Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think

Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think

A new study finds that emotional abuse is
just as harmful as physical or sexual abuse – so why is no one talking about this? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and anyone
who’s not a complete monster knows just what kind of scars sexual and physical abuse
can leave on a child. But something that’s rarely, if ever talked about – is psychological
abuse. There are no laws against it, no billboards on the side of the highway. And yet the American
Academy of Pediatrics says it’s “the most challenging and prevalent form of child abuse
and neglect.” So why aren’t we addressing this issue with the same fervency we give
to other more, visible kinds of abuse? Well, part of that may be a simple lack of
awareness. Until now, most of the studies on this subject, have specifically looked
at the long-term effects of sexual or physical abuse. But according to a new study, children
who are emotionally abused or neglected can develop similar and sometimes even worse mental
health problems than kids who are sexually or physically abused. For this study, researchers analyzed data
from 5,616 children with lifetime histories of physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological
maltreatment, or a combination thereof. Maltreatment in this case was defined as either abuse or
neglect inflicted by a caretaker – so things like bullying, threats, severe insults, isolation,
etc. What they found, is that a staggering number
of children – 62% – had a history of psychological maltreatment, and 24% of the cases they studied,
were exclusively related to psychological maltreatment. They also found that children who were victims
of psychological maltreatment, suffered from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, post-traumatic
stress disorder, and suicidal tendencies – at the same rate – and in some cases, an even
greater rate – than children who were physically or sexually abused. Especially worrisome, is the fact that of
the three kinds of abuse, psychological maltreatment specifically has the highest association with
depression, anxiety, attachment issues, and substance abuse. So clearly, this is not an
issue we should just be brushing off. According to the US Children’s Bureau, nearly
3 million U.S. children experience some form of maltreatment every year. But as the lead
author of this study, Joseph Spinazzola, points out – there are no physical wounds associated
with psychological abuse. So child protective case workers have a particularly hard time
recognizing it. He also brings up the point that emotional
abuse just doesn’t carry the same social taboo as physical or sexual abuse, even though
it’s equally, if not more, damaging to a child’s mental health. As such, our primary
goal, he says, should be to implement more public awareness initiatives to “help people
understand just how harmful psychological maltreatment is for children and adolescents.” While we’re on the topic of children, I
wanna remind all of you guys watching this, that I host another show here at Discovery
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  1. guys listen ino you all could have bad lives but my father likes to call me a moron and twist everything he does to me to make me feel bad. he blamed me for him and his gf fighting- he tears up about her but not about him loosing his child’s trust and respect. and people wonder why i’m so insecure and have low self esteem. and it’s not every year- it’s whenever i’m near

  2. I have that happening at a year old that when it started i get yelled at in my face when ever I think about it it hurts my chest I feel like I’m ganna die

  3. Meme Boi Doritos 2nd channel

    Let’s make sure we don’t become like abusive parents we will start a new better generation where abuse isn’t a thing

  4. Jennifer Anne Robinson

    My dad makes fun of me… I have major anxiety and cry but I never cry in front of him cuz he'll yell at me and he called me names and i feel like I'm not cared about

  5. sometimes I think if I'd just fall 'asleep' would I get a chance to start over and have a different life and childhood and so on.. I'm haunted by not only the past but how severely it affects my present and therefore the future.

  6. He called me a disappointment and told me I’m not good enough. He threatens to take my phone and smash it in front of me. He publicly embarrassed me and tells people that I look up to my personal business. Idk what to do.

