Low Elo Habits: PLAYING TOO SAFE | SkillCapped

Low Elo Habits: PLAYING TOO SAFE | SkillCapped

Hey everyone and welcome. Today we’ll be doing something a little different,
where we’ll be analyzing a replay from a platinum player.In doing this, you should over-time
be able to more easily identify mistakes that you are making in your own games via watching
others make mistakes as we analyze what can be done better. So this time we’re going to be analyzing the
plat orianna vs ahri, but regardless of if you play these champions you’ll learn stuff
from the isolated bad habits we see all the time in at the lower ranks.As a side note:
we’re building a system that will allow you guys to upload replays of your own where you’ll
have a chance to be featured in this content type, so look out for the announcement video
for that in the near future.So jumping into it, Orianna is up against Ahri. Both are mid range control mages, though Ahri
is kind of a hybrid assassin.Their range is about even, but Ahri has a slight advantage
by around 60 range Q for Q.For damage, Ahri does more if she lands everything but it’s
more difficult for her to land the damage than Orianna, because Ori doesn’t have to
deal with minion blocks and ori’s spells are a lower cool-down, so she can look to trade
more.For waveclear, they’re both about equal. Ahri’s spells deal more damage to the wave,
but have a longer cool-down than Ori’s, so it evens out.With this in our minds, Orianna
will want to shoot for the following missions.Mission 1: Don’t get shoved earlyMission 2: Pressure
Ahri when her spells are downMission 3: Stay healthy and play it safeThe junglers in this
game are Nocturne for Ahri and Zac for OriannaWe’ll explain why these are the key missions as
we go into the game, let’s jump right in.As the lane starts, Orianna puts herself at a
massive disadvantage right away. Take look and try to identify what she’s doing
wrong.Alright, rolling it back and the major mistake Orianna
is making here is not using her Q on the wave immediately. In this case, she just doesn’t use it at all,
because she’s letting Ahri push and doesn’t feel that she can win trades.If Orianna had
walked through the middle here and hit a Q on 4 to 6 minions, then the initial moments
of this lane would look entirely different. Infact, because she’s not doing this, it snowballs
into a ton of bad things which we’ll see in a moment, but the way she should be playing
this out is by going for mission 1) don’t get shoved. If Ahri and Ori were playing this correctly,
both would be using their spells on the wave.And to clear any doubts in your mind, yes if Orianna
was standing around here to hit a value Q on the wave – she would be vulnerable to allowing
Ahri to getting a value Q on the wave and her. But, Ahri’s Q is dodgeable and if she only
gets hit by the first half, then it would still be worth it and she can look to trade
back later while Ahri’s Q is still down.Moving on, we saw Orianna take a ton of early damage
to Ahri’s first Q. This looks worse than it is and what Orianna
is trying to do is stay max range from Ahri’s Q, so that she can out-range it as she fires
it. It’s just a small misplay for dodging skill
shots, the huge misplay is not pushing this wave harder.Speeding it up, as we know this
Orianna is fine with letting Ahri push and isn’t contesting the wave. She’s just auto attacking and scoring last
hits.Here Ahri goes for the same Q onto Ori, but she actually dodges it this time, whis
is clearly what she was trying to do earlier and is a fine way to dodge. Though, Ahri really should just be Q’ing the
wave and hard shoving, as Ori is not contesting.Now that Ahri’s Q is down, what would you do as
the Orianna?What Orianna should do now is evaluate the state of the lane. Because she’s already given up pushing, she
should walk right up to Ahri and Q auto trade with her to get value from dodging her Q. It wouldn’t be the right call to try contest
the push since the wave is too big now, but she can work on getting a health advantage. Let’s take a look.Yeah, so this Orianna is
clearly committed to mission 3, to play it safe. But… Well, this is playing WAY too safe. Playing safe doesn’t mean don’t do anything
and just last-hit because you scale, it means don’t take unnecessary risks to gain a lead,
because you’ll hit a power spike later where you’ll passively be stronger.However we can
clearly see that there would’ve been no risk to trading with the Ahri, because her Q was
down. This should’ve been Orianna’s opening to get
a nice trade and if she was to get a health lead, she could play safe more easily, instead
of getting bullied the whole time.Speeding it up, she lets the wave hit the turret and
misses 2 CS via poor last hitting.Letting your opponent shove can be a viable strategy
in some cases, but if your gameplan does involve allowing your opponent to shove – then your
