God is Not Needed In Fighting Addiction | Fred – Florida | Talk Heathen 03.29

God is Not Needed In Fighting Addiction | Fred - Florida  | Talk Heathen 03.29

I called in a few weeks ago with and I talked to Jenna and Jamie okay and I was telling how I got saved and was delivered from alcohol and drugs haulin drugs what do you mean yeah well after I said a prayer I was I no longer desired alcohol and drugs I was addicted to cocaine and I was an alcoholic and you know after the prayer I was I I no longer desired you know Fred yeah God changed my god I believe with God to change my heart but Fred I kind of wanted to you know I actually wanted to ask you a quick question about that okay okay so you know that other people pray in many many different conflicting religions and have given that same account I've prayed and I've been able to stop you know or end my addiction are you aware that people do that with many different religions and not just one personally I've heard a lot of Christians get that testimony I've never heard of anyone from another religion give that testimony okay I'm not saying that it hasn't happened sure personally no I have never heard anyone say well so if we were to take that and move forward with that idea right that other people have quit because they feel like they have gotten in touch with or are appealing to a higher power that you know could be any number of religions then what I would say from there is does that mean that all of those religions are true or I guess I better I guess I should ask you do you think that the religion you believe is true because you were able to stop your addiction you're praying well you know I mean you know there's power that they think you received from the Holy Spirit when you become a believer that gives you the ability to overcome sin in your life okay which you know alcoholism and and the drug abuse I think you know yes I think that uestion in my life you might not agree it was harmful to me and you know I mean that's what I believe teacher I agree with you that alcoholism is horrible and drug addiction is terrible I also know plenty of people who have quit their addictions without any kind of religious anything I have two people in the audience who just raised their hands yeah so I know I have no doubt of that okay that's good I'm glad you weren't saying that you need a god to be able to quit your addiction that would be really presumptive and wonderful you know what I mean I'm not saying that God's only way to get over not by any means awesome so so would you agree that that testimony doesn't really hold a whole lot of water if you're using it to justify the existence of a god well I'm saying that it doesn't hurt it doesn't help either [Laughter] I lost desire I did nothing no effort on my own it was like a supernatural thing that I just did not want anymore and from where I'm sitting never did I even desire since you know what I mean not natural yeah you know you just agreed that that is poor reasoning to determine whether or not a God exists also it was effort on your part you made that initial prayer you you express that you wanted to stop and you did something about it and psychological benefits of meditation and prayer and just making that intention in your life are hugely impactful by praying to the rabbit stop no I I was trapped in a car like it's a cold I called a couple weeks ago in totes and I was I got stuck in the car I bought a card it was on a Christian radio station and I'm so sorry they sold it yes I'm trying to be bought but I worked in LA you know I had there was so much traffic going back and forth to work I had to listen to something so you know I listened to this but you know through that I don't think I was really listening for something looking for something I wasn't really looking to get out of my drug addiction I was in it and I was you know what I mean I was living it and then through that but a prayer don't work aim it Fred III hate to sound like an asshole but because you know I want you to know why I'm coming at it this way because we already agreed you don't have to sound like that if you choose to you can but you don't have to well and you can choose to take how what I'm going to say any way you want as well right I'm coming from a good place you can believe that or not Fred we already agreed that that leaving your addiction is not good for determining whether or not a God exists so continuing to talk about it just doesn't matter to me anymore because we already agreed that that's bad reasoning to think that a God exists so as you continue to say more of the same thing even if I granted your point it still doesn't point or whether or not a God exists so I guess what I want to ask you is do you have anything else I mean if you know that it's not good reason yeah because I wanted to say about like you know after I got after I said the prayer and I started going to Bible study and stuff I went to a Bible study and they started teaching on Bible prophecy and and that really you know I solidified my faith you know because because of the Bible prophecy so so you're saying you had a tentative faith and it was solidified because you discovered that prophecies were fulfilled in the Bible I'm assuming yeah yeah okay there's a lot that can be said about prophecy yes indeed I don't know do you want to jump in here let me do so I'm seeing in the the notes here that you're going to use the Reformation of Israel as an example would you like to go through that real real quick yeah yeah I just basic on it I don't know I'm not gonna think real long but it Ezekiel chapter 36 37 it says that you know the Israel will be scattered throughout the earth and that you know they would be regathered to their land and you know for two thousand years that happened they were scattered all throughout the earth and you know and and they were brought back and you know it's unprecedented it's like you know there's not there's more to the prophecy but that's basically that you know the the digest of it is they were scattered throughout the earth for 2,000 years it doesn't get the time but it says you know it talks about that it says that there that the bones are dry very you know very dry bones it was a long time but they were out of the land and and they were and you know they became a