Hillary Clinton: Lewinsky affair was not abuse of power

Hillary Clinton: Lewinsky affair was not abuse of power

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  1. So let me get this straight, women are angry in what they perceive as a power imbalance in a consensual affair with the President 22 years ago . . . but the current President, elected after he was recorded saying "just grab them by the P******" and is being sued by a Porn star isn't anything they want to spend time discussing on CNN at this time . . . .

  2. All fathers terrorized by Hilary Clinton: a 22 year old girl is an adult in front of a 49 years old “most powerfull man on the planet”

  3. Listen to these clowns does CNN ever say anything that is surprising I know what would surprise CNN viewers if they actually talked about the presidents policy's

  4. Frequent flyer lawyer to CNN fake news Michael Avenatti, the high-profile lawyer and professional sports car driver who represents Stormy " Horse Face" Daniels is running for POTUS. Haven't seen much of him on CNN lately! Where has he been can anybody tell us???

  5. Never thought I will hear this from her at this stage of her life..What we sow so shall we reap. Time to reap has arrived. Two presidential candidates and their moral standards stand exposed in front of the whole world… time to reap folks is here now… tnx for this clip..

  6. If This Lying Old Crooked Hag Hillary Had Given Good Head, She Would Never Have Been Put In This Position. Hillary Clinton Is Not Only a Political Failure, She Is a Failure As a Human Being and a Woman. Fuck You Hillary. You Should Keep Quiet and "Fade To Black".

  7. why the tax payer still paying for her SS
    Hillary Clinton was seemingly unharmed when the Secret Service vehicle she was riding in was involved in a crash.

    The former secretary of state and first lady was headed to a fundraiser for Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) in Jersey City on Tuesday night. The vehicle pulled into a parking garage, made a left turn and hit a concrete column.

    Clinton emerged from the van and walked to the fundraiser, where she was the featured guest.

    The Secret Service says no injuries were reported and the Jersey City Police Department is investigating. ?

  8. I guess it’s ok if Bill Clinton abuses his power and not trump because liberals have a greater moral code or something sad world. Hillary need to step away from the media.

  9. Hillary Clinton is the gift that just keeps on giving.
    Vote Republican in November don't let the communist feminists get power.

  10. The first woman sounded reasonable but the second one is clearly a Feminist man hater… An adult woman who has consensual sex with a man of any power level, who wasn't promised anything in return or persuaded can't come back and say 'Now that I think about it, I don't feel right about what happen'. I'm an Independent Register Democrats and just what to know WTF is wrong with these people/our society? It's the MOB VS THE CULT and the few in between are scared shitless of both…

  11. Since Trump has become President Of The United States, has he committed any sexual adultery? He was a business man not an elected official voted in by the people until 2016.
    Bill Clinton is just a wicked sexual deviant and his partner in crime is Hillary.
    As long as there is breath there is hope for repentance. The Creator have mercy on their souls.

  12. Why does everyone act like this behavior is ok? Men are suppose to keep their pants zipped if they are married especially if they are the president. Bill was president at the time with the Monica ordeal plus some other womens sexual accusations.. Trump was not president and he was much younger when these unproven things supposedly happened and the guys locker room type statement about grabbing women's ___ was just guy talk like some guys do. The Clintons are liars.

  13. HC just can't go away. She must lie awake at night, angry and bitter, dreaming up some ways to get revenge over President Trump. And here she is, years later, still hounded by questions about Monica Lewinsky. Sad!

  14. #belivethevictim ….. lmao…the fucking hypocrisy. Can you say redirect…. don't parade the Clinton's unless you are trying to fuck yourselves demo-idiots

  15. Jesus Mother Mary and Jospeh…when will this abominable C U N T Killary drink herself to death and spare us her endless babble and crimes…This whore belongs in prison for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!! SHE DELETED 30K SUBPOENAED EMAILS…..HELLO???? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE????? Everything out of her poisonous mouth is a LIE!!! She thinks of us american's as peasants!!!

  16. omg, double standard much?
    The Clintons are cancer. I really wish the Clintons would die in a car crash.
    Then the few lefties who still like them can mourn, and the rest of us can just move on.

  17. amazing – simply amazing that woman can sit there with a straight face and be so unbelievable partisan and have no moral center to say it was not an abuse of power – of course it was – secondly to turn it around to Trump who has sexually assaulted no woman? Yet she somehow thinks Trumps extra marital affairs are worse than Bill Clinton's clear abuse of power with a TWENTY ONE year old intern when he was the sitting president. Good god and its TOTALLY relevent cuz the Clintons ARE STILL around and uhm if you remember just ran for POTUS less than 2 years ago, lol.

  18. amazing contortionist isn't it marvellous? Brett Kavanagh is meant to recall what happened in high school 36 years ago and clinton says about lewisnsky "she was an adult" yeah right!