last-hitting needs to be a lot cleaner than this. If you play a couple of main champions regularly,
then an easy way to get better at last hitting is to go into your replays and analyze how
well you CS under tower.When you actually study your CS’ing, it’d be easy for this Orianna
to see she could’ve picked up these 2 last hits by going for autos and Q damage after
the tower shot hits, not before, so she’d have time to assess exactly how much damage
she needs to do to secure them. We’ll touch on this again later.Her next Q
hits the 3 melees. Now we don’t need to go on about her not wave
clearing enough, but think about it – what is this Q supposed to accomplish? This is clearly an autopilot Q, which is a
common symptom for lack of lane effectiveness. When you use an ability, it needs to have
purpose and thought behind it, what are you trying to do with your spell? In this case, it’s clearly a half hearted
Q used for wave clear, but if waveclear is your goal, then push up and hit as many minions
as you can with the Q to get real value. This Q won’t do anything for her.Right here
however, she would of course need to use her Q on just the melees to secure the last hits. An auto on this close melee, with the ball
picking up as it hits the closest melee, with an auto on the third, would’ve secured all
last hits.We’re getting a little nitpicky now, but wanted to mention this since if you
can efficiently score multiple CS with your spell, it’s usually worth it so you don’t
miss last hits.Anyway, she misses 2 out of 3 and makes a critical error that caused her
to get hit by by ahri’s charm.She doesn’t pull back here, where she should retreat to
her upcoming wave and worry about these casters as they hit tower.However, she hangs around
for too long without the protection of her minions and ends up tanking a charm w from
Ahri needlessly.Had she simply pulled back after CS’ing the cannon, she’d have easily
been able to get these casters with the safety of her wave.So
far she’s certainly not executing mission 3 and is losing a lot of health, because she’s
playing too passive and making silly mistakes. With her only focus on trying to CS and nothing
else in order to not fall too far behind, is the exact reason why she’s falling behind.Forfeiting
lane priority without any contest is about to really cost her, let’s take a look.Yeah,
even though she was pretty quick at following the Ahri, the result is that Ahri arrived
to that fight first and scored a free kill.If this happened to you, it’d be understandable
if you started to immediately question your top laner and get tilted, as he pathed directly
to your mid lane to give a free kill. You may also question Zac for not coming to
help either.However, the correct mindset to have is that if you as the Orianna were laning
correctly, you could’ve had the lane priority yourself and arrive first, maybe saving Renekton
with a shield or something like that. Either way, even if Renekton was high health,
the result is that lane priority was given up needlessly and Ahri would always make it
to the fight first.Anyway, moving on we’ll see Orianna scoring CS and playing a bit more
pushed up and aggressive. Perhaps fuelled by her mana advantage or feeling
like she needs to get work done now that Ahri’s a kill up. Either way, she’s starting to play better
by looking for trades when Ahri’s spells are down, while contesting her push.Zac then goes
for a gank onto the AhriWhich ends up scoring Orianna a kill back, where she can shove this
next wave.Alright, now we’re done with the teaching part of this video, we’ll find out
what happened next before we get into today’s takeaways.Orianna ended up getting a nice
ambush onto Ahri’s retreat from a roamHowever, she did use cleanse and flash for it, which
is a mistake to expend on a fairly insignificant kill like this, just before Nocturne hits
level 6.Both junglers continuously scored kills in lane for their mid laners and Orianna
ended up winning the game, but it was because her team bailed her out in the early to mid
game.If Orianna had contested Ahri’s push at the start by wave-clearing efficiently,
while trading when Ahri’s spells were down, she wouldn’t have gotten shoved and pressured
so hard.This would’ve allowed her to collect more CS, as she lost a ton under tower.Arrive
to nearby fights first, as if she played it out well, she could’ve claimed lane priorityAnd
perhaps her biggest flaw was not thinking about how to user her abilities objectively. If Ahri’s wave was too large to out-push,
she should’ve looked for more trades.But Ahri’s wave shouldn’t have gotten so big in the first
place if she’d used her wave clear more efficiently.Alright so that’s it for this one. Did you like this low elo review? Let us know how you like this vs our smurf
games, as we’re trying to increase our volume of low elo focused dailies, to mix in with
the ones we use of pro players. Thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next