nation again and so after 2,000 years it's amazing that they stayed a separate people from the nations they were among no it's not like you know it's not unprecedented and no it's not it's an it's in no way amazing you know you have a group of people who have been kicked out of countries for you but over a thousand years obviously right I mean you have a group of people who were maligned and kept separate the idea of keeping your cultural identity in the face of adversity is not you know unheard of and on top of that the bigger point the bigger point to be made Fred is let's say I were to say Fred is going to go to Greece right he's going to fly to Greece okay so if you went to Greece would that be fulfilled prophecy I mean to say that a nation is going to be scattered all throughout the earth no actually no no hold on Fred Fred Fred and red I am trying to make a point I'm not trying to be pedantic so you're saying you would not be convinced if I said Fred is gonna go to Greece no okay what if you had a vested interest in going in making what I said happen would that be more convincing or less if I knew that you were rooting for to be correct you know yeah right so so when you have people after the fact who read that Israel is going to be reformed want the Bible to come true right there are people who actively seek out to create the conditions that they think are going to begin the end of the world as predicted in Revelations right and because of that if something happens and you have these people who are absolutely interested in making these things happen it's not very convincing right everybody assuming I do you do would you agree that probably the people involved in reforming Israel and bringing back that Reformation had access to the Book of Ezekiel and probably read it at some point let me get this straight so you're claiming that the world got together to make Bible prophecy come true I asked hold on a second anything like that you know anything at all and say well it had to happen because you know people got together made it come true I mean people make the Israelites go be dispersed out through the land for you know to other lands for 2,000 years does it say in the Bible that they would be dispersed for 2,000 hours it doesn't say 2,000 years now it was for 2,000 how many how many different nations 2,000 years ago have since been dispersed do you imagine come back since the 2000 years that's not a question she asked I know Mike I don't know I mean I asked Michael how many have come back after being Malaysian for 2,000 years well imagine that say I have a lot of Irish background say that the Irish people have been dispersed throughout the the world and I went back to Ireland and said I I'm back I'm home I have now returned after being disbursed would that be fulfillment of prophecy was not prophesied no what if what if she wrote down that it would happen Hyborian I'm saying for one person to go back and then come back no but like a whole nation and be dispersed all over the world world like Israel was and then if they are chosen people and then they're brought back you know and again prophecy okay cannot come to pass unless Israel is a nation right so I mean for answer so let's let I like it Fred Eric nice to meet you okay so let's let's take a look at this right the religiosity of this nation when that happened was very very much pro Christian it was not long after under God was added to our currency you have these just oh my goodness okay let's see anti-communist sentiments growing that led to these ideas that you know the the godless commies are coming and and we identified differently from them by being the God loving country that there were tons and tons of other countries the countries involved in making that happen predominantly Christian right to to say that to say that the people in charge and the people who made it happen didn't know or understand or have a vested interest in that just look at the articles written at the time do you think people weren't saying we are fulfilling prophecy by doing this and if that is the case if they say we are fulfilling prophecy by doing this does that make it convincing no because then you have people with a vested interest in fulfilling prophecy now what would a good prophecy look like right if we were to find a prophecy that was absolutely believable what would a good prophecy look like what do you think that is a good question probably something that was not the best-selling book for at least the last since the printing press sure was the one that made that prophecy and it was only discovered after the thing came about I don't assume that would be a little bit more convincing so say in the book of Eric no no we we write down a prophecy in this and you bury it somewhere okay Joseph Smith style New York all right okay Barry the book in Rochester New York okay no you don't speak of it to anybody seventy years pass you died two thousand more years pass something happens that is in this book that you wrote in 2019 okay only after that thing happened did somebody pull up this book ooh or like kind of I want to add on it yeah yeah there is a book that I absolutely love and the name is skipping me so I'm gonna look to the live chat to remind me it was co-written by Terry Pratchett good omen good omen thank you yeah what is it the well and they're willing true prophecies of some someone someone none right um Alice Nutter Agnes Nutter thank you live studio audience Agnes Nutter when somebody opens it their name is Jeff and it says hey Jeff closed the book it says hey you know you forgot you left the oven on it was written a couple thousand years ago the person who read it's like holy crap this is specific to me right that's what I would see in a prophecy that I'd be like holy crap have you seen this check it out you know that that would be far more convincing the the Reformation of Israel just it doesn't really cut it for us for me like that Bible setting and he went through it and and he was just going over line by line and I was I was amazed by that you know I've never heard any and you know such a thing like that I didn't I didn't know about it really I mean blew me away oh dude I see I learned about that stuff very little Bible knowledge yeah yeah my page my my parents were pretty much yes you