Drug Addicts Paid To Not Have Kids (Ever)

Drug Addicts Paid To Not Have Kids (Ever)

this along with the u_s_ is facing at time of criticism
and england because of the fact that she is paying dr addicts three hundred dollars to
get sterilized disaster we have a video uh… it’s an a_b_c_ news
report that explains a sin at greater detail we’ll talk about it after lots of india you’ll of course in history who had the honor
of being the first to do something for example course view on strong was the first person
to welcoming allow a british man has the honor of being
the first man in england to have been paid together vasectomy the b_b_c_’s thomas is
it likely that it is in north london a middle-aged american woman
walks the streets looking for volunteers we offer dot ericsson our products cash incentive have two hundred thousand days
long term birth control alas imply that proper harris has been selling drugs workers and
addicts in britain jeannine sterilizations for women of is set
to meet a man its cash in return for life without children sad that area and about the damage cities
in the news tel aviv temple glee at the same one thing my critics if you truly believe that these
women are expensive yesterday and then step up the line about the next one more i mean
to me it’s that simple in the united states controversial charity has already paid three hundred addicts and
alcoholics now off to tearing attic support groups in london in scotland and not always
having their ideas well received barbara harris has found for the first customer
logos but he’s given over and over julliard a long-term drug addicts he’s asked
not to be named is having a vasectomy all goes well and he receives two hundred pounds something
would have been thinking about for a long time comes into uh… those children want
to go along with that frontal room to it windows but nobody remembers hopping with the project has its critics in britain financing asshole that there is a place for
a project prevention can exploits the very vulnerable people who are addicted to drugs and i thought
that probably the memories point in their lives anything about a barbara harris has
been called a nazi you’ll first prize for babies’ lives but she insists she won’t stop some simon’s b_b_c_ news alright uh… first isle of acres faithfully that the second yeah that ali’s about it but as the honor
of being the first man and he went to have been paid to get a mastectomy industries overall
we did uh… that is pets won’t work uh… number two uh… interpolate about all of you certainly that he had up a crackberry it’s that simple or that i have it what where when i can ever get in on this
earth that every deductibility right so what i didn’t go quite a bit off about maybe dot
women about what why i did fifty etc decides that i have a debate with her
on anything fat figured out a country someone wearing
out i think our heart is in the right place ok
i don’t think she is taking this to be as as some people would call uh… nothing night or a baby killer i don’t think that
she has bad intentions however you can’t offer people who are addicted to drugs money in return for stellar sterilization that that
doesn’t make any sense therein affordable place they’re not thinking straight they’re
not in the right place to make a decision like that uh… that’s uh… the best point yes uh… you know there are too low point you cast
of the worst part use into the key thing about it right if you’re a decade now they’re always
going to be because of my information they can have kids and uh… and but the other thing is he’s somebody uses
by foreign teacher here right but because he’s addicted and she knows
that the battle of the more moderate job as he did whistle but you know we’re still storming toward about
what the judge back as they get or a lifetime of somebody whose life is coming
up in the summer slide to screw up interest continuing this type of thing have publicly
said this puzzle family but i see the point how much of the right answer but that’s not what all accounts for two reports
about what so he was addicted to alcohol view what’s
right and by other accounts many other things strictly so heated mirrors life around we would be great if in the middle of one
of his drunken sprees in texas you look back at me and online and and and as i can lay over fighting for it s we’re probably a disastrous i got a spark
perhaps uh… maker stew than uh… he’s dead extended were all right he’d just drop in the pure bomb on your at i said i love this phone a period of mourning that sells world dot dot dot dot but i’m using references think about it he’s also director

100 thoughts on “Drug Addicts Paid To Not Have Kids (Ever)”

  1. @MrDustock many drug addicts do get better eventually. There are a lot of people here making a terrible mistake while they aren't able to think it through properly. I think assuming that a sizable portion will spend it on drugs and will also get better it not that foolish.

  2. I'm going to make a statement some people will probably disagree with but I think this is a good idea for men, not women. The only reason is that from my understanding, a vasectomy can be reversed while sterilization can't be. So if they do reform their life, the men can have it reversed.

  3. good for her. In the EU there is a huge problem with the Roma population and many of the women have over 10 kids by the time they are 30. They refuse to send their kids to school, and demand welfare. I'm not saying sterilization is the answer. But at a certain point, if a junky has over ten kids, then perhaps it's time to change methods. You can't force them, but you can offer them an incentive.

