Habits of Cliff Burton | 4 things that made him the Metallica bass legend | Andriy Vasylenko

Habits of Cliff Burton | 4 things that made him the Metallica bass legend | Andriy Vasylenko

Hi friends. Andriy Vasylenko What habits made Cliff Burton the musician we know and love a master of fingerstyle expressive improviser and the engine of songwriting in Metallica A habit is kind of action by default with no big struggle to take it. It’s a thing that you would rather do than not. In our habits hide who we are and shall be Great musicians have become such because of their habits, everyday actions, especially in practice Cliff Burton is one of the best bass players in rock history and he unleashed his talent being quite young His passion and dedication were so huge, and that let him to become a professional even before reaching full age Obviously, he got good habits we talk about musical ones. For the first time cliff took bass at the age of 13 affected by brother’s death. His parents told that the first tries in bass playing were not so successful and only in half of year they began to see his potential Then the routine the habits began to form. So, habit number one – practicing from four to six hours every day. Cliff took bass and played at any suitable time just woke up, before or instead of sleep on rehearsals and gigs of course. Just imagine – at the moment of joining Metallica in 1983 Cliff already had more than 11,000 total hours of practice That’s how Burton’s feeling of bass reached almost physical level – he just spent too much time with the four string motherf*cker. And the routine continued up to the September night in 1986. Habit number two transcribing classical music Cliff adored classical composers. He really just sit down and played Bach, he loved Bach his mother told What he got from classical music is deep awareness of composition, harmonies, notation, and also strenght and stretch four fingers because all the classical arpeggio and passages were initially on keyboard, and on bass they looked unusual and complicated And that we can see it in Burton’s art in particular in Anesthesia and Orion Habit number three – reproducing harmonies One of the strongest sides of cliffs musicality – he practically saw the harmonies and he could reproduce them whether playing an instrument or singing For example, when he heard a favorite song with such harmony on radio he immediately sang a harmony part separating it from the main root line Besides bass he also played piano and guitar accordingly to Kirk Hammett, Cliff always carried a small acoustic guitar downtuned to C to write harmonies And exactly Cliff brought the knowledge of harmonies into Metallica And habit number four – seeking for more Xcliff was starving for knowledge and the dedication knew no limits. He changed several bass teachers in first few years of practice because he just all overgrew them, he attended musical college to deepen the knowledge of music theory and he was reading books all the time about bass (and with no tabs) about composition and other stuff that could make him a better musician. Cliff didn’t want to wallow in traditional role of bass players in rock music, he was a composer of full value true artist. He knew when to give up musical ego for the sake of composition, and when take a lead and reap all the sh*t out of that. So that was my little study about Cliff Burton and this material is in my book ‘Total Cliff: the legacy of Cliff Burton’ which now is available for my patrons. Maybe next time we’ll learn what signature licks and features in playing Cliff had What do you think about that write in comments Subscribe to this channel for more stuff about bass, music, Metallica, Cliff Burton and if you want to support me, become my Patron join our tribute to Cliff Burton Thanks for watching guys. Andriy Vasylenko R.I.P. Cliff. Be in metal m/

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    Nice video and all, but the whole "really long hair with the sides shaved" look is really fucking cool. Nice way to put a manly spin on a hair length usually associated with women.

  2. Mutant Macrophage

    The whole 10,000 hours thing to become a master is grossly oversimplified. If you want to learn how to become a master go read the source material; The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance on Amazon.
    Looks like Cliff was really into deliberate practice and challenging himself – that's more important than reaching some magic number of total hours practiced.

  3. Hey I have a question for you: When Metallica write something, do they use a musical stave? Like, is their music written as classical music, using all these scales, theory and stuff? Or do they just grab a guitar and write something? Keep up the good work, your chanell is awesome!

  4. Cliff showed me that bass guitar can fill so many roles in a band. He showed me that "lead bass" can be a thing. On top of that Cliff set the bar high for any other bass player to join Metallica. As a result, Metallica has been blessed with some great bass players throughout their career. Cheers to ya Cliff. RIP


    Classic school graduated, playng violoncelo. And he have a jazz bassist teacher. So Extremely technic, and a complete musician with control of harmony and composition.

