How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 14

How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 14

99 thoughts on “How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 14”

  1. +Dan Lok Thank you for the awesome content. The practically of your content sharing is astonishing in comparison to some other bullshit marketers. Very relevant and valuable! 🙂

  2. Love your teachings Dan. I consider you one if my mentors. You've been very instrumental in helping me see and do things differently. Another very valuable tool. Thank you.

  3. Man I like almost all of Dan's contents and it's easy to follow his words, his super effective conversational style of communicating..and he knows martial arts? This is that blunt u want lol don't miss out

  4. I stumbled across Dan Lok's channel and been watching a few videos, my issue is that I'm not sure what he means by LeadGen and PMP. Could someone help please.

  5. Hi Dan , Would like to know how to adjust the four categories in the to-do-list, for someone still engaged in full time job in finance with secondary income generating activities.

    And thank you very much for guiding people to get out their comfort zones and turn ideas into realities.…

  6. I like the focus on putting the right activities in the correct columns. Realizing that I need to develop my brand, speaking skills and more. This is a nice departure from to-do lists and even calendaring activities. Time to install a larger whiteboard. Finally, another great martial arts analogy about the purity of the trade. I train BJJ for that reason…telling people about how tough you are ends when you hit the mats.

  7. “Result
    That’s it
    How many clients
    How much you make
    Everything-else is all talk”.

    Love it.. thanks you said, graduate improvement.. because I am not ready.. for me first come first, I want and I must focus on PMP
    Personal media platform
    Thank You 🙏

  8. thank you soo much Dan! Your videos have really helped my grow my Youtube Channel so that I can now help the wider community 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. There are several key takeaways from this workshop that I've started using tonight.

    1. High performance people focus on the moment not the money.

    2. Creating a spreadsheet with 4-6 columns to represent the outcomes/purpose of daily tasks increases focus and results.

    I'm using this method moving forward to maximize results as I start my next venture.

    Thank you, Sifu.

  10. Busy doing shit (wrong),ppl work at their own capacity,maintain their own priorities you can't live above your mean.

  11. This was a great practical.

    I realized my personal media platform was, well, almost non existent. Which definitely explains the longer sales cycles.

  12. Thank you! This is really helping me get ready so when I go on my own when my side hustle takes off. 👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Dan awesome video. I use ‘gocardless’ to collect monthly DD payments from clients…no more invoicing and no more chasing 👍🏼

  14. I'm very humbled by this video one of the best I've seen in a long long time. You really give some truly powerful advice HERE.
    Those who truly have ears to hear will discover some powerful KNOWLEDGE and believe me, I wanna emphasize it, because it is that important in my opinion the advise Dan is giving you on this lecture is THE REAL DEAL… Only two of the greatest books give you this sort of wisdom..
    I pledge myself to thee. Dan Thank you from the heart …….

  15. Dear Self, I removed everything that is useless in my life. The phone Games I play every day, the stupid friends i have that are just there to get drunk everyday. The all the social media platforms that dont serve me any meaning. maybe someday i will come back to these platforms like facebook and twitter; If i do come back, i will come back and treat it as my way to get rich, to make as many connections as i can. as of now. I need some time and i will make the TIme. Its 9:08 Am and IM VERY HUNGRY!!!!!

  16. Christine Feaster

    I have so much money in my brain. Time to put this information into action so I can move it from my brain to my bank account!

  17. Hi Dan how does this apply if you are a High Ticket Closer? Is being a HTC considered being a business?

  18. I had to archive. This is one of many videos that Dan has that gives your strategies that need to be used and improved monthly. Categorize all tasks into 4 four categories: lead gen, pmp, money now, and money later. You need to be balanced to have a balanced business. This will weed out all the crap you are doing and where you need to improve. Do this every month and great things will happen to your bottom line.