  4. @EyeLean5280 I know My father is an alcoholic and he and I come from a long family history of alcoholics. My dad had been an alcoholic since he was a teen

  5. Despicably Irascible Rapscallion

    @EMPIREofPUPPETS LOL. Of course I'm not deciding who should have kids! But it's not my money, and I'm not the addict taking it, so that they'll be sterilized.

    Are you saying they shouldn't be allowed to do this? I think you'll have a hard time arguing for someone's right to choose their ability to have kids, while pretending to have a problem with this.

    Are you going to censor that ladies thoughts, or control her money so she can't spend it like this?

    You're not thinking this through!

  6. @JimboJ1981 Also, tubal ligation and vasectomies are reversible a good percentage of the time.

    Adoption is probably not an option for a former addict, however, MOST (not all) addicts already have children that they cannot support. Reproductive rights should be akin to other rights and one should be able to lose them in certain circumstances.

  7. @Zander73 You might appreciate your life despite your circumstances, but you didn't deserve to be born in such a manner. You, and other babies, deserve to be healthy and hale and born to a mother who is in full control of her faculties.

    You say it's not fair to offer an adult money to become sterilized, however, is it fair to have children you won't support or might cause to be born sick? Adults can take care of themselves. Babies cannot. The truly innocent deserve protection.

  8. @sofaking1111 So what? It's money they won't have to steal or trick for. Addicts get their funds anyway they can and if that $200 is used to prevent sick children from being born, so be it.

  9. @EMPIREofPUPPETS No. Eugenics is FORCED sterilization based upon genetics. This is merely suggested and paid for by those who wish to prevent sick children from being born.

    Also consider than most addicts already have kids and your eugenics argument is totally lost.

  10. HEY IM NOT GONNA GET KIDS ANYWAY WHY DONT I SCAM THIS BITCH TO PAY ME TO GO BUY MORE DRUGS……DEE DEE DEE. look at what your doing. no wonder our economy is fed up. DRUG USERS? the moneys gonna go to drugs. They prob wont have kids in the first place, and you waste your time doing this instead of useng the money to buy food or supplys for people? lol

  11. @Zander73 These people CHOOSE not to have control. They willfully abandoned control of their faculties and innocent children shouldn't have to suffer because of their stupidity. No one is forcing them to use drugs and no one is forcing them to become sterilized.

    She is not "imposing her judgement" on others. She's offering them money NOT to reproduce. They can, and many do, say no.

  12. @Zander73 You've just contradicted yourself.

    First you say addicts cannot control themselves but then you tell me your father sobered up when he was told he was killing himself.

    Which is it? Cannot stop or can stop?

    I'm all for personal freedom. However, with freedom comes responsibility. You can use anything you wish, but you don't have the right to force an unborn child to use.

  13. @Zander73 If if's and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a beautiful Christmas.

    "If" means nothing. You ARE here regardless of what your father did and, most fortunately, you're not impaired.

    Many children are not as lucky as you were. From birth defects to learning disabilities to mental disorders the range of problems facing children of users is staggering and heart-rending. Not all children of users feel as you do either.

    It's unconscionable to have a child if you're a junkie.

  14. @Zander73 Oh, and I "get off" telling you what you deserve by the right of compassion.

    NO CHILD DESERVES AN ADDICT FOR A PARENT! That includes you. You did not deserve to come into this world with a father who was so in love with his drug that he couldn't care for you. You deserved a father that was so in love with you that his drug didn't matter.

    And I support a woman's right to choose regardless of the state of the fetus. A fully formed human trumps a fetus every time.

  15. @Da420Milkman This woman uses private money to pay for the surgeries and to pay the addicts. There are no government funds involved.

    Another thing, thousands of addicts become parents every year. To say an addict won't become a parent just because they're an addict makes no sense. Children born to addicted mothers cost the GOVERNMENT about $1 million annually to raise and treat.

    They were going to get the money for drugs regardless. This is just $200 they don't have to steal or trick for

  16. @Zander73 I have plenty of experience with addicts.

    They know the first time they use that addiction is possible or likely. It's not a secret. They willingly forfeit their control for the sake of a temporary escape. They are willfully ignorant or blind if they see it as someone taking their personal control. They GIVE IT UP.

    Plain and simple, they CHOOSE to use and CHOOSE to become addicted. No one forced them to start and they, and only they, can choose to quit.

