If you CRAVE a Relationship or Love WATCH THIS

If you CRAVE a Relationship or Love WATCH THIS

this video I’m gonna show you three
things you must do if you crave relationships or love and are trying to
attract it into your life I’m gonna show you those three things you must do to
make it happen welcome back another video my name’s
Aaron and I owe people expand their consciousness on this video I’m gonna be
sharing with you those three things that make all the difference when it comes to
attracting a relationship or attracting love into your life
and if you’re somebody that’s trying to do that this video really is for you
these are things that I have seen through I’ve been on YouTube now for
three years I’ve helped many people get into a loving relationship using the
principles of understanding our mindset understanding our own energy our own
vibration and I’ve seen it there’s certain patterns that work it just
simply works if you do it and I’m gonna share with you some of the tools you can
use for that as well now in general understand this this is the thing so
many people miss when it comes to understanding attracting a relationship
or attracting love in our life and that is it is about vibrational resonance so
what most people do when trying to attract love into their life they think
about someone else coming into their life but yet they feel the lack of it so
there’s this this level of incongruity that was that a word
but the idea is that you really may want it but the key is knowing the
vibrational resonance of it so for example if you want something that is a
certain reality you say I want love I want a relationship and when you say I
want vibrationally you say I don’t have because if you want it it means you
don’t currently have it you don’t currently possess it so if you’re saying
I want a relationship vibrationally you’re saying I don’t currently have it
now the thing I’m going to share with you in this video changes everything
about that makes it so much easier but remember this as well when you’re saying
I don’t have it I crave it I want it your Lackey you’re in the you’re in the
reality of lack now look at that on this side say that
there is also a reality where you have it or when you have that relationship
when you’re feeling that love within yourself you already have it you don’t
have this feeling of wanting it because if you wanted it you’d be in this
reality over here because there’s two different vibrations when we’re talking
about this there’s the vibration of wanting it saying I don’t currently have
it and it would be really nice if I did have it and then there’s the vibrational
reality is I have it I am it I’m in a great relationship or I feel that
unconditional love within myself so it’s understanding first off that if you want
it you are vibrationally holding yourself into resistance in this reality
and what I mean by that is many times the definition saying it’s not here I
want it it’s not here the more you keep track is the more that you then are
vibrationally putting out that frequency putting out that energy of lack of not
actually having it and when you go out into the world there could be
opportunities where if you were in the vibration of having it you would see
certain things that you wouldn’t see if you were in this vibrational reality so
if you’re saying I want a relationship you may go out and not perceive of
opportunities because of the vibrational resonance because it’s like reality’s
continuing to express to you you don’t currently have it you don’t currently
have it you really want it you really want it imagine the universe just says
yes to whatever our definition and our belief is so if we say I want it the
universe says yes you do you say yes I want a relationship and the universe
goes yeah you really do want a relationship you’re right you really do
want it but you see you get that what you believe you deserve you get that
which you affirm vibrationally now if you were to say over here I have it I am
it I feel this love within myself the universe says yes you do and yes you do
have it you see those are the two differences and if you crave a
relationship then most likely you are vibrationally in this camp but this
video is going to show you how to make that switch over and how do vibrational
EB in that position of of having it of
having it now the biggest thing that I would say makes the difference is when
you switch the frame now what the frame is like the energy you’re bringing to
your reality your life in general now most people when they crave a
relationship what they are doing is they’re saying if you were to be in my
life it would make my life so great and vibrationally that’s saying that my life
already isn’t that great my life feels like it’s a little bit
incomplete and normally when that happens what you’ll find is you’ll
attract somebody that may also feel incomplete once it finally does happen
after the resistances worked through or the certain type of synchronicity comes
up but what I’m sharing with you is that when you start to realize that you must
become the star of your own movie you’ll see that then all the energy dynamic
changes I can’t tell you how many times I see somebody that maybe got out of a
relationship with someone or somebody they brought like a couple broke up
maybe one person is really distraught about it really doesn’t like the fact
that they’re not together anymore and they’ll think about that person think
about that person think about that person and then all of a sudden they’ll
go they’ll make a choice to go to like go out with their friends they go out
