Learning the addiction of Reddit the hard way

Learning the addiction of Reddit the hard way

I was up all night last night. On Reddit Read what? Reddit. The front page of the internet. It’s like an newspaper but it’s always changing. So it’s like a website, is it? Check it out. Before I do this, heed my warning, This is literally the most addictive website known to man. It will tear your life apart. Whatever man, just show me. Alright, you asked for it. Reddit That looks stupid. There’s nothing different about this. Well go ahead, click a link. Alright Just be careful. You coming Bro? Ok,, you’re locking up. Morning Bro. Told ya

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  1. Hey guys I am a new guy here, but I got a pretty cool video on my channel, so could you guys please check it out it because you guys might enjoy it and laugh!

  2. Дорогие друзья, извините за спам но, на моём канале проходит конкурс на лицензию minecraft.Удачи в конкурсе!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Viva La Dirt League

    Just to let you all know – the follow-up episode is now up! Check it out! Thanks for all your support Reddicted – Bored Ep4 – VLDL

  4. For reals… why is such sinful things invented? why? i wish people were banned from putting these things out into the world because while they are it's like dangling a muffin infront of us on a fishing hook, we know it's there freely accessable instantly at any time, any where… so we know we can access it SO easily thus we take the bait and before we know it 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours… has gone by meh… it's torture.

  5. In My First Time Get To Known Reddit… And The Second Time… And The Third…

    All I Can See Is Just A Bunch Of Post, Photo, Video, And Other Usual Things (Just Like Facebook 😅)

    (I Still Don't Know Why People Addicted To This ^^")

  6. Lol After all this time I still fail to understand why people are so addicted to Reddit. Not only is it boring, and very restrictive, but it has one of the worst communities of any social media platform, and that’s saying a lot.

  7. Viva La Dirt is like Reddit to me, This stuff you guys put together is addicting!!! You guys are AMAZINGLY great actors and have GREAT Skills!

  8. I still don't get reddit. I only go there when Googling stuff and a reddit thread pops up. Probably because I have no imagination.

  9. Wow, this was 6 years ago and I have not been on Reddit once nor do I have the desire to. But according to this video, I should probably stay away.

  10. THis is what civilization does to me. WHich is why I don't play that anymore. Saturday morning I start a game and it Sunday night in the next moment.

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