Sub translation by: Google translate So good morning … good morning?
Good night! It is very early.- It is now four o’clock.
it is now eleven after four indeed. Yes, it has already been four o’clock, make no mistake!
We are now on our way to the bus. It would leave at half past four, and I will
be brought to Kals together with … … a whole bunch of other people to start on the Grossglockner Ultra Trail 50 km K.T.T. Kalser Tauern Trail. It is early but it is not cold. It was
30 degrees yesterday here so … … and it didn’t cool down tonight any furter than about seventeen degrees. So that was ít.
Today, if all goes well, it won’t be that hot … … 25 degrees. – They said.
They said. -A big chance of possible rain and thunderstorms-showers. Yes, so we hope it stays away. Anyway. I will run fifty kilometers.
Two thousand height meters! so that will be pretty exciting. There are four technical sections in the
trail. And they are indicated on my height profile. I will put that at the bottom of the screen. Those are sections that you must be careful with. And the rest … must be easy peasy right?
– Yes. It is still very dark. But, uh, I’ll take you with us anyway. well, we are ‘unterwegs’
to the starting location. Or to the .. … yes starting location. Start-finish location.
My finish location is the start for others. And then we will pick up the starting number.
So take a look. I have everything with me … … it will be fine. Oh dear!
It’s already verry busy there! There is that ‘RedBull’ van. Yes! What a cool van! Sir, do you want to tell something for the camera?
No nothing. Is exciting .. takes a long time here It takes a long time yes. Because first you have to pick up your Bib … … and before that you’ll get a flat box, then you have to
get everything out of the backpack … … and put it in there. – Nice.
Great huh. We thought we had to stand in line for a long time but … all the time! We were still on time! We are here at the Start / Finish location and euh …
if you go for it … … then you have to go for it!
So I had an airbrush tattoo put on! See! – Cool huh? So here I’ll get through as well
is coming under tomorrow … completely full of energy still! Running!
… Well, don’t count on that. Haha, I think I’ll be completely done for! But I’ll be happy if I can finally walk underneath this thing … so super, yeah! So yes, I am ready, I have also received my dropbag here … I can fill that. And deliver it before the start. As they mentioned here,
we started an hour earlier … … the bus leaves at the same time,
so no idea how that works. -It’s an hour and a half drive, yes i think they do that a bit
because at the end … … the chance of a thunderstorm increases every hour
and they want to prevent… people comming in at that time
whilest it’s storming here. So we’ll just see how it goes … because I’m leaving here at half past four by bus, it
is about an hour and a half drive … … well. Then you would be there around six and so must therefore in that time that you are there
in that fifteen minutes / twenty minutes you have to … … drop your dropbag, get to the start, bang! And go… And yes … that’s actually fine.
I mean, you do’nt need mutch longer there … … to walk around and more.
But yes, it is a thing. The bus can of course continue driving in the morning so early because then there is no one on the road. We’ll see! Be careful! Have fun! And good luck! Yes, another ten minutes then it leaves …
let’s go! So yes, where …? – Up!
Up. Well, well. Ten to six. Start is at six! Take the bus, drop the bag and go! Not really good timing like that, but that’s what you
get when you shorten things for an hour. Oh, the start has shifted to a quarter past six.
So we have a little more time. Well, first take care of everything! Well, that was exciting. Introducing the top runner! We get the briefing at a quarter past six.
Start twenty past six. And then… … Yes, then we can finally go!
We’re going that way! So. We have started. Fifty kilometers
Kalser Tauern Trail. Grossglockner Ultra! We go straight up here, a small incline. Let’s see what we are going to make of it! -May i great my mother? Yes of course! -Hello mom! So I’m already one of the last runners. so wel … now we are going to climb. It doesn’t go very well.
My lower legs are uh … … as stiff as a board. Anyway.
Descending will go ok … so euhm …
I just have to get to the top. And the rest will be go easy.
Well, I’ll be fine. Pretty long tunnel! well, the calves start to loosen up a bit.
I didn’t want to think about … … that I would have to run all the way with those wood-like calves! But now it goes!
And here we go! Just have a look up there …
cows are walking on the mountain there! Alpine cows! So another 1 km to C.P. 1
That went well. If the rest goes that way, right? Thus, C.P. 1. Can we have a drink? Well, it’s still nice and fresh outside.
About thirteen degrees here, I estimate. The next one is about 8 km … …is it necessary? “Mahl Sehen.” (We’ll see) Hey! Yummy! Bottums up at the Kalser Tauern house indeed. – Here I climbed the Grossglockner with two Austrian gides. I could still do that then! So Herren, dankeschön. tschüss! That was nice! So, take the poles with me, and then we will continue to enjoy! The landscape is already starting to change here … … it’s getting a bit mountainous. Now it also becomes more technical. And then we come to a piece
that goes up a lot steeper. So uh … hold on! Jetzt gehts los ! Ha, that’s nice isn’t it? I think I’ll just let you pass. Thats okay. I’m under the impression that you run a bit smoother. Yes, this is my thing. Ha, wet feet! I hope that there will be some pieces
coming that are less beautiful … … because otherwise I already have the videocard filled
before I reach the finish! So. We have to go all the way up there … … so we still have something to do.
