Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Questions you should be asking (Part 1)

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Questions you should be asking (Part 1)

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  1. You did a wonderful job! I'm truly impressed!
    But honestly this is so messed up, i'm emotionally drained just going through all her lies and planning, i can't having imagine what he must have gone through. And i still have to watch part II so i'm truly scared of what's to come lmao

  2. forkandspoonoperator

    Seems like an unbiased approach. Great use of examining language. Why you would spend your time on this seems absurd to me but that’s just me. You do you. Like that clownishly painted woman I witnessed working at a department store. Lol

  3. idk why you guys are all late to this but it was pretty obvious from her shitty tape, his friend had passed and she was a gold digger

  4. Levi's Fun Learning

    INCREDIBLE! this is the best video about depp-heard case..very detailed!
    i knew that woman was up to no good! thank you ffor this awesome video

  5. yes its weird 25 mins – typo. 'him' vs 'his'. Amber's legal docs have at least one other typo in the highlights you have shown up to this point in the video. As a professional writer & editor, my two sense is – 1. no one bothered to proofread that friggin doc. 2. It contains obvious draft material. Why? This section you highlight at 25:20 approx. I actually stopped it to look at it and started to wonder how the F*K someone makes a typo like that without it actually being an overlooked part of a previous draft sentence/sentences that would have had to employ 'him' instead of 'his'.

    The two statements are kind of conflated as well. It just really caught me… and made me wonder what was the source material for this document. Why wasn't the section that describes the most serious allegations proofread to ensure consistency?

    Then I played it and you asked if anyone else thought it was odd that Depp grabs the phone twice.

    Yes. Yes it is. This looks to me like poorly resolved draft material. This section with this claim has not been resolved or consolidated. It must have come from a previous draft that needed another workover or two. It would be more accurate to strike the section that says 'then grabbed the cell phone' to say 'Johnny wound up his" arm like a …. As a claim in a legal setting it certainly raises more questions… And I'm not even to the end of this video!

  6. I thought about the picture with the red mark on AH´s face being taken in the bedroom. I suppose the bathroom was just next door (like in so many flats and houses) or even en suite. So if you need makeup utensils and good light, where would you go? In the bathroom I guess, where you will find everything you need. And then take the pic in the bedroom nearby for surroundings, and of course destract from the bathroom (in fact, she did pics in a bathroom of an alleged busted lip). Sure, this is just my idea and speculation, because this question – why would a victim of abuse go back into the condo of her abuser right after the alleged abuse (or stay there), when she fears he could come back any minute (her reason to get a TRO) – keeps me busy. If the pics happened right after the alleged attack, she had to be sure, Johnny would not come back.

  7. watch this entire video and Part 2 he literally cracks the case and could ruin her entire story in the courtroom! EXCELLENT JOB

  8. Great information ! Amber took advantage of a good, gentle and compassionate man. Making false claims of abuse against him days after his moms death and days before his daughters birthday on the 27th.

  9. Question – Johnny says that the other girl was not there with Amber When he came in and Amber was on the phone with Io. Then she started yelling stop hitting me. Looking at the facts that you gave that the statements match word for word between these two women I would believe they were in on it together to set him up. This was planned and truly if the other girl was there already hiding somewhere and why should we just take them at face value about this when we already know they are lying about other things. considering the body guards never saw her why would she just let Johnny hit Amber that’s B**S** you would be screaming at him as well not just Amber and if she jumped in she would have been injured but that’s not the case. They let Io only hear what was needed so they could Frame Johnny. Because if the other girl was there and it truly happened the way aaAmber says then the other girl would have been heard yelling at Johnny or screaming for help knowing he always had body guards. No she screamed “stop hitting me Johnny” which is very specific not Stop like most people would or even help like most she yelled a specific statement. They are a couple of snakes they need to go to prison. This was premeditated

  10. Great job. The media will not dare to say one word about Amber but seeing these videos restores my faith in humanity.

  11. So glad this is out. I always felt she was the perpetrator not the victim. Could see myself in him (Brocken). Could not fill that with her.

  12. tonkslunahermy2121

    Everyone who believe in Johnny, please,sign this!:

  13. I hope she gets at least 5 to 10 years. What she's done is beyond evil and reprehensible and they can throw her friends in the jail too.

  14. Look at what happen to Smollett, publicly shamed, edited out of his hit TV show, dragged into court (even if he's since bribed his way out of charges) and for Heard, nothing. She should be held accountable, and so should IO and any of the others who have lied for her. I have no doubt that they got lives funded by Depp, and didn't want that to stop once they split. Heard has been in 4 films since 2015 (one was filmed in 2013 so I'm not counting it) and I don't think she's raking in the money. She has nothing to lose in this situation, Johnny did.

