to the musicians/producers doing tracks for Korean artists like Chung Ha. They've give you the musical innovation/creativity you had back then, and all you need to do is focus on bringing the energy, wit and wisdom…in the lyrics 🙂

  15. If Madonna's team would have uploaded the full album on YouTube each individual track would have had sucess…especially with curious listeners who were not sure of the sound or concept of the album…we are living in an age that allowing listeners stream and listen before purchasing gives them the choice of buying what they want from each record….its hard to process but we are in the age of streaming and easy access to full albums and singles….why restrict and make it hard for listeners this is not the 80s this is the modern and actual world….theres still time to blow up madame x……by giving chance to each individua track….to be streamed and to be heard.

  16. My idol since I was 10 swae really compliments her. She changed music. My kids like Mum you like madonna! Um yeah she gave me my sexuality xxcc though I didnt say that to my babies but she has always been the best female to look up to and I really love her. She was a little scary for me being so fucking beautiful but me and my horses love her so much. I'm serious! I was always a little intimidated by her beauty but it's her dedication and intelligence that I admire. She is a performance artist and actually the best ever x I dont work out for 2 hours a day like she does lol xxxx my idol always and forever xxxxxxxx I sing and perform. Got a show this week. Never ever be as good as her xxxxxx love from nz and she is a Leo like me xxxc

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