Las Vegas Doorcam Catches Domestic Abuse

Las Vegas Doorcam Catches Domestic Abuse

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  1. You bet your ass I’m stepping in. More so in instances like this with male on female abuse. I have to admit I kinda have a sexist mindset when it comes to these things. I’d be more aggressive initially with M on F abuse as opposed to the opposite. But if it were F on M and she was showing severe intent and maybe had a weapon or something, she’s getting treated just like any other person.
    This scenario though… most definitely. He’d have a gun drawn on him real quick and if he runs so be it. But she’d def be getting help from me. As much as I could.

  2. That ahole is not human. No cruel and unusual punishment does not apply. I would welcome the opportunity to pour molten aluminium into his sinus cavities.

  3. This is one of my big motivations for becoming an officer, I want to serve justice to these morons and free the victims of domestic violence

  4. But pastor I’ve never seen a bad guy, a super alpha male or a thug single.. Women are chosen them bad guys on purpose because they can get the drama, the verbal abuses and the ass kickings on a regular out of them. That’s y they hate nice guys so much coz they’re not trying to get respect or treated fairly. It’s sad but I had to laugh at this

  5. I’m of the opinion that this guy only deserves to be confronted by the neighborhood men. The lady needs to go home and come back in a couple of hours to take his sorry butt home. No police needed, and I wouldn’t even ask her to leave him.

  6. 😳 OMFG! What a punk! I had to help a female getting beaten by her boyfriend too. And yup she went back to him! 😳But will help her again if need be ! I can’t just standby and do nothing! It does make your blood boil watching this ! 😡

  7. Domestic violence may be the most dangerous scenario to intervene with…be very careful folks before you get in the middle of something like this.

  8. 2:01 no. Women beaters need to get their @ss kicked in a windowless room by the victims relatives. That will deter others from doing it. Especially of the abusers balls are crushed

  9. After reading some comments, I conclude that "many victims going back to their aggressors" is not a thing only in Brazil. They may suffer Stockholm syndrome or anything like that.

    A few years ago I had a trouble couple as neighbor. One night I could hear a mix of crying and punches sound. I wanted so bad to get into their house and break his teeths, but I already knew that she always go back to him.

    Meanwhile, her teenager daughter ran to another's neighbor's house and asked them to call the police. A few minutes later the cops showd up, and so her sister too, and all of them plus another neighbors, insisted that she should go with the cops to make a formal denouncy against him in the police station, the only way to start a sue against him. But guess what… she gave up before they get in there, and, of course, came back to him just a few hours later.

  10. 1. 81% of mixed race relationships go bad.
    2. 77% end in violence.
    3. A staggering 92% of women will take a POS like this back.
    4. Too bad Nicole Brown didn't have cameras set up the night OJ Simpson butchered her and Ron Goldman to death.

  11. I would never intervene on domestic violence. With all the support groups and information out in 2020… if you are a grown man or woman and can’t figure out how to get out of an abusive relationship then you don’t really want to.

  12. I see a felony assault, Domestic violence, and Kidnapping. Hopefully by the time this animal gets out of prison he'll be too old to be a threat to society. Doubtful, but still hopeful. I'm a fan of this type of security camera as well but it would be better to have it at an angle so you can see what's right at the door as well as what's approaching. While everyone has to make their own decision about intervening, if it's happening on my property I'm for sure going to feel obligated to try and stop it.

  13. I’m sure she even dropped the charges too except for the kidnapping one, the DA usually don’t want to drop serious felony charges like that.

    Domestic violence is no joke in America….

  14. He's a horrible creep and she chose him. I can assure you that they're both freaking nuts. Call the police. Be a good witness. Don't get involved.

  15. True story : my uncle once saw a man beating on a woman and interfered, ended up giving the guy a concussion. A cop happens to drive nearby and my uncle flags him down, black and white right? Wrong, the broad goes to the cops demanding my uncle to be arrested, as he just beat up her boyfriend for no reason. My uncle went to jail and to his surprise, he used to go to middle school with the guy he beat up, the guy said that it was a misunderstanding, nothing more than a scuffle. My uncle didn’t do any time but it’s crazy to see some of these women’s reactions and reasoning.

  16. How in the world can any man do that to a female? Maybe if she just killed his kids or mom. Then I could maybe see this as justified. Maybe

  17. Most the time the women turn on the Good Samaritan who helps her. Odds are…. she’s back with him cuz she “loves him”

  18. Women who are in these types of situations need to learn to help themselves before relying on others' help. Sorry, but I wouldn't step in either, because she could just as easily turn on me and side with her boyfriend because of that Stockholm Syndrome. Sure, call the police, but do NOT physically intervene. It will end badly.

  19. This is why when I got a black eye from bashing myself with a broomstick handle and my manager called me into his office to inquire about possible domestic violence or physical abuse, I had to set his ass straight: I would NEVER put up with that shit for ONE second. I would be in a POLICE STATION instead of a fucking manager's office.

  20. I wish that had been my door, Because I would’ve put a beating on that pos that would’ve given him a meeting with his maker!!! It takes a No Good, Sorry Ass, Bitch made MF to pull some shit like this!!! Made my blood boil too John… 😤😤😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  21. Oh your a pastor ? That why your into that religion nonscence. Religion got more people killed than the mafia in history. I want no part of any murderous groupe.

  22. Let's not jump to conclusions, maybe she changed the radio station during his favorite song or some similar affront. You've got to keep things in perspective.

    Psych! He's a turd. I'm guessing this isn't his first violent outburst and she knew it was going to be bad, based on the blubbering.

    I knew multiple woman beaters in my youth and they were experts at psychological torture, over and above inflicting physical pain. Many many times I'd be at one of many friend's houses where the dad would be in a psychotic rage.

    One guy bit his woman on the face and talked to her through the bite as he moved her to different parts of the house, all the while, banging her head against the wall. It lasted for quite a while and I eventually walked home in the middle of the night. He missed his calling as a ventriloquist.

    One guy told me how he ordered his wife to sit down as he broke all her fingers and toes by twisting. She wasn't allowed to scream. He also broke both her arms. She was in multiple casts and the kids said he made them watch, so I believed the story. Um, he nick named both his kids "pooper", so I didn't feel right spending the night as we had planned, so I left as quickly as possible.

    The whole neighborhood was on welfare and basically didn't have anything productive to do. They say "idle hands are the devil's workshop" and judging by all the child raping wife beaters in the neighborhood, I'd say that's correct. I barely knew any girls that didn't know their dads and uncles, in the biblical sense. There were a lot of boys too. It was a dystopian nightmare!

    By the way, I'm against welfare! Give people a check to do random work, but don't pay them to sit at home and meditate on evil!

  23. This is so sad. I hate seeing stuff like this. She just literally had the baby and He kick her in the stomach. Ladies please listen to the red flags it never gets better only worse soon they will kill u on someone you love.🤔🤔🤔

  24. If I had video surveillance and had watched the whole thing I probably would have stepped out to help but here in Nashville there was a husband and wife committing home invasion using a woman screaming for help to get the home owner to open the door. Just be careful what you open your door too.

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