How to Treat Depression Naturally (With and Without Drugs)

How to Treat Depression Naturally (With and Without Drugs)

– Depression is traditionally
treated with medication but new evidence suggests
that particular foods and nutrients may be
highly influential as well. This could be revolutionary
considering that less than half of those actually receive any formal medical treatment. In this video I’m looking
at what foods and nutrients are scientifically shown to help. (dinging sounds) First and most importantly,
I wanted to make this super clear that, although they’re not perfect, pharmaceutical antidepressants
and other medications are a fundamental part of
treating severe depression. You should certainly not
stop taking any medication without first speaking with your doctor because they are really important. In fact, almost all the
supplements I’m about to mention actually enhance the
effectiveness of antidepressants, so it seems that medications
and natural remedies actually work together synergistically. St John’s Wort. St John’s Wort is a
medicinal herb with powerful anti-inflammatory and
antidepressant properties. A major Cochrane review including 5,489 patients with major depression concluded
that St John’s Wort extract is superior to placebo in
patients with major depression, is similarly effective as
standard antidepressants, so SSRIs and TCAs, and has fewer side effects
than standard antidepressants, although there are some non-responders. The caveat is that St John’s Wort should not be taken
alongside antidepressants. This is because it’s known
to interact with many medications, particularly those for serotonin signaling in the brain. Therefore, it’s more of a
potential alternative to antidepressants, perhaps when
they are not so suitable, such as in very young children, or very mild cases of depression. Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral that appears to interact with neurons in the brain. Those with depression tend to have lower zinc levels than normal. Now studies show that zinc supplementation alongside antidepressants can help reduce depressive symptoms in
as little as 12 weeks. In fact, zinc therapy on its
own may even improve symptoms. Supplements are most
useful in this circumstance but it’s also recommended to
eat a variety of zinc rich foods including oysters and shellfish, meat, legumes, nuts and seeds. Fish oil. Fish oil, particularly the
supplements, are very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA. Large review studies
consistently find that fish oil, especially EPA, is useful in
treating severe depression. It seems to improve the
effectiveness of antidepressants by up to 30%. The evidence is less conclusive among cases of minor depression, though. Saffron. Now this was a surprising find when I was researching this topic. There have been several
well-designed studies using saffron extract
to help treat depression or minimize the side
effects of antidepressants. In fact, two studies
of depression patients found that both saffron extract
and saffron petal extract performed equally to an SSRI in reducing depressive symptoms. The evidence right now is
not as solid as it is for other supplements, so I wouldn’t
get carried away just yet. Plus saffron is the world’s
most expensive spice. So yeah, there’s that. Lastly I just wanna say that you don’t have to deal with
depression on your own. Speaking out about it can
typically be a tremendous help, whether that’s speaking
with a professional or some friends or family members. For more information on dietary
treatment of depression, including the dosages for the supplements that I just spoke about, you
can click the link in the YouTube card or follow the link
in the video’s description. That’s all for today,
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  2. Hi, my name is Joseph Gadsdon. I have depression so bad its out of control. This really helped me and no one likes me. Everyone accept people themselves with depression of have experienced depression. I have alot of problems. No one likes me. Everyone in the comments know how everyone feels. Im being honast. There are days when i dont have depression. But then theres the days i do. I seriously need help. Any help i dont care what help just someone please help me. I cant sleep when my beds wet with tears. Like you said. If you cant control it theres something wrong with you. Please help me im worse than you think. Ive had depression for years in my life and i've seeked help. And i cant find it. I ask my parents. What is wrong with me? My parents ask me the same thing. What is wrong with me.

  3. Sorry but I didn't get any further than the introduction of St. John's Wort; it is actually contraindicative to ALL prescribed antidepressants. Please check you facts thoroughly (through peer-reviewed journal articles and academic books, rather than checking out Google) as you could end up doing more harm than good. Sincerest respect.

  4. I just read that SIBO might be the cause of some chemical imbalance in the brain and lead to depression and other mental desorders.

  5. about the saffron I am 100% iran from long ago saffron was used to make people happy.and i have seen this amazing effect on my self too.tnz for amazing informations u share

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