Healing the Scars of My Mother’s Abuse

Healing the Scars of My Mother’s Abuse

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu So to get straight in and answer the main question that you, asked there at the end Certainly what you’re describing here does sound like you went through Child, abuse, both on the physical and emotional level as Well and the very fact that it still wants you today would certainly suggest, that what you experienced was child abuse So physically hitting you and locking you outside of the house, what, we might call physical abuse Whereas the making you feel like you are imperfect, and making you feel like You are responsible for your mother’s potential death might, be what we call emotional abuse as, well so you know this, is two types of abuse that you’re experiencing here and Today, this has left you feeling anxious, when you hear yelling and shouting even if it’s on the tv As also if you, feel, like everything is your fault as, well so the fact that these things are Still wanting you today really, do suggest that what you experienced was abuse and? now you’re experiencing negative Consequences of what you have faced as a child, and it’s almost like, you’re experiencing the symptoms that people with post-traumatic stress Disorder would experience as, well so this could be something to explore as, well What you went through, was not acceptable so you should not feel, like, you are in any way to blame for this It’s not acceptable treating children in this kind of way however it’s Also, understandable that after the people that you love so much your parents your family They, made you belief like everything, was your fault and as a. Child naturally you’re going to believe what they say because you respect your parents But alhamdulillah i want to assure you that there are treatments available To, help people, who go through the kinds of feelings that you have based on trauma that they might have experienced as a child And this can help you to work on these negative thoughts, and feelings that you’re having today It seems like you’re having, some kind of unhealthy thought patterns Which need, treating To, support you in overcoming them and living without this anxiety that you have in your life And these negative feelings towards yourself and the feelings of self blame so i would highly recommend that you do seek the support Seek the help of a psychologist or a counselor and they’ll be able to help you And work with you in ways that can help you to overcome This past trauma that you experienced and help you to find more adaptive ways to manage the current feelings that you’re having So i’d recommend that you do go forward and seek this kind of help because it’s something they’re Still having an impact on you today so you will need to have some more kind of intensive treatment really to Address issues that have been going on for such a long time and It will take a number of sessions to get through this to overcome past trauma and to correct These negative thought patterns that you have now so you? Do need, to also keep in mind when you when you go for these kind of treatments that it does take a long time Especially because it’s been going on for so long and it can take time to overcome these Difficulties and you will need to be patient but inshallah if you, stick at it then gradually you’ll be able to overcome these difficulties that you currently face And there are a number of different, ways that counselors or psychologists can Help, you to work through these difficulties so you can Be rest assured right now that there are many different, ways different effective methods to help people who, have been through the same kind of things that you have to overcome these difficulties and Live more healthy, and happy life so A counselor will assess your situation and choose a method that best suits your needs As, well as selecting a method that you’re most comfortable with as, well because it might be that you expect something different as Also the counselor will work with You, and selecting the best method this that there’s best for you given your Own background so it might be that they try a technique that will actually take you
Right back to address the actual trauma that you faced at the time and explore the thoughts and the feelings that you had at the time and Almost seek to adjust the way you felt at the time but then there are other treatments that really just focus on the present feelings, and thoughts in the moment now, and Treats you using these methods as, well and this can be really helpful especially with things like anxiety As, well as adjusting negative thoughts, you’re having, like the self blame thoughts, that you’re having as, well Specifically like believing that everything’s your fault and the counselor can help you to work on these thoughts And these feelings and exchange, these negative thoughts for more positive ones And it’s also very common as, well for counselors to teach relaxation techniques as, well to help manage these symptoms of anxiety that you’re experiencing as, well So these relaxation techniques can, be really effective in helping Manage the physical symptoms of anxiety as, well? But in the meantime you can. Be focusing on Keeping close to allah keeping a lot in mind all the time reading the quran, making, dhikr, making duaa And really just finding solace in the remembrance of allah and this can be a really good way to treat anxiety Especially the kind of anxiety that you’re having and i can remind you of a surah in the quran surah 13 Ayat, number 28, where allah tells us those, who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of allah Unquestionably, by the remembrance of allah hearts are assured So, that’s just to really reassure you that if you remember allah all the time then you’ll find this sense of peace inside in this sense of Relaxation, by remembering allah, and that can help you with the symptoms of anxiety that you’re having as Well so we can kind of apply the islamic perspective to this as, well alongside any psychological treatments that you Might insha’allah be able to get or but like i said i would highly recommend that you do go forward and get some assistance With overcoming, the previous trauma that you’ve experienced as, well as the physical Psychological and physical symptoms that you’re experiencing now as, well? May, allah bring you, ease with, what you’re going from through and help you to overcome This, emotional trauma that you have Experienced in the past and that you’re experiencing. Today, may allah make it easy for you to overcome that Assalamu alaikum, where i want to learn here about

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  1. It has to be addressed post dramtic stress. Talking it not enough…..especially when you come from a big family and so many….suffering. Due to this one is a drunk one in jail ones died of a broken heart one hates the dad.
    Are therw muslim counsellors..

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