How to Stop Alcohol Cravings – Help for Alcoholics Q&A #002

How to Stop Alcohol Cravings – Help for Alcoholics Q&A #002

How to stop alcohol cravings. How
to stop your craving for alcohol. After quitting drinking alcohol cravings can be really really
intense, they can come and go. It’s basically, a lot it’s in your head, a lot of it you
just thinking and imagining situation in the bar, you’re imagining being with your friends,
you’re imagining being with alcohol, your imagining the alcohol in your head. A lot
of it in your head. To a certain degree what you can do is go around and clean out house,
this what you should be doing anyway and first of all when you try to stop drinking. First
of all what you need to do is rid the house of alcohol completely. Take all the alcohol
from out the house, don’t have anybody drinking around you, don’t go anywhere where drinking
is, don’t go to the places where you used to drink. These are the first that you should
be doing after you stop drinking. Anyway, to best minimise on the cravings.
these are all the physical things that can make you crave it, you know, the stuff that’s
around you and the people and the influences. A lot of it it’s your environment that you’re
around and so you actually forget about thinking about alcohol. It just day by day by day by
day by day it gets easier and easier and easier and easier and these floating thoughts of
having a drink just come very few and far between in the end. like months apart they’ll
come for ten minutes and that’s it. As in my case and not even that really. First of
all you to basically just make your environment alcohol free, everything about it. So and
what I suggest also is check out my video on alcohol detox, go through the whole detox
process first. Do all this first, then consider stopping drinking then do it right, clean
your body completely free of alcohol. So anyway you stop drinking now, you’re looking
to try and stop the cravings, it’s all in your head, it’s all imagination, it’s
all what you think that you need is pulling you there. It’s not physically pulling you,
you got rid of the physical part and it’s just in head your head. Yeah and I’d advise
obviously staying away from pubs and places that serve alcohol all the obvious things,
all the obvious situations that you don’t want to be in if you’re an alcoholic or
if you’re stopping drinking. Not necessarily alcohol, you just don’t want to drink anymore.
To stops cravings, there’s a bit lot of studies into this. Its ben proven by a lot
of scientists and doctors that this does work, that part of craving for alcohol is craving
for calories, you’re craving for food itself but you put this imagination in your head
that its actually the alcohol that you’re craving for. It’s not necessarily the alcohol
that you’re craving for, its necessarily the calories, the instant intake of the calories
that’s in the alcohol. Yes you are addicted alcohol yes I understand
all that but just hear me out. It’s about the calories in the actually alcohol. So if
you actually eat a lot of food at that point and you eat lots of food at the point where
you have a craving afterwards and have say a coffee or afterwards a cup of tea or whatever
your drink is, non-alcoholic drink obviously, after you’ve had something to eat, the craving
either goes or it’s not as strong. For me it completely goes and I always think, wow
I cant believe I was actually contemplating having a drink there. You so offset getting
the satisfaction of the eating the food if you know what I mean.
There has been a lot of studies in the last, I was told that many times before, I never
actually tried it but I do that a lot now. what you need to try and do is maintain good
diet, a good daily diet every single day. So at 5, 6 o’clock on a night every night
you have your meal of the day, have it to the point where you don’t have loads of
hours left over hailing around before you go to sleep. So you have it at 6/7/8 o’clock,
fill yourself up at that point so you’re content, then sit down watch movies, watch
whatever you want to do, do whatever you have to do to get yourself through the night to
go to sleep. It’s just about getting yourself through these first few months, it’s what
it’s all about and honestly week by week the cravings diminish and the actually want
for alcohol diminishes and diminishes, further and further and further, the more you go on
so it’s not like you have to sit there and eat food every night and have this, it’s
not that you going to be sitting there watching movies every night and being bored every night
for the rest of your life, this is what you have to do and its mundane. It’s about doing
it to the point of where you actually get rid of your addiction and you get rid of the
actual thinking about alcohol all the time. I used to think about it all of the time.
