God helped addiction, now a Christian | Fred – Florida | Talk Heathen 03.27

God helped addiction, now a Christian | Fred - Florida | Talk Heathen 03.27

you have been chosen by Jenna to be the next caller fourth champion Thank You Jenna I'm not leaving Christian and I listen to you all the time oh I'm so nervous right now I hope I'm gonna be able to get through the call this is not my comfort zone I understand thank you for calling and is brave I'm proud of you okay thank you that's gonna be my home phone for you is he saying that sorry what did you want to talk about today Fred yeah you know I mean I was born in I'm pretty much an atheist household and at age 27 I you know I became a Christian I just want to tell you you know what happened to me and get your guys a spot on it you know so we need we we do need to be time conscious but I think well you know we'll probably have some some time for the show is it possible to kind of summarize it and do you this is what convinced me that there is a God tell the story the way a normal person tells a story and not the way that I hope it's not gonna take that long 27 they'll get age 27 I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and my car broke one and I all my sister's car was stuck on a Christian radio station and I ended up in her car for two weeks and I you know and I was listened to no creatures and songs and stuff and after the two weeks I was I worked overtime it was like 3:00 in the morning there was a program on it was called songs for the night the response claimed the guy said if you want to accept Jesus into your life say this prayer so I did and after that I lost all desire for drugs alcohol and you know I really didn't know what to do with myself at this point you know you know and well just just a second one and so I you know I you know after a couple weeks I didn't know what to do with myself and I just said you know what's going on and I heard a voice you know not not a real voice but just voice inside me say you know you need to start going to church with your sister and I did that was 31 years ago and you know I haven't looked back since Oh emulations at one you know I'm glad that you've you've you know dealt with a problem in your life and turned it around that's a that's a good thing to do it's a difficult thing to do I just want to ask like a clarifying question you said you spent two weeks in a car do you mean living at it just driving back and forth to work I looked I lived in California at the time and there was a lot of traffic you know at first I tried to keep you know turn it off and that was even denied you know I didn't like it but I had to have some kind of noise so I know that California traffic is bad but two weeks is a kind of a long commute do you mean that like during that time you had a long commute and then you moved on to another so you said that you said a prayer and then lost all desire to engage in any drugs or alcohol and that's what made you become a theist correct you know I mean of course I was listening to Christian programs you know and and you know like I said after I said the prayer I hadn't I just lost my desire I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms and I was bad you know I mean I drank like a patient you know I was I was addicted to crack cocaine and I had no you know no withdrawals whatsoever so is it because you said a prayer and then you didn't have any withdrawals that you believe that it God exists no I believe you know you know and as I said the Bible and stuff I found out that you know they hold on real quick okay so so in your story we hadn't talked about the Bible we hadn't talked about the music or the community you had said that you'd set a prayer and then you lost all desire for alcohol and drugs and then you became a theist so I'm just trying to figure out what that thing is that convinced you the one thing that convinced you well you know what seeing wasn't one thing that convinced me I was you know the guy like I said the guy haven't just told you what happened the guy came on and said you know if you want to accept Jesus into your life you know say this prayer and I said in my life has changed I'm not saying it was one thing I'm saying that that after that prayer my mind has changed okay okay so there was a my desire or change I no longer desired that you know alcohol the drugs so are you saying there's a process that led up to you believing that God was real and one of the things or the last straw or a large straw was that you said a prayer to accept Jesus into your life and then were able to overcome your addiction you know really you know it just kind of happened so so Fred let me let me jump in here cuz I think you're not doing it deliberately but you're kind of already not giving yourself enough credit because you're saying it wasn't something you were seeing for wasn't something you wanted yeah it was you said the prayer and you said the prayer I'm assuming although you haven't said explicitly in part because you want it to be stronger and overcome your addiction is that somewhat fair to say I really wasn't looking for anything at that point in my life I spent my life you know pretty much drunk and on drugs I did manage my job I don't know how you said the prayer you know yeah you know I don't know you know I love I know that you know listening to the different programs and the different music and stuff I mean I'm sure it has something to do with it but I really couldn't put my finger on it you know they say y'all ha ha this is it well so if I was in a position where I was an atheist and I didn't believe any gods and you were coming up saying hey I've got a god and I know it's real how would you convince me to go and you're on your path you know okay you know here as you know as we read the Bible you know and I would search I learned about it you know I found out two different things at his sin and you know it says you know the Bible doesn't give you power over sin you know you receive the Holy Spirit and the and you know you have the power that gives you power over sin in your life and B you're a new creation and that's you know that you know you become alive spiritually and I believe you know with all my heart that's what happened to me I came life spiritually wait why also why do you believe that well because of what happened to me because I did have the power to overcome sin and you know as I read the Bible and stuff you know what what is ever coming sin overcoming sin well the drugs and alcohol I had you know oh participating at all in any kind of drugs or alcohol is automatically a sin I'm saying is what the Bible says it is right well you know I mean to some people I know Bible believing Christians this is my belief right you know according to me so we understand that as a concept but I think Jenna had the specific question that is any participation in drugs including the drug alcohol a sin no I don't think so I think you know of course you have drugs for you know to help you get better or you know to drink alcohol you know and you're not getting drunk and I don't think there's anything wrong with it I mean what makes it wrong and what makes it right like I said the Bible tells us what does the Bible say about how much alcohol to consume that makes it okay and how much alcohol to consume that makes it not okay do not be drunk well what is the definition of drunk according to the Bible well you know any human way of speaking pretty much we know when a person is drunk I mean no we don't you don't okay you can't look at a person drunk and say they're drunk it completely depends absolutely so many