  7. I agree a 100 %, my mom was very very very rough with her words to words use. And she would strike hard and fast with a belt or a price of a small limb along with something else but it's very disturbing to say. Then my older brother and younger sister were separated for about 5 years from our home. My dad did not stand up for use and he would often pit my older brother and I against each other like gladiators. Make us fight. And he would be critical with his words. After we where allowed to return home things where somewhat different and somewhat not. She has passed on to the other side. And my dad has dementia now and it's getting worse. I go visit him every Sunday at the nursing home. I have forgiven them and have learned to move forward with life. However there are times and I still feel the pain the hurt .I often avoid large gatherings of family and friends , people. I struggle with trust. And fight addiction problem with meds.
    I often stay home and only go out when my wife is with me who has been a great blessing and help with this. All can say isto anyone who has been through this don't give up and keep fighting on.

  8. Try having 6 hours straight beeing shouted at and threatened to have your face beaten until you were disfigured when your only 14. 33 years old still have the scarring

  9. When I was a child I was happy, loved, I felt loved. Then one day my grandma came to live with us. At first it was all happy go lucky and I was pretty excited she was here. Then about 4/5 months of her staying with us things changed. I remember one time when I was getting picked up from school by my grandma, we were driving back to my house she mentioned something about me getting chubbier and I needed to cut back on what I ate. At the time I actually agreed with her because before that I was always the of chubby kid in the class. Since then she has constantly been berating me saying stuff such as: " you are getting chubbier every day look at yourself in the mirror that's not attractive", "You look like you just came out of bed go put on another (shirt, pants, etc.) It got to the point were I developed a MAJOR lack of self confidence, I started to have depressive/ suicidal thoughts which led to my self harm issues, I also developed an eating disorder due to all the talk of my weight. I finally told my mom what was going on and she said: "don't listen to her, she just saying things, toughen up you will always have mean people in your life." Even though I told my mom and she KNEW what was happening under her roof she did nothing about it. PLEASE, if you have and/or are going through the same thing please contact one of your parents or a trusted adult don't let things go too far like I did it will result in a much worse outcome.

  10. I went through horrific emotional abuse by my mother and no surprise I got into a horrible relationship with a mentally abusive partner. I'm now 41 and felt like I was never good enough for most of my life, I also made pacts with myself to end my life at 45 to make my self vanish. But now I couldn't put my daughter through it, it's a struggle as i go to work and function but I can't get rid of the thoughts that there's something wrong with me and life isn't for me. Thinking of writing a book about my experience with emotional/mental abuse and has deeply affected my life, but don't know where to start.

  11. Why is it the abuser in this was portrayed as the man? That girls were seen more as victims and women as the comforter when I can tell you from experience, my mother was the monster.

  12. Abuse from adults in general not just parents (don't turn this into a witch hunt) Other family members, Teachers, so called mentors. Ect

  13. I underwent psychological abuse by my own mother when i was a child and i didnt think it was damaging until now as an adult i see it had in the form of anxiety and depression and suicidal tendencies that lingered for years. I now am 23 and doing alot better for once in my life. Emotional abuse is no joke and really terrible to put ur child through as much as any other abuse. I really wish for no one to go what i went through because of the painful consequences of the mental illness i faced for years. I hope anyone reading this doesnt find themselves alone if they went through it you can grow past the pain❤

  14. This article didn't give any examples of what constitutes emotional abuse. In some cases, extreme smothering could be considered emotional abuse. Is neglect not speaking to a child if they anger you until they apologize even if they aren't wrong? There are obvious things, like telling a kid they will never amount to anything and that they are stupid just like their father, mother, or whoever they are being compared to. All parents will be guilty of some form of emotional abuse of their children at some point. I guess, the issue is if the abuse is constant or occasional, deliberate or a slip up.

  15. 'funny' how she's constantly showing pics of kids and women being 'abused' by men, while child abuse is much more prevalent among women, and children are nowhere safer than with their fathers, by all statistical evidence.

