Irish People Try Their First Alcoholic Drink

Irish People Try Their First Alcoholic Drink

31 thoughts on “Irish People Try Their First Alcoholic Drink”

  1. I was 12 years old and my friend and I stole a bottle of whiskey from my father after we drank it I got my drunk ass run over by a blue Corvette.

  2. I'd like to think the reason we leather jacket guys isn't here is because we all know when he was born he came out of his mum wearing his jacket with a pint of guiness in one hand and his shades in the other.

  3. A bourbon nuclear bomb…108 proof bourbon 2 shots. Dash of fresh ginger 1 shot lime juice 2 shots 101 proof bourbon mix well Strain over ice add lime slice as garnish. Serve chilled.

  4. My first drink was a Papst blue ribbon lol I know they are gross now that I’m older but It was the only thing available and i wanted to try it lol

  5. YohanVan SminkelSmerf

    I believe my first drink was a bowl of watermelon chunks drowned in Smirnoff vodka. Guess that's more of first time eating alcohol

  6. My first drink was a quart Miller which I had when I was 16 (in 1974). Back then it was 18 for been and wine and 21 for liquor. I got pretty lit and spent a great bit of the evening making long distance calls on the porcelain telephone.

  7. I was a kid of 4. I had a very bad sore throat. My uncle's old Polish mom (who did not speak any English) gave me a small water glass of delicious yummy homemade cherry brandy!!! NOT ONLY did it take care of my sore throat, it shrunk my swollen tonsils and made me take a nice long nap!

  8. Had half a bud light at 21 then next time I drank was my 24th, 29 now and still dont remember my 24 bday or the day after at all but I do know the smell of jaeger makes me gag lol

  9. My first alcoholic drink was. When I was 16 and my mom gave me a whisky and coke mixed drink. I actually liked it.

  10. I’m an Irish-Italian American girl from New Jersey. I’m pretty sure I had my first drink when I was 8. It was a very large spiked coffee given to me by my mother lol.
    This video made me realize that I’ve been drinking for the better part of 18 years and I’m only 26! 😅😂

  11. First drink was muscadine wine I raided my grandas cellar and made of with a gallon of wine in a jug drank on it for a week the alcohol content was surprisingly high and provided a considerable buzz !

  12. I'm proud to say I've never been sick from drinking. The closest was having the thickest motherfucking eggnog with whisky at New Years two years ago. And it just didn't sit well. Excused myself, made myself puke in the toilet, then had a few waters and continued the night as normal.

  13. Arfnudaniack Blue

    I was 9 and got a can of Schlitz out of my grandfather's ice chest at a BBQ for my sister and I to split out behind the garage. He would always let us have little sips from time to time before that, so having it on our breath was no big deal. Everyone else was hammered anyway, so nobody noticed. Schlitz from the 70's is a pretty steep learning curve for beer.

    This was old wives tales kinda grandparenting, so a little wine or whiskey on the baby's gums for teething, or a drop or two in the bottle at night to help with sleep was common. Most of the (even children's) over the counter medicine in the 60's and early 70's was 10% or so alcohol, more for some cough syrups.

  14. MC has a massive power of will. She smiles but I'd never want to be on her bad side. While I said that I realized she doesn't want me lying on either of her sides Her vids are awesome "Notions" (slagging?) even close?

  15. I remember, i was 13 (after school, still in uniform) and i had a bottle of vodka and a bottle of jack daniels, trying to impress a girl, and downed the vodka and half the jack daniels. Ended up passed out outside a few shops and was taken to hospital shortly after. Apparently i drank a lethal dosage but managed to survive, no regrets!

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