How Captain America Should Have Returned The Stones

How Captain America Should Have Returned The Stones

Remember you have to return the stones to the exact moment we got them. Clip all the branches. Don’t worry. Three two one zap! Returning in three two… I forgot the scepter! What? Loki’s scepter. For the mine stone. Did you just want me to throw the stone on the ground? No, dude him the scepter. Here you go. Okay Let’s do this Three, Two, One Mmmm hmmm. Here you go. Thanks Ancient One! And here you go! That was fast! Thank you. You know it! I bet their all gonna be this easy from now on. *sigh* Really? I need a tesseract, you guys!
Oh come on! That’ll have to do Hey you!
Uh oh! Ughhh… what happened? Ow! Ow! AAAGH! I can’t touch the power stone you guys! Oh that’s because it’s supposed to go in this ball thingy. The ball thingy? Yeah the ball thingy! Well thanks for letting me know about that now! Okay! Now we just gotta put you right back in the… AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Is there anything else I need to know or take with me… on this mission from Hades! Nope! Oh wait yes! You gotta inject Thor’s girlfriend. What? Three, Two, One, Zap! Get away from me! I’m really sorry! I just need to put this in you Thor! Whaaaaaaaa! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH! aaaaaaAAAAAAAAGGHHUH Oh hey, Thor! Loki, what tricks ar you up to now. You guys! I really think We should have discussed this before everyone left! You’ve only got one more, man it’s fine. You got this! Steven Rodgers Son of Sarah Red Skull?! Son of a… BAAAAAAGH! Uh uh uh! Language, Captain! What! Really! You’re here too! What? Did you think you were the only one with a magical time wrist band thingy? That is adorable! That is so you. Plus didn’t you hear about the Fox/Disney merger. We’re gonna be one big happy family soon. Like brothers Ugh! That’s it. I’m done. Here’s your stupid deathstone! I’m going back to my girlfriend! That’s right! He really should. Go to her! Go to her you sexy man! Go to her and never look back! and I’m keeping this! *gasp* give it! woop woop woop woop! (doorbell) Steve?! Hey I’m back.

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  1. Wow! They mention exactly once in the MCU that Steve’s mother is named Sarah.

    Good job HISHE! You did your fricking research!


  3. okay its official. they need to make a movie explaining how Captain America successfully returns all the stones. Like how was he able to keep traveling through time

  4. I don’t even see this as a hishe video. I see this as an actual animated video of captain actually returning the stones, something we didn’t see in endgame

  5. avengers endgame me notice karne vali bat he ki jab vo dusre time me jate he heto ustime ka shut ajata he to jo stone rakhne gaye cap to stone cover bi aagaya hoga kyuki jis wakt me liya tha usi wakt me vapas rakhdia he

  6. Blazing Flame [燃える炎のねこま]

    2:26 wait does he even need to return the soul stone cause like red skull said it will appear when you give up someone you love so wait would the make multiple soul stones and just use that will it work the soul stone is just the most confusing one

  7. Captain needed to tell Thor to cut down the beer and be serious in eating salad
    2:27 So nice for Deadpool to give a Hand for Roger's language.

  8. Flamer the velcioraptor reviewer/documenter

    I think it would have been funny if he said
    Yep definitely America's a–
    (Other cap wakes up) LANGUAGE!!!

  9. I read something about how a girl dreamt that the end of endgame was just Deadpool starting a GoFundMe to be an Avenger. And now that's all I want.

  10. The one thing that really bothered me about this is how bucky got left behind. If Steve was going to stay in his own time he should have brought bucky back with him!

  11. chris is now lifting stuff

    I have a question.. what happened to the Gamora that time traveled to the future? We never learned of her fate. Did she disintegrate with Thanos? Did she time travel back? Did she just wander off doing her own thing? She wasn't in the ship with the rest of the Guardians at the end so…..

  12. Thank you for this! I’ve been saying for ages how cap’s mission to return the stones was really hard and totally glossed over.

  13. so that explains why he still have the shield in good condition.. it's supposed to be badly destroyed by thanos in endgame..

  14. The mind stone not being in the scepter, the space stone not being in the tesseract and the power stone not being in the ball thingy when Steve left to return the stones are clearly things the writers did not pay any attention to when they came up with this ending in the film.
    Viewers noticed instantly however.
    Just like that perfectly fine Shield old Steve gave to Falcon when his own got destroyed by Thanos.

    Did nobody proofread their script before they shot the movie? Did the actors or people on set not ask these obvious question to make the writers wonder what they came up with? Doesn't look like it.

  15. Yeah that a fair point, they really did just gloss over those details. I mean not like he had a backpack or something to suggest he was carrying a tessoract or sceptor.

  16. The AwesomEvan148 AKA Mystic Studios

    So that’s how Cap got a new shield. My theory was that he found where younger him was stuck and took the shield out but not himself for some reason.

  17. Rogers shows up at Peggy Carter's house. "Hey!"


    "Yup, it's me. I know I'm like… several years late for our date, but… It took me a long time to dig out of the ice up there… God, it was cold!"

    "But Steve! I'm… I'm married!!"

    After a long moment of staring at Peggy: "Okay, well… I'll be right back" (teleports back to 1945, and the day he disappeared).

    Alternate Universe where Thanos wins, and Earth is completely destroyed, is created…

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