How To Stop Alcohol Cravings

How To Stop Alcohol Cravings

How To Stop Alcohol Cravings transcript This is Alcohol Mastery, my name’s Kevin
O’Hara, and today I’m gonna be talking about how to deal with your alcohol cravings.
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You’ll get all the updates and all the videos that are coming over the next few weeks. Your cravings are definitely going to depend
on who you are, how much you’re addicted to alcohol, how long you’ve been drinking.
There are a whole lot of different variables. So some people are going to get mad cravings
and others are not going to get many at all. I used to get a lot of bad cravings when I
tried to give up in the past. But this time I didn’t.
I think my mental frame of mind; I was just in a different way of looking at things.
There’s different ways of dealing with your cravings.
Some are physical like getting good food into you, having a good sleep, going out and getting
some exercise. There’s other things that are in your mind.
Things that you can do in your head to try and push the thoughts of alcohol away. One of the things that really worked for me
was just playing the movie over in my head. Now when I got cravings I would fixate on
the pint of Guinness, I’d fixate on my mates being at the bar, the comradeship, the atmosphere
in the bar, that kind of thing. It was all very focused on getting into the
pub and getting that first pint of Guinness. So what I used to do was think about it and
run the whole scenario through my head from the start to the finish.
The movie would start in my head, from walking into the pub and getting that first pint.
Smelling it, tasting it, and then knocking it back.
Then I’d go to the next pint, the next pint, and the next pint, and keep drinking like
that until I was getting more and more drunk. At the end of the night, I’d have the barman
telling me to get the hell out of the put cause it was time to go home.
I’d be staggering home; I’d be at the door trying to fit the key into the lock for
a half an hour before I could get in. When I open the door, it’s very dark inside,
it’s very cold, and it’s very lonely. I’d go upstairs, I’d go to get in the
bed and it would be very cold and lonely in the bed.
The room would be spinning around, I’d feel ill, and I’d fall into a comatose sleep.
Then I’d picture myself waking up in the morning with a horrible hangover with a dry
mouth, headache, feeling ill, and feeling very depressed about what I’d done the night
before. Then, I’d reverse the whole thing.
I’d run the whole tape backwards. So I’d go back into bed again, fall asleep,
wake up. The room would be spinning and I’d stagger
down the stairs and out the door. Back into the pub where they wouldn’t be
too glad to see me. And all the pints would obviously come back
out. The barmaid would hand me a dirty glass.
And I’d fill it up and give it back to her. And for a full pint, she’d give me money.
I’d put the money in my pocket and she’d give me another dirty glass.
I’d fill it up, and this whole process would work for the rest of the movie.
I’d end up where the barmaid was delighted that I was going, wishing me all the best.
I’d have a full wallet of money and I’d be stone-cold-sober.
And then I’d imagine that the beer would go back into the barrels, the barrels would
be picked up by the brewers. They’d take it to the brewery, they’d
put it in these big caskets and they separate it out into the various components, the water,
the hops, the malt. Couldn’t do anyone any harm again.
So that was the movie that I used to play and it really did work for me, it sort of
got me out of that initial phase, where I was viewing the pint of Guinness and the comfort
of the pub to seeing what was at the end of the night. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools
on this planet. And it can really help you to achieve whatever
you want to achieve in life. But it can also destroy your life.
It’s the one thing that’s going to put you back on the drink and it’s the one thing
that’ll make sure that you’ll never drink again. Go to the website, just click on the link
down here below, and there’s a big post there with some more tips about curbing your
cravings. Also, leave a comment there, and let me know
what you think about the post. I’d love to hear about your cravings in
general and what’s worked for you. Click on the link over here… oh sorry…
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Thanks for visiting. My name’s Kevin O’Hara, this is,
onwards and upwards!

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  1. Alcohol Craving Avoid Them By Doing This It has been so warm lately and I've been giving into my alcohol craving for white wine. However, if I keep doing this then I will start to gain weight and will not be able to fit into my slim outfits.

