Horse Pulled Behind Truck At Center Of Animal Abuse Investigation

Horse Pulled Behind Truck At Center Of Animal Abuse Investigation

64 thoughts on “Horse Pulled Behind Truck At Center Of Animal Abuse Investigation”

  1. They should seize every animal these pieces of shit own, they don't deserve to own a cockroach! I would absolutely love to drag both of them behind my truck for a few 100 miles!

  2. TakeADeepBreath ItllBeOK

    Actually I just heard the complete audio from the video (which is missing here)…she says while laughing…thats what you do, you drag his fucking ass and will keep on doing it, calls it a douchebag, a fucking horse..IMO i doubt this is the only time they have abused animals.

    The woman is disgusting..cruel is right on the money. Not to be trusted based upon her mouth in the video vs her crying for the news crew. Two faced.

  3. My heart goes out to that horse. It was so hard to watch that poor animal😭😭😭😭😭 They should drag her!!!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤

  4. Have some choice words….DRAG THE FUCKEN BITCH. I'd be glad to be behind the steering wheel dragging her!!!!!!😥😠😠😠😠

  5. After taking "Trigger", authorities rounded up thousands of race horses and rodeo bulls , then fined the owne… oh wait! That type of animal abuse is legal.

  6. Pulled slow speed because the horse didn't want to cooperate. Well, what would anyone expect? Stand out there in the snow with the horse? Sorry, I saw the video. I didn't see much animal cruelty here. The horse was on its feet sliding behind a truck on some ice. Big fn deal.

  7. Out West, wild horses are gathered and shot. In slaughter houses, cows are hit with electric prods to get them to cooperate. We kill animals everyday in processing plants, and they are treated much worse than this. We don't ride cows and pigs, so we don't care. We ride horses and think of them as pets. In China, Korea, other places, dogs and cats are skinned alive for food. We love dolphins, and in Japan, they herd them onot a beach and cut their throats. This is not animal cruelty. If it were, the horse would be injured. The horse was not injured. The horse very likely usually walks along behind the truck, but just not today. I doubt she drove very far with the horse fighting like that. The video is very short. You people just want to hate, because it is fun for you, and you can feel better about yourselves and the shit you do.

  8. You lost your job and used the horse to relieve your frustration??? That is NO excuse!!! You deserve being locked up for years stupid!

  9. The names of the people responsible for this are John Saldate and Amber Saldate. Their names should ALWAYS be attached to what they did! Awful!

  10. She made an error in judgment. The horse suffered a minor injury but will recover. That said she should be fined and have to go to classes on how to properly handle animals. Education combats stupidity.

  11. 0:59 "you made one bad decision sometimes" – really??? Good people would never even come up with such a horrible idea. Put HER behind the truck.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks it's not that bad? Ya gotta move a stubborn horse before it freezes out there. I've seen moms drag their 5 yr olds out of malls, soccer fields, supermarkets, etc. Way Worse than this stubborn horse.

  13. This is 100% animal abuse and they should be charged with it! This is disgusting and they should not be able to own any animals ever again. This is the type of trash that makes me ashamed of the human race. 🤬

  14. This is bull shit they need to go to prison that poor horse stupid retarded people if they treat their horse like this how do they treat children????

  15. The horse is fine. It was being difficult and didn't want to go to it's new home after being purchased by a new owner. It wasn't hurt. She didn't take off fast and yank it. She didn't drive faster than it was able to walk. Any of you crucifiers ever worked on a ranch, broken horses, branded cattle, etc? Stubborn livestock have been pulled by rope for centuries. Just because she used a truck instead of another horse doesn't make it abuse

  16. Not the first time they've done it and won't be the last if there aren't consequences. She's sorry because she got caught and lost her job. They shouldn't have ANY animals. The horse must have been terrified.

  17. Sad that people who think this isnt that big of a deal… If it were a child or a dog I'm sure it would, but since a horse is a larger animal it cant possibly hurt it that bad. The horse cant talk to you and say what hurts… and they said they gave the horse pain killers so clearly a significant amount was done to warrant it. These people shouldn't have any of their horses if their gonna do this. It shows they dont know horses and how to properly train them. If they just got this horse, then man did they do a bang up job in traumatizing it. If I were the horse I sure as hell wouldn't trust anyone after that.

  18. Social platforms………… Ha! I gotta show this. You’re blaming the horse really! That horse is reacting because someone screwed this poor horse up and you come along and drag his ass like that! I hope you’ve learned your lesson, get yourself re-educated on horse behavior. You might learn something.

  19. Okay all animals on her property should be seized. Including cats, dogs every animal. She did this to this horse what did she do to other animals. She was caught this time.

  20. That's B.S.
    They should not be aloud to have any animals or children in their care.
    They should be in JAIL AND GETTING FLOGGED.
    Thanks for your time.
    South Central Texas Travis Beckham

  21. Unbelievable. This is an outright abuse of power!
    She should never be allowed to own another animal, ever. Take away her other two horses!

  22. Good. I’m glad she lost her job. I know I sound like a jerk but, she knew what she was doing. I’m pretty sure she was trying to halter train him, Probably not though. But she did it on purpose. I bet you she will do it again. And yeah, she should have her horses taken away. She isn’t sorry, if she was why’d she do it in the first place? I bet you she did that before.

  23. Im literally crying right now i swear can i take the horse it is so sickening people like this dont need animals I dont get people these days like if your gonna be mean to the animal and abuse it and not take care of them then font gett it im so mad

  24. Two Questions I have not answered in thus video .1 WHY was she pulling the horse with the truck??
    2 what does she do for a living that she got fired from work for THIS. Was it related somehow

  25. She crying but she allowed her dumb husband to drive like a dummy dragging the horse. No cry cause your just as dumb as the one driving.

  26. Give me a break this girl did nothing wrong people are forgetting animals are property it's funny how you don't get mad when they have to take several horses or cows and kill them using the excuse they got too old

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