How To Turn Women On (Make Her CRAVE YOU!)

How To Turn Women On (Make Her CRAVE YOU!)

Hey guys, Kate Spring here, and I have some
more dating advice to share with you. A lot of you have been asking me what turns
women on? Great question, and there are many things
that turn women on as we are susceptible to touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. The use of our 5 senses are key to our arousal,
but one of the most overlooked aspects about turning women on is to get her out of her
own head. In this video, I will share five ways to turn
a woman on. It is important to remember that because we
women rely heavily on our senses, the more of them you can stimulate the better. Just before we get started, if you are interested
in more advice like this or just have any questions, subscribe to my channel and leave
me a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you, personally, as soon as I can. Step one in turning a woman on is getting
her out of her own head. You can do this by making her feel comfortable
and relaxed. We spend a lot of time in our heads thinking,
stressing, just overall worrying, which takes away from time with you. If you can make her laugh and feel carefree
by some act of spontaneity, then I’m sure you can get her out of her head, and she will
be thankful you did. This isn’t an impossible task only accomplished
through Jedi mind tricks; it’s actually very simple, and these next few moves will
help you in getting her out of her own head and focus her attention on you. Step two in turning a woman on is to take
control of the situation. Because women can be in their head so much,
when a man takes control and we don’t have to think or make a decision, we are jolted
into reality and the present moment. You might be asking yourself, what does she
mean by take control? By taking control, I mean invite her to get
dressed and that you’re going out for dinner, don’t ask her, tell her. Have confidence in your conviction, even if
it flops. We appreciate effort more than anything. However, taking control does not mean giving
commands; it means offering positive suggestions. “Hey, let’s go out tonight. Dinner’s on me!” Step number three is to be attentive. Being attentive means to be present and aware,
don’t be on your phone constantly texting other people, checking your snapchat—all
of that can wait! By being attentive, you could also open the
door for her, some people call this chivalry; I just call it respect. Women want to be respected and have their
worth acknowledged. So if you open the door for her or pull out
her chair before she sits down, little things like this really go a long way. Small acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. Women are usually pretty detail oriented and
will notice the small gestures of respect and will most likely mirror them, but in a
different way for you. These small gestures really add up and make
a woman feel like she is the most valuable person to you, so by being attentive and in
the moment, together, you can genuinely enjoy each other’s company and see where things
go from there! After this video, head over to
and grab a copy of by free eBook, the attractin handbook, that will help you not only get
any woman you want, but it will also help you build attraction and heighten that romance
to get things going. Remember, that’s and
you’ll find the link in the details below after this video. Ok, step number four in turning your girl
on is to understand that the way into a girl’s heart is through her brain and then her vagina. Intelligence is sexy! If you can turn us on with your mind, then
you can turn us on with your body. I know, I personally love it when a man can
share with me something I didn’t know before. And my clients have said that his has worked
particularly well for them in the past. One of the reason why we get into relationships
is to learn from other people and, well, the hanky panky, too. If you can hold an interesting conversation,
tell some witty jokes, and use a type of humor that doesn’t put other people down, you
are well on your way to seducing women. The fifth way to turn a woman on is through
touch. Turning someone on can be like an on or off
switch, but most of the time, it is much more gradual than that, for women at least. Turning someone on through touch is one of
the most exciting ways to do it. There are many ways to do this, subtly caressing
her arm, running your fingers through her hair, soft, gentle kisses, and even a little
tickling of the gentle kind. All of these promote an intimate, physical
contact and work on women; we aren’t that difficult to figure out once you know the
basics. Alright, that’s all for today, YouTube. I hope this video has given you a little more
insight into women! I think there are many more ways to turn women
on, and for that I would direct you to the Karma Sutra, just kidding. If you want to learn more ways to become the
guy that women want and fawn over, subscribe to my channel and stay up to date with my
latest videos! Thanks for watching! I’m Kate Spring and I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “How To Turn Women On (Make Her CRAVE YOU!)”

  1. Just listen to your woman. Remember details. They love that. Don't be afraid to disagree with the girl too.

  2. Since the Facebook age its alot harder ti find a girl, they have alot more options so uve gotta be that 1 in a billion

  3. Hi Kate. It's Abir from India. You told to take command over the situation, right? I love to see a woman dressed in formal or semi shirts. It's quite awkward but I like it. I don't know how to say this. Can you please help me with some examples?

  4. I watched this video and then went to the park. I met a girl on the path around the lake and followed the advice to run my fingers through her hair and touch her and tickle her and give her tons of little kisses.
    Needless to say, I'm posting this from my smart phone because I'm in jail.
    Surprisingly, the Wi-Fi here is really good. Go figure.