  6. if cliff was alive MTV would still be playing video's and metal and headbanger's ball instead of pathetic boring reality TV cliff would have shoved his bass up MTV's ass and said no way or cliff would have had his own MTV lol

  7. I often wonder what Metallic would have been had they not kicked Dave out and Cliff not died. It pisses me off thinking about how someone like Cliff is taken from this earth so early. It's so depressing..

  8. Κυριάκος Λάμπρου

    Bro keep going like this! We want another Cliff, and maybe you will be the next Cliff! He is the best bass player! R.I.P. Cliff Burton

  9. Just imagine what Metallica would have grown into had Cliff survived that crash but who's to say he'd have stayed with them,too bad we'll never know.

  10. I have always felt that had he been alive,Cliff would have left the band around 91-92. Not because of any directional issues or selling out,But for the same reason he was apprehensive to join the band initially. He would have outgrown this genre of music of thrashing and maybe would quit the band for a personal music journey (like a solo career) as he was such and evolved musician,It's quite a possibility he would not stay at one place for a long period of time. Something like Marty Freedman.

  11. Dream Theater Fanboy


  12. Just subcribed. Seems this guy has his heart in the right place. Very much knows alot about music in general. Keep the videos coming

  13. I haven't even watched the video and I am gonna guess the techniques. I could be right OR wrong. 1) Triads: 1,3,5 of the corresponding scale. 2) Pentatonic scale 3) Focused use of octaves during riffs 4) Ascending scale spanning multiple octaves during breaks in songs to create a fill. – Just my recollection from memory. I learned almost everything from the first 3 Metallica albums and some of AJFA when I was in high school. I studied his playing and I remember all of those techniques the most.

  14. "One of the best bassists in rock history"??? That's an exaggeration if I've ever heared one. Compare a Burton track with one of John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Gaddy Lee or even Geezer Butler and say that again… Burton was not a bad musician by any means but his skills as a Bassist were nowhere near the league of the greatest bassists in rock history, hell not even metal history if you're honest. Burton was sloppier than the average bassist of a popular band at the time and just the fact, that he was using effects doesn't make him great.

  15. Project-awesome customs and music

    Hey, I picked up bass when I was thirteen too! Probably won't be as good as cliff, but I can try! Lol 😂

  16. Love the videos Andriy… Cliff was the whole reason I started to play bass over 25 years ago. Great to see someone else who he has inspired so much.

  17. Cliff was way ahead of his time in the early 80s but there are players today that rival cliff like Ryan Martinie from Mudvayne, the bass player from Tool, Cliff perfected the Modern bass player for sure though and is my inspiration for picking up the bass.

  18. Metallica has always sucked in my book I really think their music is boaring and something out of Sunday school teachings, All of Metallica’s lyrics is like a heavy metal Sunday school biblical to the point and gets old although the music it’s self is put together real well the riffs.

  19. MatthewDoesMapping

    Cliff 'em all
    Cliff the Lightning
    Cliffard of Puppets
    And Justice for Cliff
    The Cliff Album
    Cliff Inc.
    I Cliffapear (Solo)
    St. Cliff
    Cliff Magnetic
    Hard Wired to Bus Destruct

  20. I m SURE that he was alive today he would leave Metallica and form his own band! He was the Genius behind the band!

  21. i think cliff easily would have been one of those bassist/producer/composer types like bill laswell etc… or even frank zappa.. the type of player who composes, produces and has a huge family of musicians around him and just pumps out tons of great, interesting deep and vast music… maybe he would have left metallica at some point? or his musical skill and knowledge would have overpowered the rest of the band?

  22. Don't take this wrong. You obviously speak music better than English. I only speak English and music. I grew up in music. I fluently play trumpet and kind of play some other instruments. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't play violin. My uncle was the director of a very famous symphony. My little sister is a professional musician. You rock!

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