– Hey, what’s up guys? Coach Rock here, the official trainer for I Love Basketball TV. In today’s video, I’m gonna be showing you how you can improve your conditioning so that you can get in the
best shape of your life and the best shape, the
shape that is needed to play at a high level. Being in good shape is gonna prevent you from getting injured
because a lot of injuries come when we’re tired. And our mind and body
is just so exhausted, we take a wrong step here
and we sprain our ankle. We take a wrong step here, tweak our knee. Being in better shape is gonna
help you stay injury-free. The problem is a lot of players don’t know how to train to get in shape. That’s because a lot of coaches these days just make your run thousands of sprint and think it’s gonna get you in shape. Running sprints is good to get
in shape, don’t get me wrong. But you also have to take into account the other phases of basketball. It’s just not all a sprinting game. You’re not just sprinting
up and down the whole game. A lot of it is walking. A lot of it is jogging. A lot of it stopping. There’s time out. There’s free throws. So, we have to train our body to be able to recover quickly so that we can stay in the shape needed for basketball player. A basketball player doesn’t
need to be in the shape of a cross-country runner
and doesn’t need to be in the shape of 100-meter sprinter. You have to be somewhere
kind of in between that area and a sub-mix of a lot of things you need. And I was talking to one of
our trainers the other day, Coach Andy, you guys have seen
him on our channel before. And I was asking him
what were his thoughts about basketball conditioning. And I want to get his kind of perspective before I shot this video. And he said, “Rock, honestly, the only way to really get in basketball shape is by playing basketball at a high level.” So, if you’re just playing
in open gym and stuff, that’s not gonna get you
in the best shape possible because think about
how many times open gym two or three games in guys
are walking the whole time? Nobody is running. Nobody is going hard. So, you want to be able to
play basketball at a high level for as much as you can. But, let’s say you can’t do that. You can still get in good basketball shape by doing drills that
simulate basketball shape just standing around, shooting
around the three-point line and then running some
sprints isn’t gonna get you in the shape needed to play
basketball at a high level. That’s why I’m shooting
this video for you right now so that you can implement
this whether you’re at home, you’re at your own gym,
whatever the case may be. But you can actually
get in the shape needed to play at a high level. So, when tryouts come
around, you’re the guy that’s in the best shape. Or when practice comes
around, you outlast everybody. When games come around, fourth quarter, you have the extra
burst, that extra energy when everybody else is gasping for air. Let’s get straight into it. (explosive sound) Alright, so like I said, the key with getting in basketball shape is again, playing
basketball at a high level. Going through full game speed situations. But if you can’t do that,
you’re not gonna get in shape just by standing around shooting shots and then running sprints. No part of the game or
basketball is like that. You sprint every now and then
but the game of basketball, you sprint maybe for five seconds. You stop, you set up a play, you score. You run, you jog back on the time out. So, you gotta train your body to deal with these type of recovery times (loud bang) and this type of rates of speed. So, what we’re gonna do
here is we’re gonna sprint while dribbling. Again, this is all game specific. Sprinting while dribbling here. (ball dribbling sound) But we we’re not gonna do a
lot of people that would do. They just sprint back
and forth with the ball. We’re not gonna do that here. What we’re now gonna do when we get here, we’re gonna stop and we’re gonna act like we’re handling the
ball against defense. So again, we’re not stopping
but we’re not going too fast, we’re also not going too slow. When you come here, we get back up here, we’re gonna act like we’re running a play. So, come here. Act like you’re getting
a pick set for you. Come in off the pick,
maybe head in a pull up get in to the rim. Finishing. From there, you’re just gonna jog. I know this is a lot of
pieces, but you’re just jogging real slow, nothing crazy. Jogging. Then you’re walking to the free throw line to shoot a free throw. That’s your break. If you’re too tired, you
can skip the free throw. You don’t have to shoot the free throw. And you can do a few sets of these to help you get in shape. And you can see the
different variations we have. We have sprinting. Jogging. We have going semi-hard on basketball dribbling the ball up the court. We have walking. We have taking a break. So, this drill right
here is gonna simulate everything needed to get in
shape for real basketball games. (electrocution sound) Now the cool thing, if you have a partner that can also help with your rest periods so you can go to full thing hard. And then you could take a quick break while your partner goes through it because that break you
take is gonna be about maybe 20 to 30 seconds which
would be the amount of time probably taken for a player
to shoot two free throws or 30-second time out. So, everything we’re doing is
simulating real game speed, real game breaks, everything. And this is why you’re gonna
get in basketball shape versus just running
sprints back and forth. (electrocution buzz sound) (slow techno music) (electrocution buzz sound) So as you could see, I’m wended just training my body in good conditioning to get in basketball shape. But this drill also teaches
you to play a game speed. You can’t sprint the whole way. You can’t go hard all the time. You gotta go hard, slow down. You gotta walk, change
speeds, control the tempo. This drill is gonna train all of that. (electrocution buzz sound) I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Guess what? I have a free basketball training program. Yes, a full program that
I wanna give to you today. It’s called the Undersized
Guard Essential Skills package. Again, absolutely free. All you have to do is click the first link in the description, whether
you’re on desktop or mobile. Just go right to the description. Click that first link. That link is gonna take you to a page. You’ll see the program you’re getting. And you’ll also see a timer on that page. You don’t have a lot of time to get this. I only want serious players in. So if you’re serious, go to that page, put in your first name, put in your email. From there, you’re gonna
hit that green button that says send me to step two. And then from step two, I’m
gonna give you the workout. I’m gonna email it to your email, your username and your password inside of our online members training app so that you can get your
full training program. Again, like I said, 100% free. Don’t forget to hit that thumbs
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let all the trainers here at I Love Basketball TV. Let us know what else you need, what else you want us to talk about and we’re gonna bring you those videos. Last but not the least,
please do not forget to subscribe to our channel
I Love Basketball TV and you know we’re gonna
keep this videos coming. (electrocution buzz sound)

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    And most importantly, please keep your body right and eat right please

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