    Seriously though, when would you say is the earliest time you could run your fingers through a woman's hair without being arrested – and what would the situation be where a man could do this without it seeming unexpected/random/"out of left field"/weird.
    I'm the type of guy who thinks a woman will be pissed if I touch her (even the innocent light touch on the small of the back that women say they expect and want when you are walking through somewhere or whatever)- and yes, I am talking about this occurring within the context of it being with a woman you are in an active conversation with (not just randomly walking up to someone like the joke I opened with).

    Right now in this exact moment, I just realized that, perhaps, I subconsciously think that all women will be mad at me because my mom always was. Who'da thunk I'd gain a deep insight into my own psychology while typing a youtube comment?

    And regarding this business you've just started and ebook you wrote… the first thought I had was "You've made a smart business/marketing move"!

  5. a girl talk to me replies me on insta but we having gud talk but she said me no for friendship saying sorry ! Dont mind she my x gf friend ! she now avoided my text what is it!

  6. Wake The Fk Up Lazy Ass Americans

    Its good to hear from an actual woman's point of view. Too many dudes making "dating" or advice videos that women just laugh at. Glad I found your videos thank you

  7. What happens when a girl starts talking about her last sexual encounter or how she would love to be handle next time she does something and has kids. For me, it’s kind hard cuz I do want to give her the respect she deserves but at the same thing I feel like just taking advantage of the situation u know.

  8. Now the question is….how do I meet a woman like Kate Spring? lol…I'm very attracted to intelligence. Only problem is it took me years to figure that out.

  9. Kamasutra is to get her horney and to use tricks in bed, now question how generally you get a woman INTERESTED? I know shopping is a topic but what else??

  10. Kate getting her out of head is easier said that done. It’s sad how many women say they want to be with you. Than change their mind or suddenly get sick and disappear. They tend to be well educated and self-confident flakes. My friends and I feel their behavior is rude and creates mass confusion. Kate you can say they get into our heads!

  11. Best video, so far. Funny video. Sexy outfit. And good advice to remind guys to try to get girls out of their heads, and enjoy the moment.

  12. Okay, so after watching all of your vids I can say I know a lot more then I did. So now for the next Video. "Where to meet women besides the internet "

  13. Hey Kate great video…I would love to get to know you better…you have a beautiful smile and come across as being down to earth and very approachable. .. God bless you…curt

  14. Hi kate, thanks for the videos and the information. They are very generous. I like your persoective on the matter. I felt more suitable to my way of perceiving the world than other ideas I found, and I am a psychologist here in Brazil.
    Now I feel more confortable to interact with woman, its a whole new start! I have already tried some points you offered us here and everything is so much easier now!
    Oh, and please don't mind the guys comenting on you, you are so charming and funny, and so many of us are very sensitive to this stimuli, well I think you understand.
    Oh, I read your ebook also! Great!
    Again, thank you and hope you have much sucess in your carrer as a dating coach and a happy life.

    Vinícius de Oliveira Caixeta.

  15. I have been watching these video's and I believe that I am getting a better understanding of what I would like! Thank you!

  16. Great vid. I remember when i went out with a girl once, i tripped over and went head first into a car. We both had a great laugh. Never saw her again though as i found her so annoying.

  17. Is it better to take your kissing step at a time like kissing her hand for 2nd date, kissing her cheek for third date, and kissing her lips finally for fourth date and so on than to kiss her lips right away? Bc that is what I am doing bc girls like mystery my own thought

  18. Kate you've put a Spring in my step. Great outfit although I think you'd look amazing no matter what you were wearing.

  19. Kate you look amazing in what you’re wearing. It is so nice to see such a natural beauty. Wish I knew you. Your biggest fan. David

  20. Ignotas Rimkevicius

    open door and maybe you get thanks or maybe no.actually this video saying put lots of time on her , no phone and so on ,act like you are aproaching her like last girl on the planet and get nothing in return . nice advices …

  21. Hi Kate im having a terribly rough time right now. My gf broke up with me 2 times and 1 time just lead me on. She always initiated the first contact after the break up thinking i will change (i was needy af). After the second break up i was furious and started insulting her, curse etc. Than initiated no contact for about a month. After that i still missed her and contacted her to try to get her back. That was yesterday… Things went out of hand and she blocked me. I don't know what to do, everyone tells me and you will probably sugest that i forget about her, bit i know i can be better and do better i miss her so fucking much i cant think about anythong else. Please if you read this help me if you can.