things if you have any alcohol in your system your mind is altered does that mean you're drunk you know well I mean if you want to get down and say you know III can't give you a specific number well that's so that might the reason I'm asking all these very specific questions about what the definition of drunk is is because when you say things like you're overcoming sin and that sin is drunkenness I'm like okay well what is it I mean how do we know what drunkenness is and how do we know if I'm participating or not according to the Bible how do we know you I mean when it comes to the definition of sin at all how do we know what makes a sin a sin yeah I think I get it but you know I mean really I the Bible and you know what I'm sure I don't know what every time I sin and you know so I think what Jenna is is getting at is that you're speaking in general terms about overcoming the sin of drunkenness right like I forgive me for speaking this way but in your life it seems sort of clear what that means which is overcoming addiction although you didn't use the word drunkenness but when you say overcoming sin you mean over overcoming your addictions which again you know kudos Congrats I haven't done that but I hear that it's a difficult task not that I have addictions that was weirdly phrased yeah I'm keeping mine but the the question that she had was okay so how can you determine I have this action specifically you know three bottles of beer right is there a place in the Bible or how would you determine in the sin of drunkenness you know I don't like again I I don't think I don't have a number you know the Bible doesn't give a number well if you know pretty much if you stand up and you fall down I pretty much think you're drunk when you say that as you know a defining factor of what makes somebody drunk well is that actually your defining factor say somebody stands up and they don't fall down you know what I mean like that's why I need some kind of a definition to work with because otherwise I don't how else am I supposed to know if I'm sinning or not know I mean the thing is okay in my life it was clear because I mean it was it created a problem in my life I'm sure no this was thirty-one years ago I said this prayer and the way I was drinking I'm sure would killed me I mean if they're doing something that's destructive to our body you know in in excess and it's causing problems I mean they're like I said again I can't give you a you know after two beers or three beers you're drunk okay you're referring to a concept well I can relate to you in that sense in that I mean I'm gonna be two years sober in a couple weeks and so I've struggled with that and I've learned a lot about addiction and and what makes it a problem for different people but the thing that I've learned about myself is that I was a drunk and didn't believe it for a very long time and so that's actually one of the things that catapulted me into trying to figure out what's actually true or not was because I was like no I'm just a young 20s person and just drinking and having fun I can't be an alcoholic but then I found out after going to an a a meeting and listening to other alcoholics talked about their experiences I was like I can relate to those experiences I've had those problems in my life oh my god maybe I'm wrong maybe it's true that I am a drunk even though I don't believe it and so that's kind of what got me into the okay well is there a god you know what else is true that I don't believe you know and so that's you know and again you know it well congratulations on overcoming your your addictions you know because when it comes down to it and you're trying to convince somebody that there's a God and I should believe it I I just don't know what you're gonna give me to believe it because you say oh well I overcame my drunkenness it's like cool that's your personal story but how can I use that to convince myself that there's a God without using a personal story well I think I'm saying even though Jamie is trying to give me credit for it I'm saying that I did nothing I said a prayer and I lost my desire I mean the I said the prayer and but really I mean to overcome addiction like that without yeah without any withdraws without you know any desire form again it's not a natural thing I did cause you doing okay you know okay that's fine yeah so what I would say is what I'm saying is you know I never went through a meeting I heard that they're good and and you know and I believe that God does use them any different people I don't think God works the same and in every single person that you know every person that says a prayer is going to be delivered you know I went to a and I D converted uh-huh yeah which is interesting because that's you guys went in opposite directions although you said you didn't go to eight so let me let me jump in here because I now need to make a point that I didn't think I would ever make on the show which is that no you did actually do something you prayed which is you took initiative to try something did something you hadn't tried before something you hadn't tried before they tried sincerely as a either first step or a step to overcome your addiction so addiction is a complicated complicated and it's different for everyone yes but it exists in the brain which produces the mind and to some degree depending on the specifics of addiction and the person etc that the mind can be affected by other things in the mind and one of the things that's very good at affecting a person's mind is religion and so I'm glad that in your life the tool the cognitive tool religion and religious thinking which can be very dangerous was used effectively to produce a positive result and it's fantastic that I mean I have an ass specifically like oh yeah how's your life now are you employed whatever but I'm going to assume that it's going great yeah c'est la vie but do you see how that as a reason to believe the factual claims of the Bible or religion or doctrine of any of the thousands of versions of Christianity isn't persuasive to someone else you know yeah I could totally understand that just because that that activity that people are can be first waited hey so I I also desperately despite the fact that I'm now less than half qualified to take this call than Jenna is but I am desperate to keep this conversation going if you can stand to learn read it if you can get on Facebook also like and subscribe and you know call back this is one that I really I really don't do any of that stuff email yeah I never checked it well send me one we'll be best friends I'll be the entirety of your inbox I have an email too now yeah yeah she does it's Jenna Belle at atheist – community org and that's for not just you that's for everyone if you have questions or want to talk and say hi okay I said you know SSI yeah and then you can email me Jamie at atheist – community org as well she's famous she gets both of her seams in her email so sorry sorry Fred I would keep the conversation going but we got to be really conscious of time and I hate to cut this call off but you know particularly because of the subject matter and it's serious and I think it's going really well I hope that even if you don't email we end up talking again but you know thanks for calling in today and even if you call back sometime maybe try to come up with like a specific thing that came to convince somebody that's never heard of God before you know what I mean try to come up with like I would I do know I do have other things and I will call back another time it was great talking to you thanks my name Fred dang it he was still talking all right

