Goodwill’s mission to train

Goodwill’s mission to train

Jefferson: As a kid,
I always wanted to be a computer engineer. I thought that I was
on the right track. But it was derailed by a
life-threatening car accident. I was out of work. I was forced to drop
out of college. I had to find some way
to make ends meet. So I was bartending
and serving. But I wanted more. I heard about the Goodwill
I.T. training program through a family member, and it just changed
my entire life. Copeland: Almost everyone knows
about Goodwill stores. Not as many people know
that Goodwill is a place where you can get help getting
a job, build your skills, and help support your family. Northcross: I heard about
this program from my dad, because I was having a really
hard time finding a job. Adkins: I have some experience
in computers, but a lot of it is not
very recent. What I needed was a direction. Harrington: We have
all kinds of people that take this class,
because they want to be more marketable. White: Digital skills are
just going to become even more necessary. Current technology
is constantly changing. King: I don’t want
to be left behind. I want to be up there
in the frontlines of what’s going on. I’m here for one thing
and I’m here to learn. Peoples: Goodwill
is giving us a chance to enhance our knowledge
in computers, and that can make a difference
in your income. Jefferson: Through the computer
support tech training course, I was actually offered
an internship here, if I wanted,
and now it’s a full-time job. Everything that I learned
at Goodwill, I can apply in my daily life
here at work. It’s definitely surreal to know that my life could be
completely different. Goodwill helped bring my dream
back to life. Copeland: With the help of, we anticipate being able to
help more than a million people upgrade their digital skills and better advance
their careers. No one should have to let go
of their dreams and settle for just surviving. People need a chance
to move ahead and Goodwill provides
that chance. [inspiring music]

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  1. No entiendo por qué las opciones que hay para subtítulos son el Inglés,cuando los vídeos están en Inglés!!!🌐😾

  2. Ok I come to Goodwill here at San Fernando road here in los angeles California today I ask in the 2 building and they don't have any class of computer tech classes. They send me to a community college. So what this video show is not true they liked to you. This my experience today Tuesday March 6 of 2018 at 1:35 pm in los angeles California. Please Google company update your videos or information about this class or what state is really available and is not a lie when you come to one of this Goodwill corporation.

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