LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS » 5 ways to deal

LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS » 5 ways to deal

Hey, if it’s your first time here, my name is [Sadia]. I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist. Welcome to the Pick Up Limes channel now how many times in the last month have you finished eating dinner only to find that you’re opening the fridge or Looking through your pantry for something else to snack on only a couple hours later Now I’ve worked with a lot of clients who? struggle with late-night eating and they’ve shared with me some of the things that they’ve heard along the way so the tips things like brush your teeth after you have dinner or go for a walk, listen to some music, read a book or Probably one of the strangest ones I’ve heard was get naked in front of a mirror just to realize how little you need that snack Now don’t get me wrong some of these strategies I’m sure work great for some people, but again what I was hearing was in the long-term They really couldn’t keep up with any of these tips so what I hope to do with you Now is to share. Maybe some more realistic strategies to help you with those late-night food cravings Now this one doesn’t mean to gorge it. Just means to eat until you’re comfortably full Sometimes what a lot of people will do is they’ll skimp out on dinner thinking. I already ate too much today Only to find that they are elbow-deep in a bag of chips not so long after Now I can almost guarantee to you that the nutrient content of your dinner is higher and the Calorie content is lower if you have a Suitable serving of dinner that really fills you up compared to if you don’t eat enough But then you end up binging on a very high Calorie and low nutrient snack food later on Some people eat dinner at 5 p.m. And then we don’t sleep until the midnight And then they give themselves a really hard time for having a food craving at some point in between that time That’s a seven-hour gap It is absolutely realistic and reasonable that you get hungry between them now if you’re somebody whose time gap is shorter than that Maybe eat dinner later you go to sleep earlier You’re still having a comfortably filling dinner, and you’re still craving something And I would say certainly go for it Just plan for it and snack smart if you can anticipate that you’re going to be wanting something You can plan for it by making sure that you shop for the ingredients and have the snack foods on hand that you know you’ll want [so] be nourishing for your mind your body and your soul all While leaving that feeling of guilt behind that feeling of guilt that we usually feel when we eat when it was mindless Unplanned and usually the least nutrient dense food that we could find in our house Now ask yourself this or even write it down. What kind of food in the evenings Do you usually reach for, is it something salty? sweet savory Crunchy or maybe warm and comforting now We’re all very individual and what we reach for but as long as you know what want it is that you go for you can plan to have a snack on hand that you feel will be nourishing and satisfying for when that late-night hunger strikes Now we eat food because it tastes delicious obviously so we also eat food to give us energy Now if you’re somebody who doesn’t sleep enough you might find your evening food cravings particularly intense Especially for sweets, starchy foods, different kinds of carbs like that Other reason for that is your brain is trying to keep you stimulated in awake And the brain’s preferred and primary energy source is carbohydrates. Totally natural, no problem there So the question, then is are you getting enough sleep? I know it’s easier said than done But I had one client that was very surprised to Realize how easy it was just to get an extra hour sleep simply by giving up watching the evening news Given she was watching [the] morning news anyway while getting ready for work with a question to ask yourself here is Can you catch some extra z’s either by sleeping a little bit earlier or hey? You [can] waken up a little bit later [now] [does] anyone here not drink enough fluids? But I’m totally one of those people so [I] am not going to judge one of the problems here Is [that] we very often confuse thirst for hunger if you’re finding that you think you’re hungry? [ask] yourself first when was the last time [I] had something to drink if it was quite a while ago I would recommend having a cup or two of either water or tea and then wait a few minutes about 10 minutes or so and See if you’re still hungry Now if you’re one of those people look like [now], I don’t like water and I don’t like tea. That’s okay You can have something a little [bit] [more] filling and nourishing. Maybe a soup Smoothie my personal favorite is making my version of a london fog Which is just heated up soy milk with an earl [grey] tea bag and a Sprinkle of cinnamon Super comforting and nutritious but even after Hydrating if you find you’re still hungry and in that case go for it and now at least you’ve got some extra Fluid, Zinnias Now I am all for giving [in] to hunger I think that truly listening to our bodies is one of the best things that we can do now Ask yourself when you’re hungry [am] I eating to nourish my body mind soul Or am I doing it because it’s self sabotaging in some way whether I’m eating completely mindlessly or because of some kind of emotional distress Now if you’re eating because you’re truly hungry And you want to nourish yourself please of course go for it and the most important point here being Enjoy it this can best be done if all of our attention is put on that particular food that we are going to enjoy Take your time and savor every bite I would highly advise to turn off any kind of distractions or get away from them this includes screens like TVS computers tablets and phones By doing this you allow yourself to enjoy eating something. That’s truly pleasurable without the risk of whole routine All right, so that’s a wrap those are the five different ways that you can cope with late-night food cravings But if you’re somebody who finds that your cravings are probably Borderline? binge eating or full-out binge eating [I] have made a previous video on that and how to cobol I’ll link it here if You also have some strategies or tips that work for you that I didn’t mention please share them in the comment [section] below Sharing is caring And I’m certain a lot of people would benefit from what you have to say and I would certainly love to read about them Subscribe as well if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on any future? Videos and one of the future videos by the way will be about different kind of snack ideas Falling into the categories of sweet salty savory crunchy and [warming] comforting as I mentioned before and I will put the link to it Somewhere here alright. Thanks for stopping by and for watching I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. The thing that helped me the most was starting intermittent fasting. It was hard in the begining but with time eating two bigger meals helped me stay full and I very rearly have any cravings now and it is much easier to differenciate cravings from hunger which I had problems with before.

