How Bad Is Sexual Abuse In The U.S. Military?

How Bad Is Sexual Abuse In The U.S. Military?

Data from the Department of Defense suggests
that women in the military are more likely to be sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier
than they are to be killed in combat. In recent years, the US military has strengthened its
position on sexual abuse among service members, and reports that cases are declining. However,
in May 2015, US senator Kirsten Gillibrand accused the Pentagon of underreporting sexual
assaults.So, just how widespread is sexual abuse in the military? Well, the Department of Defense defines “sexual
assault” as “intentional sexual contact characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation,
or abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot consent.” This includes
offenses like rape, forced sodomy, and any unwanted sexual contact. A 2014 report indicated
that nearly half of assaults towards women and a third of assaults towards men were “penetrative
sexual assaults”. However, overall, rates have been dropping.
In 2014, about 19,000 service members were sexually assaulted, compared to 26,000 in
2012. While rates of assault went down, the number of reported cases roughly doubled,
from about 3,000 to 6,000. And only a small percentage of those cases ever went to court. Part of the reason that so few service members
report sexual abuse is that retaliation from other soldiers or commanding officers is common.
The Department of Defense noted that roughly 60% of female victims who reported an assault
faced some type of retribution. 90% of victims were involuntarily discharged after they reported
abuse. These discharges often forgo the mention of sexual assault entirely, and instead list
“personality disorders” as the justification for dismissal. So, why is sexual abuse so prevalent in the
military? Well, it’s organizational structure poses some conflicts of interest. A commanding
officer is expected to maintain a group of unified, trustworthy soldiers. Any reports
of sexual violence within their command reflects badly on them. This increases the chances
of commanding officers attempting to resolve sexual assault quietly, or by ignoring it
altogether. Additionally, the military’s approach to educating service members about
sexual assault has been called “very 1950s”, and outdated. In 2005, the Department of Defense established
the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program to improve the military’s response
and transparency. Annual reports are also required by law to cover the statistics of
military sexual abuse cases. Other methods of fighting the problem include a 24/7 hotline
for service members to call if their commanding officer ignores their report. Many high-ranking officials have been accused
of maintaining a military culture in which rape is underreported and often unpunished.
One expert noted that, “Right now, the burden of proof is stacked against sexual trauma
survivors.” Although rates are lower in the military than in the general population,
they are still way too high to continue sweeping under the rug. Without better education, communication,
and acknowledgment, sexual assault will continue to be a massive problem for the US Military. I recently met a brave young woman who was
sexually assaulted in the military.  She was eventually discharged.  He got 30 days
restriction and bumped down in rank.  To see how she’s overcoming her trauma, be
sure to check out this video from my series Rituals. And thanks as always for watching.
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100 thoughts on “How Bad Is Sexual Abuse In The U.S. Military?”

  1. Let's be honest here.. I would NOT want to be in the front lines with a girl more concerned about "her feelings" than the incoming fire.

    One generation later: "WAIT NO THIS ISN'T WHAT I ASKED FOR! STOP IT! YAMITE!"

  3. How come you specify women being sexually assaulted but not males? Sure you say "service members" but you also refer to females. Not males

  4. I wonder what happens when you put women amongst men where pornography is contraband, most the only acceptable relations you can have are off base, and you could be called up to risk your life for your country…I'm guessing they will be 100% safe and should feel included in an environment that attempts to breed camaraderie to a status like the ancient Greeks who were inclined NEVER express sexual desires. In fact, maybe we should castrate everyone who enters military services.

    In all honesty, when you are expected to knit together a patchwork of people in to a single cohesive unit you should expect blow back from those after you bring up serious allegations against part of the pack. I have no doubt that the majority of claims are probably true, and the structure of the military will cover it up. But acting like you can try to force immediate results to zero while also expecting to not obliterate the entire structure of the military is utter rubbish. You also stated that the rate is LOWER than the general population…Shouldn't we be celebrating that our fine soldiers know how to keep their dicks and hands off their fellow female comrades?