  15. Of course there would be 2 sides of the story, he said she said, butAmber's and her cohorts testimonies was filled with questionable holes. I mean after shouting 'call 911’ and the phone conveniently disconnected ON ITS OWN like some cliche scene from a suspense movie, so fricking ridiculous.

  16. Excellent video and you executed the presentation of the information brilliantly again! I can’t wait for the day Johnny is vindicated and Amber goes down in flames!! 🔥🔥🔥

  17. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔… Amber and her friends worked together to extort money out of Johnny….They were going to share the wealth😉…..Johnny wouldn't pay, so they decided to destroy him😠….🤔🤔🤔………wait, isn't that a felony🤔

  18. Very well done, good Sir😌🍷 I could see right through Scamber, like a shaffon prom dress in the rain. Lol

  19. If he had Not been cheating on his former wife vanessa with this amber he would not be in this drama show now. He left his children and his wife for this thing thats called amber. He thought it would be hot to be with this thing that shits in the bed when its angry.

  20. 1. interesting video
    2. I love your bodyguard-figures….
    3. abusers need to feel consequences for their actions, no matter if they are male or female

    It does look like the woman was the abuser, but as an outsider I don't want to judge. I just hope that the court will base their judgment on facts, not feelings.

  21. I am sharing this with everybody that I know. I just appreciate the amount of work that you have made for this and I would like to see you blow up. I am subscribing

  22. Made a floor plan. from social media. Madman! xD
    someone deserves a giant shoutout and crazy increase in viewers. The caped crusader we need

    I only wish you would have played it even coler.

  23. The hair pulling comment sounds like she pulled his hair and then he yelled at her, "what if I pulled your hair back?" Like "How would you like it if I pulled your hair the way you are pulling mine?"

  24. Incredibly Average

    PART 2 LINK! You're going to want to see this!

    Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my videos. I never want to feel like I'm promoting my content like this. But if you really want to see all the info from this Part 1 video payoff, I would highly recommend watching Part 2. The big lies are exposed in it…kinda like a grand finale.

  25. Its a very sad fact that men are abused too. Many of them are also Fathers who feel enough shame already, let alone want their children to know, let alone the world! Ask Lionel Richie.
    And Sir, I see just how hard you worked on this Very informative video! I can't even fathom the many hours you've put into it. You would be an amazing investigative reporter!!!!
    In the end I Don't believe her and She HERSELF put out that video trying to set him up!!!
    Did you see or hear that freakish thing?
    In the Coldest most NPD monotone, while attempting to hide the phone she was recording on," What's……the……matter!
    At that moment the poor man was only slamming cabinet doors closed but asked her,"Did something happen to you this morning or did something happen to me?" All in a very calm voice.
    And again the affected NPD one has the nerve to continue filming him while saying…."But….i……dont
    Understand….you..were…so..sweet……woke…up..this….morning????" WTF was that??? I'd think there's enough video provided by that evil woman herself!!!! She filmed it, she released it to the public and for someone who is supposed to be an actress, well, she really sucks at it!
    Disney is stupid too, there is no Pirates franchise without Mr.Depp and all this goes to show is how fast lives are shredded on so many levels do to lies and scandalous behaviours! Yes, Ms. Heard knows about domestic violence, She's Been Charged of It in her past relationships!!!!
    Bravo Terry Crewes, Johnny Depp and all the others who can stand up, heal from the trauma and pass on words of Hope to help so many others who thought themselves Alone. It's not an issue for woman only. Men can now say, Us Too!!!!

  26. Just Another Happy Humanist

    I just watched your other video on this, and subscribed part way through. I absolutely concur with your research and assessment. However, as someone who really did have a violent ex/stalker, I can understand writing a text just saying “can you come over?”. I can imagine myself having sent a text like that back when I was in danger, because the friend I’d send it to would probably already understand that I’m at risk of being harmed, so it wouldn’t need to be said. Writing a message like that is also quicker to write than an explanation of what’s going on. Finally, abusers don’t like it when their victims tell people that they are being abused, and they will often become more violent if they find out that the victim has confided in someone, or asked for help. Sending an “ambiguous” message like that ensures that a friend who already knows what’s going on knows that they need to be there, but it also saves the victim from the abuser’s wrath (or at least, their wrath getting any worse) if they look at the phone or demand to see the text. I also disagree that writing “Can you come over?” Is ambiguous. In my opinion, it isn’t – especially not when the recipient already knows that the sender is in an abusive relationship. When people want friends to come over, they’ll write “Do you want to come over?”, or “Let’s get together”, and they usually include more of an explanation.

    All that being said, I believe that the evidence shows Amber to be the abuser, and Johnny the abused. I’m not disputing that – I’m just trying to explain that a victim sending a text like that – to a friend who knows what’s going on – is not necessarily odd, or abnormal, given the situation. I never sent a text like that myself, because I never wanted to put any of my friends in danger, but I can understand why a victim would write such a message, instead of something more dramatic and explicit.