  22. Hello kate
    Please i need your advice or assistance , how can you keep your in love with you girl when your overseas ( long distance love)

  23. Kate, did you know that penguins will only have one mate their whole life? You should start having more videos involving penguins.

  24. Jan Paul Edward De Dios

    Hi Kate, fan of your channel. Do you think age difference can be discouraging to women. I am 36 and thus girl I'm interested in just turned 24 recently.

  25. Thanks for all the advice, Kate. I stumbled upon your videos recently and I enjoy watching them. You give valuable insight and you're really pretty. Thank you for the channel you provide to the YouTube world!

  26. So Im a very fit guy and my girl is insecure about lil belly weight… I go above and beyond in telling her that her stomach is sexy but its not working… Advice?

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    How can I get out of a best friend with benefits even though she told me that she's not ready for a relationship

  28. Rogelio M Castillo

    And last time when we were talking on the phone she texted me that she was about to tell me she was about to tell me I love you she says she doesn't know what she was thinking or I think was I love you or bye babe

  29. Be the person that the person you are looking for, is looking for. Look on the inside first. That pretty wrapper fades away and you are left with what is inside. Choose wisely.

  30. The problem. After being married for years and years, and doing these things normally, they stop working. Women get used to positive actions, they become the new norm.

  31. Kate Spring I have enjoyed your videos! They are very professional quality. The thing about women I don't understand is that everywhere I was going, be it the gas station, store, or mall, I was getting looks. There are not many men my age who look like me, because I am an athlete. A woman can tell this even when I wear layers of winter clothing: it's the forehead veins. A man has to earn those – there is no shortcut. Women seem to have an animal like desire for me, yet, as soon as I said as much as one word, they changed their mind. Finally, because of all the frustration, a guy online told me, if she likes how you look, just kiss her. What? How could that work? I struggled with it for about two weeks. I was at a bar, a blonde came up to me, as usual. They always do that: they come over, face away from me, their friends are way across the room, they brush against me say "excuse me" and stand there. After a while, I had enough of this with no action. I went up behind her, gently held on to her, and said "no, you are not excused". I got in this woman's grill, and just started kissing her. She kissed back. I can't understand it, it is just the reality of my life. I'm a writer, women don't want to read my prose. I host a podcast, they don't want to talk. They won't buy my album, and they don't want my personal training. Just sex. So I guess the human race is going to continue, it appears….

  32. im not goodlooking enough to get most women only a few are physically attracted to me. i have a few nice features but also some flaws. i cant compete with ben irvine on looks

  33. Kate I watched your entire video but didn't pay attention to a single word you said – – – – BECAUSE YOUR SO CUTE, PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY GORGEOUS I can't think. There is a compliment in there somewhere – – – – for you

  34. I just so, so, so love all your videos. Your calm, sublime, confidence is just beautiful and makes me more confident whenever I step out. Thank you so much! :):)

  35. There is also another thing that turns women on and that is competition, I'll give you a perfect example a long time ago when the aol chatrooms were a big thing, I started talking to this girl, granted she did live in another state and it was on the internet, but we were hitting it off great, exchanged pics and everything, just like how a guy and girl would go on a first date and hit it off to a point where it lead to a long term relationship, while I was talking to this girl, she ask me the question "What were your previous girlfriends like?, I was honest with her and told her that i have never been in a relationship before, maybe a few hookups here and there, but nothing serious and then out of nowhere she signs off and the next time I see her online I send her an im and she signs off again, I tried to email her and I get a message saying this is not a known member. Why would a woman ask a question like that, next time I talk to woman and she ask that question should I just lie and say that I been in a few relationships.

  36. Hi Kate! I need your advice-I just had my 1st meeting with my ex. after 11 months. We text a couple of times a week. Things went great, despite there being a 3rd party involved. I am not threatened. I let her lead the conversations and we laughed a lot. I think I passed all the confidence test she threw at me (several). However I am leaving town for a health issue for 5+ weeks. She told me that she is worried and to keep her updated. I know better than to barrage her with text, What is my next step? Email? I want to convey connection with her without stating the obvious, keep it light, flirty and make her think about me. Ideas???

  37. A woman is easy if she likes you, but she won't know she likes you until she knows you exist. It's all about numbers, the more contacts increases your chances. Keep approaching women you are interested in until you can get her number. The more handsome, well dressed and affluent you are increases your chances even more. Be yourself until you find one that likes you being you. Be patient and don't abuse a woman, ask once or twice if a no go then NEXT.

  38. I don't know shit about women… Smh 26 years… I could have been a stud this whole time… Fuckkk🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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