    Sure, reforms are needed. Here is an example. Our military has civilian oversight, yes? Why not then create a parallel system to investigate secretively and have a gage order on the accused personal and all others associated (including superiors)? Then if they are found guilty, the defendant will be transferred and await punishment. Any change or solution must respect the command structure and preserve cohesion amongst the troops. It is delicate and undoubtedly my solution has holes, but don't go blaming the institution. Because if you didn't realize there would be such biases against people who speak out against their comrades, you obviously don't understand what it takes to be an elite fighting force.

  5. I thought that more men than women were sexually assaulted in the military so how come when talking about sexual abuse as a whole you only mentioned women TestTube? I could understand if the title was sexual abuse of women in the U.S. Military but it isn't.

  6. search Abu Ghraib on google, I feel sorry for the kid, and i hate it on how those american soldiers torturing iraqis and middle eastern prisoners, so sad ;__;

  7. Can someone explain to me why this shit happens? I know that rape is mostly about overpowering someone, and dominance, like in prisons, but these men and women are all on the same fucking side. They all fight under the same flag. Why does this happen?

  8. Wogglebops Junior

    Wow, these hard, bloodthirsty men who are sent to their death time and time again, are much more likely to sexually assault someone. More news at 11

  9. What the actual fuck? Why did this video ignore the fact that more men are raped in the military than women? Why are women portrayed as the only victims when it comes to rape? What's wrong with this world?

  10. It is stupid to try and compare woman dying in combat to sexual assaults because of one major factor, WOMEN HAVENT BEEN ALLOWED IN COMBAT ROLES UNTIL THIS YEAR! Yes sexual assaults are a horrible thing, but don't compare it to something that's completely irrelevant. It's like comparing apples to the oranges that are locked in a box.

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  12. Meanwhile, male victims of sodomy and other sexual crimes are not reported by test tube (and thus their silent suffering is rendered invisible). What nauseating double standards.

  13. When this happens and the standard path does not provide an answer you go to the civilian press and they will rip apart the entire institution. That s why the military never want s these issues to go public. Not to mention the entire chain of command will get burned for not providing an answer were they were supposed to. Be brave and speak out, service me who commit these offences are a disgrace.

  14. #Objection…
    Where should the burden of proof be laying on? on the victim or on the defendant? I am a bit confused!

  15. abdullah abdulaziz

    not just US its the same case through out the world even women are  offered promotion if they sleep with their senior i have seen such cases

  16. Well thats what happens when u getta buncha guys together and make them be with a buncha guys raising their hormone levels by being physically active. Not the smartest thing.

  17. 2:44 ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? This is like justice works u dumb cunts. The ACCUSER has the duty the prove the crime, not the ACCUSED.

  18. There has been an effort to get into the details more with DoD data collection. During Command Climate Surveys there are questions about retribution, and they specify if a sexual assault victim may be subject to retribution from the chain of command, or if they might be subject of retribution from their peers. The difference of those two is worth getting into. One is a systemic issue within DoD leadership and promotion. The other is as much a comment on the broader culture as anything else.

  19. Well what did you think would happen when you introduced women into a place that's made entirely of horny men who only ever interact with horny men? It's like putting your daughter in an all girls school. She'll screw the first guy she finds guaranteed!

  20. Maybe because women do not serve in combat roles so they don't see combat. And maybe because more people are reporting because of new forms of reporting put in by the services (trying to do the right thing) causes the illusion that more are being assaulted when in fact more are simply reporting it.

    A lot of misinformation in this video.

    "Women are more likely to get sexuality assaulted than die in a light saber fight! Can you believe that?"

    I thought you were better than that test tube. Fix yourselves.

  21. Equality in the military is very broken, women need to reach a lower physical standard compared to their male counterparts.

  22. 2:49 "Although rates are lower in the military than in the general population"
    By saying that, you make the entire case seem weaker. Not that sexual assault isn't a problem, but if it is more prevalent in average America, how can the military take so much blame?

  23. I am a US Marine, attempting to reenlist through the Army. I am disgusted by these statistics, and ashamed of my nation's military for not doing more.

