Is Child Abuse A Vicious Cycle?

Is Child Abuse A Vicious Cycle?

We all know that child abuse is terrible and
can have life-long effects on a person. But a recent study offers some hope for those
victims who want to start their own family. Hey everyone Julia here for DNews According to one study published in JAMA Pediatrics
over 5 million American children suffer from some form of maltreatment. To put that statistic
in another light, that’s nearly 1 in 8 American children. Each year over 4,500 kids will wind
up in a hospital for abuse-related injuries. That’s really not okay. But there’s some good news, a recent study
published in the journal Science found that the “cycle of violence” isn’t fate.
The researchers wanted to see if these abused children would in turn, abuse their children.
They interviewed hundreds of victims of abuse in 1989 and followed up with them over the
years. Most of the the victims are now parents themselves. Researchers found that people
who experienced childhood abuse were NOT more likely to physically abuse their children,
which came as a surprise. That’s good news for anyone who is concerned about perpetuating
the cycle. However, the subjects were more likely to
neglect or sexually abuse their children. And one researcher is concerned that the lower
physical abuse figures were the result of reporting. Reporting something as “neglect”
often takes less paperwork for Child Protective Services and is more effective in getting
a child help. I shouldn’t even have to say it, but all
forms of childhood maltreatment are harmful. People who experienced childhood abuse often
have more problems with substance abuse and mental health issues. The experience can trigger
PTSD and can even change a person’s genes. One study published in Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences, Early Edition found that people who developed PTSD as a
result of their childhood trauma had distinct changes in their genes, related to things
like cell death and growth rate regulation. It even affected their immune systems. The
researchers say that “childhood abuse is embedded in a person’s cells for a long
time”. And it’s not just physical changes, another
study published in Violence and Victims found that abuse survivors scored lower on ratings
of overall well being. Measuring less tangible things like, self-esteem, self-independence
and life satisfaction. So it’s good news to hear that “The Cycle
of Abuse” isn’t a guarantee. And victims aren’t always subject to the bad hand fate
as dealt them. One study published in the Journal of Family Violence found that marriage
and education seemed to temper some of the effects of childhood maltreatment. Being married
and/or graduating high school lowered the risk of depression and alcohol problems. Decreasing inequality also reduces the likelihood
of abuse. Some studies, like one by researchers from Cornell University, suggest a link between
poverty and abuse. One of the researchers said that “reducing poverty and inequality
would be the single most effective way to prevent maltreatment of children”. While many scientific inquiries of childhood
abuse seem to focus on physical abuse, emotional abuse can be just as painful. Tara explains
why in this video here. Alright, got any other questions about the
tough stuff? Let us know in the comments below….

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  1. I think child abuse also depends on the culture.  For example, I'm Hispanic, and in our culture it's common practice to hit your kids.  When I was a kid, my parents would whip me with a leather belt if I misbehaved, talked back, or just for accidentally spilling some juice on the floor.  My parents laugh about it now, saying how they would have to chase me around the house because I wouldn't stand still to let them beat me, but I don't think it's funny.  I just think there has to be a way to discipline children without having to hit or neglect them.

  2. Where do you guys stand on spanking children on thier behind?
    I was raised like this but I don't consider this abuse.
    When ever I got spanked was because I did something I wasn't supposed to and it wasn't for every little thing either, just for the really bad things.

  3. Billy Ray Hoscheit

    CPS are not unlike Nazis. They follow no rules. Not even their own. Legal Aid contracts with the them, so they can't help you. The lawyer the system provides you, works for the system. No justice. Debt piled on you. Family destroyed. If you ask for accountability they shut you off from your kids.

  4. as i read some where, there is child abuse and there is discipline. it seems america's youth is getting soft because parents can't distinguish the difference. now and days instead of kids fighting, kids are getting bullied cause they are soft and can't stand up for themselves. i wonder how america's military is going to be in the future.

  5. I really appreciate Dnews not only addressing issues related to science, but taking on problems with mankind as well. 

  6. Hi!!! Very important information. I am currently doing a University project about abused children killing there parents as a form of reaction to the abuse. I would really appreciate if you could reply to my comment any useful info you might have, cientific studies as statistics. Thank you so much!!! And always looking forward to your videos Dnews!!!

  7. If you get abused even though I don't. If you hit your parentguardian back, would you go to jail if the police found out, or would the parent?

