How To Stop Cravings When On A Diet?

How To Stop Cravings When On A Diet?

Thanks for coming back to look at my video. We’re going to talk about cravings and how
you can kneecap them or cut them off, chop them down, make them smaller. How can reduce cravings while you’re on a
diet? Let’s talk about a couple of points I have
written down here. Well, I think when most important things is
you need to work out a plan or an objective, so you need to understand where you’re going,
what you want to achieve. If you’re on a diet, is it going to be a lifelong
commitment for you? Is it going to be a lifelong commitment towards
a healthy eating plan or are you going to go back into binging, eating junk occasionally,
and then maybe more regularly ramping that up and then paying lip service to healthy
eating. And a lot of people do that. They’ll eat a little bit of lettuce leaves
here and there in amongst the oceans of fries and other crap that they eat so make a commitment
with yourself. Lots of people do that every day for different
reasons. They make commitments, but making the commitment
to eating good food and working out a plan on where you want to be in say six or 12 months
is one of the smartest things you can do because you’ll usually end up where you want to go. Whether you end up on the scrap heap or you
want to end up, somewhere really nice, it’s your call basically, right? Try and work out a plan. How long are you going to stay on this path
for? All the years I’ve been in this business,
I don’t commonly see people who say to me, “I’m going to eat healthy, I’m going to exercise,
I’m going to do the right thing,” and they consistently do it. Maybe one in a million. We’ll do that. It’s not important to be constantly a, what
am I saying? To be persistent every single day to do the
right thing. You got to do the right thing most of the
time, particularly when it comes to eating food, so work out your plan, all right? Now what do I mean by that? Well, let’s go further. The first thing you need to do if you’re going
to work out a plan is look what you’ve already got in your house to see what’s going to tempt
you. Part of the plan is getting rid of stuff in
the house that’s a temptation. Crappy food and junk foods, expired foods. I’ve said this many times, if I go in your
refrigerator right now, how many jars am I going to find that need dumping? How many packets or bottles or boxes of food
am I going to find in your kitchen that need trashing? How many plastic bags am I going to take out
of that room? You’ll be surprised how many times I’ve been
to several patients house in years gone by with exactly that aim where I took a plastic
bag in and I said to one lady, “Everything in this bag is going in the trash,” and she
said, “Ha. You won’t find anything bad in my kitchen.” I ended up filling that bag and another one,
okay? That’s how much trash I found in that kitchen. It’s incredible what you will find if you
dig deep enough, right? You get rid of the crap and junk first. That’s part of your plan. The other plan is to go out, make a list and
go and do some shopping. Think about the healthy kind of treats that
you can have that when you do have a snack attack and you do crave something, you can
eat something good instead of something bad. We’ll come back to that, all right? A smart thing for you to do also is have a
relationship with somebody in a health food shop, a good healthy shop. When I was in Los Angeles, my favorite one
there in Santa Monica, Ear One I think it’s called, it’s a beauty and they’ve got some
really skilled staff in a lot of these shops. You will find quite passionate people and
often they’ll take you around and show you different things in it. You’d be surprised what kind of snacks and
treats you can get in health food shops that are actually really good for you that taste
excellent. One of my favorite ones, for example, that
Tracy brought home the other day from the Asian shop was a whole packet with five or
six little packets of seaweed in there, dried, smoked seaweed, which I love. A really good way to get your minerals into
your body is to eat some pieces of seaweed. It’s quite tasty. Protein choices are one of the key things
that you want to think about when it comes to stopping cravings, okay? You need to eat protein with most meals. There could be a little piece of chicken,
could be piece of fish. For some people it could be a cold cut for
other people, it could be some legumes or it could be half an avocado. It could be some almonds or Brazil nuts. It could be some sunflower seeds roasted into
tamari for example, something like that. But these small snakes are always good to
have on hand in case you do get this craving. I had a good chat with my dentist the other
day about chewing and he absolutely agreed with me that one Brazil nut or three or four
almonds, you could spend five or 10 minutes chewing this until it becomes almost liquid. Now that I’ve got a lot of my bottom teeth
fixed up again, it’s amazing how you can put three or four almonds with the skins in your