  2. Is it super bad to eat late at night? In my culture, dinner is eaten around 5pm, and at about 9pm we have a little meal, basically anything you would have for breakfast, sandwish or cereal, oatmeal etc

  3. From one dietitian to another, you rock!!! Keep the videos coming! The world needs more sound advice, and you're also helping dietitians everywhere to be recognized in a positive way. Thank you!

  4. Why do you allow Ben & Jerry ice cream to advertise on your channel? I appreciate your video and its message but the narrative is weakened when you allow junk foods to advertise on your channel.

  5. Hi Sadiya I totally can't agree higher wen my naughty hubby always wants to be healthy but ends snacking up something from the pantry..😌

    Actually where do you live if you don't mind me asking .am in Canada and damn cold with nerve cracking winter and ice all around. So we don't have much to do when we want to walk or go anywhere for stress free .. Ur home environment and places you go are so warm and beautiful..

    Come again I convinced my hubby to watch ur video and he was so impressed.

    Thanks for al your videos

  6. What I like to do is playing any of your videos and eating a bowl of food that I enjoy. I listen to the video playing in the background and focus on the food. It's very comforting. All of your videos are like a little hug. Love.

  7. It’s taking such a long time for me to figure out what truly works for me to develop any routine at all but this channel is such a great guide! So thankful <3

  8. Love your channel and the way you present everything so clearly. The only comment I would make is I think that the issue emotional hunger and how to deal with it isn’t given enough recognition. Soooooo many people eat emotionally.

  9. JÓLLÉTezni - WELLBEing

    Dear Sadia,
    would you mind if I translated some of your videos to Hungarian language, so that our 'non-English-speaking' people in Hungary can enjoy them and hopefully make use of them, too?

  10. Also I make cookies that are healthier…for that 9:00pm tea…2 mashed bananas, 2 cups quick oats slightly pulsed in the food processor, a tbsp of peanut butter and some dark chocolate chopped up into little pieces. Thats it…mix it up…put on parchment and 350 for 10 minutes…

  11. Sadia's voice is so soothing… almost healing. She should do a voiceover for Hollywood :-p Also, love her videos. She has some amazing editing skills.

  12. I tried the London fog version this evening when I was hungry before going to sleep ! So delicious, thank you

  13. Gabriella Gulyás

    the "get naked" strategy indeed works!!😃😃 otherwise, thanks for the tips, just found this video now!! :)) new subscriber here ♡♡

  14. Linda-Marie Hamrin

    Take-away: make hummus to have with carrots in the evening and your TV remote looks exactly like mine 😆

  15. I wanna turn vegan but my parents won’t let me
    I’m freaking 15
    It’s nessesary for me to drink milk everyday
    Idk why they’re stopping me
    I really wanna turn vegan and make healthy food myself but Indian parents, ah.