know I see my I I had that experience when I was a kid I actually had heard those things and so I it's not amazing to me and when you go back and take a look at them there are lots of things that charlatans do right you have self-proclaimed psychics who say oh well this is going to happen in the future and and when you start going into prophecy right that Nostradamus and all of that there are these different things that we use to determine well is this likely you know what's the odds of this happening right if you look at Nostradamus they're so vague that almost anything can be the fulfillment of those prophecies right I gave you was not vague again you know certain people you know where they were where they've you brought back to and like I said there's more to that prophecy than that you know I mean it's like I said I just gave the bare bones but it's like it's not babe it's not being tells who where you know and then it says where they're gonna go to where they're gonna come from it's not it's not vague at all but wouldn't that make it 10 times easier to intentionally fulfill it together to me Bible prophecy come true I guess dude look up the articles from the time people were saying we are fulfilling prophecy by doing this on top of that I so you got to help me out here I'm wasn't Israel already dispersed by the time that prophecy was written how the hell is that convincing they they were not they were still they were solid ation when when that prophecy was written well Aditya let's look I will I'm gonna have to look that up after the show and if I need to issue a correction I will but yeah Fred dude I'm it's it's just not convincing okay it's just not convincing is there anything else that you wanted I know I got it I got it um I I would definitely be more convinced if if there were specifics and if people were fulfilling those very specific prophecies without knowing them in the first place you know when you have a group of countries that are very closely identifying with a religion that has this happening and they're saying we're gonna make this happen and then they make it happen it is no longer magical and amazing that it happened it's a concerted effort okay along that lines in when the rest of that endtime prophecies are fulfilled during when they are fulfilled and when I Antichrist comes on the scene and you signed a seven-year peace treaty between Israel and the surrounding nations and you know is that serious ace no no we already knew because it was in the book just like I mean the book gives us the history of what's going to happen it's past present and future process true so you do realize that people have been pointed The Book of Revelations and saying that it's been fulfilled ever since the Book of Revelations every single time there was something that had seven in it that was pointed to that people have been pointing it to it when we were in the Cold War people were pointing into it and in World War two people were pointing to it in World War one back when it was the Great War right people were pointing to it at the instantiation of this country people have been pointing to revelations to scare the shit out of people not since revelation and the Antichrist rise to power wasn't Obama's supposed to be the Antichrist oh there so there are so many people according to somebody yeah according to okay go ahead you know no he was and of course not and like I said starts with the seven-year peace treaty that didn't force and he becomes a world leader a world not just a leader of the United States a world leader and so do you think that the creation of NATO and the creation of every other large ruling authority has not I mean people are pointing to the creation of the EU right and they the euro right and and consolidating the currency in Europe they appointed to that I was in church at the time I remember you know we don't know how it's gonna come to pass until he does I mean a lot of it is we don't know how you know I mean like as far as I know so or do you live your life in fear of prophecies from other religions you you don't live your life in fear of all that okay so are you are you tentatively accepting the prophecies of all other religions no okay why are you convinced by this one well because it came to pass and you know and I think then I think but I think we had a while yeah I think so too yeah it's kind of an impasse I'll pray that your eyes are opened Oh Eric okay do you understand that that's really kind of snarky and reads to me as this happens no that's that's why I said rather make sure that we're good as dead appending on rough terms you take care of brother okay you too thank you that was like okay you know there are so many people have talked to who've just been like oh they said god bless I am so angry what do you want to bet he hung up and went right um I've actually had people in real life who know that I'm an atheist you know oh god bless I mean yeah you know it when you make it part of your language it just happens and Christianese is difficult to wade out for I still I still use phrases that are you know on it's on my heart Eric oh yeah on my heart how about bless you after sneezing oh yeah no I still thank people first saying that yeah thank you it's a cult at that point it's kind of the cultural landscape and so yeah no I'm totally with you I will say that the first time I was here I was in the studio audience and I sneezed and no one said a word and I was like I found my people so I've found different ways to say good health in other languages instead so I say gesundheit I say hail Satan really I do I get oh my god I understand you absolutely you know I'm actually kind of getting out of touch with things because when I went to go speak in Nashville I was wearing a this atheist votes shirt mm-hmm and I was really confused why nobody was saying hi to me nobody like like in this in this in this place in the south where everybody's super-friendly people were just averting their gaze and oh yeah and I was like why is there and I'm 3/4 of the way through the plane ride wondering why neither person on either side because I'm talking about all and I look at my shirt I'm like oh oh yeah I kind of fucked that up see I put this atheist vote stickers on my laptop so that people don't bother me when I'm writing in public