their friends and for the 20 minutes they’ll forget about that person within
that 20 minutes that person will text them the person that wasn’t giving them
any attention that pretty much said all we’re done we don’t want anything we’re
not going to communicate then all of a sudden it’s like they energetically feel
that pull away it’s because the energy dynamic is imagine this any time you’re
focused on someone you’re sending them energy and if you’re feeling resistance
when you think of them you are sending them energy that is a little bit in
balance and they’re feeling that but when you divert your attention from it
from that person from the subject they then don’t feel that attention coming
towards them then they’ll say hey what’s going on here why are you not thinking
about me or something maybe they’re doing something else and then they start
to care because energetically they don’t feel that desperate energy being
projected out them so in the same way how can you apply this in your life the
key is to make you the star of your movie when you are the star of your own
movie there’s a gravity that you contain there’s a level of self confident that
subdued it out there’s a level of worthiness that’s exude that other
people can feel it’s contagious and I’ll tell you that when you make that shift
it changes everything if you were to go out and be like oh would be really cool
if that guy or going to come over here talk to me if you’re so cool oh my
goodness oh my goodness you’re gonna remain in that wanting
craving vibration and it’s not attractive vibrationally but if you walk
around and you’re just having fun and you’re laughing and you’re joking around
and you’re with your friends you’re in a high vibrational state then it’s more
likely that these opportunities will come into your life because your energy
is mo contagious and you’re the star of your own movie so these are the
different characteristics that a lot of people don’t think of when they crave a
relationship but realize that when you put attention on anything you’re sending
it energy and if you’re feeling resistance of it you’re setting that
resistance out as well so if you’re focused on a relationship think about it
as a relationship as almost a person like an ignite like the relationship
you’re gonna have with someone else but think of what is your relationship with
relationships do you view relationships as something that’s hard to get do you
view relationships as something that’s not here now and when you think about
relationships you think about it in the form of resistance because if you do
then you’re sending that idea you’re sending your relationships you’re in
your own life you’re sending it resistance so the key to this is you
could shift the focus back to yourself and just have fun or you can change your
relationship to it you could change the meaning you give it you could say you
know what if you were to start I’ve seen so many people do this they they want a
relationship they crave a relationship and I said you know what just let it go
just have fun focus on you right now and because they have so much energy and so
much thoughts go in that direction they didn’t let go and within days they
attract someone into their life because they let go
they vibrationally weren’t focused on the resistance of it they moved into
their own reality into their own frame into having fun and it changed
absolutely everything but if when you relate to the relationships as an idea
and you put it on a pedestal then that belief will be a self-fulfilling
prophecy if you think Oh relationships are hard to attract then it will be hard
to attract you can allow it to be easy have fun
with this process as well focus on yourself focus on having fun in your own
reality focus on being the star of your own movie because you are meant to be
the star you are an amazing catch and you have to remember that you have to
remember and have that self-worth because as you know it yourself you’re
gonna exude out an energy that other people can feel as well and that energy
is going to be contagious but when you are the star of your own movie you’ll
find that things in reality start to happen more in alignment and they just
gravitate towards you so if you crave a relationship and instead you focus on
having fun letting go being the star of your own
movie you’ll find that these things come into your life easier than ever now
something else I want to talk to you about and it’s something that just blows
me away because I recently went to a meditation that I created like a year or
two ago it’s on attracting love into your life
and feeling self-love and I think it’s like it’s called something like the most
powerful meditation for attracting love a relationship I’ll link it below that
that meditation has over 1 million views and if you read the comments the
comments are insane people saying that they attracted love within days people
saying that they’re now in certain type you know a certain relationship because
of it just read the comments and you will see hundreds and hundreds of people
that I’ve used that meditation you listen to over 21 days that’s all it
takes because as you listen to that meditation it reprograms you to focus on
the love within yourself which then vibrationally resonates you to perceive
of a reality where you feel and know that love so it’s just reading the
comments it blows me away and that’s kind of what inspired me to make this
videos I realize it’s like just do people know that this meditation will
help them to attract love into their life because then you’re more able to