  17. @Zander73 He CHOSE to get help. No one forced him to quit. Just like his addiction. He CHOSE to use.

    Do you not see the contradiction in your statements? No one made your father start using and no one made him stop. He had help getting addicted and he had help getting clean.

  18. @Zander73 So all this doesn't even apply to you!

    You're just using it to bitch and whine about a woman offering addicts the option to sterilize. No force is involved and most of the people she approaches turn down the offer.

    Isn't she simply offering the addicts an alternative?

    Why can't you understand the difference between force and choice?

  19. @Zander73 What a lame excuse. Yes, people KNOW that certain substances are addictive and that if they use them they could become dependent upon them. Also, people choose to stop using all the time. Some need help, some don't.

  20. @Zander73 She's NOT deciding the fate of an unborn child. She's not forcing pregnant junkies to abort. She's offering them an option. Most say no. Why can't addicts have to option to have themselves sterilized? She's not offering scads of cash either, so the bribery argument fails.

    I know a woman who has had 6 addicted children. I asked her why she didn't get her tubes tied and she said she can't afford it. I asked if she could afford it, would she? She said yes. No cash incentive offered.

  21. @Zander73 So? He would have been exercising his rights. You might have been born to someone else. YOU DON'T KNOW.

    Most addicts turn down the offer. Contrary to what you think, they are not all slavering automatons only seeking their next fix without cognitive abilities. They are fully capable of thinking and using reason. They aren't stupid.

    She can't make them quit, but she can offer them the option of not bringing children into the situation.

  22. @Zander73 How is it prejudiced to offer an addict the OPTION of a free, REVERSIBLE, sterilization?

    BTW, most addict DO quit. Long after they've shattered the lives of their children and families. I never said to deny them ALL the hopes of a family. Don't pretend to quote me to serve your agenda. I said it's a viable OPTION.

    No one is forcing the addicts to be sterilized. This kind woman merely offers them the choice. A choice few of them take.

  23. @Zander73 The rights of the unborn do not trump the rights of the fully human and the "rights" of the unconceived don't even exist. You're whining about "what if" instead of dealing with "what is".

    Get over yourself. You're not that special.

  24. man seriously? im not sayig that, im saying ths bitch can do alot more things better then pay druggys to not have kids. So she wastes he time doing this? she really is retarded isnt she, also standing in front of abortion clinics. I mean these ppl are doing wrong things for a right reason. START DONG RIGHT THINGS

  25. not only that but the dumbass btxh dont understand all this money tha coul hae gone to us gove or so on is now goingto the drug lords pocket, way to go bitch pay these ppl to buy more drugs and give ppl like terrorists money, because WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS 200 BUCKS IS GOING TO….DRUGS.

    Thanks for supporting their habbit BITCH.

  26. @EMPIREofPUPPETS Exactly. Eugenics is based upon genetics. Therefore, this does not apply since no genetic presupposition is required or sought. You were the one to misapply the term, not me.

  27. @Da420Milkman Do you realize how much it costs per year to raise a child born addicted to crack, meth or heroin? On average, $1million per year until they are 18.

    The addicts would get the money to support their habit somewhere…theft, prostitution, selling drugs…this is just $200 they don't have to find illegally.

  28. @Da420Milkman What "more things better" do you suggest this woman do with her time and money? I don't consider offering addicts the OPTION of sterilization in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sick children a waste of time. It's not forced nor is it a great deal of money. There is no coercion involved nor is it mandatory.

    Some people will be addicts no matter what. Isn't it kinder to offer them the chance to prevent unwanted pregnancies rather than abort them>

  29. tk Computer Service

    Hunger is not caused by over-population. It's caused by stupidity. Just think what Africa would be like if we put the same amount of money into it, as we have Irag. But building things, not destroying them.

    Do the research. It's not hard to figure out it's a lie. Australia has 2 billion acres alone. That's an acre for a third of all the people in the world. Noting that not each acre would be usable. But, still my point is valid.

  30. hey if they raise a kid it cost more the money goes elsewere then drugs. do not tell me 200 bucks isnt alot, how much does it cost a gangbanger to buy a gun and bullets. not only 200 but every druggy shes paid and then they buy drugs with it all that adds up. plus even if it was 5 bucks id rather money be spent on other things then drugs.
    point is this bitch is wasting her time doing sumin she really has no business doin. yes making a child not grow up in drugs is good, i wish my parents did it

  31. 200 bucks can feed my family for month. also do not reply to my comment im honistly done wasteing my time leavin comments, my solution is to kill everyone who suffers, that way they have no more suffering.