100 thoughts on “Low Elo Habits: PLAYING TOO SAFE | SkillCapped”

  1. Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

    Hey everyone! What'd you think of the low elo review? Seen a couple comments that wanted us to mix it up, so here that is :D. Behind the scenes, we're working on a huge Rekkles video (20+ minutes), and there's another Khan series around the corner!

  2. I had a bust week at work and listened to your guides all weel, played four games applying the mindset you talked about and ive played notably better

  3. I think around min 4:50 when he said Orianna shoulda gone for a trade it would have been a very bad idea, it's obvious by the state of the lane, that Ahri was going to hit level 2 not only sooner but also relatively soon. As she did exactly at that moment, additionally the amount of melee minions to hide behind was insufficient. Being pulled into 5 caster minions that all aggro you level one plus auto attacks would be detrimental.
    Of course it's her fault for even being in this mess.

  4. I know it's a lot to ask but could you in the near future put the substitutes in Spanish? I think it's a video that is really worth seeing. :c

  5. I play a lot of MF and see myself often pushed in. That gives not just lane priority but also takes away opportunities to be dominant and use my q´s to harass them or get kills.
    I somehow manage to win most times still my lane but I feel that it comes too late because other enemy lanes get ahead in that time.

  6. the reason i don't like these videos is because every single one has a different set of "missions" that feel like they were conceived of because of the VOD, not for the VOD. like, you watch the VOD, see what she does well, then intentionally set those as the missions so that the player can then flawlessly complete the objectives.

  7. low elo get angry when they take hit by enemy mid laner and they get aggressive. from that moment on they only try to get hits at the enemy and forget wave control. seen it too many times.

  8. I almost only play mages that scales a lot (anivia, xerath, veigar) and I realise that I do this mistake very often so thank you.

  9. okay so how do we know what our mission is based on the matchup! like how do i know if i wanna be a lane pusher or let them push.

  10. Being platinum 5 means that you're in about the top 10% of players.
    Video: "Our aim is to pinpoint common mistakes made in low elo"
    Screen text: "Made in average elo"

    Yes, all those statements make sense

  11. Walk up and q auto trade just as ahri has 1 aa left to finish the 2nd wave minion for lvl2 advantage nah that's 100% the wrong call any day specially since a jungler could be around mid and with a taunt he is poked out or dead.

  12. Other roles would be cooler than more low elo ones. But this is nice since, since i know what to do with the high elo ones, but now i know what not to do 🙂

  13. Can you do a video about pushing your advantages in mid and late game? I feel like I win most of my lanes but two other positions are losing so hard that they get picked off all the time and I cannot win the game because of this

  14. I really love your videos!
    Especially this one, but i got a question.

    So u say to push the lane because Ori can trade better in the early game and to get lane priority.
    What if nocturne came gank if she pushed every wave ? You could say it was a mistake pushing the lane because you'd be vulnerable to ganks , or am i wrong ?
    quick reminder im not arguing about your tipps since i assume they are right and help us a lot, im just asking to fully understand.

    I think decision making is often really difficult since u cant recreate the exact same situation and analyse the outcome with different decisions made.

  15. I don't like this video because of the criticism on her game plan. Her game plan of "playing safe" was a fine game plan. Even as the video said, the lane was an even matchup, its still a good game plan to play safe, because it sets up for ganks and ori is also not in danger of getting ganked either. Even challenger players play safe sometimes, especially in losing lanes, its a smart game plan. Its true she loses lane priority which allows ahri to roam, although Renekton put himself in that situation, so there's not much she could've done to help in that 2v3 situation.

    The good tips that this video provided, were her mechanics on last hitting on wave control with ori, and playing near turret while her flash was down.
    All of the other tips in this video, I completely disagree with though.