focus on you so if you kit if you commit to that meditation for 21 days I think
it will absolutely transform your life and if you don’t believe me just read
the comments it’s a three youtube videos a free meditation read the comments to
see what’s possible and you see testimonial after testimonial and as you
read those testimonials you’ll then increase the belief within yourself that
if they did it so can you you our beliefs create our reality read
belief read reads statement after statement after testimony after
testimony of all these people that have attract loved in their life just by
listening to a meditation for 21 days and then you’ll see this can happen for
me then you’ll do the meditation which vibrationally will start to you’ll start
to perceive more love and your life I start to feel that within yourself and
then your you will create that reality for you so listen to that meditation for
21 days it’s a think it’s call it titled the most powerful meditation for
attracting love and a relationship into your life it’s in the top of the
scripture box below I’ll put it in the comment section as well here and I’ll
pin it to the top so that usually be able to see it but the more self-love
you feel for yourself the more that energy then goes out is the more that
then that is a contagious type energy it just comes to you you’re the most
important relationship you’ll ever have in your life is your relationship with
yourself and when you focus on that and you feel the love within yourself and
you realize that you are a catch you are somebody that you know somebody else is
gonna be lucky to be with and when you view it from that perspective you then
also tap into a different energy you you don’t just happen to like oh what could
I get out of a relationship how can I be happy you didn’t see how can I give how
can I be in a relationship where we both are able to support each other it’s a
different energy dynamic but the self love always comes first because you must
first have your cup full before you can then give to someone else or share that
with someone else now the last thing I want to talk about is something called
importance anytime you make something vibrationally important you separate
yourself from it I say all and you think about the energy as well imagine I’m
like it’s really really important that you like this video right now it’s so
important that you like this video if you would just like this video it would
mean the world I would be so so cool if you would like this video you see how
you can feel that desperate energy and the moment that I have that you’re
almost like resistant to it you’re almost like I don’t know if I want to do
it but if I’m like hey if you got value out of this video could you do me a
favor could you just like this video could you smash that like button you see
there’s a different energy there it’s like please like this video or hey
you got value out of this video could you do me a favor and just like this
like this video it’ll help more people to understand
that they can attract love into their life and for real could you like that if
you did like this video if you like this video let me know what you think are
some of these ideas a little bit different than what you’ve heard behind
the the normal Disney movie type mentality of attract your perfect other
half when it has to do with understanding the vibrational energy of
dynamics that are involved as well if you like that like it let me know to
think of this video as well now in general that was kind of you know an
analogy to show you that the more you crave it the more you make it important
the more resistance you put out so the key to this is letting go of that
resistance letting go of putting on a pedestal see it as natural it is natural
for you to be into being a happy relationship a happy relationship with
yourself it’s natural for you to feel loved within your life it’s natural for
you to be the star of your own movie its natural for you to just like this
YouTube video you see this is all a part of the self image and of course I’m
joking around the about the whole YouTube video thing kind of not really
if you like this video they’d be great but that’s the idea you see what I mean
it’s natural when you see it as natural for you it’s more likely to come into
your life but if you see yourself and your self images I am a single person I
must it’s hard for me to attract relationships this is who I am then
it’ll be hard for you to attract but if you see it as natural for you if you let
it be a part of your self-image to attract love into your life to know that
you’re already whole and complete then you will attract that into your
life so be aware of your self image and like I said see yourself has love and if
you haven’t already listened to that most the most powerful meditation I’ve
created that I was a little over a million YouTube views and so many
testimonials check it out below even if you’re already in a relationship you’ll
bring more love into your life and you know it’s really about your relationship
to you but it also works for attracting love into your life as well so listen to
that meditation for 21 days I think it will absolutely transform your life you
can do me a favor and like this video it’s just natural to do if it feels good
you just like this video comment below other other video topics you want me to
be making videos on and I’m gonna be doing that and taking
suggestions now as well and other than that hope you enjoy this video and as
always I’ll see you on the next one peace which love and namaste

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