Elder Abuse Its not OK. The Undercover Crossword

Elder Abuse Its not OK.  The Undercover Crossword

There’s something sinister going on behind closed doors in New Zealand. It’s Elder Abuse. And heartbreakingly, over 75% of abusers
are actually family members. “My son made me sign my house over to him” “I was told I was a burden and a waste of
space.” “She increased my dose, so I was
easier to look after.” Elder abuse comes in many forms. It can be as subtle as:
Disregarding wishes Controlling their social life,
babying, name calling, and
keeping the elderly at home. It can also be far more sinister, like
stealing money locking elderly in their rooms, and
neglecting their medical needs. But how do you reach out and educate victims
about what abuse is when their whole lives are controlled by their family members? We hid these forms of abuse in crossword clues across the country. They all led to the same answer: Abuse. Followed by where to get help. But now, we need your help. Share this video so we all know the signs to look out for. Because elder abuse is not OK. 0800 32 668 65

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