  32. @Nothingizm If a person who thinks I shouldn't even exist isn't my enemy, then I don't know who is. The mailman?

    As for the whole you're-a-narcissist-because-you-enjoy-your-life-and-are-glad-you-were-born thing, PLEASE! You are grasping at straws here. Your comment is so sophomoric, I'm actually embarrassed for you.

  33. @bluedog454, it is exactly the point. And no, I did not "completely misunderstand her," you did. She could be paying for psychological help, but she's paying for sterilization.

    And you don't need to lecture me about the miseries of childhood. Having grown up in an Irish working-class neighborhood, I know ALL about it. Every damn kid on our street had an alcoholic father and a rough childhood. However, none of them committed suicide, so I guess we all really prefer to live.

  34. @nedak And while we're at it, why don't we sterilize everyone else with a hereditary problem, too? People with sickle-cell anemia? Snip! People with IQs below 100? Snip! Steven Hawking has a kid! What the hell is THAT? He's got a genetic disorder! He should have been snipped!!!

  35. If it turns out this was all an hoax to bring attention to the problem of drug-addict offspring then I'd nominate her for the Nobel peace prize.

  36. No I didn't quote you exactly b/c I was making a point.

    You can think I'm being stupid about this, but you have no cause to think I'm stupid in general (hint: I'm not). You can also insist that I'm narcissistic until you're blue in the face, but again, I am not.

    I was born into an unhealthy environment, which is exactly what this woman wants to prevent, ergo, she would like to have prevented my birth. Sorry, but that just really sucks.

    You're taking it all too seriously. This is Youtube.

  37. @Nothingizm, I believe the advantage is psychological, Freudian, to be exact.

    This woman is overweight, unattractive and prone to drastically aggressive ideas and actions (in other words, she's a bitch). Society does not really value fat, ugly bitches. So, she goes around finding people society values even less and castrates them. That's the "advantage."

    Granted, it's a sick, twisted advantage, but in her mind, it's an advantage nonetheless.

  38. @ciaochowbella, You are correct but only on the most technical grounds. True, she's not deciding the fate of unborn children but the fate of POTENTIAL children. I'll grant you there is a moral difference, though the way she's going about it, the difference isn't much.

    I still believe she's terribly misguided at the very best. I think she's ceded the moral high ground by going out and actively recruiting addicts into her "program." I further question, deeply question, her motives.

  39. @EyeLean5280 What is wrong with offering this option to those who might actually want this done and can't afford it? I think she's brilliant. She offers them a small amount of money to have a reversible procedure to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    You've never seen a crack addicted baby, have you? They are small, shaky, weak, inconsolable little things. Some cannot nurse. They cry incessantly and appear to be in great distress FOR MONTHS. Preventing that sort of heartbreak is her motivation.

  40. @jennifer354 So offering an addicted person the option of not having children is sick? It would only be population control if the addicts were forced to have the procedure. Most of the people offered this option, do not take it! Preventing sick children from being born to addicted parents is not sick. It's humane.

    If you think population control is such a bad thing, visit a country where birth control and abortion are illegal. The poverty and squalor is STAGGERING.

  41. @EyeLean5280 She's NOT trying to prevent YOUR birth. And she will not convince every addict to have the procedure. She's merely offering the option to those who cannot afford it otherwise.

    BTW, I would like to prevent EVERY child from being born into unhealthy circumstances simply because THEY DESERVE BETTER. You did too. Just because you "turned out okay" doesn't mean we cannot strive to make the lives of future generations better. Good enough isn't good enough.

  42. @EyeLean5280 out of curiosity do you have a vagina? you care way too much to be a guy. additionally if you are so well versed in psychology surely you recognize that this DOES have a positive long term influence on society in line with the nature vs nurture theory. furthermore "castrate" is not the correct term that is removing the genitals so cutting off a guys dick and/or balls is castration. a vasectomy is cutting the supply of sperm to his seminal fluid to render him sterile. owned.

  43. @EyeLean5280 also if you do have a vagina i think you need to buy bigger tampons and lay off the christian channel. additionally i accuse you of having freudian "penis envy" the root of all female envy according to freud. once again owned.