38 thoughts on “God helped addiction, now a Christian | Fred – Florida | Talk Heathen 03.27”

  1. Michael Reid Perry

    Religion is very addictive. He switched his drug of choice from substances to religion. Replacing addictions is a normal part of addictive disorder.

  2. I was addicted to crack cocaine, and after a prayer I was saved and without withdrawals! 🤣🤣 yeah whatever, you sound so dishonest.

  3. Agent Orange cured my malaria. Should we perhaps spray Africa with agent Orange now?
    Religion is far more harmful and deadly than spraying the entire continent of Africa with agent Orange. Religion is comforting like a band-aid on a festering wound. Religion offers no constructive solutions to any problems and with that, it stops people from looking for and working on actual solutions and it pushes problems on the next generation and the generation after that, all the while letting problems ruin and kill lives.
    Religion is an intellectually lazy way of saying that your comfort is more important to you than the well being of billions of other people. If you're religious, I don't just think you're wrong, I have a really hard time not to despise and fucking hate you. I have to keep reminding myself that you might just be too uninformed and/or stupid to realize the harm you do.
    I'm glad the guy got rid of his addiction but there are always better, more constructive and more sustainable ways to solve any problem than with religion. What if tomorrow he realizes he never had a good reason to believe? If instead he did it for himself and for a good life, from which your friends and family also benefits, there would have been so many practically useful side effects, like love, respect, happiness, strengthened relations, etc. What does religion have to offer?

  4. Addiction treatment and recovery is a really important issue. My mother has struggled with alcoholism for years. I have also struggled substance abuse myself. 95% of treatment programs revolve around religion and that's a huge problem for the athiest. It's even difficult for the athiest to find a suitable program.

  5. There are two types of christians: the ones who were indictrinated from childhood and the ones without having got a basis in life in their childhood, went wrong and found a make-up basis later on.

  6. Unprofitable Servant

    This show is scripted with callers.

    Atheism is scientism. It is a religion. Satan's religion.

    Do not follow these antiChrists to hell.

    I rebuke all of the devil's uneducated, arrogant trolls.

    Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is near

  7. So some alcohol is ok, but excess os a sin….according to the bible. But if you follow Islam, we dont need this "drunk" term, ANY alcohol is a sin.

  8. “I had no withdrawal…”
    Calling bullshit. You cannot dump a chemical into a human system to the point of addiction then suddenly take away new input of the drug and there are zero withdrawal symptoms.

  9. Linus Thunderhorse

    I hope the co-host is on more. They seem like they're sort of on the path of Tracy. Immediately introducing poignant questions when dialogue starts to go off into the rhubarb. They bring a fantastic dynamic to the show imo.