You hear people talking about their being addicted to crystal meth and stuff like this,
the true crystal meth and I heard a woman talking about it and just she’s been clean
of crystal meth for nearly 11 years, she’s thought about it every single day for 11 years,
she thinks about it constantly all the time. That is not like me, it’s not like an alcoholic
does it, doesn’t happen. Doesn’t necessarily happen like that. Over time it diminishes
and diminishes and diminishes. Well in the experience of that I’ve heard and the people
who I know, that’s what they’ve all said and that the consensus. I’m not saying it’s
easy when the cravings do come back but this is what this is all about to try and stop
the cravings obviously. There all just hints and tips on what you can do and what people
do. Eat lots of food, make sure you have a healthy
diet every single day. You don’t have to eat like an athlete, you don’t have to eat
perfect like a vegan, you don’t have to do it, however you just have to eat a nice
complete diet but I’d advise to eat as healthy as you possibly can. The healthier you’re
eating, the better you feel. Trust me it does work. It’s like not drinking you feel better,
you feel a hell of a lot better, you don’t think you can, you don’t think you will
but you do. You feel amazing compared to what you did feel like and but you don’t think
you can because you’re drunk all the time and think you need to get into the situation
to make you feel like this. It’s an on-going cycle, it’s an on-going brain tease. Try
to think of all the bad things that actually happened at the end of your drinking. You
lied on the floor covered in your own urine or the massive addiction you have every morning
when you wake up, that pull towards the alcohol that think about that bit. Think about the pain in your stomach every
morning when you’ve been sick. I know what you probably get is a vision in your head
of alcohol and a vision if you sat at the bar, you get a vision if you sat next to the
pool on holiday or whatever or you get the vision of you talking to your friends. Always
for me it was a vision of talking with my mates, that’s what it always was or being
in or being in a social situation, talking in a social situation, that was my thoughts
all the time. So I’d always think about the worst points of my drinking
If I have an impulse to have a drink I think about all the worst points you know, about
being locked up in a police cell or being you know found asleep in a field or wherever
I found, all over the place. So wherever it was, snoring in the back of a car drink, wherever
it was. Many many places I was found. Think about all them points when it comes to a point
of you thinking about drinking and you think about the good times. When you think about them good times start
putting these in place of them good times because that’s what’s really what’s going
to happen at the end. So think about all the bad points. I know it’s hard to face up
to but yeah you’ve obviously done some bad stuff when you’ve been drinking, think about
them, not the great parts. That’ll get you through a little bit more. If you drive a
car I always found driving helps. Driving for long distance until you get rid of that
craving. It normally only lasts for 10/20 minutes it doesn’t really last for very long.
Just drive a certain distance, I used to drive about 10 miles and then drive back. drive
10 miles, 15 kilometres something like that, that’s what I used to drive everyday if I
had this craving. Or get somebody to drive you or I used to go walking. I use to walk
or when I was drinking I used to walk for miles but just go walking all the time, just
it walk it off, walk a good half an hour get yourself back, get something to eat, sit down,
you’ll feel a whole lot different than what you did half an hour ago, an hour ago. The hardest point about getting past these
impulses and these cravings and all this it’s, it doesn’t last that long. So if you just
manage to get past these points, that’s what you need to do and every day is another
day gained of being sober. It’s another day. It just gets easier and easier and easier.
So more you fight past these little bits, them little bits becomes smaller and smaller
and everything just becomes smaller and smaller and the cravings become smaller. The only
thing that’s getting longer and longer and longer is the time that you haven’t had
a drink and you feel prouder and prouder and prouder about the fact of you haven’t had
a drink. Try reading, I used to read all the time, read books or listen to audio books.
Audio books are like a big new thing with a lot of your books and they’re really cheap
and you can get a subscription to an audio book for 100’s to 1000’s of books for less
than $5/$10 a month. I think back when I was a kid, 14/13, the
only about 1 or 2 audio books. It was the Lord of the rings or The hitch hikers guide
to the galaxy and they were on cassette tape. There’s a lot of audio books out there you
can listen to, there’s a lot of books out there, The Martian, listen to The Martian.
Brilliant audio book, that’s if you’re into science and stuff like that. It makes
you think like you’re actually there. It’s a guy who’s on mars, he’s trying to survive.