19 thoughts on “God is Not Needed In Fighting Addiction | Fred – Florida | Talk Heathen 03.29”

  1. Fred from Florida has simply replaced a number of very harmful , very real substances for a single very harmful substance. This is not a dismissal of his current sobriety and what he may believe it to be the cause. However , it can't be dismissed that Fred may possibly have an addictive personality disorder. There are individuals that have no desire to make use of alcohol or any other drug , i.e. , cocaine or crack. In these cases you have individuals who exercise common sense and avoid these substances because , well , there aren't many positive outcomes that go along with abusing your body with alcohol , cocaine or crack. If Fred truly believes that prayer is what led to him being sober and keeps him in that state then more power to him , still he should at the very least give himself some of the credit.

  2. How did I not know about this channel? I have been watching The Atheist Experience for over a year but this channel seems to have the same hosts as the other? Are the two YouTube channels recorded from the same shows or are they different?

  3. If atheists are living the best lives on the planet – all-powerful, all-loving, all-truthful, all-peaceful, rich, healthy, famous, intelligent, handsome, beautiful, etc.- then why the constant need to compare yourselves to theists???

    SHOW the world how wonderful you are before being arrogant and condescending.

  4. I love how you can see and hear Eric's condescending arrogance right away. And then he LATCHES ON to "Whew! Fred agreed that prayer is not evidence of God." And then " Let's move on! "

    Eric said his life is wonderful, which is a thinly veiled way of saying "I'm an atheist! I'm better than you are!"

    I'm not into organized religion, but did it ever occur to anybody that God is energy (an Infinite Organizing Power) and that different religions are different human interpretations of the same God? I know, I know. Atheists want EVIDENCE of that! Test tubes! Metal detectors! Christopher Hitchens! Ohm meters! Tesla coils!

    Don't expect atheists to look inward and honor/experiment with their own individuality. They're constantly looking outward, for every way possible to hold hands with fellow atheists.

    Fred seems like a nice guy, but as usual, atheists have "all the answers". Don't ever expect anything different. I've heard them cornered into saying "I don't know" just to cover their asses.

  5. I was chronic alcoholic for around 5 years and got to the point just wanting to fall asleep and not wake up. One night i prayed to god for some kind of help and a week later i got liver disease. I recovered (eventually) and never touched alcohol after that! True story.

  6. I didnt want to be cured at all, that's why I took the time and said a prayer to cure me….because I definitely didnt want that

  7. All the book says is that a people would become dispersed, but would return to rebuilt the place. That's it. Is it amazing that it talks of a people, getting dispersed? Nope, cause people got dispersed (and hanging on to their culture) all the time. They still do (refugee crisis). And of course the Jews, who don't believe in Fred's Jesus, knew about these verses too. It were PEOPLE who founded Israel.

  8. I hope this man makes a full recovery, theist or not. My dad was an alcoholic but didn't stop before his body got sick. He stopped without religion but that doesn't negate this man's experience. I hate how connects below are so dismissive bordering on cruel when this is a human being trying to overcome something.
    Eric, I like how you stayed calm and addressed this theist with tact.

  9. Examples of good convincing prophecies if I were god
    1. All the highest mountains will vanishing 11.08.2021 – As a god would take from the earth at this day (Mount Everest, K2 …)
    2. Nobody can see the moon for a whole month July 2023
    3. Green rain at the same time on every place on earth 12.09.2025

  10. It's amazing how Fred's life got objectively better thanks to his faith, yet these assholes are trying to tear it down anyway. It doesn't matter if God exists, what matters is that Fred got what he needed to straighten his life up, and that should end the discussion. But no, Eric Murphy would rather have him atheist, and perhaps still a junkie, than religious and healthy. The ACA are sociopaths.

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