  2. I play the film where I see myself trembling and vomiting with my head in the toilet bowl and getting physically and mentally addicted again very quickly. A full stomach is very important and sweets in the early months as drinking gave me a sugar addiction which at times I needed to satisfy without beer, which is full of carbohydrates.

  3. This is a great strategy. I have used it before. Now all I have to do is think about a hangover and that is enough to stop me in my tracks. I don't need to replay th whole movie in my head anymore.

  4. I been struggling with quoting for a few years and you have really helped me more so than any meeting . Thank you

  5. think this is a great strategy I'm desperate to stop drinking Kevin's videos help me he's more helpful than my Doctor who I've been to see

  6. going on two days sober. its been five years since i could say that. but i like this, im going to use this when i feel like i want a drink

  7. I quit for a week at a time. But it just becomes overwhelming. Plus I'm addicted to benzos but have cut down alot. I drink when I have bad anxiety or panic attacks then once that subsides I drink more to be drunk. Then I wake up in the morning with worse fucking anxiety. Then I have to pop a few klonopin just to feel right. This is miserable

  8. when you watch somebody going through detox .watching there body start shaking this gets progressively worse to the point walking is a chore that same individual almost passes out when trying to walk to the bathroom then vomits . I'm going to lean over and tell them" it's all in your head"
    I think maybe that'll work… thanks for the advice.

  9. Its Friday night and I got a massive craving and watching this video alone had a huge calming effect and worked!…for tonight anyway.

  10. I remember my father telling me the best thing about giving up the booze at 40 was the hangovers if you can focus on never having a hangover again because you don't drink then its a good thing if you cant then you have a serious drink problem and may need help .

  11. just getting thru day three of home detoxing, it was rough, hypertension and high blood surgars made me really sick. I stocked up on foods to help with cleansing an recovery, juicing and a lot of teas and water. I visited doctors today and got some blood work done. I expect the results won't be too good but it will improve i with time. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now, I hope I can keep it this time around. I've been watching your videos trying to keep a positive outlook.

  12. After speaking with many people on advise to quitting and stay sober. Some advise helped some didn't, nonetheless appreciated everyone who spoke with me and shared their story…but this made more sense than any other and it only took 5:36 THANK YOU!!!

  13. those thoughts still don't stop the craving for me…I drink for emotional reasons not because of money..and I don't get hangovers anymore because I drink to much

  14. i find your videos very helpful, instead of drinking when i knock off from work i go home and watch your videos. thank you Kevin

  15. Эстебан Пантера

    Really good explanation mate.I tell you I was at the clinic to speak to a professional and I just didn't get it and kept drinking.But when i saw your 5 minutes video I started thinking.

  16. Hi I am 35 and a Alcoholic, I am 2 weeks sober finding it hard but I am not going to give up, any help would be ace 👍

  17. I'm 9 months sober. When I drank I knew I had a problem but always convinced myself as long as I didn't have health problems it was ok. But I ended up finding out my liver was very stressed after going to the hospital for an unrelated issue, and never drank since. I still have cravings daily, but always remember that I feel so much better now than I did when I drank.

  18. My teenagers and their friends have completely stressed me out today and I'm only about three days sober. So I'm watching this to stop myself cracking. I'm literally gritting my teeth here. I'm thinking about how trashed I got this week and how awful I felt the next day. I missed AA today because I was so tired I fell asleep. Thank you for your channel. I appreciate it.

  19. It's just been 13 days so far (this time) but I'm doing well… Mostly I know that late afternoons if I've had a stressful day that's when I would go to the grocery store and buy two bottles of white wine and then come home and make drink most of them while I made dinner and watched movies. I don't drink if I've eaten anything of substance so used this knowledge of my old habits to make some changes.