  27. Great job, Incredibly Average.

    I'm not sure if JD has already done something to his eyes, but he has poor eyesight.

    ("…he’s blind in one eye and near-sighted in the other. It wasn’t until a 2013 interview in Rolling Stone magazine that he revealed his visual impairment. “I’ve never had proper vision,” he said. “Everything is just very, very blurry.”"

    According to Amber, JD was drunk when he arrived at the apartment. A drunk with poor vision throwing a phone at somebody would certainly miss the mark. If ever the phone hit her, she would have suffered a contusion or a wound, not just a reddening of the part of her face.

    With all the lies and damage she has done to JD's life, that monster of a sociopathic woman deserves jail time.

    By the way, you might want to check on the people and the company handling Amber's career. I'm sure they have a lot to do with assisting her in pulling JD down and beating him in the press that mostly barks her defamatory lies.

  28. I’m grateful for the availability sub ita 🙏🏼 without them I would not have been able to understand this video. can you put them in the first one too? Please. Sorry for my english

  29. advice on editing with large files: i have a somewhat older pc so whenever i edit and my video becomes kind of long my editing software also bugs out. i found that what helps is creating 10 minute files instead, rendering them into a mp4, and then putting all the 10 minute mp4 clips together in 1 file.

    for example: if i'd have a 50 minute video, i would start editing file 1, make it about 10 minutes, export it to a mp4 and then redo the process til the entire video is made. in the end i will have 5 mp4 files, which i then all put together in 1 editing file and export it into the final mp4 and voila i have a 50 minute video without my software lagging 🙂

    it's kind of a work around but it works and makes me less salty and anxious when editing! maybe it will help you in the future idk. thanks for your videos btw✌ your research is amazing!

  30. She is a piece of work that's for sure. I've always gotten that vibe off her ever since they got together long before any of this came out in the media.

  31. I stand/support Johnny he was the abused 😪 ! Great video evidence very thorough investigation .! If your not associated with Johnny team you need to be 😀👍👏

  32. Wow, you even drew out the floorplan based on the informations you got? That's just really impressive, man. I can't imagine how much time you put in this video, good job!

  33. If you hate Amber Heard here’s a link to sign a petition to remove her from Aquaman 2-

    Please sign and share!

  34. That describes Johnny completely. Johnny Two Face lol .He is a Gemini so it figures lol .

    Look at Johnny's movie roles , they all have drugs , alcohol, murders , body dismeberment , strangulation , rape , domestic abuse , head severing .See the pattern here ? I mean these roles werent a stretch for Johnny to play ok .He didnt have to act that much in them at all . His true personality shone through in the roles . Johnny has never been the guy next door ok .He has a dark side to him . He and Angelina are the same signs Gemini / Rabbit .She abused Brad alot like Johnny abused Amber .Both Johnny and Angelina have been individually a couple of habitual drug addicted , 🍷 wine guzzlers in their past and present . Brad Left her , Vanessa left him .

    Look , Johnny abused Amber mentally , emotionally , physically and she retaliated simple as that .In self defense , but she probably got him back out of spite too intentionally . Sometimes victims can become abusers too intentionally or unintentionally when they are in that abusive environment with a romantic partner .

  35. I always thought it was convient this abuse came out when jonny was promoteing his pirates of the caribean movie and the horible fact us he's no longer doing them huge mistake because without jonny thier done! However i may be considered someone who is prejudise because i am a big fan of jonny's. Lets face it she's only gained attention by being a victum and not much of an actress. Anyway bottom line i don' t think he done it. Also lot's of star's have had thier careers ruined because of false allegations by holder on's and money and fame seeking blood sucker's so you can't believe everything that you hear.

  36. Really appreciate all your work here, have watched all of your videos on this and not in the right order, however I could follow each one perfectly. You’re a very conscientious and articulate young man and I’d just like to thank you for your time and your monumental effort to gather information, present it in superb fashion and then turn out such high quality work. Well done young man. 🤓

  37. Dear incredibly average : I found websites that show wine spills and broken wine bottles is photoshopping out of the question ?

  38. Amber bisexual ,low life rich Daddy’s girl , partying , manipulative, hot tempered, ENTITLED psycho bitch, can’t act WEIRDO!!!!👎🏽👎🏽😡😡😱😨🤬🥵

  39. That's the dark side of me too. I said from the beginning people shall stay neutral until something is proved. People just don't get the "believe the 'victim' ". It just means take it serious but it doesn't mean to judge before proof. And Amber's story had so many holes from the beginning I can't believe people just blindly believed her just because she is the woman.

  40. iLikeAnimals MoreThanPeople

    teacup yorkie??!
    she is evil

    also…shit in someones bed?? wtf? and i thought i was crazy. team johnny all the way!

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