  44. Kelly-Laila Al-Saleh

    What about addicts who later recover?
    For some, a pregnancy is a wake-up call to change.
    With heroin addicts, they are actually not allowed to quit because the withdrawal symptoms cause spontaneous abortion/miscarriage. Instead they are kept on methadone and monitored by a specialist midwife. As long as they don't use illicit drugs on top.
    Some babies are born ok, others have to be weaned off for 2 weeks.
    It's more important to ascertain if the mother will be a good carer for the child.

  45. @chumbucket843 The countries with the most starving people also have the highest rate of population-growth, they're starving because their regional environment cannot sustain their numbers. The reason why their population is growing is contributed by a lack of medicine to keep their kids from dying, among other things ofcourse. Their solution to this is to have as many kids as possible. Solution: condoms and medicine. Don't take my word for it, do your own research.

  46. @trentWHY We can learn about population ecology and understand what factors affect population size. Anyone can look it up, few have the initiative to actually educate themselves.

  47. @IloveJesusYesId0 I'd like if you could explain to me why you think I don't understand what the word "exponentially" means. Perhaps my calculus teacher was wrong.

  48. @JCRF I agree with you but the idea of "cleaning up the gene pool" smacks of eugenics, and that's not good. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you?

  49. @jennifer354 It happens in the wild all the time. The weak get eaten before they can procreate. Yeah its sad (or sick as you say) but its nature. The difference is that people have medicine and technology to prevent what normally controls species populations, and have adapted to living this way for quite some time, so its not something some people are used to.

  50. tk Computer Service

    That's just not true anymore. Technology has changed things. google "aquaponics".
    Things are changing as they always do. This is why the control freaks in power are in such a push to solidify their control over the masses. For, If they don't do it now, they will lose it. Look into "codex alimentarius" or "GMO".

    We will either free ourselves or go into a high-tech dark ages. Think I'm a kook? Wait ten years and you'll think I'm a genius. Truth is, I just don't get BS'd easily.

  51. @RadhaBlossom Yeah okay.. So you said that the human population is increasing exponentially. I give you this, there are 3 options..

    Either you just blurt random shit out that doesn't make sense, or you as I said don't know the meaning of the word, or you are a willful idiot or a mentally challenged person, in the latter case it's cool, just making sure you know what you are saying since obviously you aren't surrounded by geniuses in your life.

  52. As far as I know, there's no point in doing this to men. addicted man don't pass on their "badies" to the baby (they may have a low sperm count, but that only means there won't be a baby).

    And if you give a guy off the street some money, he would probably use it to get a cheap lay, and pay the girl a little extra so they could do it without a condum, and since it was right after the operation, he could still get her pregnant (it takes about a month for the vasectomy to "kick in")

  53. I got an idea. Walk down a poor slam, and offer ANYONE (not just junkies) 1000$ for a vasectomy. While you are at it, buy a bunch of houses cheap, and 30 years latter, capitalize on it (as there won't be any new gangs of young ppl).

  54. 200 bucks WTF ? That may fly with junkies, but shes gonna have to step up with some real cash before people like my are willing to put our junk on the chopping block.
    If she wants to see a meaningful dent in population growth she needs to work with the legislature for bribes that have a little more broad spectrum appeal.

    Acceptable bribes could be: forgiveness of debts mortgages & student loans,
    expungement of criminal records, and dropping charges for minor crimes
    Free healthcare or pension

  55. @thuzan117 – Christian channel? Aren't you jumping to a mighty big conclusion there, thuzan? (HINT: you're totally off the mark)

    Accuse away, if it makes you feel better. You're just as wrong as you were about me watching the Christian channel.

    But maybe you'd like to consider another alternative: accepting the fact that there are opinions out there other than yours.

    Or would that be too adult for you?

  56. Trying to wipe out a race of druggies?? GREAAAAAT, silly bitch give 'em money so they can go buy more drugs, while a 14 year old kid who's never done drugs before is experimenting with pot!! It's a battle she can't win, and only makes it worse!! What do you think a crack addict will do with his or her 200 pounds? First thing off the top of your head…. YEP, get MORE crack! So she won't have a baby, ok, but someone else will and that kid might in turn become a druggie later on in life. COME ON!!

  57. @IloveJesusYesId0 A bit defensive are we? Sorry if what I say here is over your head, if that makes you uncomfortable you are free to do your own research on the subject instead of throwing empty attacks to strangers on the internet. In the mean time, trolling just makes you look bad. Also, it doesn't look like you've looked up that definition yet.(or maybe you have, but as you said, it "doesn't make sense")

  58. @RadhaBlossom Yeah okay.. So you said that the human population is increasing exponentially. I give you this, there are 3 options..