    1) I keep my blood sugar level by eating frequent healthy snacks and drinking veggie/fruit smoothies. 2) I don't go grocery shopping until I have something substantial to eat 3) I don't shop every day like I used to…more like twice a week and I try to make it way earlier or way later than I did when I was buying wine 4) I try to get out for walks if I feel stressed instead of just pushing through all day.

    More than a decade ago I was using some drugs and became habituated and got myself off using the same techniques. Unfortunately alcohol was my first and last drug in my life and it has been a bit harder to get to the point where I was ready to fully let it go… I don't want to turn 60 in another year and be doing this to myself. I'd rather celebrate a new me.

  20. When I get cravings the last thing I can think of is playing rewind in my head. It's all consuming and almost automatic to reach for a drink. 😞

  21. I have watched many of your videos, and every time I feel like drinking, or even while I'm out walking, (which I took up in earnest since listening to you………:-)  ) or doing whatever I'm doing during the days, your words come back – and they mean something; like you didn't say ' be positive' in one, you said 'try and have as much confidence as possible'………….now that people can relate to………..not some out there idea of positivity; I love the simplicity of your videos, that's what the battle is, a matter of keeping your life as simple as possible, until the monster in you is gone. I'ts so difficult; and have fallen back so many times…………..but I WILL succeed, I will NOT be a martyr to the insanity of alcohol – thank you SO much Kevin………… are a Guardian Angel !!

  22. I'm too deep into the hold of drinking. If I'm off that day, I'll drink as soon as I wake up. And I do it mostly because I'm bored at home with nothing else to do. And this is something I've done since I turned 21. I'm 28 now, and I am an ancoholic. I've tried to stop drinking before but I just can't. My money runs out fast and I'm always broke. Only because I spend all my money on alcohol. I need help.

  23. capitan von chicken pants

    I gave up drinking a couple of years ago for seven weeks then my wife asked for a divorce, we split sold the house she took my child, I've spent the last two years in misery not wanting to live anymore but too scared to die initially I didn't start drinking again
    But gradually re introduced the alcohol couple of cans here a night out there, sitting at home medicating my pain and misery gradually falling back into the old ways I'm now drinking between two to five cans of 5° lager a day with a day or two off here and there. I'm giving up today
    I've learned to hate alcohol, you can't really control it like you think you can it truly is an evil on this Earth. I hope I do better this time

  24. Thank you for sharing this. I'm not sure if you still read these, but you have opened a window. One I've not looked through before……and I just wanted to say thank you.

  25. 94 days sober and this video helped. I was just a few minutes ago craving the delight of a nice cold beer. I haven't had much cravings during my journey so this one caught me off guard. It's in these moments of vulnerability where you're truly put to the test and will either fight or run. Thanks for helping me fight brother!

  26. I was sober for a year, relapsed and have now been sober for 2 weeks. I needed this. Thank you so much for posting these videos.

  27. Fucking gasping 4 a drink to ease the head fuck after 51 days pounding the lager😅💀2 days dry, everythings a struggle, suicide is never far from my thoughts but wont do that to my Dad who's 82.

  28. Your movie scenario has provided me with some great CBT tactics. Two weeks without any alcohol now and you are part of my success! Thank you

  29. I wanted to thank you for your videos; they kick start my days and as much as anything, are incredibly helpful in keeping me on track. Having written that, and in case there is anyone else out there like me; I wasted pretty much a third of my life binging on booze and then recovering from it. It is a miracle that I was able to responsibly look after my dog. I went vegan (whole food plant based) about a year ago and I did find that it helped to regulate my blood sugar levels which really helped with cravings. Also, for me, swimming, because it provides cardio, I love to do it so easy to stick to, and it is almost like a form of meditation which helps me with anxiety and sleep very much. I fell off the wagon half way through; a close friend died but that is no excuse; life happens. And the journey continues. I did join a 12 step group — oddly enough it is an NA group, and I have never had a problem with opiates, but I found that group of people very accessible. In AA I felt I never got it; other people were able to quote chapter and verse and as much as I respect the process of the 12 steps I felt unable to follow. So this group and your videos have, once again, been the corner stones of me getting this far. I would like to encourage anyone who became as ill as I did (2 seizures from withdrawal) to seek medical help. There are a lot of levels and I began late, am older and my body truly rebelled.
    Tx again and hope this is helpful for someone else. My sis has been sober for 30 yrs and her journey of course was vr different from mine. I love that lyric from Tom Petty: Take what you can, all you can carry, take what you can and leave the past behind.
    Cheers, keep up the good work! I know you help a lot of people.

