Lady Gaga talks about Amy Winehouse and drug addiction (2011)

Lady Gaga talks about Amy Winehouse and drug addiction (2011)

22 thoughts on “Lady Gaga talks about Amy Winehouse and drug addiction (2011)”

  1. Laura Cristina De La Espriella

    If they ever make a movie about Amy winehouse , lady Gaga should definitely play her since I notice lady Gaga kinda looks like her

  2. “I don’t do any hard drugs but I’m a member of the green club”…And then the idiotic audience erupts into big applause. Why?? Whether it’s soft drugs or hard ones, we know and we’ve seen how destructive any drug & alcohol use can be. They’re even talking about the loss of a self-destructive life that ended way too soon because of how she poisoned her mind & body. It bothers me to learn about anyone doing it, but especially beautiful, talented young women like Winehouse & Gaga. So why does this society still celebrate getting high as a cool thing?? I’m really not trying to be on a prudish high horse, or to debate anyone who enjoys their drugs and drinks. But with all of the dangers that are tied to them, it’s just an honest, genuine, common sense question that I would like to understand: what do people hope to ultimately gain by experimenting with that first puff, drink, or snort?

  3. I blame Amy’s god awful fucking boyfriend for her death. He got her hooked on drugs and now she’s gone 🙁

  4. What hard drug apart from coke was she doing bahahah I doubt she hit any crack pipe or did any meth or heroine and I doubt even oxy

  5. Timothy Arthur Denver Halewood

    If there’s to be an Amy Winehouse bio movie, Lady Gaga should play her. She looks like Amy in a way, just as talented. Just has to work out the British accent.

  6. I think Gaga would play a great Winehouse in a bio flick. She resembles her and I’m sure she could sound like her. However I think her take on Amy’s death is wrong. Bio flicks change the story for the most part. I’m sure Amy’s family would like that version anyway. RIP Amy

  7. Love your attitude to life. After all is said and done, Amy W. consciously knew what she was doing. Addiction or not she could have gone for help. All her friends and colleagues are partly responsible for her death.

  8. I always hate the old hags of the view they always ask dumb ass questions and their views ain't really shit but judgemental crap.

  9. Yeah they blamed her on her addiction…only the addicted are in control of there life… joy is a Dipshit…

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