Florida teen installs cameras in home to prove parental abuse

Florida teen installs cameras in home to prove parental abuse

86 thoughts on “Florida teen installs cameras in home to prove parental abuse”

  1. Nice job bro, screaming a little girl and a dog. “You can’t win” NO SHIT that’s why you do this to a little girl and a dog. If it was a man your size you wouldn’t do a damn thing.

  2. 4K bond what a fkn joke!! Leave his punk ass in jail with some men who wish they could be there for their kids!! Don’t fk with women and kids it’s a wrap…


  4. This piece of shit is a ‘prominent businessman.’ Florida needs to make him a ‘prominent inmate.’ Do the right thing.

  5. get that girl into foster protective custody. Put his ass in jail. And never let him have contact with her ever again. Talk about a toxic person.

  6. The issue is he was abused as well BUT he refused to stop there..and so he continued to try and pass on his abuse onto her…But let's all hope she has not learned anything from his abuse.

    Also…Just in case someone says "Him being abused is no excuse to do that to that little girl!!!!"
    I'm saying this man LEARNED TO ABUSE others from being abused himself. He could have prevented passing the abuse onto her by knowing the law..but most the time when you are abused knowing the law by itself isn't enough when you believe being abused is NORMAL.
    He most likely doesn't even call what he been through and what he's doing abuse..he just calls it "Its what parents do!!!"

  7. Michelle DeFrancisco

    This makes me so sad this really does happen! And it’s crazy how no one would believe her! Wish I could meet this girl and hug her telling he how brave she was because I would have done the same thing especially protecting my pets she didn’t even really think of herself she was protecting her dog even when her dad was swinging around that knife and abusing her! So sad hope that guy gets what he deserves!

  8. Touch my child and dog and you are a dead man. I would have called a friend first for bail money then the police for a body bag. I hope that scumbag gets the crap beat out of him in jail. Thinks he’s a big man now wait till he gets to jail, he’ll be someone’s bitch.😈

  9. What a brave brave girl feel so bad she had to go through that. Kind of fucking dad does that to their baby. Hope shes safe an can live stress free life now. And fuck that cunt id kill him. And should be no bond remanded till trial. What happens if hes out finds his daughter and harms her. Hope the town smash his stores up to fuck.

  10. What makes me extremely mad is authorities not believing her or doing any investigation until she gets surveillance footage for proof. I know people can lie about this stuff, but seriously, do your job & investigate. Besides that this piece of 💩 should be locked up & bashed.

  11. There's a special place in hell for boys like this (I say boy because I don't feel he has the right to be called a man)hopefully someone gets away with putting this guy out of his family's misery

  12. This piece of shit will probably only get probation and anger management classes the newscaster even said he's a PROMINENT business owner makes one long for the days of lynch mobs

  13. "You can't win"…Your daughter just did! What a sick SOB! I agree with Zio Oren here. I pray this so called father loses everything!

  14. The presentation is hilarious "it hurt my stomach watching it" are you serious?? The what about wars and hundreds of butchered kids in war zones? What then? You'll go to the hospital from fainting? Hypocrites..Why you "beeb" the fucking video all the time? The father says "the dog doesn't protect you or any of us" the rest is beebs. I don't see any serious abuse here, yelling and cursing is common in all families more or less and parents hit their children at least once in their life. I was expecting to see a father hitting the girl or kicking her or grabbing her from the hair and slapping her but no. Anyway it's still an abuse but not for prison, just the girl shouldn't be living with him to begin with.

  15. I saw the full video. I have never, EVER wanted to kill someone as much as I want to murder this man. In cold bloody murder, no hesitation, no regret. The video made me cry out of frustration. Just listening to her screams of desperation just begging him so hard to please leave the dog alone and stop trying to kill him when he was strangling him. I can’t believe this motherfucker is still breathing. That dog is all she has bro. If I was the cop I would’ve killed him too. I don’t care if that makes me evil or the same as him. I’ve never wanted to kill anyone more.

  16. This man should be stripped of all his privilege and have EVERYTHING taken from him and given to this child for suffering this for all these years. No one listened to her and worse-her so called father’s lawyer, under his instructions, intimidated her and dictated to law enforcement where and who this child was to go to. How can she be safe when she has no say in regards to her own fate! I thought courts were supposed to listen to children?! It just shows how corrupt our system. Anything can bought if you have enough money.

  17. This girl is so brave. She probably has gone through so much she never deserved. Thats a sick human being, horrible. He deserves to burn in hell.

  18. I had parents like this dad. They were prominent figures in the community and even was involved with the juvenile court board for years. They knew judges, officers, and other prominent ppl. No one believed me. Cameras weren’t accessible (small enough) around then. My heart goes out to this girl. I’m glad she will get justice. She’s one strong and determined young lady.

  19. She asked if he was gonna kill her DID YALL HEAR HIM? He said “MAYBE.” That’s more than child abuse right there. Send that pansy over to Texas. We got his “maybe.”

  20. Hideous piece of worthless shit. How terrifying for his own flesh & blood daughter & her pets. Goddamn I'm so mad I'm shaking.

  21. Its insanely unfortunate, but getting it on video is usually what it takes to get lowlife's like this caught. They know how far they can take things without consequences. If you keep calling the cops, it is only your word against theirs. This girl did a very smart thing.

  22. Wow real tough guys attacking and hurting a small dog and little girl…dude is a nut case deserves to go to prison and see how far that attitude gets him then lol there’s a video I’d like to watch

  23. Oh FUCK he has money so he's out and gonna kill that poor kid or make her wish she was dead…animal abuse, child abuse…but an ugly 'prominent businessman" so everyone turns away and says Nothing.
    They too are GUILTY AF.
    They're also Cowards.
    Chickenshit mfs.
    There should be a 'vote by phone' where we as citizens can decide what to do with this POS.

  24. This man mass shooter material Florida man coward prick. Psychopaths are not mentally ill. Men his own size needs to pulverize him. Feed him to sharks.

  25. Florida Girl Adventures

    Wow – this goes on in so many homes daily! Good for this girl for standing up for herself. Parents – beware?!

  26. $4,000 bond? That's an insult to the abused girl. And no one heard that, even once, for 4 years? I'll bet the mom knew and did nothing until the video forced her to do something.

  27. $$$$ Can't give u peace many poor pple live way better than this how do u headbutt ur 14yr old daughter what an animal i would rather live in a village in a hut with 10 siblings in the same room than live like this!

  28. Only $4000 bond?!? Apparently because he has sole custody, he didn’t allow her to go to her mother’s. She is at a friend of his where his lawyer told her she would be put in foster care if she testifies

  29. This little girl was "forced" to prove to the Police and the court system what she was going through and she did. For the system to let this man out and put her life in danger the way they just did, in the movie or comic book world somebody would come into that situation and kill everybody who has played a part in this little girl suffering. In my perfect world that's the way these type of stories would end………………..GRIM. https://youtu.be/vxUPLI4hCu8

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