  30. Get put on librium for withdrawals with klonopin for anxiety that will hit hard after 3wks start campral for cravings my physiatrist help me with all just be honest about how much and how long. For me it was a 12 daily for 30yrs been sober 3yrs now feel great no need to drink. I can be in a bar and just drink tea watch everyone get blasted. Funny. There is hope you just got to want to quit. Also lost 50lbs good luck this worked for me everyone is different thought I would share

  31. damn, what a good bit of advice! i'm not an alcoholic but could easily see myself falling into a dark place if i don't get a grip while i'm still able to. this really put things into perspective for me and i am truly grateful that you shared it. thank you!

  32. Problem is that I drink alone, or with friends, in my house, playing video games. And I never suffer from hangover so that's another reason why it's hard for me to stop…

  33. Thank you. I’m 5 days sober, and this is exactly what I’d do every night. Your description is spot on. I’ve been watching your videos. Again thank you

  34. Excellent,l have a terrible goo at the moment after 4 years,it's being in my head for weeks and won't go away,I'm telling myself I deserve a night on the drink and I won't Be anything stupid and I won't be depressed for weeks. I know I'm fooling myself but that I deserve it feeling won't go away, I'll see what happens

  35. My cravings stem from boredom and REWARD. All I do is work until I get a pounding headache. This also due to that I do not eat. Do I want to eat or do i want to party? Look at all that I have accomplished! I need to let go and get out of this place. I want to blast off into outer space and then eat. Cut out the outer space and fuck I am mad. And I cannot sleep and end up drinking even more until the sun comes up and now my days and nights are all out of kilter. I want to quit, I want to know what you know, but even if I get there i get hit with a moment of weakness and here we go again. Moments of weakness are usually that I meet a new girl and she is drinking.

  36. redshiftexperiment

    This visualization is very useful I think. One comparison I would make is; when I quit smoking. When I quit smoking at first I thought 'I need these cigarettes to feel good and help me manage my mood' LITERALLY I BELIEVED THIS BECAUSE THATS HOW I FELT. This being said after quitting for a month or so .. I gradually got to the point where I didnt want it very much at all, until now where almost all positive thoughts related to smoking are completely gone. (I say almost because there is always a distant fond memory but mostly it disgusts me.) I think its the same with booze. Eventually it is realized that your mind was trapped in an addiction, a habit, and a pattern. But once its broken you realize you really didnt need it like you thought you did. You still have to be on guard of course. However the point is it gets better once you change your patterns. You dont need it! We can surprise each other! We can do it everyone! Thanks Kevin!

  37. StopDropAndGame

    I tell myself I’ll never drink after this horrible hang over like a week later I get drunk again I’m 15

  38. I do believe that I believe the mind is a very powerful thing and you can use it for the good or the bad you are so right and the power of prayer God‘s Holy Spirit can really direct your thinking in the right direction too he helps those who help them self really liked that what you said there is a great way of thinking that’s awesome😊💕

  39. The problem that I get is having a dream where I am drinking again. This disturbs me because I consider that am I subconsciously wanting to drink again. I dont want to drink again and put it down to a nightmare . It just happened and I can't get back to sleep. A well breakfast earlier than usual and zone back in to what needs to be done . Thank christ it was a bad dream a nightmare in fact. 8 months of it now so all the best. You know what you have to do.👍😄

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