  16. They never truly define emotional abuse, here. What is it? I feel that I was emotionally abused by my parents, my former classmates, and my former partners, but I don't know for sure and still can't put my finger on all the specifics. I think it was emotional abuse that caused my anxiety disorder, depression and digestive issues, as well as my lack of confidence and lack of trust in my ability to make good decisions and to take care of myself. I am now in my 50s and it has taken me all these years to realize that I am just as capable or as good as anyone else. However, the problem with emotional abuse is that you don't always realize what it is when it's happening and can mistake a situation as being your fault, especially when that is what you are repeatedly told. That is why it has taken me a while to open my eyes and understand the mean, manipulative and sneaky things that people have pulled on me since I was a child. The scary part is that I am of perfectly normal or above intelligence. I feel sorry for people with disabilities and lesser intelligence who most likely get even more taken advantage of by others. Maybe that is why I ended up being a special education teacher.

  17. For me i remember the thing that screwed me up was being scolded for making even small mistakes. My mom loves me but the fact she is high strung still annoys me to this day. She only had me a boy and didn't know how to raise one singlehandedly.

    My parents divorced when i was 4.5 years of age. My mother won custody of me, and we moved to Monterey county, CA. I remember my mom being kind, but at the same time she didn't know i had Asperger's. I even remember being afraid and having anxiety. Kids copy what their parents do so that's what i did. I even remember at 5 wanting to wear diapers. I also remember a rugrats episode where an adult wore a diaper and in influenced my decision. My dad would visit from time to time and i convinced him to buy me some diapers when i was 7 when visiting. In truth i never used them though one time my mom got pissed at how i was acting ungreatful and asked me if i wanted to wear diapers i said "no" when i wanted to say Yes.

    I remember dealing with bullying and having some anger issues. For me i also dealt with feeling different than others around me. I didn't know i had Asperger's till i was 17 though i was diagnosed with it 5 years earlier from a visit. My mom and stepdad didn't tell me till i was 17.

    My mom later met my stepfather and we both butted heads. I remember at times he'd yell at me for making mistakes and it continued even with work. I kept feeling worse & worse with mistakes I made. To this day I've carried the anxiety. It screws with you mentally when you remember the fear that resurfaces whenever you make mistakes.

    I've even dealt with anger issues in part because of how i was treated by others. For me i started treating people like crap, and being angry all the time. These days not so much as I'm worming on letting go. As for tue whole diapers thing i realize that desire never left no matter how much I wanted it to. Then one day 2 years ago i discovered the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper lover) community. I'm a diaper lover as i don't do all that baby shit.

    Anywho that's my 2 cents.

  18. If I ever had kids, I'd never do to them what my parents did to me. They'd be strong, happy and confident and ready to tackle life head-on. Id never want them scared of life or complacent with failure. They'd be great!

  19. My step dad once threatened me to break up with an old boyfriend because I wasn't supposed to be on the phone with him because I was grounded, and he threatened me by holding a 2ft by 1 inch thick paddle over my head and saying he was going to hit me in the head with it if I didn't call and break up with the boyfriend. Another time I left a speck of food on the dishes and he said if I did it again whatever was dirty would be used to hit me with. There were all kinds of threats like that with light physical abuse attached i.e, halfway kicking me, biting my ear, spitting in my face, shoving me, etc. He would back me against a wall and scream in my face for hours till I was so terrified I couldn't hear anything …

  20. I was in a public restroom when I heard a mother yelling at her child. Then she said are you ever going to tell me no again. That child had the hardest time telling mom no because he had just told her he wouldn't tell her no again. I could picture this child cowering from his mother and that's when I realized how harmful we can be to our kids without realizing it. I so wanted to tell her what she had just done but had to leave because my bus was pulling out.

