Joe Biden Gaffe On Stopping Violence Against Women: We Need To Keep ‘Punching At It’ | MSNBC

Joe Biden Gaffe On Stopping Violence Against Women: We Need To Keep ‘Punching At It’ | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Gaffe On Stopping Violence Against Women: We Need To Keep ‘Punching At It’ | MSNBC”

  1. Interesting, this coming from MSNBC. So does this signal they are now completely behind Mayo Pete – and his long list of fake black endorsements – as the great centrist savior?

  2. It's easy to criticize Biden's gaffes and verbal stumbles from the anonymous safety of your computer. There are many sound reasons why he's still the front runner in national polls. Engaged and informed voters know that solving the severe crises (one of which sits in the White House) we face as a nation, is far more important than scoring ( or pwning) with clever and cute attacks. It turns out that Biden was born with a stammering disorder:

  3. cringeworthy, dropout joe..for the good of the nation, not yourself..he rambles nonsensically…and doesn't even catch his gffe..god, he's mess…and you are so out of touch and corp owned…go away…me-too covers you sniffing women

  4. I'm constantly surprised at how devoid of substance and empty of content Joe's answers are.
    "How would you stop violence against women?"
    "Change the culture."
    "…okay? How do we do that?"
    "Keep punching at it."

  5. I laughed so hard I drooled a bit. Like you can't make this stuff up. If Biden is the Dem's guy…Trump will win again. Bernie is the only chance they have.

  6. He wants women to be treat like scratch and sniff stickers, here let let scratch on your shoulders with my gropey hands and stick my nose in your ear and sniff! Creepy sleepy crazy sniffy joe!

  7. Jose A. Ramirez Moya

    Honestly, I don't think age matters but Biden just literally feels too old. He's fumbling way too much, can't make a clear sentence and overall looks low-energy. I really think he should retire.

  8. 😁😁How is he still ahead of everybody? I'm telling you, Joe Biden should be a doctor because he gives me my best medicine… Laughter (well, I'm not as funny Joe, but I doubt anyone would want to be funny as him. It's like being as funny as a clown).

  9. Listen I always like Biden and at one time would have defiantly voted for him..
    But this is not the Biden we know, need or want. We love ya joe but it’s time to sit down.

  10. This is the dems best guy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Benghali In Platforms

    If he keeps this up I might have to vote for him despite the corruption. Keep punching them Joe, when they want a paternity test, WHAM, when she asks about your illegitimate grandson, THUMP! Dinner is late SMASH

  12. Besides the obvious poor choice of words, what he's saying is utter nonsense. Where in our culture is wife beating encouraged or even tolerated? On college campuses, the wokest places on earth?

  13. In jest, and with love, what we really need to do is execute a plan to end the death penalty. Jk- love you Joe- keep up the good work you do for women ❤ Also, please be careful with what you say. This sort of thing is really not helping you 😕


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    Come on THINK HARDER!

  15. He's in severe cognitive decline. Both him and Bernie will be well into their eighties after their first term if they get elected. Yeah no.

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