I am now on … 13.2 km and I now have 657 altimeters done… … according to my watch. so we’re going verry well. so, just put on my hat and sunglasses.
We are going straight into the sun there. We still need to go a while. 820 height meters … … and look there … … yes, you can hardly see it there … …. there is a whole ribbon of puppets, and they’re all going up! I thought we were climbing quite well … And euhm …. I’m thinking , something
is still to come! It has come! Shall I just show you? That’s no horse sh!#. We’re going up there! Comming along? I still have to go up a bit, but …
You should take a look anyway! so it looks like i’m at the top. Goodness, what a climb! It worked. I am now at twelve hundred meters. So uh … I thought I’d have to make fifteen hundred so …
I think It’ll be fine. It’s slippery here! It is a bit more passable here.
We go down towards C.P. 2 … I think it’s right there in that thing.
Over there. But uh, it’s still pretty technical here
so pay attention where you put your feet … otherwise you can sprain your ankle. Huh, steps. Why make steps if you have rocks! We are at C.P.2, just refueling,
and then we can continue easely. Yummy! Just reload! -Do you want noodles? Yes please! -is just uh …
Yes it is not for the whole day! – Look. The inner being becomes
quite strengthened here! He starts coughing. Here is the culprit, that’s the culprit.
Thank you so much. Thus, C.P. 2 had. And just refueled. Well we are on the road again,
we can immediately go up a bit. further down the valley, and then
we’re going to have another nasty climb. So we are going how that’s like! Nice and fresh here on the mountain. Unlike yesterday in the valley, there it was thirty-five degrees! And now here on the mountain. Well if I have to estimate it, about 13, 14. Great Everything is technically here! Really. Up is technical, down is technical! An alpine milk river!
I shure would like some now. We going up here again. The Kaprüner Törl.
That seems to be a very difficult technical climb. So euh … But this is also beautiful! Look! Huh, of course you can just walk here. Mountain dew. Yummy! Nice and fresh! We walked down there. So, from there … … crossed over. And then all the way up. And euhm …. We have to go there. Another piece … yes, certainly … Because I now have 1465 meters on my Suunto … at twenty-three point eight kilometers, so we are actually as good as halfway … … because in the end it is 48. So here you have to climb … … and the rest is as good as downhill. Yes sure, a faint bump here and there … … but then we have had the worst!
Well, let’s go then! So we are on top of the plateau. … and I don’t really know … I think we should go even further up there … … squeak in between. All right.
Oh yeah yeah? We’ll take a look. I see people walking there. We not going there are we …. … we might have to get over there. It’s starting to rain, just like that! It’s realy raining now … And euhm …. this is our surface. Large boulders and rocks. It’s already getting dry again … It is slowly getting better, the jacket might just be taken off again. Someone ordered a boulder for the backyard? It’s right here! You can pick it up. I think maybe we are almost there but …
we also have to go all the way up there! We still have almost 400 altimeters to go. So the sun has started to shine again. Take the jacket off again. We are going there. In the back. That small V-shape.
There’s were we’re going. We are almost at the top, at the Törl. If I’m right I’m on the top.
I’m in the Törl. The Kapruner Törl. Through it. So, I just went sledding on my behind. Oh dear! Yes, that goes really well … Just have to watch out for those rocks here. It gets a bit less steep here, it is a bit better to walk. We came down there! And the kilometers don’t get along, because I am now only twenty-seven point nine. The weather is a bit darker.
It is cloudy now. Thunderstorms on that side of the mountain! And I think I heard that, here at the Törl … … that they will close it. So we are lucky that we managed to get through it. Well, I have arrived at the dam …. … so we’ll get passt it. then down, through the valley … … and then we are at the finish. Cool! I am now at thirty-two point eight.
There should be another C.P. here somewhere. Nice here! I just received an App from Patricia.
She said the race was actually stopped … … people are being taken down the mountain. But uhm … no idea. I didn’t see anything. People are still running here. And, uhm, unless they’ll tell us at the C.P. … … you are not allowed to continue. I’ll just finish it, right? So, I’m at C.P. 3.
I just filled up a little. From here we can just go on, so that’s nice. And, we can just go to the finish. The storm is up there. So, really good. Okay, “Thank You” – Bye.
Bye. Too bad we don’t have internet here. Damn!
Now I can’t let Patricia know anything … … just on the dam it was okay! But not here! But it’s still beautiful here! Thirty-six point seven, okay! So then we go here! Ha, we go in there! Made it! Let’s see what we got in here.