  16. I just got very nervous; it is the middle of the night. I used to comfort eat, so no eating as I already had a lot of snacks.

    And now I feel hungryish.

  17. I go for nuts and fruits and omg my mom's pastries and its hard to resist them cuz at the time you think to yourself "its ok, its healthy you can eat how much ever you want" but then u eat too much, get bloated and regret. Everyday im trying something new to solve that problem for example im planning to eat at 12, 4, and 8pm since i dont really get too hungry in the morning.

  18. I Used 2 Feel Hungry Almost all D Time But Then I Discovered Intermittent Fasting, & Its Been a Game Changer!! Also I Drink at Least 3 Glasses Of Warm Water a Day!!!

  19. U will find it wired but I talk to my favourite junk food that sorry its already late I can't eat u…u also sleep I will also go to sleep…

  20. Ah the 'get enough sleep* advice when you have an 8 month old and you haven't slept in like…. yep, 8 months. Helpful video though, I love your channel! <3

  21. I have been doing the Yogi Roiboos chai tea with vanilla almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Sometimes I will have a couple of Trader Joe's version of fig newtons.

  22. i love how sadia acknowledges that we are human and we make mistakes. she tells us it’s okay, then gives us ways to improve, instead of just saying “you did this wrong” or “this is how you do it” or “this is how i do it”. she says, “here’s what you did wrong; if you want to reach your goal, maybe you can do this to do better.” thank you sadia for your tips ♡

  23. Thank you… I now know why I crave chocolate so badly late at night… Albeit that I have a bunch of work that I'm trying to get done cause… Uni… But now I know why at 1am I'm craving junk food

  24. I like all your videos & recipes. They are so simple yet healthy. I like the way you explain things. See ya in next video

  25. I'm no doctor, but I don't think that looking at one's naked body following food cravings is necessarily a good idea. Should that behavior become a habit, it might possibly make someone more susceptible to body dysmorphia and/or not necessarily promote positive, mental health for that individual. Although, I did find the rest of your advice helpful and informative.

  26. just do not eat and have water to drink during the night to fillthe space in the belly logical and it has worked for months for me, I would suggest to try it, I like your suggestion to try water, it works for me.

  27. Wish there were fresh markets here in the US like the netherlands. I think its cool the fresh fruits and veggies are easily accessible.

  28. Wow, you know all my weaknesses!!! Nice to know I’m not the only one. I’ve brushed me teeth several times some evenings fwiw.

  29. Doreen_Ellen Bell-Dotan

    I first watched this channel because I thought the handle "Pick up Limes" was clever. Stayed because her demeanor is so serene and her tips and recipes are excellent.
    I stay up late nights a lot and tend to get hungry during the night. If I eat at night, I don't feel well in the morning and gain weight.
    The solution to that I found is eating fruit. I'll eat as much fruit as I like at night – until I feel full. Fruit has always made me feel tired for some reason. So, eating it in the morning is not good for me. Eating it at night is fine for me as it makes me drowsy. I feel fine the next day.
    I'm eating the fruit on an empty stomach at night because, being Vegan, I digested by last meal hours ago by that time.
    I also drink lemon or lime water before bed. It doesn't disturb my sleep to drink water before bed.

  30. Please make a video for hosteler eating schedule and what we can eat. Since we have to eat a lot of junki…how can we eat good enough overall.

  31. Sounds like H-pylori infection to me. Been there and cured it with 2 bottles of Mastic Gum by Nutricology. Got relief with first dose.

  32. Great post! I struggled a lot with cravings on my weight loss journey until I found this product,check it out

  33. Very nice video. I thought the answer to my night time sweet cravings was going to be something difficult. But, no, I just need to plan for it with something other than candy bars. Easy! ♥️

  34. does the distractions thing include turning off music? If I have the house to myself, I like to cook a meal, sit at the table and put on a CD as a reward for doing the grown up life thing.

  35. I can’t control my late night snacks but more like dinner. I love rice. I am 43. I used to hate rice but after I crossed my 40… I am craving for rice.

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