mouth and chew them literally for 15, 20 minutes. Just keep chewing and chewing like gum. Without teeth, of course it’s not good. Now, that’s not a bad way to stop a craving
is to chew on a couple of nuts. Some people recommend gum. I’m not a big fan of high fructose corn syrup
and that’s in all gum today. Although you can get some really good sugar
free gum in the States, I believe now. Some excellent gum, so a little piece of that
complete sugar free gum or a nut chewed sometimes between meals can really help to stop the
cravings for sweet foods. Protein choices. You need to pick your protein choice that
you like. So I’ll commonly eat a piece of cold fish,
a fish that I’ve cooked up the day before or a hard boiled egg or some nuts or some
seeds. A common snack for me it will be an avocado
because I’ve got two avocado trees. So you know we’ve always got hundreds of avocados,
so eat one or two avocados per day is a fantastic snack. Avocado really reduces, how would I put it? Avocado has a slow, tends to have a slow effect
on your metabolism. I find it slows things down. One good size avocado can allay the hunger
for a few hours. It’s phenomenal how long you don’t feel hungry
when you’ve eaten an avocado for, so you want to try them. They’re an excellent source of protein and
minerals and fiber, especially. Eat at regular times. So if you have cravings, especially in the
afternoons, you need to eat that breakfast. Now I have said on previous videos that breakfast
is not all important for everybody, but for someone who wants to reduce their cravings,
I think a good feed in the morning with protein is a really good thing to do. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you’re going
to be looking at maybe some type of a grain sauce or some type of a porridge or oats or
it could be vegetables for breakfast. Could be something like that. Could be some root crops and leafy greens. Maybe some sprouts thrown in there. If you’re like me, it could be a couple of
eggs scrambled up maybe. It could be a piece again, a half an avocado. Could be some spinach steamed up or something
like that. It could be a smoothie, but a protein source
in the morning, we’ll push hunger way back right through to 12:00, 1:00 p.m. So make sure if you have cravings that you
don’t skip breakfast. It’s a key one. Another really sneaky trick is to drink water
regularly away from food, between meals. Make sure you have several glasses of water
between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. That’s one of the big tips. Really clever tips I learned years ago. It helped many people out that I work with
over time just to drink more water. Now, coffee and tea don’t act like water when
it comes to pushing. You know the push back for the cravings. Water does do that. Especially important to drink water when you
eat a high fiber diet because that will really give you that fullness that you’re looking
for. A couple of small pieces of cooked sweet potato
and a glass of water will make you feel like you’ve had a two pound steak. Don’t believe me? Give it a try, okay? A couple of nice big chunks of baked sweet
potato and then a glass of water. After that, you watch what happens. You feel like you’ve had a double cheeseburger. You won’t be hungry for a long time. What else? Yeah, watch out for the cravings. Also read the signs of cravings coming on
because you’ll start to think, “Hmm, what can I eat?” And you’ll be going to the refrigerator, you’ll
be going to the pantry, you’ll be looking around for food. When you get that on a feeling, another thing
you can do is go outside, take the dog for a walk or go and do an activity straight away. Now, people do this all the time, but they’re
do it in another sense. Many of my patients who drive trucks, fly
planes, you know, operate machinery, things like that over the years. For example, I’ve talked to, I said, “Well
what do you want to do when you need to get up for a bowel motion?” “Oh like just ignore it.” If you’ve got a guy sitting there in a million
dollar crane, you know, with this doing this huge big lift, he’s can’t just all of a sudden
drop the controls and go down to the bathroom. Can he? He’s got to hold it in. What I’ve found talking to people like that,
as they say, “Well if you ignore the signal, usually for about five or 10 minutes, it goes
away and it comes back later on.” If you ignore the signal. Now if you ignore the craving signal, it will
also go away, okay? When the craving signal comes, that glass
of water goes down, you’re going have diversion, you do something else, the mind switches off. It doesn’t think about the food anymore cause
you’re away from the food environment. Next thing you’re talking to someone and doing
something else. It’s a smart thing. It’s called diversion. You try it out. It works. Works well, especially well when I want to
get away from the mother in law. I don’t want to talk to her. Diversion. Oh, go to another room. Okay. Diversion works on a lot of counts. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free [inaudible] shopping list. 17 pages. Lots of good protein sources for vegetarians
and vegans on there too. Thanks for tuning in.

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