  24. ღ*mαndαrinkα gül*ღ

    ''diagnosed with mental disorders''
    who wouldnt have mental disorders if such a life destroying thing happened to them?! May God help all people in the world, specially children, who was a victim. I wish it would just stop happening and all people started to respect each other in the end we arent animals.

  25. Since the military in the U.S. is held up as being a sacred institution it's no surprise that this goes on. The most heinous thing about this is that the victims are the ones that get shitted on. Obviously not all service members are rapists, but the ones that commit such acts need to be held accountable. It destroys the integrity of an organization when things like this are allowed to go on without consequences, just look at the Catholic church.

  26. Cause a lot of Females in the military lie when they don't get their way. That's females don't belong in combat jobs.

  27. my theory is that the policy of "if your chain of command is abusing you, tell your chain of command" is probably a bad one to have.  apparently nobody else points this out so i must be crazy.

  28. I'm honestly not buying it.  The 1 in 5 campus rape has been debunked for ages, yet that one is still the rallying cry behind the Third Wave movement.  If you want actual facts and figures, a page has been compiled.  See:

  29. As a service member this video is Blatantly dishonest.  Well if you want real statistics, which i hear every day, MEN are more likely sexually harassed or assaulted than females in the military. also anyone who knows anything about the military, knows the program called SHARP, or Sexual Harassment Assault Response Program. also it's illegal to do anything negative towards the Victim after he or she reports, and Burden of Proof is on the Accused not the Accuser basically guilty till proven innocent. also SHARP Reps can go outside of the chain of command to get help for the victim, and once a Victim does an Unrestricted Report a full Investigation is Undertook, which if the Chain of command interferes with, that will get them Arrested for obstruction of Justice. also side note- there is 2 types of reporting Unrestricted, which will Open an Criminal Investigation on the accused, Chain of command is informed, MPs, JAG are involved, any parties needed in criminal Investigation, Rape kit preformed, STD/STI Testing, any further Medical care, Counseling, Confidentiality, and if requested an immediate transfer to different Unit or Post. Restricted reporting is everything except an Investigation, only the SHARP, Counselor, Medical personal will know, the rape kit will be sealed, and they can not Request an immediate Transfer. and nothing happens to the accused. BUT the victim can make the case Unrestricted at any time.

    so to Recap, The Military has a program called SHARP, which was started in 2008, to combat sexual Harassments and assaults. it is illegal to make repercussions on the victim, the burden of Proof is on the the Accused, Victims can do Restricted or Unrestricted. the SHARP REP can go outside of the Chain of Command if necessary, if the chain is not Being supportive. Chain of command can be Arrested, pay taken, Rank taken, Command loss, and Unit Fines if failure to Report or Support the victim. and yes it is true the Victim must report the assault or Harassment.

    Any questions?

  30. All of that has happened since the Vietnam war American troops raped a Vietminh's women in the conflict and now their doing this to there own US military comrades now let me tell you something there just doing this because they don't want the woman in the military because the men don't want to share the battle field because they want to fight on the battle field for them selves and they did all that to scared all service women so they discharge them and round their drams in the military and also rap and sexual assault is not part of the military tradition

  31. that is why women & men must be isolated from each other … woman is a sensitive creature in opposite of war which is nasty & bloody … because i respect women i refuse to involve her in wars … women are mothers of the future generations must be protected from enemies gunfire or at least but them in a safe sections like remote controlling unmanned guns or in the scientific developing section … direct engage is a Hell for those beautiful future Moms

  32. Women have a higher chance of being sexually assaulted then dying in combat. No shit. They aren't purposely sent in to combat. And if you count any unwanted sexual contact as assault, men would have higher percentages. There will always be higher levels of sexual assault in the military, because of the environment (there will also be higher levels of mental illness, violence, and many other negative things). People break down under immense pressure and commit acts that they wouldn't normally. We also have a double standard about poor sexual decisions made while intoxicated when it comes to males vs females. Not that rape will ever be justified, or okay, but many of the situations short of that are misunderstood when you just look at statistics and attempt to simplify things.

