How to Find A Good Sex Addiction Counselor (Don’t go to the Wrong Therapist) | Dr. Doug Weiss

How to Find A Good Sex Addiction Counselor (Don’t go to the Wrong Therapist) | Dr. Doug Weiss

Finding a sex addiction counselor.
That’s today’s topic. And you are going to learn a lot because so
many people have gone to the wrong therapist. So stay tuned and let me help you find a good
sex addiction therapist. When I talk about finding a sex addiction
therapist, you would think that would be easy. Because you can type in sex addiction on Google
and you could find a therapist in your area. But here’s what I have found.
90% and I am not exaggerating. I have done this in several major cities throughout
America. Typed in sex addiction therapist or counselor. And I went through maybe
5, 10, or 15 pages of Google, which is about 80-100 counselors.
And I would find that 90% had no certification, had no training, maybe they read a book somewhere.
But even on some of the popular therapy sites they’ll write that they treat sex addiction.
But when you actually go on their website they have no training.
I have helped thousands of men and women have to deal with the bad counseling they have
gotten from people who say they treat sex addiction. And they don’t have a clue.
Now. I am the president of the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy.
I train counselors all over the globe how to treat sex addiction.
I supervise counselors all over the globe as they go through their process of becoming
certified. There are counselors who are certified. So
make sure they are certified by someone. There’s a few groups. And some groups tend
to be more partner friendly as far as understanding the pain and trauma of the partner.
Anyone who is at , they get the partner stuff. They get the intimacy anorexia
stuff. They understand full disclosure. Okay? And there’s other certifications that can
be helpful. Now. Make sure that they’re certified. And
then you can ask them questions: If they’re a recovering person? Are they sober?
My personal experience, I went to bring on some male counselors when I moved to Colorado
Springs. I interviewed about 9. Eight of them were currently struggling with their own sex
addiction. I mean currently. Several times a week, masturbation, pornography, or other
behaviors. And I said, go get in group and get well.
Not even one of them went to group to even start to get well.
So you want to know if your sex addiction counselor, if they are a recovering person
their sober, if you’re a partner if the other person is a partner or has partner training.
We have a whole certification just for partners of sex addicts and partners of betrayal trauma.
They can get certified in this. Okay? But you want someone who understands.
Look to see if they are certified. Look to see if they are recovering.
If they are recovering do they have a polygraph to verify that they are clean?
I have one in my office. Most counselors won’t do that for you. Any counselor that’s in my
building does that. Okay? And then look at what your goals are for counseling.
What is it that you want to do? Do they follow a 12 step model?
Do they have groups on site? How do they manage the ongoingness
of the process? What materials are they going to use to help
you get educated and intelligent about the addiction or being a partner of addiction.
Find this stuff out on your initial call. Okay?
You deserve really good help. And if you can’t find any, call my office.
We have the association list in my office. We can maybe help you find someone locally
or get into a phone group or something like that. So that you can get help.
Sex addiction is a serious, serious addiction. I know. I’ve been free for over 30 years.
I’ve helped thousands of men get free and women get free from sex addiction.
So if you’re struggling, get real help. Find out who can help you. Either locally
or give us a call. We would love to help you. Now if this is your first time watching, please
subscribe. We’ve got lots of great YouTube videos that can be helpful information for
you to be on your journey of recovery. Now, if you’re struggling with sex addiction
and you have a question, or you’re a spouse or a partner of a sex addict, your pain is
real. If you have a real question, please put it
in the comments section. And I will personally have a response for you.
I want you to get the next right help. Because the sooner you get the best intelligent
help, the better it is for everyone. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “How to Find A Good Sex Addiction Counselor (Don’t go to the Wrong Therapist) | Dr. Doug Weiss”

  1. Stephanie Stafford

    Hi Dr Weiss. I’m struggling to find a counselor that has the sexual addiction/ betrayal trauma expertise that can also offer biblical counsel at the same time. I’ve been to some great counselors but they either had one or the other. Not both. There are CSATs in my area but they do not offer counsel from the Bible. From the CSATs I’m labeled a coaddict or codependent and that has hurt. It has made me feel as if I’m contributing to the problem and that I have something to do with his ongoing addiction. My husband is apart of twelve step group and wants to read this book together for recovering couples but I find it tough to read because I’m labeled codependent which is considered a disease and I need just as much help as he does because I’m evidently addicted also. It’s quite frustrating to read. I honestly have given up on any help from any counselor out there. I want help but so tired of the labels. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Dr Wiess I recently searched YouTube for signs and symptoms to sex addiction, due to past cpl mogul that struggle with porn and even going as far as seeking prostitution. My most recent relationship ended due to my continuing flirtation and sexting and since this I have gone weeks with no sex related activity but have now been struggling to just make days pass without some sort of release so to speak. My question is being a Veteran and now using the VA hospital for my medical needs, does Robert Dole VA hospital have a trained and certified therapist I can seek for help???

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