  19. ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle

    I luv it how these AOD journalists never seem bat an eye in the reporting of blatant Hypocrisy… Unscrupulous n smug faces😏👎

  20. I know lifelong democrats who didn't vote for Ronald Reagan, but voted for Trump over Hillary. They hated voting for Trump, but they would rather have a narcissist in the White House than a sociopathic narcissist who sells out the country and lies 95% of the time. More Democrats voted for Trump than you'd think. Sorry CNN, both Democrats and Republicans could see right through Hillary. She is a monster.

  21. No because Trump's not getting blown in the oval office by his secretary or maybe he is but its 2018 were cool with that by now oh wait most of you aren't but if it was hillary and her secretary was eatin her out in the oval office you would cheer her on….
    No way that's double standard's or is it…

  22. Hey, Hillary…202👍…716👎
    NoBODY likes you!!! Why???
    Because you are an old, stinky pussy👎
    The Dims are the Old Stinky Pussy Party😷🎱😷
    That goes for all Dim dudes….You smell like you ALL have old, stinky pussies😷🎱😷
    You can’t win at the Polls with old, stinky pussies….Can’t be done….duh😷🎱😷

  23. As a black woman, I wish that we had a voice on the Left that didn't ALWAYS support all things Clinton.  I'm so sick of the excuses and soft criticism.  Why can't we just see some pure objectivity?  So F'ing predictable.  Wait there is Nina Turner.

  24. She a SATANIST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-tYWopFHjY BOTH CLINTONS need GITMO take them NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQnb1pc4Drw

    I am ANGRY that you can not see that QUEEN ELIZABETH is behind the CLINTONS CRIMES.

    LET'S TALK about how HILLARY just had so many killed around her and her husband

  25. CNN all you SAY is BULLSHIT and no truth.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HX6Wd1zbVA&t=15s this is ABUSE OF POWER
    CNN do you play with them with the children ???? pizza gate ???

  26. MANY former PRESIDENTS and men in office and in high places NEED TO BE ARRESTED and made ACCOUNTABLE for what they have done : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj-ky-iRbkI
    THE BIG SECRET that GOT DINA murdered by the ROYAL dogs

  27. So by that logic teachers should be allowed to sleep with their students at every University across this land as well as every married man allowed to bang as many employees as he wants with no consequences, come on people we all know what he did was just wrong. Bill Clinton treated women like objects, and Hillary allows it.

  28. This is why we have Trumperskunk family now is stealing everything that they can get their cheating/weazly mits on! Only the DNC could lose to this crank at-tick gang by pushing the most compromised person they could! Power to the pain yea have unleashed on the people.

  29. Who really got hurt in the whole incident? Bill and Hillary both recovered…Monica is the real loser here… Hillary is right about Trump (no doubt) but she shouldn't act like Trump and dismiss Monica….By now she should have developed some empathy for Monica…. Monica didn't want to testify against Clinton …She lied under oath when she gave her deposition in the Paula JOnes investigation. She was then forced to testify against Clinton or face prosecution. ….. Should she have gone to jail for them?

  30. Hilary was best friends with Weinstein.
    Hilary was best friends with Weinstein.
    Hilary was best friends with Weinstein.
    Hilary was best friends with Weinstein.

  31. So Paul Manafort is going to prison for lying to Congress, I'm trying to remember – why/how did President Bill Clinton get out of impeachment for lying to Congress over Monica Lewinsky after they found…"her dress" with his DNA all over it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aGbdni7QNs

  32. According to yoga philosophy ,everything happens for a good cause.Looking at the the gay trend amount the intellectual class….politics……punks….prison……The bill Clinton presidency should be given another chance.

  33. Bill Clinton's connection w/Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of marriage to Hillary and accepted by Hillary. It goes no further.
    If you are a good Christian, you should believe this. If you don't then you have a problem that should be changed in your life…

  34. The sheer audacity of this lousy female , nodding her head in affirmation as she rejects her husband's affair while in office yet immediately attacks Trump, she is everything that is wrong with someone who yielded power of office, American people surely dodged a bullet because she is a narcissist who just doesn't know when to get out of politics… vile ,despicable excuse for a woman.

  35. These two panelists are a joke….. trying to look at it from the " me too movement " angle, that was not the question from Clinton's interviewer, talk about twisting the entire issue in order to propagate a clear agenda of anti Trump propaganda.

  36. I am disgusted by this woman. Admit Bill, as President did a horrible abusive thing picking up a starry eyed 22year old for sex. He needs to be accountable for his actions. You said it was consensual. Bill never said it was consensual. He denied it ever happened further abusing Monica. Hilary defends that?
    If you support Hillary on something else fine but don’t lower yourself to defend this. It reflects poorly on you. It’s wrong no matter what man or woman does it abusing power and shaming innocent people. Shame on the people especially women who defend this behavior by men in power and shame on you for putting the blame on the women who get treated this way. Many of these woman are lead to believe it is a relationship while it clearly is not!

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