It’s good, listen to it, audio book. And what I do every single day and I have done since
I’ve stopped drinking, exercise exercise. Even if you get a gym pass, if you get this
craving go to the gym at that point if you cant. My job, I can’t go the gym when I
want to go to the gym if I get a craving but I know some people can’t but you’re at work
anyway so you can’t necessarily drink anyway if you understand what I mean. But after work go and train alcohol and run
it out. You’ll find after you’ve trained that you won’t want to have a drink or you’ll
think that it’s a waste of time and pointless to have a drink considering you’ve put all
that effort into doing all that work at the gym. That’s what I think every time I come
out. I can’t believe I thought I was going to have drink. you just to the gym, go and
exercise, go and play badminton, go out bowling, go and do whatever you do whatever you think
but I suggest doing things that are like cardiovascular, you know, things that make your body move.
You start getting, if you’ve ever been to the gym you sort of get a buzz after coming
out of the gym, after doing something, doing something, you get like a nice feeling that
sort of gets rid of the bad feeling you have from alcohol. But I know going to gym and
going doing sports and all this isn’t fir everybody but just taking a walk, just go
outside for 20 minutes. Everybody can go outside for 20 minutes you know, well unless you’re
in jail or I don’t know. But everybody’s got, there’s certain things
you can do. Get outside, breathe a bit of fresh air, move around a little, Throw a ball
around, kick a ball about, do something whatever it is you have to do. I mean type, go on the
internet, watch films, watch movies at this point. I mean when you get to these point
and you’re forcing yourself to go to the gym and you’re doing all these things you
don’t necessarily want to do it. You just have to do it, you just make yourself do it
and once you make yourself do it and you feel better afterwards its like the eating thing
when I suggest eating food at the start and eating lots of food when it gets to the point
of you have a craving, just eat something cause its normally for the calories, you normally
think you need the calories. yeah that was a big one for me, trying to force myself to
eat but I knew if I ate something that I wouldn’t feel the craving anymore. I was forcing myself into eating, it was because
I didn’t think I was hungry, that sort of thing. You know, its like going to the gym
as well. It’s really hard to go to the gym if you don’t like going to the gym but what
it does, what purpose it serves is the purpose of getting rid of the craving.
would you rather suffer with the craving or get rid of it? It’s like putting your mind
to doing something else you got to to do something else to stop yourself thinking about drinking.
Like I say exercise, try reading, stuff like that. Think of all the good times, the feelings
you had so far. Don’t get blinded, don’t be thinking, oh I can start drinking again
if you’ve only stopped drinking for a week or 2 weeks don’t be. Just think of the good
things that can happen and that will happen. Trust me they will happen. Better things will
happen to you when you’re sober as opposed to when you were drunk. A lot more opportunities will open up for
you, you be able to articulate yourself better, be out there and function in society like
a normal human being. It becomes a lot easier, you enjoy going out, you enjoy stepping out
into the world. make yourself a nice meal every day. You should have the money to do
it because the fact of you not spending that money on drink so you got that little tiny
bit of extra more money that you once spent it on alcohol. Use that to make yourself nice
food, have nice things just to get you through these next few weeks while you’re abstaining
from alcohol because like I’ve been saying before and I’ve said it previous times,
the first week is the hardest, second week gets easier, third week easier easier easier
every week every week it gets easier. This things called pulse points, you hold
certain pulse points in your body and you think of happy things and this is supposed
to stop you from drinking, It’s supposed to stop you from thinking of drinking and
stuff like that while you have that 10 minute craving, or half an hour craving, 20 minute
craving. You’re supposed to hold certain points on your wrists and on your legs then you certain
parts on your body you’re supposed to hold these pulse points. These pulse points, just
look it up on Google, I don’t really know much about that sort of stuff but that’s
supposed to help. The environment that you’re in, the people that you’re around, you have
to change your environment while you’re stopping drinking or forever, whatever you
want to do. You have to stop the alcohol environment. Change your environment, change the people
you’re around, that stops the cravings happening. Don’t be around who are drunk. Try not to
be around people who are drunk and try to be away from the old environment where you
use to be when you used to get drunk. The further removed from your old ways and the
old places you used to be the better, the easier it becomes and you find if you walk
back into them situations like a year or whatever down the line how many months down the line,
you think, wow did I really want to be here? Listening to them talking like this, listen
to this, you seem like you’re above it all but that’s my opinion. Like when you have
these cravings you should just imagine yourself in a better situation. Try to imagine yourself
not with a bottle, imagine something else just try and forget about completely. It’s
really hard to do. There’s not really anything definitive I can actually tell you, actually
tell you what to do to stop your cravings but the whole idea about stopping drinking
is regaining your willpower and your willpower you have to force yourself against it and
the more you force against it the less it comes it back and the weaker it comes back It’s not as strong anymore. If you can manage
to go through so many weeks of doing it, it comes and goes. You ask anybody who’s stopped
for many years, who still get cravings, it will just come and go. It’s a matter of
battling it for 10 minutes, 20 minutes putting everything you’ve got into battling it or
forgetting that it’s there or using any of the tricks that anybody ever tells you.