  19. Brantham Hanekom

    Very Good. This helps so much. Sitting at work and writing all this on my pathetic work contract. I am actually using all the company time as I already know my time is limited and I am after getting my FU money

  20. Valuable Lesson learned:
    Organising the task in 4 categories (Lead Generation, Personal Media Platform, Money Now and Money in Future). and to be a successful Entrepreneur keeping an equal balance among the four categories is a must.
    Thank You, Sifu Dan.

  21. Incredible. Thank you Dan Lok. This was a massive gut check for me. So much of my time has been wasted. Thank you so much.

  22. Personal Touch Academy (IIT JEE Maths)

    I know an Author and who is so brilliant that no other teacher or student recommends his book! (They feel that others must not have the knowledge). Dan is one such person!! Too good and people don't want others to know!!

  23. This is my 2nd week viewing Sifu Dan Lok's content on youtube. I must say I get a lot of value by taking a look at his seminars. It almost makes me feel as if I'm in the room when he's teaching. Entrepreneurship and business is a never ending learning process no matter how many figures you earn and Sifu Dan has a lot of content to teach. I appreciate you sir and I'm gonna work my way towards you one day taking me under your wing as one of your students!

  24. Chjikass International LTD

    Dan, This is a platinum knowledge that you can ever teach in the social media for FREE, I really appreciate this content, this is actually my first time on youtube to comment on a video, because this is very outstanding. I am glad to think that this generation is very privilege to learn something on youtube easily, but ofcourse not majority of videos in youtube is quality nowadays, I can say this content is clear, logical and applicable to starters or even the one who’s already doing business. I would like to send my appreciation and regards to you for bringing quality content for knowledge in the future generation. Thank you Dan Lok! -Angela

  25. I have used Facebook for people to know my product, however instead of opening a page for my business and my products I opened an account for my business and added 1000s of people in my area to reach them. Kindly need a small advice, is it fine to open an account (used individually mostly not for business) to spread your word as a business or open a business page which most business do.

  26. One of the video I have spent-invest the most time watching it, keeping continually notes etc. So profound all the content of it, love it. Thank you Sifu. George from Greece.

  27. Pure Gold! I mean nobody is sharing so much of valuable content for free. To be honest most of the so-called businesses gurus keep beating around the bush. This man cuts through all the B.S. and tells you what you need to hear. Dan is the man 😎👍🏻

  28. This is an awesome video for people in this line of business. However, perhaps the title/description could be more specific re content? Its getting lost in the generic self help videos. This content is too good in this niche to hide it away.

  29. Dan, first of all, I’m very very very much like your videos! They wake him up economically, and I want to change the world but I don’t have the resources plus I’m disabled from a unfortunate hand dealt to me in life, I’m in melbourne, will you ever come here and do workshops, how can I be your mentees dan!!! 多谢塞

  30. SIRE Investment Properties

    My son and investor coach mentioned you. I'm consuming all of your info, love it! Also, I started reading your book F.U. money, awesome delivery and great content, I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for the info!!!

  31. If most people/ especially youths could be watching lok's videos instead of wasting of wasting their bundles by watching watching pornographic movies I think they can easily change ,,, I think even me I should be paying for this service. Anyway thank you alot

  32. Enzuccio Mazzarelli

    Dan Lok, Thank you soo much for this free training!! You really understand your way of strategy in how business works. You have the guided steps of Lead Generation, PMP, Money and Money In the Furture is really interesting with how you explain everything. This really helps for creating a business with the fundamentals needed. I thank you and I cant wait to to be in HTC with you! Once again Thank you Sifu!!

  33. Thanks Dan! Agreed, AR collections is very important! Every day a customer is late, we loose the opportunity to reinvest the money and at least earn interest. The compounded effect of that is a huge opportunity cost. BTW: Plooto is a great platform to implement pre-authorized debit 🙂


  35. What you focus on expands. Focusing too much on annoying trivia expands into a problem and then it affects your mood and then that may even affect your relations. Just saying.

  36. I couldn’t catch the name of the book they were talking about in the beginning. Can someone please tell me what it is. Thanks

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