  8. most children don't do anything at all when abused by parents, not only that but little want their parents to be happy and harm them no more but are afraid of their constant anger not to do anything. There is one last option that I question. That is how large of a figure of the population wish to gain revenge on their parents because of this abuse and not harm their own children?

  9. No. Not in all cases. For some, they grow dependant on the abuse, and end up suffering from stockholme syndrome, viewing the abuse as a positive thing. These people went through mental abuse.

    Personally, I had to deal with neglect. I intend to have children, because I've spent my entire life learning from my family what not to do. They were spectacular failures, and reprehensible human beings, taking credit for the personal growth I've made while free from their influence. I intend to give my children the chance to use their gifts, without someone fucking it up, causing trauma, like my family did.

  10. I'm afraid that CPS caused more harm to my family than any form of neglect or abuse ever could. Not to mention that the latter two are more easily and peacefully resolved, alone.

  11. 1 n 8 are abused? This kinda like children who call asleep hungry watching there ipad? I mean when a stat like that is said I just want to know more. 1n8 getting beat till tears or 1n8 get spanked?

  12. And let's not forget the natural skew in this research: worthless police officers who ignore cases of child abuse, with the idea that these things are natural ways of dealing with children.

    Oh America

  13. From what I have observed in other people child hood abuse seems to lead to a paranoid mentality later in adulthood. Aka conservatism/republicans

    They see danger everywhere and tend to overreact to things. They tend to be more pessimistic about life and the future of humanity.

    They also tend to be highly skeptical of science and technology. 

    I understand these people have been hurt and are probably emotionally scarred for life but they also need to realize that they need to move on from their past.

  14. Honestly, i think child abuse is based on culture. For example, my mother abused me, and so did her mother, and so on, and thats usually expected from my race.

  15. What are they defining as "maltreatment"? Does spanking count as maltreatment or is it more in context of how such things are handled? And where can I go to look at this research data?

  16. under the present brutal and primitive conditions on this planet, every person you meet should be regarded as one of the walking wounded. we have never seen a man or woman not slightly deranged by either anxiety or grief. we have never seen a totally sane human being.”
    ― Robert Anton Wilson

  17. Personally, i've been in this situation, and if I ever have children someday I'd try extra hard to never do that because I know how it feels

  18. I have a little "theory" that if the child realizes what was done to them was wrong and accepts that they were abused, they are far less likely to abuse their own children. But if the child denies that they were abused or isn't aware, they are more likely to continue the cycle. What do you think? Is it important to help abused children understand why it was wrong and accept that it was abuse? Or would this create a victim-mindset?

  19. I don't know if going by that study is really fair, just asking questions doesn't do much. My mother beat the hell out of me like every other day but I guarantee if you ASKED her if she did she'd say no

    No ones going to admit to that

    so I'm sure you're like "why not ask the kids then" because the kids have literally had it beat into them not to talk about it, of course they won't admit to it either.

  20. I really hope this video isn't hinting that corporal punishment is abuse, It really isn't. There are kids in my school that are well-behaved and organized and they receive corporal punishment, however, kids that don't are the ones jumping off walls and pushing over stacks of paper and verbally provoking the teacher. Learn difference between punishment and abuse, there's a thin but defined line betwixt the two.

  21. Good ol' DNews. I just LOVE the way they try to sneak in the idea that men are the inherent perpetrators of abuse and, of course, girls are the only victims who matter.

  22. Free Will, it always comes back to how you CHOOSE to respond to the circumstances of your life experiences.

    Good Choices,
    Bad Choices,

    Your CHOICES!

    Make the best ones you can.

  23. When I was small my dad made me hold my breath. When I cried and force me to smile. Today all the yelling makes me cry esily and hyperventilate so bad I get like headed and jerk forward ever time I breath when hyperventalate.And is so bad it sounds like blaber when I try talking and crying plus the hyperventalation. How do I stop this?

  24. I'm absolutely disgusted by some of the comments I habe read. Child Abuse is NOT ok and it is entirely understandable for people to be emotionally scarred afterwards. A lot of people commenting need to take a long think about the things they have said.

  25. "Articles" luke these make me want to kill everysingle human who does that or morelikely not to kill then but to torture them for the rest of their socalled lifes

  26. How much do you have to get abused to be considered an abused child? I mean, I feel like my dad was like most out there who spanked us and who would occasionally flip out verbally and wrestle you around a bit if he had to. I wouldn't call myself abused though.

  27. This is so stupid, what kind of fucked up person would want to hurt there own offspring. It makes no damn sense and Im shocked at how often it happens.

