How Prisons Abuse People with Mental Illness • This Is Crazy • Part 2 of 3 • BRAVE NEW FILMS

How Prisons Abuse People with Mental Illness • This Is Crazy • Part 2 of 3 • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Prison. The last stop on a long line of bad encounters for individuals who suffer from mental illness. It seems crazy to treat a health issue this way, doesn’t it? After all, we don’t send people to jail for having cancer. And yet we criminalize the mentally ill for a disease that produces behaviors that are completely beyond their control. They would come with a straight jacket, or the bull squad would come and if you were… y’know, fighting back, they’d maybe try to maybe get you upside down. Any way to restrain you. And sometimes people have a fractured arm, they was real rough, and you’re going off, and you’re having a manic moment and you hit one of them, they might snuff you, kick you – I mean, I -out of my whole 18 years -I did a total of approximately 4 years in solitary confinement. The prison system is ill equipped to treat people with mental illness. Guards resort to abuse to force compliance. Medical care, including vital medication and therapy, are more often than not – neglected. This lack of care leads to horrific encounters which defy our very sense of human decency. One out of every three inmates in Tennessee prisons is mentally ill. Jason Toll was one of them. In August, 2010, officers at River Bend armed with tasers and shock shields forced Jason Toll out of his barricaded cell. They then carried him out of the cell to an unlit prison yard -and restrained him with shock shields. We need to, as much as possible, decriminalize mental health care. There are many people who come into custody, who come into the criminal justice system, largely because of their mental health challenges. And we need to identify that -not that we need to excuse crime or excuse certain behavior that needs intervention -but we need to understand how ineffective criminal justice involvement -especially incarceration is for folks with mental health challenges. Pete Early has written books about the treatment of people with mental illness. This is somebody that needed help for her mental illness. She didn’t need punishment, and she ended up dead. Early says instead of helping McKenna, they put her in isolation for a week before the day they tried to transfer her. It is not good for anyone’s mental health to be in solitary confinement. It’s not good for anyone’s mental health to be isolated from other people for any length of time. Even a very brief period of time. So that’s a big problem -the DAs and the judges don’t know anything about people with mental illness, and they’re really punishing people. And as I said before -put it on camera. It’s all about money and jobs The fact that you’re profiting from someone’s incarceration causes an issue because at the end of the day, the motive is to make money, and to make a profit. And so, in that sense, these corporations are incentivized to fill the beds and so there’s no incentive to decarcerate -there’s no incentive to rehabilitate. Inmates are enduring quote “barbaric” and horrific treatment, and living in a perpetual state of crisis. The lawsuit alleges that instead of the medical care these people are supposed to receive -specifically at this facility -the prisoners health needs are instead ignored, and underfed. There was a desperate attempt to escape the conditions inside the east Mississippi correctional facility -that’s a for profit prison where the mentally ill are being housed. They had my son on the ground, they had one boot was on his neck. Another boot was kicking him and hitting him and there was a boot also on his head. And he had a huge swelling and marks all over and they would not get him medical help until they pushed the swelling on his head down with their physical hands and then got him ice and forced it on his head. And um… y’know, pressing it very hard. It’s such a traumatic experience that you’re like walking around in a daze. Prison guards, sheriffs, they don’t understand that. So they think that you’re actually being rebellious or that you’re being defiant. And so, you get a lot of abuse. I mean, cause if you don’t answer them, or you don’t do what they say, they have other ways of making you do what they want -and because you’re not reacting in a way that they would want you to react, the abuse keeps on coming until they either give up, or they just throw you in a cell and say “forget it”. What I probably urge is -any authorities that have oversight to areas where they incarcerate other people to use the least restrictive measures possible to provide the safety of the other inmates and their staff -but also, to respect the human rights and the human needs of that prisoner him or her self. because that’s very important I ended up getting out of building nine, where they kept the mental patients and was allowed to live in general population. And I was fine until, you know, they would mess with me. And when they would mess with me, we had a lot of racism going on, we had a lot of officers that were from upstate -and one guy had a baby – a black baby -tied to a tree with a noose around his neck. And he would stand in the mess hall and he would be standing there like this And we’re walking by -when you live -when you have a mental diagnosis in an institution, we all stay together. So it’s like you have to walk the line. And you’re walking, and just imagine you see the officer- Sergeant standing up there with a black baby tattooed on a tree with a noose around his neck. I don’t know about nobody else, but it was a trigger for me. And I walked over to him and I said “How can you stand here like that?”. And he said “Get away from me, n—–r. Is what he said. And he raised his hand up like he was going to hit me. Is this a humane or compassionate way to treat another human being who is suffering from a terrible affliction? Prison makes mental health conditions much, much worse. And in doing so, we’ve turned a public health problem into a criminal one. It’s time for us to re-think how we approach mental health.

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  1. This voracious and uncivilized culture MAKES people crazy, then it locks up the vulnerable whose minds have snapped thus enriching the psychopathic bastards who control everything. Geeze. If you think the Nazis lost the last world war, think again. This sadistic drive 'em nuts and lock 'em up plan is downright Hitlerian.

  2. I wonder how many are suffering from Mycoplasma infections and co-infections of bartonella and Borrelia. They are lab rats trapped in a cage, why would the prison system not use them like they use soldiers. Shorten their life spans with a debilitating illness that can make people seem crazy when in fact they are being attacked by a brain parasite.

