How To Manage Time Like A Millionaire – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 5

How To Manage Time Like A Millionaire – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 5

21 thoughts on “How To Manage Time Like A Millionaire – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 5”

  1. I subcribe to this channel because of jkd video, now I see another lesson that i can learn from you.
    Thx for providing those material

  2. Time management is SELF-management. It is about managing emotions, priorities, and knowing what to do to at any given moment. The big thing for me is eliminating the non-essential items from my to-do list to have just a few key items to focus on. That is liberating!

  3. I need lists to organize the various and action items and segregate personal and professional tasks. I do like this form of focus on the vital few and the column approach shown in your other video.

  4. the big thing here is to first analyze, if a given action is worth doing, but then also having the discipline to (not) do it.
    but creating awareness with these kind of questions will already make it easier to pull off. Thanks

  5. This is going to change a lot for me. I never challenge my list. I write it down and try my damnedest to get it all done.

  6. "Time management is self management". Checklists to manage yourself so that you can take massive action is available here:

  7. Dan , you said you at least try to read all the comments you receive on your youtube channel. Do you think that is a productive thing to do , not saying you shouldn't do it , I and everyone else really appreciate your time replying to comments , but what's your view on it in terms of productivity ?

  8. Hello Dan , Everybody .
    I wanted to ask for help and some advices :
    i am 21 years old , i want to be an entrepenuer .
    i like real estate(about to finish a course of it) , buying stocks also is very intresting (i got a free internet course from a friend didnt watch it yet) , i got an eBay store which is my first asset that i built with a free course i got from the place i study real estate and is giving me a few more dollars a month with no effort and it is growing from month to month ..
    and the problem is i always got new ideas for everything . everything is so intresting and i really belive that i can succeed in everything . but i want to do everything and i dont know how , i always get new ideas that sound really good and i get really exicted and i think this is it and i want to do them but then i think , wait what with the real estate course ? what about my eBay store ?
    i mean does anyone have the same problem ?
    and how do they controll them selfes ?

  9. – Time management is ultimately self management (managing our priorities and emotions)
    – Self management is about knowing what to do at any given moment.
    – it’s dealing effectively with the things we have to do to achieve our goals and fulfill our purpose about deciding the importance of the very and constant information at us
    – it means you CANNOT become a slave to your to do list because you will be faced with new problems and opportunities every day
    – challenge: question your to do list!
    – communication is message send, message received and message act upon

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