Oh, that’s very narrow! And out again here! Well, how they come up with this! I already saw Zell am See there. Kaprun is a bit deeper in the valley. So I can’t see it yet. But, what does that promise? Yeah. I still have nine kilometers to go … … so, uh, we’ll make it, I think. I’m walking down here to the Kaprun valley … … but the descent goes on and on … and on an on!
I want to get to the finish! Well, it’s not that bad.
The legs are burning quite well. But that’s okay! Hello little ones! But there seems to be no end to this descent! We are almost there! But this path still went a long way towards Kaprun. Let’s see where we end up. A nice piece of asphalt for a moment. No stones, rocks, points, holes and what so ever! I just hope that the next path is a bit walkable. Can we put a little bit of trot in it. Here the ‘Kapruner Ausblick runde’. Another terrible path! I would say, are’nt you doning any maintenance here … … why can’t they just make it flat! According to my watch, I only have to go three more kilometers … … would that be only three kilometers to the village? Good gracious! We still have to pass the Sigmund Thun Klamm. Here we get another terrible path. Then we arrive somewhere in the village,
and after that it is another kilometer or two over the asphalt … … on the cycle path. We have left the Sigmund Thun Klamm behind us. We’re pretty much in the village … … pretty mutch. -Ich lauf mit dir! -I run with you! -Was für ein schöner Bart -Nices beard! -This is your finishline! -Einz zwei drei lärm! (One two three SCREAM) They see you in there! -Gabriël du bist ein hero! (Gabriël you’re a hero!) -Genau so wie ehr! Du bist a hero! (Just like him!) Ich bin der beste! (I’m the best!) -You’re a hero! Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was the Grossglockner Ultra Trail fifty kilometers, the Kalser Tauern Trail! My goodness what a trail! It is very beautiful indeed!
I’ve seen pieces … … and you have seen them too … … it is really unbelievable! And i get it
I do say that people say yes, that people … are impressed! It’s just
magnificent! And once you’re almost done … … then you also think let it be done. Actually they just have to be on the latter … … they just have to put down a shuttle bus
I think. Then you come down there … … at the water, shuttle bus strait to the
Start. Hey, better. -Yes, but then you won’t touch your fifty kilometers! Oh, it doesn’t matter! I’d rather walk a bit up there than down here. But, uh, yes, that was beautiful. I had to work hard for it … … because it is a lot of climbing. And I did train for that
of course, but I have to say … that I also had not thought my
body that could actually do so well. Because it went pretty well, right?
Also with valleys … Enneuh, I actually had in mind, this morning I left with two wooden boards under my knees .. … and then I thought, if I have to walk like that, then it won’t work! … and after five or six kilometers it has come loose … … and I went like a rocket. So yes, totally super. I am very happy, the medal has arrived! PLOP! That’s’ em.
-Can thank you Cor and Chris again. Yes indeed yes. Cor and Chris, thank you for making me possible … … for walking Ultra trails. Because of course I did that course with you … … and that has laid the foundation for me … for the ultra ultra running scene.
 so happy with it! Well done, thank you! And thanks also to family friends and everyone on the road have sent messages, have me
encouraged! I have it all the way, initially with that app, that sports app. but it fell out. And afterwards I could only do the family via the Whatsapp tracker. And I have received many messages from everyone. Van, come on, put it on, you can do it, and
that’s nice when you’re on the road that you … you can think of, another message on my phone! And then you look, and you see another message from come on! You can do it! And then you think: Aah nice! Super happy with it. -Mental support.
Mental support yes. Well the finish here is … … Is also funny. That is nicely done. It is a big event … … and that took some getting used to, right? All a bit confusing some things … … you have to get used to that.
But it all turned out well so so regarding, the only thing I do
misunderstood is that I thought they said … Yes, with the fifty kilomter you also have a dropbag. yes that’s right, they will bring it back for you … … to the finish. I’ll have to do that soon
to pick up. Yes, they don’t put them halfway.
Would you expect huh? So but, it’s for people who like
come far, and then when it is in the morning … … is cold. Then you can put on something warm. And do that in your dropbag and throw it in the bus … … and then it is ready again at the finish.
I didn’t know that, so I had stuff in it … … done on the road, I have not had it at all. Anyway, I saved it, and there was
enough food on the way. That was all good for each other.
And have walked wonderfully in that regard. Supertrail! definitely recommended! How was that with those paths? Was that as technical as Tuesday or even worse? It was actually worse! -Even worse!
 Yes, only those last 300 turns … … that I had here, that was about the way we walked … Enneuh … yes, but then you are already tired and then actually you can no longer act. So that was really dramatic. So no, but really super technical! But okay. Yes.
-You did it! You saved it! Yes, we are very happy with that
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  5. Ben Van der Herten

    Roelof, wat een ongelooflijke knalprestatie! En je hebt er ook nog eens een topvideo van gemaakt! Diep respect en een hele dikke PROFICIAT !!

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