  33. She has never been in the military and wants to say there is a "major problem". In this video she says sexual assault is less common in the military (by percentage) than in the general population. Also she says most cases are spewed under the rug, this is not true. As an active duty soldier in the US army I will say that every CO(commanding officer) I have had, had an open door policy towards sexual assault (in the army its called S.H.A.R.P.). And any time a case came up, one of the parties involved was temporally transferred to a different unit to keep them comfortable until the case was resolved. And if it turns out to be an actual case then the offending party will be striped of rank under a Field Grade Article 15 pending Court Martial. After the Court Martial he/she will be transferred to Fort Leavenworth (a military prison) and dishonorably discharged after they have served the sentence, and will be labeled a sex offender in the civilian sector. To any of you who don't know this is a very harsh punishment for a very harsh crime. BUT most of the SHARP complaints are about one soldier saying the other is hot or he/she would sleep with the other soldier. This is not professional but it is what you would expect when you put a bunch of 20 year old men and women together for an extended time. And I doubt any CO will call one of his soldiers "crazy" the person that did was probably a NCO(Non Commissioned Officer, an enlisted person with time and experience whom is responsible for a small group of soldiers, but not in command)  or a Senior NCO(a NCO responsible for a large group of soldiers, but not in command). And if the CO did call them crazy, he/she would not be a CO for long.When a civilian want to complain about the military, yet have never served is just plain ignorant. People keep saying "we need to understand a different culture before we judge it." they need to know the military has a different culture than civilians, yet they judge. Its hypocritical.

  34. "Data from the the d.o.d are more likely to be sexually assaulted then to be killed in combat" well women rarely go into combat and have no combat m.o.s so that goes out the window

  35. people in the military are supposed to protect not rape I hate this they signed up to protect and keep honor not rape we are living in a world that is bad army can protect but I don't know what they do i want to kill myself because I have to live in a world that have only human shits I rather be in hell than to be good and be reborn and yes you can be reborn you retards

  36. Quntico Qamiroquai

    I spent a long time in the military and I've heard stories of sexual harassment and assault. Many times if the senior person is well liked and have a promising career they are protected. Its not right but true. Just because you wear the uniform to protect your country doesn't mean you play by the rules, that's why the military have Brigs and Stockades because bad people are in the military too.

  37. now feminism is destroying our military from the inside and getting our fighting men in trouble…. well I guess the manginas who allow this are going to have to take their place huh have fun going to war for these women… these women will spread their legs for the conquers after they kill you fools who support these modern women behavior.

  38. If i knew a fellow soldier raped another fellow soldier. There would be an accident on the range….. The men in the armed forces need to 'discipline' their comrades in arms… And i would suspect they do….

  39. Women with borderline personality disorder can commonly "cry rape" when no actual rape happened. Learn to detect these women and avoid them.

  40. The Sexual abuse case of women soldiers is not declining it's rising in US Armed Forces and they use their power to dismiss the female soldiers
    Shame on you

  41. Oh Russia definitely "invaded" Ukraine look how close they even put their country next to all the NATO missles, that Putin should move his country somewhere else

  42. The reports went up because reporting is now tremendously encouraged. As far how Sexual Assault is treated in the military, let's put it this way, when I was stationed in Korea, an entire Brigade was put on lock down for two weeks. Thousands of soldiers lost their privilege to go off post or drink alcohol because of the actions of 4-5 misfit morons. The consequences are steep even if you had absolutely no involvement. Trust me, losing off post privileges when cooped up on a military post can be very unsettling, especially when it because of people who you have probably never never met or heard of but just so happen to wear the same patch as you. Anyway, I condone the complete elimination of sexual assault. And I just want to remind everyone, that the penalties for sexual assault in the military are very serious. The climate is heavily moving away from a misogynistic mind set and more to a climate of compassion, support, and punishment for the perpetrators.

  43. Even during the Iraq war, soldiers were more likely to die in a car accident than be killed in combat. Most troops are unlikely to be killed in combat

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