  10. Religion doesn't give too many priests power over sin.
    Just another dysfunctional religious tool, who has nothing but faith in the imaginary God of choice.

  11. I have overcome addiction. I was on prescribed narcotic painkillers for years. And when it came time to get off of them, it was awful… far worse than the pain I was fighting. But I got off it. And without any prayers or higher power. The thought that people can't do it themselves I find kind of offensive. People are stronger than they give themselves credit for.

  12. R y'all really fkn serious? I thought this wz The "ATHEIST" Experience n not D The "A.A" Experience😕
    Being drnk is drnk! Sum ppl get drnk on a beer or 2 n others get drnk on 6 or 100…who cares? How bout axin him how does he contribute his prayer n sobriety 2 a "God?" Jenna I ❤ U grl but U were all ovah D place tlkng bout, "na' mean?" Nooo! I don't kno wutchumeen! Thnx Jamie! Fo cuttin in n "trynna" save D day…SMH😌

  13. Let's take a look at what happens to a state in America when leftist atheist liberals are in charge.
    California is in more debt than every other state combined.
    California per capita if not the worst one of the worst states for crime in the country.
    California has a crew of workers whose job it is to clean up human waste from the sidewalks and streets.
    California pays more per student to educate their kids than any other state in the country. But finishes last and next-to-last in education. For a rich state this is probably the only state in the world to have such a bad education system.
    California is the only state in America to legalize child prostitution.
    California has an open border policy. California has the most homelessness then any other state in the country, but the illegals aren't amongst the homeless it's only the citizens, illegals are guaranteed housing.
    California along with New York are putting laws on the books to control people's thoughts and make it a crime to think.
    Although I don't have solid proof and only reasoning to back this up, California allows illegals to vote which takes away the citizen's right to pick who they want. One of the reasons why I say this is because many have gotten caught, it's more for the fact that they will not allow photo ID cards.
    California illegally take away money from its citizens and supply support for citizens of other countries

  14. Addictive personality disorders aside , how can a person who does not believe in a God or Gods and who's never done an illicit drug or had a taste for alcohol be explained ?

  15. How about All the Many Many other people who have been able to throw off some "Addiction" but through dedication through Buddhism, Hinduism, even Islam. So the Bible's God is the end all be all because he fits a normal percentage of any other Religion. His "transformation" is NOT Supernatural.

  16. Circular reasoning is when you can't come to a logical conclusion about what something is or how it happens. A junky or a drunk is easy to see and determine as such. Sluring, sacrificing responsibilities for the habit, doing and saying things one typically wouldn't say or do without the drugs, influence. Physical symptoms from the drugs, such as meth mouth, obesity, anorexia, sickness, mental illness, etc, etc, you stupid, atheitarded, bitches. 🤪

  17. It's like they don't want to even look at any other possibility of why they don't do dope anymore except that God saved them. What the fuck?! That's not irrational or honest and then to assert that you know a god did it but not back it up , it's just blatant dishonesty , just so you'll feel good.

  18. Gibson In Distress

    Mhmm. Well Fred and I have had different experiences. I was a Christian, addicted to drugs, and every time I prayed, I still had a desire to do drugs…. Damn God, why not help me???

  19. Herzeleydt Diesentrüb

    Expelling Satan with the Beelzebub – a very poor way of "overcoming addiction".
    It is called "Swapping Addiction", you silly twit.

  20. Crazy prayingmantis

    I started believing in Zorg and all my bad habits ceased.

    Does that make Zorg real?

    For the record, if people need to believe in a God in order to keep them away from doing self destructive things, whatever works for them I suppose.

    But you're going to have a hell of a time if you want to claim that God actually exists and is responsible for preventing you from your self destructive ways.

  21. Interesting call and some what common? He's hit rock bottom on drugs/ booze and by chance he's ended up listening to a preacher on a radio for a couple of weeks and decided to reach out there for help….Nothing special here at all? Just another individual replacing one addiction for another addiction to justify there place on this planet.

  22. An atheist told me that we are a freak accident of a big bang that made a slime. He said that people are a product of this slime. He told me we are really just a freak accident that has this life to live. As a freak accident we have no real purpose or value. When we die thats it, an eternal dirt nap as worms eat our brain.

    A Christian told me that we where fashioned by a God that loves us and has a purpose and a plan for us in this life and for all eternity. He said that God loves me so much that he wants to spend eternity with me. He said that God loves me now and wants to be in every part of my life.

  23. God heals addicts and restores life. .
    Atheism reduces life to a meaningless, purposeless, temporary accident of no real significance, awaiting absolute annihilation no matter how you live. Hopeless Nihilism.

  24. Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife.

    Ephesians 5:22-23

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