    Either you just blurt random shit out that doesn't make sense, or you as I said don't know the meaning of the word, or you are a willful idiot or a mentally challenged person, in the latter case it's cool, just making sure you know what you are saying since obviously you aren't surrounded by geniuses in your life.

  59. @badsign1980 do you believe that addicts are even thinking about wearing condoms when they have sex? that it's even a concern of theirs?
    I don't have much sympathy for the women. I have more for the children. My brother was in foster care for 13 years. It is not a good time.

  60. I'm not sure it's her business to intervene in other's lives about their OWN potential choice to become a parent…

  61. @badsign1980 are condoms free in your area? like unlimited supply of condoms for free? in north america, we gotta pay for condoms. now would a drug addict spend the money on condoms or drugs? the answer is simple, drugs


  63. The ladys organisation is called Project Prevention and by clicking on my username you can learn how to support her good work.

  64. I'm an alcoholic but I didn't drink when I was pregnant. I'm also heavily addicted to cigarettes, but again I didn't smoke when I was pregnant. I'm sure there are at least SOME who stop when they become pregnant, and others who choose abortion (which i am okay with in 1st tri). I totally see she has a good heart, but when you are addicted to drugs you think about the now… how can i get drugs now? you don't think where you might be in 10 years.. maybe clean and wanting a family?

  65. and adoption is not a quick fix to have a baby if you are otherwise unable. if you have a past record for drugs or alcohol you will get DENIED. if you are not "financially stable" you will get DENIED. even if you don't get denied, it is sometimes a long wait for a baby and the process is stressful and at the end of the day the baby you get you can never have that special bond that comes with childbirth.

  66. @lovemybabe927 i dont agree, i think it's an ego thing..there are millions of unwanted children in the world..why not give one a home..??

  67. @hotstuff0410 You're not a bad person.A CARING person would care about the babies life after it's born,not before a sperm has even hit an egg.These are merely cells,not children.If men and women have a problem with this womans idea then they are complete hypocrites for getting rid of their reproductive cells each month (women) or day-w/e(men).And since it's impossible for women to stop menstrating and men to stop masturbating,no one can say shit about this being wrong.These people are doing good

  68. @cakeys2009 i dont think its about them speading money on drug, drug addicts will always find a way. it about drug addict not pulling kids in there situation

  69. @davidthejew1 c'mon jew, dont tell me you dont see the connection between most people being childish assholes and bad parenting. besides, she doesnt force anyone to do this like the government often does forcing women (and men) to have unwanted babies by outlawing abortions – she asked for permission, and then proceeded to pay them. that's not really intervention, its just business. now when i use the word business it is the true meaning of the word unlike when you used it isnt that funny.

  70. She is just a fanatic, looking to persuade addicts who hit bottom and are weak and tempted to find any other way to obtain just one more hit. She should understand that some people are very young, are very smart, got caught up in some life shit, and may be heading toward recovery and then down the road possibly children that can show them why life is worth living. If we go by this bitch's ideals, then most college kids in US/UK are targets (excess drinking causes far more damage than ppl think)

  71. I think it would be a better idea to be the first one to time travel and tell your mom to abort your ass for saying something so stupid!

  72. I would LOVE to get sterilized, are you fucking kidding me?! These drug addicts are being PAID, yet doctors in Canada won't perform one unless you're in your 30's or already have kids. WTF, maybe I should move and take up heroin.

  73. Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis

    This is retarded. They're not at a low point, they're long-time drug addicts. These people should NOT have children. I love TYT generally, but I can't believe they wouldn't support this project.

  74. She adopted 4 drug addicted children from the same woman, one child each year then was not able to get any legal way to stop these women, so she just realized that for money, most would get the procedure. Supposedly, none have said they regret it. Also, it wasn't just permanent sterilization, but even an iud or other reversible procedure. It's all voluntary. I think its great.

  75. This is fucken disgusting! It's exploitation!!!! Using addicts are extremely vulnerable and will do ANYTHING for money. Someone needs to take the whoppers away from this lady and kick her off a cliff.

  76. So YOUNG TURKS, WHEN? YES WHEN? When are you adopting some children addicted to drugs? This solution works, it solves the problem and prevents the problem FROM GROWING EVEN LARGER. So answer the question please!!!! WHEN ARE YOU ADOPTING DRUG ADDICTED BABIES?

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