  21. I just went on with a happy thought that id have my own family, but id start again, meaning, there was no family before me, my father being the last to carry the name and being forgotten, makes me right, to whatever was done to me… I remember only these words:, "You should be thankful you are in this world, because without me, there wouldn't be you"… Now he might have been born aswell, but he will never be in anyone else's memory but mine's till i die…

  22. you raised devil chicks, not children,as long as the children no longer listen and do what they want from themselves the abuse will not stop, all or changed, you give food, you raise them and they no longer have parents, you know well what this is

  23. I'm going through this alot
    yeah yeah my mother always says "Iput a roof over your head, feed you, and try and give you the best of things"
    well, that's understandable, but I just want her to listen to me. Anytime I try and persuade her of something, even the smallest thing, she just says no. Even if she doesn't have to do anything about it, it's always a no. I just want her to listen to me. The more I talk about it the more she ignores and disgusts me talking about it. It's just unfair

  24. The definition of psychological or emotional abuse isn't given in this snippet. The definition is necessary before recommending policy solutions. But at the end you reveal that you don't care about children. You're in favor of ripping them to pieces in the womb. That's disgusting.

  25. Yes emotional abuse is horrible! But so is your slandering of pro-life groups that are trying to save innocent lives and care for the mothers. We know who the liars are in this debate.

  26. There are many cases of children abuses in Japan…
    The most child who got abused finally decide to suicide.
    I know cuz i have those experiences.

  27. One of the most important initiatives that prolife centers do, is parenting education for free** with the latest and best approach for parenting healthy, happy children. Prolife organizations do so much for the communities they are in. From giving material needs and providing information to befriending and genuinely loving the people they serve. I know many, many staff and volunteers and have yet to find someone intentionally misleading anyone. All services are free in most centers, even STD &STI testing, peer support and counseling, and helping people find other community resources that they cannot provide, like housing assistance or help navigating social services for food and heating assistance.

  28. I could have told all the anti-spanking advocates this years ago… without the study. Physical abuse NEVER occurs without emotional abuse. And it is the emotional abuse that causes the lasting damage. It is also responsible for the bulk of the damage in sexual abuse.

    Spankings do not occur simultaneously with emotional abuse.

  29. Whaaaaaaat u mean parents should treat their children right??? Parents can’t just bully, berate, yell and put down their children??

  30. Females generally do not care how abusive they are to others, such as their children, and society as a whole. Societies such as religious organizations, are afraid of upsetting females… for reasons… ($$$$$). Reality is that the absolution of a females sins are of paramount importance to the female… and if they cannot get that from the man they happen to be with, they will abdicate their abstinence to any farcical entity willing to bestow upon them forgiveness.

  31. My father mentally abused and sexually assaulted me. It took me 4 years to finally come clean to my mother and my grandmother. I was stuck in this house with an absolute monster, constantly being told I’m not good enough and I’m gonna grow up miserable and I never do anything right, along with being smack on my butt, grabbed on my chest, and spies on in the shower. At a very young age my father thought it was appropriate to teach his two young daughters how to “correctly kiss a boy… with tongue.” My sister and I found that to be very odd and uncomfortable. And just last year when I finally realized the abusive narcissistic he is, he threatened that if I stepped foot out of his house, he’d run home, grab his gun and shoot himself. So, I stayed there, even after my mother called the police. I still have nightmares about him, and I think it honestly did give me PTSD. When my current boyfriend touches me, even the slightest bit I feel uncomfortable and I feel so bad because he barely knows why. I told him and he never wants me to see my father ever again. I took therapy for about 5 months because my mother found out I cut myself, but it wasn’t helping. So now I live with my mother and haven’t seen my father for about a year and a half

  32. It's not so hot for folks that aren't kids anymore either! Traumatizing for any human, but children are more vulnerable, & helpless for sure!! So sad!

  33. My mom looked me in a closet plz help no really help call the police I’m 9 plz call the pop because I don’t know how to spell the police

  34. The sad thing is, there are no laws against emotional abuse that are easily enforceable and CPS is under stress already dealing with physical abuse cases. We definitely need more awareness, and also more support groups and also to teach kids how to recognize emotional abuse and ways to stand up for themselves without falling into the same emotional abuse pattern themselves.