  16. Orianna outscales Ahri? Really? Is that true? Because I'm pretty sure Ahri, by nature of being a fast moving assassin hybrid with a taunt and true damage, absolutely outscales Orianna.

  17. Euhm are there lists orsomething like that which show when champs are strong against each other and what to do? So like the 3 points you want to do from your video but for all matchups? Or is it like learning by doing?

  18. i was d5 and i cant play the game since im placed in gold silver after 2 years without playing the game. People just doesnt know when to engage nd when not is so frustating.

  19. I remember back when people would say I was telling them to tower dive when I told them not to play so passive that their lane opponent can push them for free and watch the map closely or roam themselves because they weren't pressuring their lane opponent. The amount of people who aren't aware that the wave must be contested early is insane.

    Although, I am often guilty of this same mistake when I play top lane where I'm not as comfortable in laning phase. It's weird because I started playing in Season 1 as a top lane and got relatively good at it. But now I've filled so much Jungle and Support and focused so much in mid. I just get a mental block in top lane and end up being completely ineffectual even if I win lane.

  20. I would say it's even more important for you to analyze your mistakes after a win because you can do so without getting too depressed. If the only time you analyze your mistakes is after your losses, the tendency can be to get excessively depressed and feel like giving up and thus you wont actually focus on what you can do to fix that mistake. Too many people want to ignore all of their mistakes in-game just because they got a win after it all. You still made mistakes even if the enemy team wasn't able to fully capitalize on it.

  21. You play aggresive then you die then team rage at you cause they think your just feeding and then surrender goes out and games over. yeah…rather play safe.

  22. I don't understand: why was it important not to get pushed early? to have lane priority so you can help your jungler? Then shouldn't you ALWAYS want to shove the first wave?

  23. Somehow you managed to make LoL boring. You guys should try to change the person talking because he sounds SOOOOOOOO boring even tho the content is excellent.

  24. a thing that is oriana specific is ball placements, most of the time having the ball near the places the enemy could auto attack your minions can make them lose cs to avoid the w or take free out of range damage. Also if they avoid the w zone to cs that often makes them out of position. Since this is a video for most characters, i understand why this was left out, but at least make note of it once since ball placement plays a huge role in the matchup and the oriana does a terrible job at it until the first blood after that the ori does a much better job at it

  25. This was absolutely great and it doesn't need to be a even lower elo as they make too many mistakes and it's harder to focus on only a few and don't fully understand the consequences of each individually. It's really nice as it is. Thank you!

  26. Great video but what i really wanted to see is how to take the advantage she would have had by playing this correctly and used that as pressure to help her bot lane who gave 11 kills in 5 minutes. Teach that one. Or how about when the renek rages that no one helped him and starts running it down mid and gives 7 more kills to ahri. Show me how to deal with that 🙂

  27. i have not been in plat yet but have plat mmr and even i know plat is low elo… you basically cant derank from gold and cant decay from gold1 so actual active players who play rank and try to climb are in plat so it is low elo

  28. i just int every game im climbing when im in silver gold because people play to passive, they dont know when a team i stronger 5 v 5, split pushing, they dont playa round cds, so i see cds wasted or another person on the map and spam PING LETS GO IN. but people boosted af.

  29. That "auto pilot Q" around 6:40, could that not be used as an aggressive stance to try and poke/ pressure ahri?? I haven't seen on so maybe this isn't the intention of the ori

  30. Do you do any support videos? I'm a supp main who just got to lv 30, and I don't really want to go into ranked because I screw up too often. Sometimes I have near perfect games, but often I play too aggressively to proc relic shield and land my blitz q. Whay should I do instead?

  31. People forget the small details that then impact the game. Losing a cannon, not blue buff, bad back base … all these things contribute a grain to lose.

  32. The other side of this is Renekton walked into an unwarded river, walking to the lane that did not have priority and failed to recognize his jugular was nowhere near

  33. Could someone please explain why her game plan is to not get shoved in and push back the wave rather than just letting it crash? I understand she would of had lane priority in hindsight and lane priority in itself is an advantage but ive seen alot of guides on letting it crash in some matchups as the opponent is more open to being ganked. Ahri also seems like she would be easily ganked pre 6 by a zac jungle so is there any specific reason to shove this lane back in this matchup? D'oes priority really outvalue having your opponent so susceptible to early ganks?