  28. yes, but not in all cases. the abuse I endured has done nothing but cause more trouble. I am basically well behaved only because of strong will and idolizing superman and spiderman growing up. TV, games and myself raised me. My parents and their violence didn't.

  29. i was 9 years old when i was sexually abused , it took me a long time to say those words ,although i still feel fear when i say them but now i have my freedom at 20 years old ,thanks to a priest who gave me my deliverance . i wish to tell my story 4 the first time in public, if u don't mind? i still remember what happened to me in graphic detail, i was 9 and he was my 19 year old so called 'cousin' he had a terrible skin condition that every time he scratch little pieces of dry dead skin would stick under his nails , to be honest i can't go into much detail because i'm nervous and scared end i don't want anyone to make fun of me or make me feel more a shame than i already felt and still feel .  but it was a painful experience i escaped when one day he decided to pull his hideous looking thing out and try to put it u no where ! when i saw it i was so scared i never ran so fast before , i ran into the first bath but when i was in there i notice it did not have a look but b4 i could go i had to pee and that burnt ,then he came after me and he said he will keep it inside but do what he said u get the picture! then i meet this boy who was my age he was my first so called kiss , but he never liked me because i never wanted to sleep with him and when i ask him to kissed me he would but it was distant he told me he didn't like kissing me he was a lier a cheat end he made fun of me and told me if i didn't do as he ask he would make up a story and tell my mom i slept with my 'cousin' ,but i still refused and he made up lies about me i told my mom i was sexually abused at 9 and when she called the police they said it was to late ,i was 12, b4 that i there was a 15 year old boy who would kiss me ,he was my first crush i was 9-10 but he was a theif , a lier and a cheater . after all that i wouldn't let a guy near me i don't talk to people i prefer to be alone , my concept is trust to one deal with ur own business ,every man 4 them self , no one cares they are all 4 a time . but i have another problem when i was younger i would masturbate ,but i din't know what it was , i just knew it made me feel good but after i was done i felt so gross , shameful ,disgusting etc, because the only way i could get feeling was thinking about what my abuser did ,i stopped but i did it 3 times this year and i feel stupid , i was over it but it came back i hate myself 4 it ! i worry so much , any thing goes wrong is like my head hurts i think constantly , but i refuse to talk to anyone cause i don't trust humans , yes i'm one but i know how messed up they can be , i talk to friends but i wont tell them my pain i keep them at a distance , i have many more stories but yh …..such is life 

  30. Any kid can be raised and disciplined properly without having to use force. You just have to know how to control them, if they are doing something bad on purpose then that was your fault in the first place. 

  31. I always thought that part of it could be willpower or at least that's what I hope because I decided that when I was like 5. My Mom always used to tell me that she was hit when she was a kid and it was worse and used it as a justification for hitting me.  I can't remember what I said, but in my child way I somehow pointed out how that was stupid and didn't make any sense and decided right then that when I grew up and had kids, I wouldn't hit them.  When I was small though, I did fight with my sister a lot though and took out a lot of stuff on her, which wasn't good either, but child brain and I guess at the time I thought of her as more "equal" rather than a full grown adult Mom hitting children helpless to get away and fight back.

  32. Sorry I was horribly abused (Mostly by our Mother, our Father was just indifferent & looked the other way) Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. My Parents were Older when they had us (WWII era people) and in there generation Child Abuse was par for the course. They were abused Horribly and saw it as "Chile Rearing" & "Spare the Rod' and all that crap. I'm about 50 now, and when I was 30 I got a Vasectomy and never had any children. If I leave no other legacy on this Planet at least I can say I ended a cycle of abuse that may have gone on for hundreds of years. My Brother is in complete denial about how we were treated and exalts our (Now dead) Parents but he never had any either so deep down inside he knows the truth too and just can't face it. Even this study shows that People that were abused may not grow up to hit their kids…but are more likely to Neglect and abuse them otherwise. I can't believe Abused people actually grow up to have kids of their own…but apparently it's pretty common

  33. Look 19 I was about 16 when I realized this in the first two comments that I see just tell me that not enough people have.