Whatever suits you, whatever works for you. The only thing that works for you, will work
for you to stop your cravings is whatever you make up and put in place of that cravings
and that time whether its crossing your fingers, jumping on one foot for 10 minutes, people
do that. People stand there and jump on one foot for 10 minutes until they’re absolutely
knackered and don’t want to drink. People go for a run, people go to the gym, people
go climbing. One of the biggest things I suggest you do is if you stop drinking try to get
your fitness back, try and go to the gym, try and go to some sort of cross fit or some
sort of exercise. there’s lots of amazing places to go and get fit and once you start
getting fit and your body starts working with you and you start working with your body and
your mind, everything becomes a lot clearer, everything becomes a lot better. So my biggest tip would be, control your own
mind and your own feelings and what you actually want to do. You know that when you wake up
in the morning you don’t want to have a drink so therefore when you get the craving,
don’t have a drink. Just simple as that. Doesn’t matter what excuse you come up with
in your head to justify the fact that you’re going to have a drink. Afterwards you’ll regret
it. It’s as simple as that. So initially don’t have the drink, you don’t, when
you think about it yes you saying all things all the time, many people think about things,
its only human to think about things but it’s actually reacting on your thoughts that’s
what differentiates you as a people have horrific thoughts but don’t follow them out, you
know. Some people may want to drink all the time, what I’m trying to get at, it’s
all in your head. Everybody and every alcoholic will tell you,
once you stop the physical addiction the rest of it is just in your head and you have to
stop yourself about thinking about it all the time and even if you do walk into a pub
and you’re sat there thinking about every single minute when you’re in a pub then
you shouldn’t be in that pub. If you can’t go into a bar without thinking about alcohol
every second then you shouldn’t be in that bar. you should not be in a place like that
until you’ve completely conquered your craving for alcohol. You know, watching movies, sitting
in the house watching movies, going to playing quizzes online. Make sure you have really
good cushions for your bed. Make sure you have really good pillows for your bed. Make
sure you have really good sheets and duvets and stuff to lie with and lie in your favourite
position. Make sure you get real good comfort when you go to bed, even if its watching TV
in bed or whatever you’re doing, make sure that bed because you haven’t slept well
for years and years and years and you start to realise what real sleep is and make yourself
as comfortable as possible because hopefully you probably start dreaming again more and
more. That normally happens to people who’ve stopped
drinking. You start dreaming a hell of a lot. You start dreaming a lot lot more. Just try
your best not to think about the situation that you’re in and try your best not to
think about the fact of you’re trying not to drink.
Watch movies and try to get yourself involved in the movie for that hour, for that 2 hours,
for them 3 hours, for them days so you want to get involved in certain things, you won’t
think about the drink because you’re too busy watching I don’t know, you favourite
film or your favourite trilogy or the godfather part 1, 2 and 3 or whatever it is you enjoy
watching. For me personally it was getting in the car and driving for long distances
or walking for a couple of miles, a couple of kilometres and by the time I got back I
didn’t want to have a drink. That was it for me anyway. So that was it
guys, how to stop your alcohol cravings some little hints and tops on what I used to do.
please guys if you have any ideas or you have any suggestions please put them in the comments
below so people can read them. Please just feel free to put as many [inaudible] possibly
can. Let everybody know what you do or what you have done in the past if you don’t drink
anymore and you have managed to conquer your cravings. Please leave it in the comments
below, tell other people so they can try your methods, we need to know everyone’s methods.
The idea is to share all the information as much as possible. So that’s it guys, thanks
for listening, please share this video. Please subscribe to support the channel and we’ll
see you next time.

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