  34. secondintelligentWorld

    10:13 nope. Insignificant kill? lmao he killed a solo laner. that leads to MASSIVE advantage. it just means that ori shouldve been mindful of noc's ult because her sums are down. she DEFINITELY should've gone for that kill unless it means trading a kill but she used all her abilities to secure a kill which was a good call

  35. 4:05 What would she should do? Obviusly go in the middle of ahris masssive minion wave to Q+AA so she agros all the minions, gets outraded by them. Oh and also would be nice to notice ahri is just about to kill the first minion of the second wave and level up. Yeah it would be nice to go for that trade just to get charmed and eat all that minion damage + a final Q, so if ahri has ignite you just give first blood. Yeah top choices right here.

    Who is analyzing this shit? A bronce monkey? Guys don't believe all the things you hear in this channel, cause there is some good quality bullshit here.

  36. But here’s the question. If you’re so reliant on using your abilities like for example Ori’s or Ahri’s Q, shouldn’t you worry about their mana consumption?

  37. you cant say that plat is low elo top 10%, which means 90% of the people you have surpassed . Then there is something wrong with people who thinking this. you cant say that only top 1% is middle elo. People who saying this are trash and most time they are kids. age 10- 21. in my eyes, everything beneath gold is low elo since its lower than 50% of players, then gold tier is some higher skilled player top 30%. plat are high skilled players top 10% diamond very high skilled top 1%. Then 0.1% = pro play, not every single on this person who play this game has to be like this. Dislike video from me cuzz of you saying low elo plat ( not true), explanation about the moves= good video. My previous highsest rank was D5.

  38. can someone explain to me why i would ever want to shove lane? i dont see any point in doing it everygame i play i try to play under tower even if im winning so that the jungler can gank why would u push ur lane and make it harder for ur jungler to gank?

  39. Well for people arguing about whether plat is low elo here's an example. If your in the 1% bracket, you are rich. But even some people like PayPal founder say if you are single digit millionaire or below you are not considered rich. It's all perspective and most people will argue plat is high elo when it generally isn't. If you are in the foot of a challenger or somewhere around there(I'm d3 100lp) we can see a lot of mistakes made by platinums which you guys dont. This is why a handful diamond+ don't consider plat as high elo because they are generally not playing well.

  40. Plat falls in top 15% of ELO rankings across the board. Pros can say the're bad from their perspective, but objectively speaking the bottom 100%-50% would be low ELO, and the top 49%-1% would be high ELO, since they are HIGHER than over 50% of the player base. In Plat's case, even a player in Plat IV would be higher than 75% of the entire player base. Say they play like crap, but if they play better than such a high percentage then relativity would suggest that they are good at the game.

  41. Me playing aggressive, going for the kill, getting ganked by the enemy jungler while top losing 1v1 and same about the botline while our jungler forcing solo drake and gets killed but nobody blame him, instead they blaming me for losing 1v2 in midlane.

  42. Plat is low elo. People are absolute monkeys in plat. You can just see that Orianna has no understanding of her champion, what she wants to accomplish in the lane, or the matchup. Trademark signs of a low mmr player.

  43. 'it's a fine way to dodge' …. No it's not walking straight back is probably the worst way to dodge anything. No counter attack opportunity, takes you out of pocket to farm and even possibly pushing range limits on xp.

    Most still shots are best dodged at an angle. 45 degrees in towards the person on either side, 45 degrees out from the person on either side. You can Dodge every skill shot by someone like vel koz doing this, even his up is negated walking close enough to him at 45 degrees.
    If you walk straight back you are not even kidding you are already running…. Not even trading….

    That orianna is garbage. The whole last half of the Zac gank she didn't move ball and should have shielded zac from ignite and turret shot. I'm better on orianna than this and I'm bronze.

    She also could have gotten to renekton in time to save him are using dissonance on herself and then shielding him….

  44. Im learning from this channel alot, but heres my problem, i dont know what my missions are in every matchup, and how am i supposed to know who outscales who? (mid lane)

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