  34. Need help guys! i have 12 yrs old son..last monday my son is a witness that my neighbor is trespassing and banging and hitting hard the door last month..can i file a case the guy for trespassing and harasment…after that last monday, i ask the guy that why you did that for trespassing  and harass my family then he said to me im not harassing your family and trespassing cuz nobody inside..then my son told infornt of the guy said..i saw him what he did that he banging hard hitting the door then suddenly the guy yelling to my son ,said your brainwashed  and a liar and they accusing my son and the guy using his finger pointing my son face..can i file a case for him? what kind of case? pls help me guys..thanks

  35. My brother hits me almost everyday today he threw a cup at me and hard he also calls me names and treats me like a slave well slavery is over and he should GET HIS BODY UP AND DO IT HIMSELF

  36. He who hates his child spares the rod
    He who loves his child is careful to discipline them
    Dont let a bad child do bad things
    Dont discipline a child who does nothing wrong

  37. Are you saying that hitting kids is bad ? But it is the only way how they learn stuf…you obviously do not have kids, if you did you would understand…

  38. Regardless of what happens to you as a child, you choose who you become. Those things that others do that you know are wrong, are the things you yourself are most likely to do. Be mindfull of this and you can be the person you want to be. Not a victim that hurts others to make themselves feel better.

  39. yes I know someone who told me he was used for his body growing up and he suffered physical abuse and beatings only to grow up and father children whom he physically abused and sexually abused the police covered it all up and he was never chargedTo tell you the Truth the authorities don't care

  40. I was abused … I always felt treated by my mom . She used to treat me like something , not a child . I've so many problems because of that . However I'm a mother but I chose to be a much , much better one then my mom was . There were sometimes that I thought I was adopted .

  41. VICTIMS should be able to get revenge on their parents in ANY way that pleases them….also FAVORITISM is a type of abuse to.. HOW can you have a favorite child..that's disgusting favoritism by age,gender,or other things is MESSED up…chances are YOU are the problem NOT the child…that child will grow up and be an angry person and the PARENT'S fault(notice I didn't say dad because MOMs can be just as or MORE abusive)
    "Moms" always get away with abusing their children because nobody thinks that it matters but as soon as a dad does the same thing it's suddenly then worst thing…society if fucked up because GOOD people are getting punished and BAD people are getting away with doing TERRIBLE things…

  42. I was brutally abused by both of my parents. I choose not to have children because I know that I will pass this on, so the cycle ends with me.

  43. This is why I cant be a mother. Like… I kinda want to but at the same time I don't think it's safe, because I don't want to give my child a shitty childhood all because of me. I know I wouldn't be able control my anger and I would feel horrible for doing anything to them afterwards.

  44. can you please do a video on maternal narcissism(narcissistic mother) how can a scapegoat show everyone(family) the truth….please!!!

  45. My family was so terrible, my friends were not allowed to come over. Their parents said no. I was isolated my whole teen life from having friends my age come over.

  46. Am only 13 years old and my father smack me to the head and thrown me to the ground in my room. In the morning my father came to get breakfast from buger king and it was time to leave the house. It was around 7:35 and my bus was coming to pick me up around 7:40. I had no time to eat at my grandma house, I went to the bathroom to comb my hair and start leaving. When my bus drop me off at grandma house. I wanted to eat my food, but I felt full.
    When my father pick me up. We went to get chinese food, after that when we came home. My dad open the door for me and I wanted to do it myself. My body felt weak and my father got angry at me. I hardly open my door and had a tantrum.
    When my father came in my room. He started abusing me, hitting in the head, and pulling from my hair. I cried and couldn't breathe.
    When he left I was still crying and my lungs were beating fast.

    I was crying alot :'(

  47. So why do people assume this is from a liberal or feminist. Because men cant go wrong they dont abuse children to say that would be a lie because both men and women abuse kids. They put kids in danger. Abuse is not good for anyone and its unhealthy. There are videos of women doing it as well. This one is about men. Some of these responses saying why is women not in the video. There are women that abuse children there are also men that abuse kids. To deny it means that youre a liar plain and simple. Kids dont need those kind of parents. At all!!

  48. I have emotionally abuse before if I have a kids I don't want to physically or emotionally abuse them I would love them no matter what

  49. My mom used to abused me I know how it feels it feels like terrible cause you know they act nice around people then when you get home more torture

  50. Some cultures it's normal and not frowned upon like here in America. It's never good for anyone. Especially kids. It blurs the lines between discipline and abuse

  51. I wound up in the hospital for a broken thumb (caused by my mother) and covered in bruises. They put me in foster care for 3 days and sent me right back home.

  52. the_malicious_ ducky_bandit

    Child may stop next when kids turn older
    If u wanna stop that abuse
    Try being some sort of president or other to make a law
    Wait nvm

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