  3. most of the mental illnesses are completely made up by the psychiatric industry and it is an industry. They know very well that it's all for profit. Most of these illnesses are actually demonic possession. Demons are real and people need to get that. This system does nothing but hide them away so that they cannot be helped.

  4. The prison system in america is making certain people millions if not billions of dollars, they do not care if prisoners have mental health, in fact those with mental health are perfect inmates, as they more often than not stay within the prison system like a never ending spiral.

    Wonderful world we live in isn't it!

  5. wake up america.we have let sickness become a crime.the very people who need our help the most are treated worse than animals.there is no excuse for is not a left v. right issue,it's a matter of basic human decency.we have let this happen and we must demand that it stops.the first step is to end for profit health care and profit from suffering and illness is immoral and just plain evil.any elected official who is not working to end this torture of human beings needs to be held accountable.and this country calls it self christian.

  6. they've become so psychotic and so much of a danger to society at large through criminal behavior that isolation has now become the only resort…i would say put them in psychiatric wards and try every avenue of drug treatment and mental therapy with the intention of releasing them back into society…but what if all the help you can think of doesn't work and they continue to be a threat to themselves, staff and other patients??? they have to be placed in lockdown…there is really no other way…to me it seems that as society becomes more technologically advanced it becomes increasingly difficult for average people to catch up and remain psychologically functional in an ever changing society that is more and more out to fulfill their own needs.

  7. its real simple nothing complicated the whole US government hate the people and only want to see our demise. 2.4 million US citizens incarcerated militarized police force privately owned prisons and jails. the US government think that there are to many people they would love to drop our numbers greatly its just a matter of time. smart people with the means of leaving the US should go soon if you don't want to be killed or imprisoned. its the end of America it was sold out from underneath us.

  8. The biggest problem we face by far is trying to change people's perceptions of mental illness (this of course, includes cops – not only because they have the means to torture and kill with impunity but also because they're supposed to be protecting us). Despite the fact that we're living in the 21st century, too many people still think mental illness is just a bunk excuse made by "bad" people to excuse their "bad" behavior. My family who comes from the south definitely thinks this way. In their mind, everything is cut and dried: you're either a good person or a bad person (in which case, you have to be "dealt" with, usually with violence). Until we can make people realize that mental health is no different from physical health and that killing a person with schizophrenia is no less of an atrocity than murdering one with cancer, none of what's being said in this clip will matter. Because unlike other diseases, mental illness won't just go away if we just attempt to kill off or imprison everyone with it.

  9. i. just happy I survived that experience. They whooped my ass in there too. I was just a G. you gotta know how to play the game

  10. The police wanted to jail me because during my psychosis i saw evil possessing a person and i attacked them. I was not a bad person seeking to harm. I was sick, i wanted to protect myself and possibly free the possessed person from the evil creature.Yet they demanded the person i attacked to report me and have me jailed.I expect nothing less of human scummy society

  11. the hillbilly gamer !

    Yes we need to bring back the asylums in this country used to they had asylums would they would put people that will say schizophrenic or dangerous and it wasn't as bad as prison and they had doctors and nurses in there there were trying to deal with these people you need to open up the asylums build new asylums

  12. Mental Illness diagnosis is a nightmare of social pressures slowly leading to more and more of the system until eventually your in a mental Illness jail (hospital) and then a real jail or prison . That never goes away. You could be a saint .it won't matter except to very few . Your may end up having to steal to eat even if it goes against your moral code. If you can't get anyone to understand and then move past trauma that started it in a moral good way (can be hard to find) social and cultural pressures will trick and exploit you into their ways. Selfish people in a position to help may do nothing. It will later be blamed on you calling it "bad choices" on your part. You might try church but they will always want money and they will not be there except to sell Jesus to you . A few will throw you crumbs. To avoid this you should comfort yourself with groups that do fun things who volunteer to help others… Anyone… Never lie cheat or steal . Being forced into doing that is the worst punishment. Akways keep your word. Do not look to the mental health system in America to help you. It is a hoax. It is the problem not the solution. It's all about money and lies and fake science. They themselves know this and know it well yet do nothing. It is a monster that will rob and consume you and ruin your health and it's built on fake science and lies. I do reccomnend that it may be last resort but get out of it quickly if you get into it. Even if you don't agree with it the bible has good common sense stuff that helps. Join a group that helps people … Any people.

  13. When they get release from prison, take drug addicts for example,though not all in cases, they will sink deeper into their drug addiction. If they did drugs in the first place to ease and escape their mental illness such as depression, then prison is hell for them.

  14. The prison system is a big mess, so many poor souls commit suicide all the time. Its disturbing the amount of abuse they receive.

    "Its all about money" who cares, imagine if that was your family member in prison with a mental illness you be trying everything to get them out.

    My goodness the amount of anger when i read these stories about prison guards watch inmate suffer.

    Its a big mess

  15. The mistreatment that incarcerated mentally ill experience is state sanctioned sadism. Every system is designed to give you the results that you obtain.

  16. It’s actually worse in a mental hospital, instead of getting gassed they will hold you down and inject you with a chemical straight jacket, compared to pepper spray it is way worse , also you have no say in the dose or what drug they give you , I got the chemical straight jacket for giving another patient a mars bar , a question that I was asked by a doctor“if you lost someone you loved would you be upset “, I had to walk out of the room and calm down, because if I got angry I would have been given the chemical straight jacket, If a serial killer was a doctor than a psychiatrist would be a surgeon

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