Gene Simmons: Drug addicts and drinkers are losers with low self esteem

Gene Simmons: Drug addicts and drinkers are losers with low self esteem

don't hang out with druggies you will lose everything but mostly money don't hang out with drinkers same thing do get straight if you're not obvious but worth saying drinking and drugs will prevent you from making money that's a promise something's got to go if you're like me and love money get rid of all the monkeys on your back now changes I've never been drunk in my life I've never been high except in a dentist's chair I've never taken more than a sip or two of beer I hate the taste and smell of it I have never smoked except for one or two puffs from a hidden pack of my mother's cigarettes when I was 12 years old after that I never put another cigarette in my mouth again I have never touched drugs I've been a good boy I've worked hard and no one has allowed the fruits of my labor without my permission I'm not saying this for effect but as a for your information only now if you take a look at this very small idea it's a personal choice I made although Convention and society actually espoused the notion of drinking James Bond has his martinis and Joe middle America watches a Sunday football game and drinks brews as he yells fuck you Heil Hitler I just don't like the smell of alcohol or the taste of it there's nothing about it that's appealing in the least it also costs money a lot of it drinking is not a solitary activity unless you're a blatant drunk and have very bad self-esteem problems ace has some very bad self-esteem problems and was a drinker drinking is a social phenomenon you like to drink beer or booze and lots of it because this is America and you like to do it with your buddies and often you'll spring for the tab because you're such man that means that you'll be out a lot of cash and you won't even have gotten a lap dance I haven't sat down and done the arithmetic but I would imagine I've saved a small fortune simply by not drinking not to mention less aspirin taps for headaches no time lost from work due to hangovers you do the math I've also as a personal choice never been high in my life in any way shape or form I've never held a marijuana cigarette in my hand and have never stuck anything that looks remotely like sweet and low up my nose it's simply a personal choice this doesn't make me very popular in that way at parties because parties are based on the notion that people need to get blitzed in order to be effective at attracting the opposite sex I have worked for more than 30 years in an industry that actually espouses the lifestyle in a phrase that we've all come to know and love dearly sex drugs and rock and roll my favourite word sex is right at the beginning there's that dreaded self-destructive word drugs right in the middle and the rock-and-roll part nobody can quite figure out it seems harmless enough I'm here to tell you that a loser came up with that middle word but clearly the industry is filled with Mongoloids with guitars hanging around their necks because when this idiot was just a poor kid before he got famous he didn't have access to many drugs that may not have been a drug addict at all he aspired to greatness and riches and as many women as he could get and of course as soon as he got it what did he do he became a drug addict his dissent was hastened into hell behind a turnstile someplace where he's doomed to ask you guessed it want fries with end on tour with kiss I would walk into a room it would be filled with groupies they would either be a drinking or be doing drugs well everybody in that was blessed I would simply walk in like the Fox in the henhouse and take out all the chicks I liked when the girls were with me one two or more smoking was not allowed drinking was not allowed and getting high was not allowed they spray lien was not allowed Peter Criss was not allowed my dick was not allowed for one thing there are financial repercussions if someone is in your room in overdoses also if she is drunk and or high she might do something that will bring the law coming at the end of the day I never wanted to be around anyone who drank or got high I was always you might be surprised to know much more interested in being around managers and record company people and to be perfectly blunt bankers and if not entirely then at least their sisters and girlfriends

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  1. According to Paul Stanley, Gene loves sweets. So one time the guys in the band decided to play a joke with him and gave him some marijuana brownies. Gene, not knowing there was pot in the brownies ate them all, and got high as a kite. The guys in KISS thought it was funnier than hell.

  2. I can have a drink and not get drunk or even get buzzed. I don't like the feeling of being drunk. If I have a girlfriend who likes smoking pot, I don't care. But if she gets drunk all the time or she can't stop using illegal drugs like heroin and meth… then absolutely not. that other shit will rot your body from the inside out and cause brain damage. It's been only six months since I had contact with my ex girlfriend she's on meth and heroin and she already looks like a homeless girl. She is only 26 years old but she already looks 30. Not to mention it can kill her at any time.

    don't do it.

  3. Gene is a gross pig. World's number one hypocrite. A truly ugly judge of others. Who would want to hang around that guy in the 70s? Textbook nerd. Dork. He makes people want to drink!

  4. Gene your severe narcissism is a byproduct of low self esteem. Keep that in mind when you put down others for their self esteem problems

  5. Gene is right the two worst drugs on the planet smoking especially alcohol it is the nastiest smelliest shit ever.

  6. I never wanted to be around anyone who got drunk or high, but yet during his tv show family jewels he was seen at clubs where all patrons were drinking… At his wedding he was seen drinking champagne, what a fuckin hypocrite…..

  7. Hey Phil what's up brother…. Gene Simmons love him or hate him he is one outspoken in your face kind of guy but people are people we all have our crutch…. Hey man I'll catch you May 25th here in Rochester New York can't wait Phil…. Cities going to burn 🤘

  8. but being a lying sack of shit who's layed down more than a few under age girls is OK! ur a talentless clown simmons,, &someday the contents of ur "special "briefcase will come to the spotlight & people will see exactly how fake and full of shit u really are!

  9. chris the vancura

    Gene does have good advice.Lets face it, he knows how to make money..There is no doubt in that..But he's not a "true rocker" he's in for the money..Its all business so he's not a "artist" in the true sense of the word.. Oh, he is good no doubt in that, he's a genius for sure..Some people are artists some are business people..Sadly enough some of your true artists end up going wild because they don't know what to do when they get a big payday..If I had that talent and worked 24 -7 paying dues struggling..And finally get recognition and fortune I would have went wild..No doubt about it..Guess that's why I always liked Ace best..He kept it real, a guy who you bump into at a pub in the city playing darts and having a cold gin..Or slammin down pitchers of Kamakazes back stage at Joe's.🎼🎶♩♩🎵🎤🎸🥁🎸🍺

  10. Erdmann II Count of Promnitz

    Phil, you make great videos, but this is not one of your better ones. Did Simmons forget to mention the time he ate the pot brownies in his book?

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