Hygiene While Hiking 👣 Washing, periods, and cat holes

Hygiene While Hiking 👣 Washing, periods, and cat holes

4 thoughts on “Hygiene While Hiking 👣 Washing, periods, and cat holes”

  1. Your straightforward, clear instructions and tips are greatly appreciated. No signs of embarrassment or awkward hesitation while talking about subjects that might rankle some peoples’ delicate sensibilities. In short; brave. Brave Ellie.

  2. One question for Ellie: where in Ireland are you from? I'm trying to recognize your accent but with no success! Maybe something like Kilkenny, Tipperary… ?

  3. Love that youre more comfortable talking about poo than periods xD having used period underwear they'd probably be one of the more comfortable options available, but not sure how you'd wash them after use, so might be better to look into reusable pads! Oh and also, LUSH make similar pots made out of cork! They're definitely more bulky, but a great sustainable alternative. Their shampoo bars & solid cleansers (which are amazing for travel) fit perfectly into them 🙂

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