  35. I didn’t experience sexual but physical abuse was very common in my childhood I never really thought it affected me much until I looked at myself. Probably why I’ve always been so quick to fight and hide my emotions and any fear the reason I never back down

  36. I sincerely believe my stepbrother and I were emotionally and psychologically abused by our parents. They may not admit or accept it, but they are both extremely manipulative and I have permanent trust issues, PTSD, depression, and anxiety from it.

    Awareness needs to be spread.

  37. With all the respect , but why there are only shown pictures of fathers yelling at their children ? I have seen on the streets , in parks and supermarkets mothers yelling at their children more often than fathers do.

  38. What's the difference between "emotional abuse" and "instruction" ? Let's don't continually find fault with parents (ergo Dr. Spock) – when a parent disciplines (not punishes) sometimes it DOES get to the point of communicating directly with the child. The child cannot always have what s/he wants and lessons aren't always gentle and peaceful. God bless

  39. Pro life “hidden agenda”? There’s no hidden agenda in trying to stop someone from killing their baby. Sorry not even a little bit!

  40. Survivors already know this.. but because so many people in positions of power are too privileged to have experienced anything like this they don't give a shit, and that's why nothing is being done about it.

  41. Only one study? How did they decide that the kids were afflicted by abuse. This seems tough to gauge. And what are you guys deeming emotional abuse?

  42. I heard someone the other day refer to his tiny daughter when he was on the phone as a bitch who wasn't going to soft play after puting food in both the children's mouth closing their mouth with hands and telling them to eat!

  43. Thunderstruck Gypsy

    Unfortunately some people do not think what they are doing is "abuse" – they justify their words and actions as "discipline." This video would be helpful if it explained/demonstrated the abuse instead of rattling off statistics. Maybe it would open some eyes and make people reflect.

  44. I was & since I was 7 years old I’ve been suicidal. In school I was bullied so bad that I dropped out. My dad wasn’t very nice. Other things have happened to me that I don’t want to ever speak of. 😭

  45. Part of the reason it's not talked about or dealt with is the difficulty of "proving" it. Children can be sad, depressed, lonely for other reasons and it's hard to say it's because someone is emotionally abusing them. Plus we don't really want CPS grabbing children out of their homes because some young starry-eyed CPS worker determines they must be abused. It's a hard call.

  46. Interesting that they say there is a lack of awareness, but then muddy the waters by using different terms for it. The title of the video says "emotional abuse" but the host uses the term "psychological maltreatment", and then there's "verbal abuse". Making new terms for it isn't going to make it any easier to spread awareness. I told teachers, pastors, tons of adults that my mom was emotionally and verbally abusing me; those that did anything simply tried to help by giving me coping mechanisms, but no one ever stood up to my mom on my behalf. So guess what? The abuse continued until I moved out at 18.

  47. My dad has fucked my life up and my moms life up came up in a fucked up home full of drama cant stand the guy pulled a gun on his once didnt pull the trigger though fist fought him many times watched him cuss my mom out and threating to live her with the kids and him leave

  48. watches video…

    Damn, and I thought the Taliban was dangerous! These abuser should be labeled as Domestic Terrorists, cause of the crap they pull.

  49. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

    Somatic Experiencing and Grieving your early childhood losses fully and completely and also your current losses, true grieving process reduces the pain and being aware of your bodily sensations dissolves it.

  50. The data needs to tested. I have a problem with the notion that "sexual" abuse would get mentioned as less harmful considering the push decriminalization of pedophilia is increasing.

  51. I still can’t take constructive criticism without thinking it’s an attack. I struggle with feeling depressed from time to time. My parents did a number on me, and what’s worse is that they won’t acknowledge it. Instead of talking with me and owning up, they instead choose to sweep it under the rug.

  52. I have a question. I am a mildly disabled adult, but I’m capable of many things since my disability has gotten better as I’ve gotten older. Is it abuse for my mom to spoon-feed me like a baby if I don’t eat all my food at meals? She started doing this today.

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